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How to Reignite Your Fire For Real Estate

Reignite-your-inner-realtorWe all know that our real estate gig isn’t always roses and unicorns. In fact, I bet there are a lot of days you wonder why you’re even in this business! It’s a times like this that we have to remember our “why”, recall our past successes, and reignite our fires to move forward again.

Unfortunately, those things are easy to say, but it can be hard to know practical ways to do them. Here are three ways to get out of your rut and reignite your passion for your real estate business.

Remember Your Why

Think back to when you became an agent, whether that was years ago or months ago. Why did you do it? For family? For flexibility? For income potential? Whatever your “why” was, revisit it again. If it still resonates, put it up where you can see it. A picture of your family on the corner of your computer screen, a picture that means freedom to you on your cell phone – whatever it is, keep it front and center.

If your why no longer resonates – maybe your kids are grown and gone, or you’ve divorced, or the 9-5 you hated is a distant memory – find a new one. Take some time and brainstorm about what your real estate career can really bring you and what makes you excited to do it each day. Then, put your new “why” where you’ll see it every day.

Set Big Goals

There’s something really exciting about thinking big, and it tends to jar us out of our complacency and disappointment. What’s a goal you can set for yourself or your real estate business that seems huge to you? Set that goal. Think about how it would feel to accomplish it. Visualize your success.

Then, set about breaking it down into actionable steps. By setting smaller sub-goals for 30, 60, and 90 day increments, you can make your big goal achievable. With this focus, you’ll find your motivation returning as you work to make your big dreams a reality.

If you get discouraged on your journey to your big goal, look back and take stock of the progress you’ve already made. Remembering past times that you were able to achieve what you wanted – including launching your real estate career in the first place! – will boost your confidence and help you more forward with courage.

Focus on Self Education and Improvement

One way I sometimes get out of a rut is by reading a book that is motivational or instructive. In this way, I can access the courage, motivation, and success of another person and let it become my own. This is a great way to get that fire rekindled as you face another Monday.

In addition, sometimes there are practical things you can do that would helReignite Your Firep make your days more rewarding and less draining. Reading about time management, goal setting, best practices in real estate, and more can make a big difference in furthering your career.

Finally, look around and see who you admire that you can ask to be your mentor. This should be someone with a positive attitude about the business – you don’t need someone dragging you down! It should also be someone trustworthy who has achieved some of the things you want to achieve. By having a mentor, you’ll have someone to share your struggles with who can encourage and coach you in person. That type of assistance is extremely valuable as you build your career.

Zig Ziglar once said, “People often say motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing. That’s why we recommend it daily.” Don’t feel bad about yourself if you often need to add fuel to your internal fire. Everyone does! By keeping your “why” front and center, setting big goals, and taking advantage of educational and inspirational books and people, you will be well on your way to keeping your passion and succeeding in your career.

To your success!

The Stories That Lead To Our Demise

Inspire cloud conceptAfter five months of deliberating, praying and meditating about finding a life and business coach, I’ve finally made a decision and I couldn’t be more thrilled, motivated, focused and inspired.  The universe has conspired to meet me where I am to help me get to where I’m going. I hope you’re coming along for the ride because you’re certainly invited!

To commit to coaching is a big decision; the value, how much to invest, if the timing is right for it and if coaching will help things progress forward…oh…the dilemma.  For me it was a “no brainer” as there are few people who LOVE coaching as much as I do…I find it to be such a gift at progressing life forward.

Coaching provides an opportunity to clean out the closet holding all the stories we tell ourselves that lead to the demise of our dreams

The thing that surprises me the most about my decision to hire a coach, is that I didn’t just hire one.  Real Estate CoachingI’ve hired three!  Each one specializing in a different field.  Go big or go home!  I’m going big and I hope you, the readers and subscribers of this real estate magazine are the benefactor of the new team of coaches guiding us forward to a better experience for you.  Expect big changes, expect something different and expect something better that serves you and your real estate business in a bigger, better way.

I’m sharing my story with you about coaching because we welcome feedback that leads to a better experience for you.  This magazine is all about serving you, the Realtor® trying to make it happen, so feel free to let us know what we can do to make it better, more empowering and more valuable.

