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Let’s Talk Digital (Images)!

Digital Images

Our last post about calendars was quite a hit, but some folks expressed concern that younger folks don’t use paper or wall calendars anymore. How can you reach out to folks whose existence is primarily digital?

By including digital images in your marketing mix!

At PrinterBees we always promote using a marketing mix that includes a variety of approaches, from postcards to calendars to popbys to online outreach.

One of the easiest ways to engage online is using images. And we’re offering you a FREE digital image through Wednesday of this week!!! 

Here are ideas on how to use it.

Engage on Social Media

Did you know… that 80% of companies use visual images in social media marketing? The reason why is simple – images get more comments, likes, and shares than other types of posts. In a nutshell, images get a lot of attention!

Using digital images – like the free one we’re offering this week – allows you to engage your audience with timely, relevant information. The free image is a recipe for Pumpkin Pie. There’s almost no way to be more relevant on Thanksgiving week!

Social media is a perfect place to share an image.

Share the Image in Your Email Marketing

Do you send regular – or even seasonal – emails to your marketing list? I hope you do! Emails are an inexpensive way to share helpful information, engaging stories, and of course new listings and encouragement for prospects to reach out for a presentation.

The image can be a freebie that shows your gratitude for folks who have been on your list this past year. Or, you can create an image like an infographic that shares information in an easy-to-digest visual.

Including images in your email marketing makes it more engaging and eye-catching, and helps people read more of your message than they might have otherwise.

Put Digital Images on Your Website

If you use your online and postcard marketing to drive traffic to your website, then digital images can be a great way to increase the time spent on your site. The more you can engage your visitors, the higher you can rank on search results, which helps bring in new leads.

Whether it’s a recipe like we’re providing, stunning images of your latest listing, or behind-the-scenes pictures of you on the job, having digital images can help bring people to your website and keep them there longer.

Use Your FREE Digital Image Everywhere!

The best thing about digital images is that you can use the same one in multiple places, throughout your marketing outreach!

So, get ready to use this timely free image anywhere and everywhere – on social media, email, your website, and anyplace else you can think of.

While we’re talking about it, what’s your favorite type of digital outreach? Share in the comments!

What to Post on Facebook – Content for a Month!

Facebook Content

If you’re like a lot of real estate agents, you know you need to engage with your connections on social media. However, beyond putting up your listings and hoping folks share them, you might not know what to do.

The good news is there are a lot of resources that can help you. In this post, I’ll share with you how to find content to post for a WHOLE MONTH! 

That should get you started!

By the way, one of the ideas is posting helpful images like recipes. Want a free social media image recipe? Click here!

Getting Started

So one of the secrets of this strategy is that you don’t have to start right on the first of the month. Just jump in tomorrow!

When you look for what to share, think about what you enjoy seeing. Yes, you want to share about listings and ask your followers for referrals. But you need to mix in the fun, engaging content too.

Asking questions, having quizzes, and using humor are big wins on Facebook. You can also highlight unusual days and post fun personal images.

Week 1: Days 1 – 7

Alright, let’s dive in! What can you share for the first week?

I’m not going to make this specific to August or any other month. You can find ideas like this no matter what time of year it is.

Ideas for Week 1 (in no particular order):

  • Post a motivational quote
  • Highlight an unusual holiday that happens that week
  • Share a funny video
  • Post a selfie of you rockin’ it at the office
  • Participate in #ThrowbackThursday
  • Talk about why you became a Realtor®
  • Share a current listing

Week 2: Days 8 – 14

Inspired yet? This is so fun! There are countless things you can share. This week we’ll boost your business a bit more with two sharing days about that specifically.

Here we go!

  • Participate in #Motivational Monday
  • Post a This or That image (ask for the choice in the comments)
  • Share about a listing
  • Ask for referrals in a fun way
  • Share an easy recipe
  • Ask for advice from your followers – maybe the most important feature in a house
  • Share tips for making their home cozy/fresh for the season

Two weeks in and you haven’t done the same thing twice yet!

Week 3: Days 15 – 21

For many people, this is where they feel their inspiration and creativity flagging. You’ve done different stuff for two weeks. What’s left?

