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Why Use Physical Business Cards?

Physical Business Card

Today everything is going digital, including a lot of the ways we network and connect with prospects. We work on finding people online, posting Facebook ads, and more.

So is physical marketing worth it? Should you even bother getting business cards?


You might think I’m biased, but I promise I’m telling the truth. Here are three reasons to use physical business cards instead of relying on digital.

Not Everyone Uses Digital Technology

I know this is hard to believe in a day when youngsters have abandoned Facebook because it’s “for old people,” but not everyone is comfortable with digital connections.

How are you going to connect with someone who doesn’t have a smartphone? How will you give your contact information to someone who isn’t super comfortable with their cell phone? Even if you manage to transmit it, the chances are good that they won’t be able to find it later.

Instead of relying on someone’s comfort with technology, simply hand over a physical card.

The Prospect Doesn’t Have to Remember Your Name

So you ran into someone, had a great conversation, and they put your phone number into their contact book. Score! You should get a call any day now, right?

Unfortunately not. The truth is not everyone is good with names, and without a card to pull out, they have to remember your information to find you.

Most folks aren’t motivated enough to scroll through their huge contact list trying to guess which one is you. They’ll likely just move on – and end up with a different agent.

Keep your prospects! Give them a physical business card.

You Can’t Have as Much Fun Without a Physical Business Card

I wrote an article not long ago about all the fun, creative ways you can use a physical business card.

If you want to do a raffle, you can use your business card to write down someone’s entry number – guaranteeing they’ll keep the card until the drawing is over.

You can use it as an event ticket or create a fun referral game. None of that works with a digital card or simply typing your number into someone’s phone.

If you want to be creative, you need a real card to give away!

Get Your Business Cards Today

A lot of Realtors® wait far too long to update their business cards. If yours are outdated, they simply aren’t useful. Don’t let embarrassment about your cards cause you to miss out on great marketing opportunities.

Update your picture, your contact information, your brokerage, and more – today! Check out our easy-to-use customizable business cards.

3 Fun Ways to Use Your Business Cards This Summer

Business Card Creative Uses

Are your business cards doing the work they were designed for… or are they sitting on your desk, gathering dust?

Don’t be embarrassed, it happens to the best of us. Fortunately, there are ways to get those business cards out of your office and into the hands of your prospects.

Are you ready? Try these three fun tips.

As a Raffle Card

Setting up a raffle so that your prospects can win something fun (while also providing their information)? It’s a great way to get people on your mailing or email lists.

If you are, you’ll need raffle tickets that will let the prospect know if they’ve won something. A business card is perfect! Simply write their raffle entry number(s) on your business card and give it to them.

You can bet they won’t be throwing away your business card anytime soon! They’ll keep it in a prominent place at least until the raffle ends. You can offer additional incentives to keep it longer if you’d like, such as a second-chance drawing.

It’s a great way to build brand recognition.

An Event Ticket

Summer is a great time to hold events, either in cooperation with your brokerage or on your own. Whether you’re holding a picnic, a softball game, or even an open house party, you can use your business card as an admission ticket.

This gives you a great reason to connect with people no matter where you go. You can mention the event and tell them that if they show your business card they’ll get in free. Or, the business card can be a way to get a free hot dog, fruit cup, or some other prize.

You can even use this idea as a contest – compete with other Realtors® in your brokerage to see who can get the most attendees using their business card!

Create a Referral Game With Your Business Card

As Realtors®, we can’t offer a “sale” per se, but you can have fun with a business card referral game. All you need to do is design your business card with lines on the back so that people can write down their email addresses.

Give it to someone to put their email address on, and ask them to pass it to someone else who might want help or information about real estate this summer. That person puts their email address on it and passes it on.
When all five lines are full, the last person gives or mails it back to you. You have five new contacts for your marketing, and you can email each person a $5 coffee shop gift card for participating.

It’s a real win-win!

Business Cards Aren’t Boring

If you think business cards are boring or too old fashioned to be relevant in 2019, I hope this article has shown you otherwise. If you’re ready to refresh your business cards, let us help! We can help you design a custom card at a great price.

What’s the most creative way you’ve seen someone use a business card? Share in the comments!

Help Me Celebrate!!

Wedding Business Card Blowout

Hey everyone, I have BIG NEWS!

My right-hand woman, Nicole, who helps run the office here at PrinterBees, has just gotten married! 

Getting married is a big change, and I’m so excited for her and her new husband. We’ll be updating her name in all of our materials to show “Nicole Schmidt,” instead of Hinsley.

