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4 Key Marketing Tips for Spring

Spring Real Estate Marketing

Are you ready for warmer weather and sunshine? A lot of us CAN’T WAIT! (Florida, California, and the Southwest, you just hush now.)

One of the best things about spring as a Realtor® is that it’s the beginning of money-making season! You want to be positioned to take full advantage of it, so be sure you get these key marketing strategies ready.

Get Ready for Pop Bys

Warmer weather means it’s finally sensible to spend time physically walking around your target neighborhoods. You can door knock and pass out goodie bags, hang out and meet folks in the park, and much more.

Take advantage of the chance to meet your potential clients face-to-face. You can even use fun pop-by ideas taking advantage of spring themes, like flower seeds and fruit juice.

Whether you’re directly asking for business, requesting referrals, or both, don’t forget to include your business card and contact information!

Spring Clean Your Contact List

Whether you have a mailing list, and email list, or both, spring is a great time to clean them out before the big marketing pushes begin. Make sure everyone’s contact information is up to date, and remove anyone who has made it clear they don’t want to hear from you.

You might want to order an updated mailing list for your farm, make plans to use Every Door Direct Mail®, and even freshen up your website with new content.

While you’re working on this freshening up, why not refresh your listing presentation as well? You can update your statistics and add new graphics and talking points.

Make a Calendar of Community Events

Finally, take a look at the upcoming events in your community, especially those that are close to your farm neighborhood. What can you do to make your presence known there?

Decide on a handful to attend and consider sponsoring, donating, or simply making a point of meeting new people. Anything you can do to help your community and boost your business is a win-win!

Make sure that the events you schedule on your calendar fit within your work schedule and your daily life. You don’t want to overextend yourself or hurt other areas of your business. You also don’t want to flake on an event you agreed to sponsor!

Get Your Spring Postcards Ready

You’ve been sending postcards to your farm every month this year riiiight?

Ok, if you haven’t, spring is the perfect time to start. Grab your spring postcard mix and commit to mailing them out. Mark down when you need to have the addressed, what day you will take them to the post office, and when you expect them to arrive.

From there you can follow up with an in-person visit, asking if they saw your postcard and if they had any questions. It’s a natural conversation starter!

If you hate buying postcards because you can never seem to mail them on time, don’t worry. Let us help – we can arrange to mail postcards you order from us on time, every time. We want your marketing to succeed!

Are you ready for spring? So are we! Make sure your marketing is too!

Why Winter is the PERFECT Time to Sell a Home (FREE DOWNLOAD!)

(Scroll down to the bottom for the free download!)

Winter is the Perfect Season

A lot of people assume that winter is a poor time to buy or sell homes. In many areas of the country it’s cold, grey, and the weather is far from inviting.

In addition, home sellers assume that winter is a poor time to showcase homes. In reality, it’s not hard at all to improve your curb appeal in winter!

For savvy home sellers and buyers, winter is the perfect time to move on real estate. Here are some reasons why.

You’ll also find a FREE download – all of these reasons put together in a flyer you can send to prospects or hand out during pop bys.

NOW is the Time to Buy

The housing market has been absolutely insane for buyers lately, with multiple offers and bidding wars coming in on every home.

During the winter, when there are fewer buyers vying for homes, you can do far better at getting a home you’re targeting. You may still have to come in close to the ask, but you are a lot less likely to lose a home to a much higher bid or get caught in a bidding war.

If you want to buy a home, get on it while you can!

Sellers: The Future Isn’t Guaranteed

A seller may hesitate to list in the winter because they feel that they can get a better price in spring or summer. The thing to focus on is, what are the seller’s goals?

Can they achieve the goals they’re looking at more quickly by selling at a good price now, versus holding out and hoping for a super-high price later?

If so, they need to move forward. No one knows what the future holds. It’s better to get into the market you know than hope for a market you’re unsure will ever happen.

Realtors® Are More Attentive in Winter

Because so many buyers and sellers skip the winter, when you DO take advantage of this season, you get a lot more personal attention. It’s just a fact!