Plenty! Are you ready to dive in?

  • Share a great pin or image from Pinterest
  • Share an article you find inspiring
  • Ask followers what their favorite family activity is
  • Share a current listing
  • Ask your followers for their favorite restaurant in your farm area
  • Ask a question that uses “On a scale of 1 – 10…”
  • Post a contest in return for their contact information and/or sharing the post

There you go, three weeks!

Week 4: Days 22 – 28

Here it is, the home stretch. Are you ready to finish up the posting schedule strong? Again, you’re doing an entire month here… let’s be consistent and follow through!

Here are the Week 4 ideas:

  • Share another funny holiday from the current month/week
  • Share a meme
  • Post a picture of your pet and ask followers to do the same
  • Share a home hack for taking care of the home
  • Thank your followers for commenting/interacting in a heartfelt way
  • Share your favorite song from YouTube and ask followers for theirs
  • Promote a listing!

Wrapping Up the Month: Days 28 – 31

Most months have more than 28 days, and I’m not going to leave you hanging. Here are a few more tips and ideas to finish out the month.

Wrap up with these posts:

  • Post a multi-photo montage of a top listing
  • Post an A/B/C/D “One must go” image
  • Share a cat or puppy video
  • Talk about a recent sports event – ask opinions from your followers, even (especially) if you’re not a sports fan normally! (Ask them to explain it to you.)

What About the Next Month?

Want to know what to do the month after? Use these ideas again! 

You can rotate the order or use the same. It’s helpful to look up goofy/funny holidays in advance so you can plan those days to be about the holiday.

What do you think? Will this help with your real estate marketing? Share your thoughts in the comments!

How Digital Marketing Can Boost Your Real Estate Business

Digital Marketing for Real Estate

We talk all the time about how important print marketing is, but we also stress that your print marketing should go hand in hand with a comprehensive marketing strategy that includes your website, email, and social media.

Handling all of that can be a challenge, but it’s easier when you plan ahead. Of course, you can also outsource some of the work.

How important is digital marketing? Here’s what you need to know.

People Live Online

Do your clients know their neighbors? They may not! But you can bet they have hundreds of “friends” online, many of whom they talk to much more often than the people who live 20 feet away.

Entire family dramas happen online, as do friendships, romantic relationships, and political debates. In the end, people spend most of their free time staring at screens – and over two hours a day on the internet.

What does this mean to you as a Realtor®? The primary takeaway is that if you aren’t active online, you’re going to miss where people are spending their time, emotional capital, and mental energy. You need to participate in digital marketing to get ahead.

Digital Marketing Allows Personalized Outreach

Imagine if someone came up to you and said, “Hello, age 30 – 55 female. I see you are a professional. Would you like to buy my service?”

That would be weird, but that’s as far as a lot of marketing goes. It’s general demographics and tries to treat everyone in the group the same way.

Instead, you need to personalize it. “Hello Sara, how’s your real estate business going? I saw that you posted a big sale recently – congratulations! I have some services that can help you be even more successful. Let’s talk about it!”

The good news is that digital marketing allows you to find out the details about each person so that you can target them specifically, based on real information that you know. It allows you to relate to your prospects and individuals instead of members of a group.

Doing this marketing legwork yourself can be arduous, but there are marketing companies that can help. For instance, Local SEO Search helps small businesses throughout Canada and the U.S. target their marketing on their website and on social media.

Mix Digital and Print for a One-Two Punch

The most effective way to market is to be present everywhere your prospect is. That means online, as we’ve seen, but it also means in the mailbox.

There’s so much less competition in traditional mail than there is online, and it’s a great way to get in front of people’s eyes. What’s more, once they see your name and information once, they’ll recognize it more easily when they see it online.

A farming postcard or Just Listed outreach can get your brand in front of a prospect and help you stand out from a sea of advertising on every other platform. Plus, plenty of people will respond to direct mail in itself!

Don’t think that you have to choose between digital and print marketing. Used together, they are a powerful way to stand out.