What does this mean? Reordering a lot of marketing collateral! Nothing wrong with that, of course, especially to celebrate this great occasion.

However, we don’t want it to be just about us. Instead, join us in the celebration by taking advantage of our Business Card Blowout BOGO!

Why Update Your Business Cards?

Having business cards that are up to date shows that you take your business seriously as a professional. You don’t want to show that you have a “stuck in the 90’s” design, or people will think your marketing and services are stuck in the past as well.

Also, it’s vital to look like the photo on your card. There’s nothing more confusing – and less professional – than getting someone’s business card and then meeting them in person and they look completely different.

Of course, if you move, have a new name, get a new website, or add additional social media accounts, all of that needs to be reflected on your business cards.

Your business card should be an all-in-one business information tool. It needs to be completely up to date.

Celebrate With Us –  Get New Business Cards for Spring!

Since Nicole has to update all of her information, we decided that we’d invite all of you to celebrate with us. Through March 29th, when you order 500 business cards you get 500 identical business cards FREE!

It’s our celebration BOGO – all you need to do is order by March 29th and use the promo code MARRIAGE.

Thanks for celebrating with us – and we hope your spring and summer is profitable both personally and professionally!

Going to a Real Estate Conference? Maximize Your ROI!

Maximize ROI of Conference Attendance

Some Realtors® love conferences, and others just want to crawl in a hole and hide from everyone. Still, you probably end up going to them at least occasionally.

The good news is that going to a conference can be a great opportunity to build your business, practice your prospecting techniques, and make important networking connections.

And it’s doesn’t even require you to be smarmy or desperate!

Discover how to make the most of your next conference below.

Practice Starting Conversations

Talking to prospects can be very intimidating, and it can be hard to even start conversations with strangers in public.

A conference gives you the perfect opportunity to practice striking up conversations in a low-stress environment. There are tons of people you could talk to, and the chances are good you’ll never see them again if you mess up. So go for it!

Even better, make friends with another Realtor® and roleplay prospecting conversations. Sometimes getting feedback on your elevator pitch from another professional can be very enlightening, and giving feedback helps you hone your own presentation as well!

Set Networking Goals

Meeting people and handing out high-quality business cards is an important part of networking at any event. However, it’s even better if you come with specific goals in mind.

Is there a skill you want to learn? Target breakout sessions aimed at that topic, and get to know the speakers and presenters. Introduce yourself and ask if you can stay in touch after the event to ask questions and continue to learn.

Are you working on recruiting new agents to a brokerage? Practice talking about the benefits you have and look for Realtors® who aren’t happy with their current arrangement, or newer agents who may not have a brokerage yet.

Or, you can simply make a list of folks you know will be at the event that you want to meet. You can either approach them after their presentation or ask for an introduction from another contact or friend.

No matter what, you want to make a great first impression. Practice your smile, your handshake, and make sure you have a great business card ready to hand out!

Practice Remembering Names

Some agents have a knack for names, but many do not. If you’re in the forgetful category, use the conference as a chance to practice remembering names.

Repeating the name can help, and so can making an association between an attribute the person has and something else you know about. You can also take their business card and immediately after the conversation write down an identifying detail and an interesting fact.

When you make a specific intention to remember names, you’ll immediately have an easier time. Writing is another great way to remember, and pairing an interesting fact with that person will give your mind a hook to hold onto.

When you can meet people and remember their names, you’ll be able to make better connections with prospects and build trust more quickly. That can’t help but build your business!

Follow Up After the Event

All the networking in the world won’t matter if you don’t keep the ball rolling when you get home. Send an email right after the event reminding your new connection of your name and how you met.

From there, connect with them on social media and keep up via email as well. Drop them a useful article, an interesting tidbit, a referral, or ask a question. Anything you can do to authentically keep in touch!

Once you develop new connections, you may see them at another conference or event. This will give you someone you connect with while you continue to build new relationships!

Ready to get the ball rolling on your networking and prospecting efforts? Update your business cards today!

What tips do you have for folks attending conferences or events? Share in the comments!

Be a Professional: Update Your Business Cards!

Read to the end for a special BOGO discount on business cards from PrinterBees!

Business Card

Are you one of the Realtors® who has a stack of business cards with pen marks through your contact info and new information scribbled in?

Or, do you look NOTHING like the photo on your business card?

If that’s you, it’s time for an update!

Business Cards Show Professionalism

If you’ve got information on your card that is incorrect, or scratched out with new info written in, you’re sending a clear message to your prospects and customers.

If you look absolutely NOTHING like the photo on your card, you’re sending the same clear message.

