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5 Ways Your Business Card Can Rock Real Estate Marketing

Business Card for Real Estate Marketing

There are a lot of ways to get your name out to your community. You can volunteer, pay for advertising, farm a neighborhood, market online, and more. However, one essential part of marketing is often overlooked – the humble business card.

We all have business cards, but I’m not sure we all know why. As it turns out, a business card can be one of your best marketing resources. Here are five ways to turn your business card into a powerhouse real estate marketing tool.

Use QR Codes to Track Responsiveness

Every given out a dozen business cards and wondered if anyone ever looked at them again? Me too. Fortunately, you can turn your business card into an incentive for action, and then track the responses.

All you need to do is put a QR code on your business card, and offer a free incentive for checking out your site. When they scan the QR code to get their freebie, you have successfully inspired them to take action based on your card. What’s more, they’re now on your website, able to see all of your new listings and recently sold homes!

This gives you a great way to track different outreach tactics and different word tracks that you might use when handing out your card. No more cards-into-the-abyss – now you’ll know if people look at them again!

Make Sure There’s a Call to Action

When you create your business card, don’t just tell prospects about yourself. Tell them what you want them to do! Something as simple as “For current listings, visit,” certainly counts, but something with more pull and emotion is even better.

Consider calls to action that pull on what clients really want, like “To find your dream home, contact me today!” or “To sell your home quickly for top dollar, contact MyRealtyCompany today!”

Without a call to action, a business card is just a little bit of information. With a call to action, it becomes a powerful real estate marketing tool.

Add Relevant Trivia to Your Card

To spur conversation, try adding a line of local trivia to your card. You can talk about percentage of homes sold in a neighborhood, the effect of a new restaurant on home values, and more. Not only does this get you talking about something, it will help your name stick in the prospects head more easily.

In addition, the trivia will get people thinking about buying and selling homes, which is always helpful. As people share the trivia (and maybe some of your cards?) with their friends, they’ll have a reason to talk about you and the work that you do.

When you engage and amuse people, as well as helping them look smart to their friends, you know you have a great marketing tool!

Add a Testimonial to the Back of Your Card

People love hearing about other people’s experiences – the good, the bad, and the ugly. Include a quote from a satisfied customer on the back of your card, and then include a link where prospects can go for more testimonials if they’re interested.

Not only does this help you start off your interaction with a great endorsement, it also encourages recipients to visit your website. Not only will they see more positive feedback from customers, you can encourage them to visit your just listed and just sold pages for additional information.

Anytime your business card can drive prospects into finding out more information about you and what people think of you, you know you’re doing great with marketing!

Support a Charity or Cause

A lot of times people don’t care what we know until they know that we care. Putting a line on your business card about a charity or cause that you support goes a long way toward adding a personal touch to your outreach. If your brokerage is associated with a specific charity, you could include that too. Something as simple as “Proud Supporter of Disabled Veterans of America” could really make a difference to a prospect.

We want people to know that we aren’t just buyers and sellers, that we are personal, and that we have things close to our heart. By supporting a specific cause publicly on your card, you are putting your heart out to prospects, which makes working with you much more appealing.

Using your business card as an awesome real estate marketing tool isn’t hard. A lot of times it just means including an additional line or QR code on the card, and using that as a conversation point. If you’re looking for help, Printerbees has business cards for every brokerage. Check out our branded cards: Keller Williams, Century 21, Remax, Coldwell Banker, and more!

How do you use your business cards as a marketing tool? Share in the comments!

The Secrets I Share With Friends: How To Get More Leads From Your Website

Nadine Larder: The Secrets I Share With FriendsWebsites and internet marketing strategies play an important role in the success of any real estate business in this day and age.  It’s been proven time and time again that 90% of all new home searches begin on-line.  Having a well built, user friendly website always leads to more leads and listings and using these tips will help you get a much higher conversion rates from the visitors who do stop by your site.

Make these minor adjustments to your website and watch the leads start coming in.

All websites need a contact form. People don’t like giving out their email addresses until they are absolutely ready to do so. When you only supply an email address as a means of contacting you, the person must reveal who they are and chance ending up on a spam list. Many people aren’t willing to do that. They want their questions answered, in the method that works best for them, maybe they prefer a phone call. Providing a contact form is also the easiest way for someone to be in touch. The easier you make it for people to do what you want them to do, the more likely they are to “do it”.

Get more leads by offering a coupon right on the front page of your website. Doing so on the PrinterBees site resulted in a large surge of business because we know who our visitors are and can maintain contact with them. The coupon is emailed out and we are able to keep in touch with the people who have shown interest in our business printing services via email, being proactive. We aren’t waiting and hoping for prospects to use the coupon they’ve requested, we email them a few times over a 30 day period reminding them that they downloaded a coupon and should use it before it expires. The best way to understand our process is to go to the PrinterBees home page and request a coupon and experience it first hand. It’s an award winning campaign that results in a tremendous amount of business.

As a Realtor®, you can offer coupons and offers for local services or local business.  Partner with a small business in town to peddle their products/services as a way to collect leads.  Make sure the business you partner with compliments and attracts the kind of leads that match the profile of someone that would at some point be in the market to buy or sell a home.  Get creative with it.

Make sure you’re contact information is on every page so people never have to hunt for it. Website visitors should never have to hunt on a website for how to reach you. It should be present on every page and obvious.