Don’t be afraid to outsource your efforts if needed, both online and with your postcards. Ask us how we can help make sure all the mailings you order from us are mailed on time, every time!

Our customizable templates are quick and easy to use and give you a noticeable professional presence. Check out our options today!

What Realtors® Can Learn From the Facebook Crash

Facebook Crash

Was I the only one completely confused on Wednesday, March 13th when I couldn’t comment on anyone’s posts on Facebook? I do a lot of our marketing on social media, and I was getting odd errors all day.

Oh well. I’ll just use Instagram.

Wait, what? That’s down TOO??

I finally had to jump on Twitter to find out what was going on. It turns out all of Facebook’s properties were down, and there was no ETA.

A lot of marketers twiddled their thumbs all day. And I think that holds an important lesson for Realtors®.

You Need to Own Your Online Space

Can you do well ONLY marketing on social media? Yes, you can – as long as the rules don’t change, organic reach doesn’t drop off, and there are not any outages.

That is to say – no. No, you can’t. Because all of those things happen!

It’s vital to own your online space. That means you should buy a domain and find your own hosting – don’t rely on Blogspot or any other non-self-hosted options. You can get hosting through the site you use to buy your domain, such as GoDaddy or Namecheap.

You can also choose to host through well-known hosting sites like BlueHost or SiteGround. Regardless, when you have your own domain name and hosting, you “own” that space on the internet. The only way it can go away is if you don’t pay the renewal fees.

You Can Make the Rules

Have you ever gotten frustrated with the Facebook ad rules? They are so oddly specific, and yet when an ad gets rejected there’s no one to ask questions or talk to. You’re at the mercy of their system – which can change at any time.

On your own website, you get to make the rules. You can test ad formats and use what seems best to you. You can use any language you want (within real estate legal guidelines.) Because it’s your website, you’re not at the mercy of rule changes or rising prices.

You can create whatever you want when you have your own slice of the web.

Don’t Let an Outage Slow You Down

Yes, many of us use social media – including Facebook – to connect to potential customers, along with family and friends. However, if that’s the only place you host your business, you’re facing serious risk.

Facebook could shut down permanently without warning. No one thinks it will, but you never know! If a major site like that can go down for a full day, you never know what may happen. Facebook might be the subject of a lawsuit that demands it stop operating until the case is resolved.

Make sure you have your OWN site and hosting, so that your business can continue no matter what happens with social media. You can’t afford to rely on someone else’s platform!


Need to update your marketing information with your new website? We can help – check out our business cards and more today!

How to Build Powerful Engagement on Facebook

Engagement on Facebook

As a Realtor®, it pays – literally – to have people talking about you. You want to be top-of-mind and you want folks to send you business and referrals.

When you think about all the noise on social media, though, it can seem difficult to get people to really promote you. You can’t afford to be slimy about it, and you certainly don’t want to pay for low-quality, spammy “fans.”

How do you get authentic conversation and relationships? Here are some tips.

Ask About the “Best”

One great way to get engagement is to ask for people’s opinion. People love to share what they think about things!

Ask your friends and followers to tell you what they feel the best restaurant in town is. The best pet for families. The best place to grab a beer after work. The best florist. The best deli.

You’ll get tons of answers, and you can use it to promote your expertise. Either write a blog or simply share a Facebook post giving the top 10 best based on what folks said. The top 10 post will also get a lot of engagement – from folks agreeing and disagreeing!

You can use these recommendations later when a client wants to know the best in town – and it will make you look well-prepared and professional.

What’s Up This Weekend?

Speaking of asking opinions, find out what your friends, family, and other followers are up to on the weekend or even on a random weeknight evening. You might find out more about interesting events happening in the area.

You can also ask “What’s your favorite one-day outing?” or other activity-related questions. These can come in handy the same way that knowing the best spots in town do.

You might even get an invitation – and connecting in person is even better than connecting on Facebook!

Ask For Reviews

There’s nothing wrong with being direct occasionally – as long as you’re not constantly selling and not doing anything else. Why not put up a post that says, “If you’ve worked with me, I’d love for you to leave me a review about it! And if you haven’t – let’s connect about your housing needs!”