“I’m not taking my business seriously as a professional!” 

Honestly, business cards are SO affordable – especially with our BOGO deal this week – that there’s no reason not to have correctly updated cards at all times.

You need to have your brokerage’s most current logo, a recent picture, and your most current information. It shows you’re a professional!

Business Cards Let You Tie in Other Promos

It’s important to always tie together your marketing as much as possible. This is simple when you update your business cards regularly!

Make sure your card includes current links to your most-used social media, whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, or another platform. You should also have a link to your primary website where prospects can access your blog or community page along with current listings.

Finally, do you have a free download you use to get an email or mailing information from prospects? Include the link on your business card! Curious recipients will go check out your offer and you’ll be able to stay in touch more easily.

Avoid Outdated Design

If your business cards were designed in the late 90’s, let me tell you something – everyone knows!

As a Realtor®, you can’t afford to look “behind the times.” Technology is changing too fast and customers expect you to use the most up-to-date marketing tactics available to sell their home. If your business card was cool 20 years ago, they’ll assume your business acumen hasn’t kept up either.

Instead, choose from updated, modern business card templates designed to match your brokerage. You don’t need to be behind the times. Grab an updated design today!

You Can’t Afford to Stand Out the Wrong Way

With the real estate market hot, there’s more competition than ever for real estate agents. More agents are entering the field, and more homeowners believe that they can go it alone and save money on commissions.

If you’re going to stand out and show homeowners you’re the real estate agent for their needs, you have to have your business cards in order. Most of the time, they’re your very first impression! You can’t afford to stand out for the wrong reasons.

PrinterBees is here to make it easier. THIS WEEK ONLY, buy 500 business cards and get 500 identical business cards free when you use the promo code UPDATE18. You can’t beat that! 

Offer expires Friday, September 14th.


What’s the funniest snafu you’ve seen on a business card? Share in the comments!

Cardinal Sins of Headshots: The Car Selfie

Car Selfie

I was chatting with my team recently, and the topic of business card design came up. One thing we talked about was the importance of great headshots – and how folks sometimes do it wrong.

At times, very, VERY wrong.

One of the worst things we see is a headshot that is clearly a “car selfie.” You may be dressed up, your hair may look nice, and you have a great smile.

But a car selfie is a CARDINAL SIN of headshots. Here’s why.

It’s Unprofessional

No matter how professional you think you look, we can all tell it’s a car selfie!

And ANY selfie is unprofessional. It’s obvious.

How can your clients tell? It’s amazingly easy:

  • They can see your seatbelt!
  • They can see a window or mirror reflection in the picture
  • The backseat is visible behind you
  • Professional settings don’t have headrests behind your head
  • They can see the windows of your car surrounding you

We understand that you want a quick, easy, affordable headshot. Unfortunately, you also need a professional picture. Invest in yourself and your business. Get a real professional photo!

It Makes You Look Careless

We hear horror stories every day about the dangers of distracted driving. Use of mobile devices is one of the biggest problems in these accidents. In many areas, using your phone while driving is illegal.

When you use a car selfie in your marketing, you make yourself look like a careless and distracted driver. Even though – I can hear you now – “You weren’t driving when you took the picture,” it appears that you were.

When someone is looking to sell their Florida home, they want to work with someone who is professional and put together. They may be overwhelmed by the prospect of getting the home ready to move and list.

They certainly don’t want to work with a real estate agent who’s professional picture looks like their teen’s Instagram posts!

Take the Time and Effort to Get a Professional Photo

At PrinterBees, we want your marketing to be effective in building relationships and strengthening your brand. We have professional templates and a self-serve site that allows you to design your own.

Don’t ruin all your hard work by putting in a car selfie as a headshot. Instead, get a professional photo. Your business – and your clients – will thank you.

Where do you go to get your headshot? Share in the comments!

Business Card Essentials: Updating Your Information

Business Card Essentials Update

In the last post, we talked about the importance of updating your photo. That’s probably the most vital reason to update your business card regularly.

But that isn’t the only reason to update your card. Is your information up to date? Is your style left over from the 90’s? Are you promoting the latest opt-in to build your email list?

The answers to these questions will let you know if your business card essentials are in order, or if you’re overdue for an update. Let’s look at each one.

Is Your Information Current?

Do you have a new website, a secondary phone number, or an email address that’s not on your card? You probably know you need to update your business card if you have a new address or primary phone number.

But what about your website? Your blog? Your email address?

Or maybe you’ve recently dived into Instagram, or created a hot new profile on Pinterest. Is it listed on your card?

