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Are These 4 Issues Holding You Back From Real Estate Success?

holding back from real estate success

Are you as successful as you want to be?

If so, great!

If not, you might wonder what’s holding you back. As it turns out, the things that stop us from success are not as unique as we assume. Realtors® tend to struggle with similar things year after year.

Curious how to move forward and make 2019 truly different? Here are some common roadblocks and how to overcome them.

Panic Because There’s No One in Your Pipeline

One of the biggest things that causes real estate agents to panic and become ineffective is when they realize they have no one in their pipeline after the current deal closes.

Desperation isn’t a good look on anyone, especially Realtors®. As a homeowner, do you want to work with the agent who exudes fear or the one who breathes confidence?

Homeowners may not be able to put a finger on it, but a fearful and desperate agent appeals to no one.

So what’s the solution?


If you read my blog much, you’re probably tired of seeing that word. But it’s so vital, and those that are truly successful have mastered it. Join them and ditch the desperation.

Some concrete actions to take today:

  • Purchase and schedule the mailings for monthly farming postcards for the rest of 2019
  • Schedule a day each month to follow up with door knocking in your farm
  • Schedule at least one community even a quarter to attend, either as a sponsor or to network with the public
  • Schedule time to post on social media twice a week

When you take steps like these consistently, you’ll be in front of your target audience and they will get to know, like, and trust you. You’re building your pipeline with every step.

Your Actions Aren’t Tied to Your Goals

A lot of agents spend time being busy without being effective. Running your own business isn’t easy and it requires you to optimize your time.

The best way to do this is to know what your goals are for the year and what steps you need to take to get there. Too many agents make a goal like “double my business from last year,” but don’t write down the action steps needed to achieve it.

Once you have the steps, you can ensure that the majority of your day is tied to those goals. Start by tracking where you are now. Get a day planner and track what you do. Next to those activities, write down what goals – if any – those actions are tied to.

Next, try to increase the amount of goal-focused action you take. Block out time in your day to take specific steps toward your goals.

You’ll never optimize 100% of your time – you’re not a robot, you’re human! But if you can increase your percentage, you’ll dramatically increase your chances of meeting your goals.

You Aren’t Focused on Amazing Customer Service

Do you see your clients as a necessary annoyance, or as valuable individuals that you love to serve? A lot of people in ALL industries have the first attitude. They understand they need customers but they find them time-consuming, frustrating, and focus on moving them through as quickly as possible.

If you have been in the real estate industry for a number of years, you may have slipped into that kind of attitude without even realizing it. You roll your eyes when you talk on the phone to yet another first-time homebuyer who is looking for a move-in-ready 4 bedroom for $100,000. You bite your tongue when you hear about your 1,000th conflict between the buyer and their parents (who are providing the down payment.)

I don’t blame you! It’s easy to get tired of something you’ve seen or heard a million times. But clients can tell and they won’t want to work with you.

If you want to break through to another level in your business, you need to let go of these attitudes and see your business through new eyes.

Think about how you can use your experience to completely wow your clients, instead of being annoyed with them. For instance, maybe you can provide a guide on helping your family understand your home choices. Or perhaps you can work on your client connection as you counsel them about appropriate price expectations.

The more you can do to move your customer experience to the next level the more your business will grow. Don’t let a jaded attitude hold you back!

You’re Sticking with “Normal” Referral Sources

It seems like folks are staying in their homes longer as wages don’t keep up with rising home prices. How can you maintain relationships and get referrals when the cycle is so long?

One great answer is to change your referral network. Don’t stop asking family, friends, and former clients for referrals. But also ask folks who perform a lot of home services.

When getting a home ready to sell, did you meet an interior decorator? A plumber? A landscaper? A flooring specialist?

Those folks meet a lot more homeowners a year than you do! 

Why not ask them for referrals, and thank them by referring work to them as well? You can build an amazing professional network that’s far outside what most real estate agents think of. You’ll gain access to homeowners you never would have met otherwise.

Are you ready to supercharge your year? Which one of these are you going to tackle? Share in the comments!

5 Success Tips for New Realtors®

New Realtor Success

When starting out as a Realtor®, it can seem really tough to find clients and enjoy a high level of success. There is a lot of competition in this industry! But, don’t get discouraged – you can find success and build a name for yourself. Here are five tips help you launch a successful career as a Realtor®.

Set Your Goals and Come Up with a Plan

Just like with any other business venture, a Realtor® needs to have a business plan. I don’t necessarily mean a long, formal, complex document. In your business plan, you define your marketing strategy, your target market, and your overall plan of attack. By having a document to refer to, you can avoid many pitfalls that new Realtors® face. Every Realtor® should treat their job of selling homes as a business. You’re in business for yourself, so make a plan to succeed!