I was also thinking that it may help you consider taking a look at coaching if you feel you will benefit from a coach to clean out your own closet of stories that might be keeping you stuck.  I’m one of those people who believes with all my heart and soul that anything is possible, I don’t feel like I have stories that hold me back, and…it didn’t take but a few moments for my coach to find those ridiculous stories that are keeping me from living my greatest life.  The stories that keep me from serving you in the biggest, best way possible, hiding there in the dark where I couldn’t see them.   He’s good and our time was powerful.

“a good life coach can help you clear the way to your own greatness”

Let me know if you’re considering coaching to help progress you forward, I can make some great recommendations having talked to many…many coaches over the last five months.  Our belief systems can sometimes lead to us getting stuck and a good life coach can help you clear the way to your own greatness!

Be blessed!


Secrets To Securing The Right Neighborhood To Farm

If you’re thinking about a real estate marketing plan and could use some ideas, you’ve come to the right place! If you already have all the ideas and a great plan, please share, the rest of us want to know your “real estate marketing secrets!”
Real Estate Farming Secrets

One of the approaches many Realtors® take to establish themselves is to choose a neighborhood to farm and “get to it.”  If you’re in that space and trying to determine where best to begin your marketing campaign, have I got a secret for you!  I have a good friend who is looking for exactly this information as he tries to secure his spot in real estate industry as a “mover and a shaker.” I wanted to share with you the advice that I gave him, it’s pretty rock solid, if I may say so myself. I wish I would have thought of it when I was selling real estate!  Live and learn.

First and foremost, you must farm an area that you like and feel good about representing as a listing agent.  Farming a neighborhood that you don’t like will be a challenge as your heart definitely won’t be “in it.” It’s extremely difficult to sell something you don’t believe in, including homes and neighborhoods.  It creates a subconscious conflict and it just won’t work.  So, start by focusing in on a city you want to sell and then narrow it down to a neighborhood.

How do I narrow it down to a neighborhood, you may be asking…you guessed it, I’ve got this!

Get yourself on Zillow or and search the activity in the area/neighborhood you’re considering for the last year.   Check to see how many homes have sold over the year, how many are on the market currently and how many are pending.  Make sure you understand if the properties in the area are distressed too.

Selling distressed properties is something I feel you need to specialize in if you’re going to go after that marketplace.

Knowing about the activity for the last year will help you determine if there is anyone moving in and out of the target neighborhood.  If no one is moving and there is no turnover, then it may not be the best place to begin.  People need to want to move if you’re going to sell their home.

The other important factor to look at is how long properties are taking to sell.  If people are listing their homes, but no one is buying, could be a sign.   The longer a home stays on the market, the more it cost you to have it as a listing and market it.

How much are the homes selling for in the neighborhood?  If you added up the total home sales for the neighborhood for the last year and calculated a sales commission of 2.5% (being conservative), how much would you make in a year, if you sold every home in the neighborhood?  Back to reality….What if you sold 10% or 25% of those homes?  Write it all down so you can review it and make a good decision of where your marketing efforts are best invested.

What is the average SELLING price of each home.  Commissions aren’t paid on listing prices or properties that haven’t sold. What would your approximate commission check be if you were to sell just one home in the neighborhood?

Some neighborhoods have entry level homes that are less expensive and perfect for the first time home buyer.  Higher volume, but lower commission checks because of a higher turn over, which also means more opportunity.   In neighborhoods featuring more expensive homes that people tend to live in longer, the checks are more, but the opportunity for a home to come available less frequent.    It’s a toss up and both approaches have their advantage, you just have to decide which approach works best for you.

If it was me, I think I would start middle of the road so I’m not putting all my eggs in one basket and expand in to more expensive neighborhoods as my first time home buyers type clients are ready to move up.  It would be a nice progression, in my mind.

If you want an easy time of establishing yourself, it’s probably not a good idea to try playing in another Realtor’s sandbox.   When looking at the properties, pay attention to the real estate agents who have them listed.  If you keep seeing the same name over and over as the listing agent, you may want to try a different area.  It’s possible to establish yourself, over time, but why waste your energy if you can find another neighborhood that isn’t as established with one “go-to” Realtor® for the area.  I was once considering a neighborhood to farm close to my home and so I decided to research it to see if it would be a good use of my time and energy.  Not even close!  The neighborhood had about 25 sales that happened over the year and one agent had listed about 18 of them.  Why waste my time…thank goodness I did my homework before investing in an uphill battle for myself.  Next!