You can include the link to the review site right in the post. Reviews can make a huge difference in how much people know, like, and trust you, and can help someone choose to work with you.

You can also ask for referrals from those you know. You can use social media marketing images or even an image of a beach with cute sayings like, “I dig your referrals!”

When you mix your straight asks with humor, fun posts, quizzes, and more, you can get a lot of engagement!

Interested in buying some images you can use on social media? Check out our St. Patrick’s Day images today!

Real Estate Marketing 2019: Be Active On Social Media!

Social Media 2019

Most real estate agents are already active on social media in some capacity. Why is it so important?

Let’s take a look at some statistics:

  • 68% of American adults use Facebook
  • Pinterest has 250 million monthly active users
  • 73% of American adults use YouTube
  • More than 1/3 of American adults use Instagram

If you want to reach people online, social media is a huge avenue to do so. It certainly doesn’t hurt that so many social media platforms let you target your message, as well – for a fee, of course.

Here are some tips to be more active on social media in 2019!

Get Comfy on Video

People love video, and it’s a leading medium to attract new fans, prospects, and customers. If you haven’t been doing video, 2019 is a great time to start.

Uncomfortable on video? You’re not alone! Fortunately, there’s a lot you can do to work on getting more comfortable with it.

Some ideas include:

  • Record yourself talking about topics – any topics – on your cell phone. Get a good friend or relative to give you feedback on how you did. You don’t have to start with a huge audience!
  • Practice doing Facebook Live by setting the video to “Private – only me.” This will give you practice doing a Live, managing your cell phone or camera, talking about things off the cuff – without the pressure of an audience right away.
  • Just jump in! In the end, the only way to get truly comfortable with something is just to do it. Think about when you began as a real estate agent – you just had to swallow hard and jump in!

When you get comfortable on video, you’ll have a ton of options that will help you grow your business. Some of our favorites are virtual open houses and posting Q&As for home buyers or sellers.

Share Yourself and Your Business

You know that people only do business with those they know, like, and trust – but are you authentic online? If your online presence is stiff, you might think it’s “professional” – but actually prospects see you as unrelatable.

Do you have kids? Pets? A great hobby? Do you run or hike in scenic areas? These are all opportunities to share more of yourself online.

Asking questions is another great way to engage. Those popular “Keep only 3” posts on Facebook can give your friends and followers a fun reason to comment. You can also ask how people are doing with a specific holiday or upcoming event.

Finally, be sure to share about your business. Do behind-the-scenes, talk about your specific expertise, and share information that shows why Realtors® are so important.

Being authentic and personable will help you gain new clients in 2019!

Keep It Consistent

The most important part of any marketing outreach comes down to a single word – consistency! 

When it comes to social media, quality is more important than quantity. If you can only focus on one social media platforms, do it! Rock the heck out of that social media outlet.

Over time, you’ll get more comfortable. You’ll learn to repurpose content for multiple online channels. You may be able to hire a VA or assistant. Those are good times to branch out to another social media platform.

You know another place to stay consistent in 2019? Your print marketing! We would love to help you set up a postcard series that will get you going in the new year. You should be sending one mailing a month – are you there yet?

Check out our farming postcards, including some brand new designs, and get started!

Why Try Video? Sharing Useful Information with Prospects & Customers


Why Use Video

A lot of us are very shy about putting our face on camera. We don’t always like how we look, or we feel self-conscious. We might be nervous that we’ll stutter or say something silly.

The good news is that your prospects and clients don’t need you to be perfect. In fact, they’ll be more comfortable if you’re not!

Remember, we want prospects and customers to know, like, and trust us. They can do that most when we are authentic – which means showing our smiling faces.

Another thing that holds a lot of folks back from doing video is they feel they don’t know what to talk about. Great news – there is TONS of great information you can share with your audience using video!

Let’s take a look at what you need to know.

Live Video vs. Pre-Recorded Video

One of the first decisions you need to make is whether you want to do live video or pre-recorded clips. We’re big advocates of live video, for several reasons.

Benefits of Live Video

Live video on Facebook allows you to be a lot less polished. It’s expected! That doesn’t necessarily mean that you should show up in your bathrobe, but you can be off-the-cuff.