These types of changes are important to have on your business card. When you hand it out, you want prospects to be able to find all of your information – not just “most” of it!

Is Your Style From the 90’s?

Let’s be honest – even if your office hasn’t moved in 30 years, marketing and design styles certainly have. If your card looks like a throwback, you’re sending a pretty strong message about your business.

Unfortunately, it’s not a good message.

In a market where you need to keep up with new ways to promote and find homes for your clients, an out-of-date design shows that you aren’t that focused on staying current. That tells prospects that they can’t expect out-of-the-box thinking or new ideas from you in their real estate deal.

You don’t want to telegraph that you’re out of touch. Take some time to get a new, fresh, and modern design every few years.

Are Your Promotions Current?

If you’re like a lot of savvy Realtors®, you use freebies and giveaways to build your marketing list. You may do this in person at community events, but it’s even easier to collect information online.

Your business card should offer your freebie and invite prospects to your website for the download. Once they are there, you can ask for everything from an email address to a mailing address. This allows you to keep in touch with them going forward!

So does your card list a relevant promotion? Do people have any reason to visit your website, social media, or use your other contact information?

If not, your business card is due for an update.

Business Card Essentials Matter

Too many professionals treat their business card like a necessary throw-away. You should have them, you do have them, but you don’t care that much about it.

Be different. Stand out by having cards that are current, modern, and feature a relevant promotion. You can even choose unique shapes, materials, and formats. Make your business card essentials build your business, not detract from it!

If your business cards are long overdue for an update, don’t wait. Act now and refresh your look – your prospects will notice and your bottom line will thank you!

What’s the craziest business card you’ve seen? Share in the comments!

Business Card Essentials: Your Photo

Business card essentials

My friends in the Midwest tell me they’ve started to see robins, so spring is officially around the corner!

Are you ready?

More specifically, are your business cards ready?

During the spring and summer busy season, you’ll be giving out a lot of business cards. You want to make sure that these cards put your best foot forward. And the first place to start is with your photo.

You Do Have a Photo on Your Card, Right?

Do you include your photo on your business card? Why or why not?

Here are several reasons we strongly recommend including your headshot on your business card (and other marketing materials):

  • Sharing your face helps build familiarity and relationship right away
  • You build your brand and are more recognizable the more your photo is shared
  • People connect with pictures much more than words alone

Of course, these benefits only come into play if your photo is professional and effective. You should make sure to use the same headshot on all of your marketing. Also, ensure that unprofessional images don’t appear on social media – save the party pics for your own personal collection!

When Was Your Photo Taken?

I completely understand that none of us like to age. We definitely enjoy presenting the youngest, best-looking version of ourselves.

Unfortunately, when it comes to business card photos, that approach doesn’t work. You may love how you look in that professional photo taken a decade ago, but it doesn’t look like you now. And people who want to hire you to represent them want to know who they are really dealing with.

So – if your photo is years old… or you don’t even know how old it is… it’s time to get an update. Get new professional photos. Put your current mug in the best light, and then people will know who they’re really hiring!

Who Took Your Photo?

Real estate agents love to save money wherever possible. Unfortunately, they often cut corners exactly where they shouldn’t – in their marketing.

Did you pay to get professional photos taken by a professional photographer? If not, why not? I promise you people can tell, and it looks really unprofessional.

I know a friend who tried a selfie as a professional photo. She tried, she really did. But it was awful. And when she finally replaced that photo with a professional photographer’s work, no one was more relieved than her. (Except maybe me!)

Your Image Builds Your Brand

The picture you put forward is a huge part of your brand. You want to be recognizable, and for the right reasons. A professional photo on your business card – and your other marketing materials – will help folks feel like they know you right away.

Your business card is handed out at dozens of events, during pop-bys, and through other avenues. You want to make sure it represents the best of you!

When was the last time you updated your photo? Is it professional? Does it represent you?

If not, it’s time to update your business card today! Don’t wait – the spring and summer seasons are very busy. You want time to get your business card essentials right before things get crazy.

When was the last time you updated your business cards? Share in the comments!

How to Create Business Cards Prospect Won’t Toss

Create business cards people keep

Do people really use – and keep – business cards anymore?

The answer is YES! But they may not keep all the business cards they receive. It’s vital to think about how you create business cards so they are notable enough to keep.

But I never hear back when I give my card out!” 

We’ll address that issue in another blog post, but for now, just remember that follow-up is almost never a person’s strong suit. Many times, you have to be the one that follows up.