With less demands on their time, they will be able to take more time thinking up creative marketing strategies (like making a walk-through video) and connecting with leads for your home.

Buyers, you’ll be able to see home more readily and have your questions answered quickly. Sellers are more motivated, so the deal will probably close quickly!

Buyers and Sellers Are More Serious in Winter

If you’re considering whether to list your home, you may not be excited about having folks walking through and evaluating your house. However, it’s a vital part of the process.

In the winter, though, you’ll have more serious buyers. There won’t be as many people looking around “for fun” or just “curious what’s out there.”

There are also fewer homes competing against your listing. In fact, Redfin found that homes listed in winter are 9% more likely to sell and tend to sell one week faster than listings in other times of year.

As a buyer, you’ll find that sellers are more motivated in the winter as well. Folks listing in December – February aren’t doing it for fun – they generally have a reason they need to move.

They’re trying to reach personal goals, they are relocated for work, or they have another of a variety of factors influencing their decision. Regardless, they’re not looking to extend the process – it’s time for them to move on.

Get More Activity in Winter Today!

Just because you know these things are true doesn’t mean your prospects do! Download our free flyer, Seven Reasons Selling Your Home in Winter is BETTER Than Waiting for Spring or Summer. 

You can use it as a handout, a mailing, or simply use it to beef up your listing presentation. The sign-up form is below. Grab yours today!

Be Present: Face-to-Face Winter Marketing

Face-to-face winter marketing

In many parts of the country, the LAST time you want to go outside or socialize is in the winter. Especially in January, after the buzz of the holidays, some folks just want to hibernate.

As a Realtor®, though, you can’t afford to sleep until spring. You need to be active – online and through the mail, yes, but also in person.

Here are some ways to meet your prospects and clients face-to-face to build relationships and improve your brand.

Host or Sponsor a Seasonal Event

Even in the coldest areas of the country, things are happening in the winter. Whether it’s a Hot Cocoa Shop Walk in Iowa or a Winter Fun Run in New York, there are places to be!

As a real estate agent, take advantage of these opportunities for face-to-face winter marketing. See if you can sponsor an event, so your name appears prominently in marketing materials. Then, show up and enjoy the festivities! Shake hands, introduce yourself, and pass out branded freebies, business cards, or other helpful items.

If sponsoring isn’t your thing, consider hosting something. You can do an indoor family fun day with face painting, or host an adult wine-and-paint class in a restaurant or meeting room. Either way, be prepared to share who you are without stealing the show.

When you show up at seasonal events, you’ll make a big impression on your community!

Play in Your Farm Neighborhood

Most neighborhoods have parks, ponds, and other fun activities. If you happen to live in a warm climate, great! Take your children, dog, nephews and nieces, or anyone you can find and go play for a while!

Even in cold climates a lot of fun can be had outdoors. This gives you great opportunities for face-to-face winter marketing. Build snowmen, go sledding, or simply walk regularly in a park in your farm neighborhood. You’re bound to meet local residents that you can connect with and strike up a conversation.

If outdoors is too harsh, look for indoor fun. Is there a trampoline gym, a local play place, or even a recreation center? Be a regular visitor, and you’ll get to know area residents at a time when they aren’t bombarded with other marketing. You’ll have a big advantage!

Be Yourself in Face-to-Face Winter Marketing!

Remember that in all of these situations, you’re trying to increase the know-like-trust factor that your farm area has for you. You don’t want to come off like a slimy salesperson, but you want don’t want to hide what you do for a living.

Simply be authentically yourself wherever your face-to-face winter marketing takes you. Jogging at an indoor track and struggling? Share your shortfalls with humor. Playing with your friendly dog in the snow? Answer questions from passersby and invite them to pet it.

Definitely share what you do for a living, perhaps as part of your name. “Hi, I’m Nadine Larder, I’m a real estate agent in this area. Great to meet you!” Then, interact naturally and see what happens.

Do you get out in the winter? What do you like to do? Share in the comments – I’d love to see your ideas!


Be prepared to follow up with those you meet – get your business cards updated for 2018 today!