When I was selling real estate, there was nothing like Zillow or around to determine where it was best to start a farm.  The only way to get to this information was via the MLS and sorting through all kinds of reports and data to try and figure it out.  It’s so much more simple now with the websites available these days.  You can even get a visual of the sales and the neighborhood when you go to the map view.   It’s a brilliant tool that’s available to you on your iPad or tablet, you can even figure it out on your smart phone if finding the time is difficult.

I would also have to recommend a service like Cole Information Systems who provides much of the data I’ve mentioned above, along with the tools an agent needs to farm a neighborhood. Addresses, fresh names and addresses.  It’s a subscription based service, so you can pull up as much information as you want. If you get in touch with them, make sure you let them know we sent you, they give a nice discount to anyone who reads Real Estate Marketing Magazine.  It’s a big discount!

Let me know what you learn and figure out about your own farm or an area you’ve been thinking about.  I’d love to hear from you.  You can find me on Twitter at @REmarketingGuru



Time Saving Tips and Tricks for Anyone Who Needs More Hours in the Day!

Time saving tips for RealtorsAs someone who is always looking to get more done in less time, I wanted to share some of my time saving strategies to help you get the most out of your precious time.

Create multiple email signatures for anything that is repetitive in your email communication. For example, I have an email signature file for everyday email communication. I also have one for media communication that includes all of my “bio” information. That way I don’t have retype it every single time I’m responding to a media request.

I also have a standard signature that goes out with all of our PrinterBees printing proofs, so when I’m sending a proof, I use the signature with the proof instructions all typed out so I don’t have to hunt for the verbiage every time.

Another example is when I’m sending something out relating to this magazine, I use my Real Estate Marketing Magazine (REMM) signature file. Using the REMM signature file helps with branding and recognition when an email is received by me from someone who may not recognize my name or PrinterBees.

Use a social media company like $99 Social to get your social media off your plate.  It’s a huge time-saving tip and it’s definitely worth the $99 to not have to worry about it.  They customize social media posts based on what you want and who you are trying to attract, and then post on your behalf. It’s a huge help! I LOVE $99 Social!

Pssst…I bet if you visit or follow my social media feeds, you can’t differentiate between what I post and what $99 Social posts. It’s one of my best kept secrets, and I’m happy to share.  Seriously…use them, you’ll be glad you did!

Use Buffer for scheduling social media. Set it and forget it. This is one of my biggest time saving tips that I use religiously to supplement what my social media company does for me.  I also like Buffer so I can schedule my posts for when I know people are more likely to be on social media.  Social media is far more active in the evening than during the day.  I don’t have time in the evening to be ON social media posting, so Buffer steps in and solves this problem for me.  I schedule my posts, and Buffer makes sure they go out.  One of their new services is to offer posting suggestions too, which is really helpful in staying active and consistent with social media.

Youmail: I LOVE my Youmail. It’s a voicemail service that sends an email to your inbox with the voicemail attached to easily listen to without having to login to anything. Checking voicemail is like checking email and it’s a huge time saving strategy for me. I also like that I can forward voicemails to my team via email with notes. It’s an amazing business tool!

Pssst…The “coolest” thing about Youmail is your ability to customize your voicemail greeting based on who calls.  It uses caller ID as a way to serve up different voicemail greetings based on who’s calling-it takes customer service to a whole new level!  When people call my cell phone and it’s my voice saying “Hi Tom, great to hear from you, I’m sorry I can’t take your call…”  It’s not an automated attendant, it’s an actual voicemail greeting you can record for any individual.  You aren’t required to have a custom greeting for everyone, and those without one will get your default greeting.

Now it’s your turn-what are some of your time saving tools or tips?  I’d love to hear from you.

I’ve Been Keeping Secrets…It’s Time You Knew…

Secrets With Friends Book CoverFor the last two years, I’ve been writing a book, just for you…with all my small business secrets!  The book is titled The Secrets I Share With My Friends, Everything I Know About Building A Small Business.  I’m  excited to announce it’s been published and is now available on Amazon.