Concentrate on a Niche to Develop Trust

As a Realtor®, you will have a lot of competition, and it’s hard to stand out from the pack. One way to do so is to have a niche. You could specialize in, for example, luxury homes, condominiums or homes in the countryside. With a specialization, you can build a name for yourself as a Realtor®. Then, you will have an easier time attracting clients via word-of-mouth. Remember, when you select your niche, you should make sure that it’s a viable one as you don’t want to paint yourself into a corner.

Use Social Media to Build Relationships and Gain Referrals

Social media is a great tool to build contacts and relationships and gain referrals. Ideally, if you are a new Realtor®, you should choose one to three social media platforms that your ideal customers spend time on. Don’t overextend yourself, but invest time in forming relationships online. By signing up for social media accounts and providing up-to-date, relevant and interesting information, you can communicate with current and potential clients with ease.

Focus on Promoting Listings to Increase Your Visibility

Print media and traditional mail is far from dead, especially for Realtors®. You can stand out and generate interest in your listings and your business with a variety of printed material. Just Listed Postcards help you let potential buyers know about a new property on the market, and seasonal postcards can help you maintain your relationships with your prospects. Printed materials sent in the mail are very effective and can help you target your ideal clients.

Find a Mentor to Help You Avoid Common Mistakes

A new Realtor® will make mistakes, and it’s part of the learning process. It’s easy to waste money on ineffective strategies, and a new Realtor® can easily lose clients without knowing why. That’s why it’s important to try to find a mentor in the industry. It helps you avoid costly and time-consuming mistakes. When you find a mentor who matches your style and is willing to show you the ropes, you will be light years ahead of other new Realtors®.

As a new Realtor®, you must have a plan, define your market and take advantage of social media. To market yourself better, you need to use printed postcards and advertising to get people to check out your properties and stay in touch with prospects. By following these ideas and learning from people in the industry, you will be well on your way to finding success as a Realtor®.

What other success tips do you have for new Realtors®? Please share in the comments!

How to Reignite Your Fire For Real Estate

Reignite-your-inner-realtorWe all know that our real estate gig isn’t always roses and unicorns. In fact, I bet there are a lot of days you wonder why you’re even in this business! It’s a times like this that we have to remember our “why”, recall our past successes, and reignite our fires to move forward again.

Unfortunately, those things are easy to say, but it can be hard to know practical ways to do them. Here are three ways to get out of your rut and reignite your passion for your real estate business.

Remember Your Why

Think back to when you became an agent, whether that was years ago or months ago. Why did you do it? For family? For flexibility? For income potential? Whatever your “why” was, revisit it again. If it still resonates, put it up where you can see it. A picture of your family on the corner of your computer screen, a picture that means freedom to you on your cell phone – whatever it is, keep it front and center.

If your why no longer resonates – maybe your kids are grown and gone, or you’ve divorced, or the 9-5 you hated is a distant memory – find a new one. Take some time and brainstorm about what your real estate career can really bring you and what makes you excited to do it each day. Then, put your new “why” where you’ll see it every day.

Set Big Goals

There’s something really exciting about thinking big, and it tends to jar us out of our complacency and disappointment. What’s a goal you can set for yourself or your real estate business that seems huge to you? Set that goal. Think about how it would feel to accomplish it. Visualize your success.

Then, set about breaking it down into actionable steps. By setting smaller sub-goals for 30, 60, and 90 day increments, you can make your big goal achievable. With this focus, you’ll find your motivation returning as you work to make your big dreams a reality.

If you get discouraged on your journey to your big goal, look back and take stock of the progress you’ve already made. Remembering past times that you were able to achieve what you wanted – including launching your real estate career in the first place! – will boost your confidence and help you more forward with courage.

Focus on Self Education and Improvement

One way I sometimes get out of a rut is by reading a book that is motivational or instructive. In this way, I can access the courage, motivation, and success of another person and let it become my own. This is a great way to get that fire rekindled as you face another Monday.

In addition, sometimes there are practical things you can do that would helReignite Your Firep make your days more rewarding and less draining. Reading about time management, goal setting, best practices in real estate, and more can make a big difference in furthering your career.

Finally, look around and see who you admire that you can ask to be your mentor. This should be someone with a positive attitude about the business – you don’t need someone dragging you down! It should also be someone trustworthy who has achieved some of the things you want to achieve. By having a mentor, you’ll have someone to share your struggles with who can encourage and coach you in person. That type of assistance is extremely valuable as you build your career.

Zig Ziglar once said, “People often say motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing. That’s why we recommend it daily.” Don’t feel bad about yourself if you often need to add fuel to your internal fire. Everyone does! By keeping your “why” front and center, setting big goals, and taking advantage of educational and inspirational books and people, you will be well on your way to keeping your passion and succeeding in your career.

To your success!