Live video can be watched while you’re recording it, but remember – if you completely hate it, you don’t have to keep it on your timeline.

No one likes commercials. Just show up live, be yourself, and you’ll be amazed how well people will respond!

Benefits of Pre-Recorded Video

The biggest benefit of pre-recorded video is that you can edit it if you need to, to remove bloopers or spots that were less smooth. Don’t do too much – again, you want it to look like a real person, not a commercial!

You can also share pre-recorded video over multiple platforms. You can post it on Facebook, put it on YouTube, and place it on your website. The ability to do a lot of marketing with only one video puts pre-recorded video one step above!

Remember, you don’t need to have a big professional camera crew. Your own cell phone and some simple editing software is plenty. You can even outsource the editing if it’s not your strong suit!

Topic Ideas

If you took a moment and wrote down everything you wish your clients knew about real estate, you could fill page after page. These are all great topics for video!

If you’re worried about running too long, break up a topic into pieces. You can run it as a series – the sense that more is coming will help you gain a regular audience!

Here are some ideas to get you started.

Home Improvements

Which home improvements make the most difference to a home value? Many people have no idea, but as a real estate agent you have a lot of knowledge!

How much are solar panels? Are they worth the cost? How impactful is a smart home? Should I renovate the bathroom or the kitchen?

You can help people answer these important questions. Don’t feel like you need to answer them all at once. Make a small series, or just hit a variety of topics over time.

Specifics About a Given Neighborhood

What better way is there to show your expertise about your farm area than by creating videos? Consider sharing information like the dates homes were built, the number of beds and baths in various homes, HOA rules, and more.

You can also share insights about developments and improvements that are coming, as well as talking about the best nearby schools, restaurants, and shopping. Or, talk about local events that are popular in specific months – in fact, do one each month!

You know a lot about your target neighborhood. Show off the amenities and help buyers understand what they need to know to purchase in the area.

Tips for First Time Homebuyers

Buying a home is intimidating – doing it for the first time can be overwhelming. It feels like it’s easy to miss something and end up stuck with a huge debt on a home you don’t enjoy.

You can share your expertise to help homebuyers feel at ease. Let them know what to do to secure financing, why it’s important not to make major purchases during the house hunt, and much more.

Given that we’re currently in a seller’s market, the approach to buying is different than many might think. Give tips about how to win a home even in a tight market.

Most of all, explain how important it is to work with an agent! When you show your expertise, folks will be a lot more likely to choose you.

Tips for Selling a Home

In the same vein as homebuyer tips, home sellers need good ideas on how to move their property quickly for the right price. Of course, explaining how complex the deal is and the many drawbacks of an FSBO is a great topic.

You can also talk about how to really declutter and depersonalize a home, how to keep it show-ready over a number of days or weeks, and what curb appeal steps make the most difference.

Another great idea is to use a recent sale you made as a case study. Talk about what you did to market it, how quickly it sold, and how you helped the seller get top dollar.

There are honestly a million things you could share that would help sellers. Just jump in!

Get Started With Video Today

Remember, you want to do bite-size videos if possible – between 10 and 15 minutes. Those are long enough to contain great information but not so long that folks won’t have time to watch them.

Of course, you should include a call to action in each video. Why not ask folks to call you, and end with a shot of your business card? It has all of your contact information, after all!

We’d love to help you get your business cards and other marketing materials updated today. Contact us anytime – and be sure to ask for our new customer discount!

Going Live: Real Estate Videos That Will Help You Stand Out

Live video on Facebook

Having a healthy marketing mix includes taking full advantage of social media. This means getting videos out there – but don’t be shy!

You don’t have to dress fancy or get a professional video crew to be present on social media. Simply go live on Facebook, be yourself, and try some of these awesome real estate video ideas!

Videos Highlighting Your Farm Area

You are an expert on your target market area – why not show it off? Walk around the area and do live video of key areas.

For instance, highlight a local park and talk about how convenient it is to be able to bring children, pets, or even a picnic basket to a park near home. Share about local dog parks, restaurants, or other attractions.