Create Business Cards That Are Useful

How do you get a prospect to actually keep and look at your business card? One way is by making it useful.

Usually, when someone creates a business card, they are thinking about themselves. They want to jam as much information about themselves onto that small space as possible!

I invite you to take a different approach. Instead of thinking just about you and your information, consider the prospect and what they’re interested in too!

The best way to do this in the small space of a business card is to have a call-to-action asking the prospect to visit a website for useful information. You can invite them to enter a drawing, download a free checklist to prepare a home for vacation, and much more.

The prospect will keep the card at least long enough to go online for your freebie – and by then, you’ve captured their email, along with perhaps their mailing address. Then the ball is in your court!

Business Cards Can be Art

There are those who take a purely utilitarian approach to business cards. The attitude is, “It’s just my contact info and a picture. I don’t have time for pretty.”

Ok. Unfortunately, your prospects may not have time to keep your card either.

One way to get your card noticed is to make it visually appealing. Consider a unique layout, design, or color scheme. Consider unusual business card materials. Go with a thicker, high-quality card.

Whatever you can do to really bring visual appeal to your card will impress prospects. Even better, it will help showcase your marketing skills. Who wants to hire a listing agent who is merely utilitarian about marketing?

Showcase Your Marketing Skills with Your Business Card

On that note, create business cards that showcase your marketing genius. Remember, it can feel like real estate agents are “a dime a dozen.” You want to stand out from the pack. One way to do that is to make your business card a showcase.

Think about what you do when you market a home. Hopefully you do more than just put it on the MLS and hope for the best! Maybe you specialize in excellent photography. Make your business card reflect that!

Perhaps you like technology and use online methods for marketing. Be sure your card includes your social media profiles and website so your prospect can take a look at examples.

The possibilities are endless. Whatever listing or property-finding approaches set you apart, find a way to showcase them on the card. And bring it up when you hand the card over! “I really enjoy marketing listings online, you’ll see some creative examples on my website. Be sure to visit!”

A prospect is much more likely to keep a business card that showcases your unique approach.

Are Your Business Cards Keep-Worthy?

Take a look at your own business card. Would you keep it if someone gave it to you? If the answer is no, it’s time to revamp! The good news is that Printerbees can help. We have tons of customizable design templates at great prices.

We can help you put your best self forward, with a business card designed to be kept!

What makes you want to keep a business card? Go to our Facebook Page and let us know!

When to Update Your Real Estate Business Cards

Real Estate Business Cards

When was the last time you updated your real estate business cards?

If you’re like a lot of Realtors®, it’s been awhile. Unfortunately, that can impact your professionalism and lead to lost customers.

How often should you update your business card? Use this guide to help you decide.

Has Information Changed?

Many Realtors® keep the same business card for years and years because they don’t have a change in their business address or phone number.

Today, however, there’s more information that matters than simply your name, address, and phone number. What about these elements?

  • Website or Blog. A website is an important part of your marketing mix, and if you have a new blog, use your business card to advertise it!
  • Social Media profiles. Being active on social media is an important way to connect. If you’ve started new social media accounts, your card needs an update.
  • Special Promotions or Opt-ins. Use your business card to drive traffic to opt-ins, promotions, and other special offers you have. This is a key way to build your list, and you can update your card frequently with new offers.

When you think about it, things are changing all the time. I’m guessing things have changed for you in the last year, and this may be a good time to update your card!

Is it Time for a Refresh?

If your card was designed in 1999, it probably looks like it was designed in 1999. The graphics, design, and layout options have changed a lot in the last few years.

I’m not saying you have to follow every single trend, but it’s important to stay up to date. How are you going to win business from Millennials if your business card was designed when they were in grade school?

Having a card that is fresh, with colors and styles that make sense in today’s market, is essential to winning business and building your network.

Does Your Card Look Like Everyone Else’s?

If you chose your business card through a broker’s provider, you may have business cards that look like everyone else’s in your office.

Even if you designed your own real estate business cards, if you used a discount site with no customization, you may have the same look as other Realtors®.

Does it matter? Yes!

You want to stand out in your market. You want to give clients a reason to choose you instead of someone else. Your first impression is often your business card. Do you want to give a “me, too” vibe or a professional, individual feel?

If your card looks like everyone else’s in your office, it’s way past time to get new cards.

Get Your New Real Estate Business Cards Today

A new year is a great time to start fresh – with your habits, agency, and business cards! We’d love to help you get a custom new look. Take a look at our high-quality, fully-customizable business card options today.

And let’s hear it from you – how long HAS it been since you updated your business cards? 😊