Why this book is for you, as a Realtor®:

Whether you realize it or not, you ARE a small business owner and seeing your real estate business as a small business will help you to build it up as such.  There’s a big difference between having a real estate business and being a Realtor®.  The real estate business owner has a business that’s of value to someone else, where the Realtor® who didn’t build a business just quits selling real estate one day.  Done, THE END.  There’s nothing beyond the last day of work to show for it, other than years of dedication to helping the people helped along the way.  The name just fades away in to nothingness the day the Realtor® stops serving…the business owner can sell his/her business, has systems, a valuable database, a solid marketing plan and it lives on without her providing income long past the days worked.

There are very few books available (that I’ve been able to find) on how to build up and market a real estate business, that’s why I wrote this book!

I’ve made a lot of mistakes along the way, like the time I showed up to a really important business meeting with a business card I had printed from my computer ink-jet printer.  I’ve included that super embarrassing story in the book along with many other mistakes I’ve made along the way to success as a small business owner.  My personal stories of bumps and bruises received from attending The School Of Hard Knocks can save you from taking the same path.  A path all too common with entrepreneurs and small business owners…and yes, Realtors® too!  If you’ve been in real estate for a while, your story isn’t likely much different than mine when the real estate market crashed and everything when to…ummm…hell!  I’m not sure about you, but I found myself in line at the food bank to make sure I had groceries to feed the kids while trying to meet my financial obligations (1.5M. in debt), with NO income!  Rough times!

The book is filled with an abundance of easy to understand, easy to follow and easy to read information on how to build your real estate business, build a team, hire the right people, delegate what should be delegated, market your brand of real estate, managing business finances, building your prospect list, where to get a list, and everything in between… all the way to retirement.

Reading this book will completely change the way you see your real estate business and the possibilities that exist with some simple planning and thinking ahead.

As a Realtor® maybe retiring and selling your real estate business at some point isn’t something you’re thinking about, right now.  After all,  your clients are doing business with you, versus your business/brokerage.  Changing your thinking around this could be the difference between a comfortable retirement that includes passive income from your real estate business and just deciding to stop selling real estate when you retire with no passive income.  Which path sounds better to you?

As you build up your real estate business, if you build it up with the end in mind, you have the ability to set yourself up for a nice retirement and create a business that pays you even when you’re done and not working any in it longer.  Creating a successful real estate business that can live on without you is easy with some direction on how to do it and I’ve included all of my secrets on how to do that in the book!

The book is getting rave reviews from top thought leaders and coaches like Steve Hardison “The Ultimate Coach” as a blue print for small business owners, like yourself, that’s easy to read because it’s not a boring text book, it’s a memoir that’s interesting, funny and filled with secrets throughout.  Here’s what Steve had to say about the book after reading it in one sitting.

Nadine Larder’s part memoir, part “how to,” and part textbook, “The Secrets I Share With My Friends…,” meets with trumpets of success from world-renowned personal, relationship and business coach Steven Hardison.

“I met Nadine today in the parking garage after attending #ICON 14.  It was my great privilege to be given her first copy of the book, “The Secrets I Share With My Friends: Everything I Know About Building a Small Business.”  After I completed my afternoon with a client, I sat down to thumb through the book she had given me.  I could not simply thumb through it. It was too compelling.

“As I read her book I was amazed at the passion that came through the pages, and I was even more astonished at the content of the information.  It is extraordinary! I can hardly wait to speak with her to tell her what I thought of her masterpiece.  It is beyond brilliant.

“I particularly love her Pssst… comments throughout the book. I will be giving this copy to my daughter who, like Nadine, has the desire to build a small business from the ground up. This book is a brilliant blueprint.

“I do not know Nadine, other than the 5-10 minute encounter in the parking garage, AND I am totally moved by her contribution to me as I have consumed her writing. I can only imagine the impact it will have on readers who are building their own business. My hat is off to this powerful and dynamic woman. Thanks, Nadine. Be blessed.”

Visit for more information on the book, Nadine and lots of small business secrets!  You can get the book on Amazon…Grab your copy now!  They’re first edition and we plan do to a reprint soon!