You can also talk about the homes in your farm area – how old are they? What type of construction? How many beds and baths do they have on average?

Finally, if there’s an HOA in the area, share the details of what the rules are so that people can be informed before they buy in the neighborhood. Are there special subdivisions, rules about home color, or restricted access?

When you show your expertise about your farm area, you not only bring in new buyers – you attract the attention of people wanting to sell. They will want to choose a known expert who knows how to get eyes on their neighborhood!

Videos for Your Target Market

Do you work with first time home buyers? There are so many concerns and questions they have – why not create Q & A videos to address them?

One of the great things about Facebook Live is that people can ask you questions in the comments in real time. This allows you to interact with your audience, build rapport, and much more.

You can also target live video content to other demographics – older Americans, families, millennials, or those looking to upsize or downsize.

As long as you don’t specifically exclude anyone during your presentation, you don’t have to worry about discrimination. Just talk about the interests of a specific demographic, and your audience will filter themselves.

Explaining Financing Details

Home financing is a huge question mark for a lot of people. Why not host a Q & A with a borrowing professional, or simply share what you know about important financing terms?

You can talk about what it means to be “house poor,” “upside down” on a mortgage, and why it’s important to not make major purchases during the home buying process.

No one benefits when a home purchase falls through due to financing problems. When consumers are better educated, they’ll make better choices and be better able to complete the deal. That helps you whether you’re a buyer’s agent or a listing agent!

Key Information For Home Sellers

Listing properties is the lifeblood of real estate, so why not help homeowners get ready to sell? Use Facebook Live to share important information about decluttering, curb appeal, and more.

Many homeowners don’t realize that decluttering involves making their home truly neutral. Odd collections and anything that reflects the homeowner’s specific personality need to be put away. Helping folks understand this will help their home move faster – and make them more likely to choose you as a Realtor®!

Another great topic includes proper pricing – with an offer for an assessment, of course. You can also talk about how to handle lowball offers, prepare for an open house, and what causes homes not to sell.

There are so many options for live video that helps sellers – you’ll never run out of ideas!

Go Live Today!

Being present in your target market requires a mix of efforts. You definitely want to send farming postcards on a regular basis, but don’t be shy about being online either!

Remember, live video isn’t about making a commercial. It’s about being yourself, showing off your expertise, and building up that know, like and trust factor.

Video prepares people to work with you – so go for it!

A New Kind of Real Estate Facebook Marketing

Chatbots for Real Estate

Are you looking for something new – out of the ordinary – for your Facebook marketing?

There are SO many options. You can create a locally-focused Facebook group to share your expertise. You can use paid ads, targeted to folks who might move soon. You can share questions and humor on your Facebook page.

But you can also stand out by being completely different – using Facebook chatbots to engage with prospects!

The Power of Facebook Messenger

The Messenger chat app passed 1.2 billion users last April, so there’s no telling how many more people use it today. Messenger isn’t just for friends keeping up, either – 1 billion messages are sent between people and businesses each month!

If you’re looking for a unique way to connect with prospects, Messenger is a great choice. However, if you’re like most Realtors®, you don’t have time to sit and chat all day.

That’s where a modern communication tool comes in handy – a customized chatbot.

Isn’t Building Bots Hard?

I hear you! You’re saying, “Listen, Nadine, nice idea, but I’m not a programmer.” I get it!

The good news is that you don’t have to be! There are tons of simple tools, including Chatfuel and ManyChat, that help you create the bots you need. With a little bit more sophistication, you can also use tools that use Natural Language Processing (NLP) to create bots that can have non-linear conversations.

Once you create your bot, you can generate interest by using targeted Facebook ads. You can invite prospects to get a freebie from your bot, and ask them to subscribe to future messages.

Do People Like Talking to Bots?

Are you afraid that using Messenger bots will remove the personal touch from your messaging?

You don’t need to worry. In fact, Salesforce found that 69% of consumers prefer chatbots for quick communication with brands.

Having active bots available gives you the ability to answer simple questions and offer benefits 24/7 – without losing sleep. And don’t think it’s just “young folks” who like using chatbots – the Salesforce study showed that Baby Boomers were just as likely as Millennials to see the benefits of communicating in chat with bots.

Chatbots Are a Starting Point, Not an End

Generally, people enjoy using chatbots to get to know a brand and have questions answered. However, they don’t trust bots with making an expensive purchase.

As a result, you should focus your chatbot at the top of your sales funnel – the awareness and engagement phases – and save your personal communication for the sales and advocacy stages.

Chatbots are a great way to build awareness of your brand and spread your reach without costing yourself a lot of time or money. Most Realtors® aren’t taking advantage of this channel, so you could gain a lot of your market simply by making the leap!

You can also draw attention to your Messenger chatbot by promoting on your print marketing materials. Add a sentence to your business card or farming postcards inviting them to message you on Facebook. You’ll be amazed at the response you get!

Real Estate Social Media – What to Post?

This post may include affiliate links. We never recommend something we don’t use and love ourselves!

Social Media Marketing

In the last couple of weeks, we’ve talked about different types of social media that can make a big difference in your real estate marketing.

As with all marketing, social media marketing is best in combination with regular postal marketing and other methods. It takes consistency and time to be successful.

But what how do you stay consistent on social media if you don’t know what to post? 

Here are some ideas that will keep your social media feed moving throughout the year.

Community Events

I may sound like a broken record, but I can’t stress this enough. People love to know what’s going on. From where to see the 4th of July fireworks to what neighborhoods have the best holiday lights, it can be very hard to discover what you want to know.

As a real estate agent, you know far more about your city and neighborhoods than most people. Take advantage of that to build an audience!

Did you see something that caught your eye while you were out? Put a shot on Instagram. Did you discover what the new construction on Main Street is? Share it on Facebook.

Don’t miss out on updates for future community development either. Many times these plans are hidden in the details of city council meetings that are hard to come by.

When you make everything from holiday displays to construction projects easy to learn about, you’ll be a hero to those in your community.

Useful Information For Homeowners

People who own homes are constantly encountering challenges. From renovations to DIY projects to simple repairs, they need help quickly and easily.

Everyone knows that calling a professional will set you back some serious cash. But where do you get tips on how to do it yourself? Or a reputable pro to call if it is needed?


People trust the recommendations they get from friends and family. Become their friend by sharing great tips and useful information. When they trust you, you’ll be able to gain connections and business from your followers.

Seasonal Fun

There’s a major holiday almost every month, and there are minor silly holidays every single day. Take advantage of the fun by sharing about them on social media!

You can take time to share a variety of things about major holidays, especially since community events are often centered around them.

For the silly holidays, make your approach playful. Consider a free giveaway that builds your email or mailing lists. You can also have quizzes, trivia challenges, and more. For instance, July 13th is “Embrace Your Geekiness Day.” Put out a Star Wars quiz, a Star Trek challenge, a Dr. Who quote contest, or other geeky fun!

Don’t forget about summer fairs and festivals as well. You can not only share information, you can attend and share photos and reviews. Consider setting up a booth at a popular festival and inviting followers to meet you in person!

Let Your Followers Get to Know You

Not everything on social media should be community and business oriented. After all, it’s social!

Share information about yourself and behind-the-scenes shots into your life. You can choose what limits are comfortable for you, but consider sharing photos of pets, craft projects, and other personal activities.

You can also share your favorite items and ask your followers to do the same. You can share your favorite TV show, hobby, food, dessert, and much more.

Another popular share on Facebook is “One must go.” You share a picture that shows four popular items, such as four favorite snacks or breakfast items. Then you challenge your followers to let you know which one they would eliminate forever. Share your answer as well!

Have Fun on Social Media

You definitely want to drive business and build community on social media, but you do that best when you relax and have fun. Just be yourself.

In fact, you may have so much fun with your social media that it begins to eat a lot of your time! Be sure to set limits. If you find that it’s simply too hard to manage, you can always outsource it.

In the end, social media is just part of your marketing mix, along with postcard marketing, in-person events, and more. All of it builds your business!


What do you share on social media? Share in the comments!