The website needs to act as a sales person, providing all of the information regarding your real estate business that people want to know is essential.  Take the most frequently asked questions about your real estate practice, the area, neighborhoods, area events, and make sure the website answers all of them. You’ll get way more leads that way.

Include a way to schedule an appointment on-line.  It could be as simple as something on your contact form.  This subject deserves a dedicated blog post, coming soon.

Give something valuable away on your website. Providing something free on your site is the absolute BEST way to collect email addresses from prospects that match your customer profile so you can later market to them via email. E-books, free reports, and some of the free downloads available on this site will work too!

Automate your follow-up with programs like Constant Contact or Infusionsoft. You can’t go wrong with automating follow-up as long as you keep it personal and free of spammy email marketing.

Include a blog. It’s not only Imperative if you wish to have the search engines sending you traffic, it’s a reason for prospects and clients to visit the site repeatedly. It’s also the perfect platform for updates and announcements, neighborhood information, market updates, showing your expertise, bragging, etc.

Implement these changes one by one and watch what happens. These minor changes WILL result in major improvements over time.

Make sure you subscribe to the Real Estate Marketing Magazine to make sure you don’t miss the latest and greatest information about how to build and maintain your real estate business!  It’s published only twice a month, and it’s only the BEST stuff!

Flood of foreclosures and short sales coming- Are You Ready?

Get The Word Out About Your Short Sale Marketing Expertise

“RT @OPlaw: Flood of foreclosures to hit housing market. Are you ready?”  This tweet from @REmarketingGuru made me want to remind you that more and more people will be forced to short sale to avoid foreclosure and you have the list of lenders who will be forcing their hand to sell or get out. Talk about a targeted list of prospects! There’s a lot of opportunity out there for the real estate agents who have been preparing with consistent real estate marketing and want to help people avoid foreclosure.

There’s still time even if you’re late to the marketing party. As the local real estate and short sale expert you have the opportunity to educate homeowners who haven’t been paying their mortgages about what’s coming, before it blindsides them. There comes a point when people simply stop opening mail from their lender, those letters certainly don’t contain any good news. How will those people know what’s coming?

I encourage you to get out there and market yourself, build a name for yourself as the real estate agent who helps people negotiate a favorable short sale transactions with their lenders. How else will people find you?

Methods of marketing to help get yourself “out there”:

  • Social media marketing like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • Your blog site, if you have one. If you don’t have a blog, you need one, it’s necessary in the year 2012
  • Postcard marketing is a very effective form of short sale marketing, simply because there is no competition in the mailbox. postcard marketing to a targeted list provides even better opportunity.
  • Offering free reports about your short sale negotiating expertise is a great way to develop qualified leads.
  • Short sale door hangers are another great means of meeting people and marketing.
  • Offering informational seminars at your local library. Libraries typically do not charge a fee to use their meeting rooms when the information being offered is free and educational.
  • Providing informational webinars allows people to remain anonymous with their housing situation.
  • Recorded webinars or interviews allow you to market your services while not even present.
  • Using QR codes on your postcards to direct people to videos, downloads or other free information

The opportunities are endless.

There’s so many different means to marketing your real estate business, the question is… Are you committed to doing it or delegating it to somebody else who can keep you committed and consistent?  It’s no accident real estate agents who market themselves are typically consistent with their business.

If you’re marketing your short sale services, what’s worked best for you? If you’re not marketing, what’s getting in the way? Maybe we can help. :-)

Looking forward to reading what your challenges and success are, please post them.

9 Common Business Card Marketing Blunders

The most common blunders with business card marketing…”business card marketing”? Sounds funny, but your business card is your most important marketing piece and the most cost effective when you consider the cost per business card and how easy it is to distribute them.

The most common business card blunders:

1. Throwing everything on your card, but the kitchen sink! The people you hand your card to don’t need every phone number you have, three different email addresses or several different web addresses (unless it’s the baby sitter of course!). Simplicity is best, less is more, looks so much better and is so much more professional. Keep your business card simple, with no more than an office phone, a mobile phone and a fax. Adding more information is not only confusing, but it looks desperate.

2. Having a business card that blends in with all the others. If your business card was in a stack of 50 cards, could YOU easily identify it? If you can’t, neither will the person you give it to, after all it is your card. Adding color with todays digital printing processes make it limitless and cost effective. It’s okay to add color to your business cards, it won’t cost you extra.

3. A business card is a mini billboard that should not only include your contact information, but also some indication of what it is you do. Might be part of the logo, maybe it is words, it could be your title, it could be a slogan…whatever it is, make sure it’s there and leaves no question to your profession.

4. Thinking people won’t notice you printed your business cards on your home inkjet printer with Avery Business Card templates. Trust me, they notice! Many many years ago and long before digital printing, I couldn’t afford to have business cards printed. I printed someup at home and I thought they looked pretty good…Until I was “called out on it” during a sales call. I lost a huge opportunity for my small business by not having my cards professionally printed. He didn’t take me serious, because I didn’t take ME serious enough to have my business cards professionally printed. - Printer Ink, Toner, & More!5. Not having a website listed on your business card leaves people wondering. It is the year 2011 and I read today that the first web page was launched 20 YEARS ago. It’s time to get with the times, show your serious about your business and create some sort of web presence. It’s hard to take a business serious in this day and age if there is no website. How committed can your really be if you have no website?

6. No email address? Really? I don’t mean to be condescending at all, but “really”, in this day and age? I’ve seen it in our on line printing business, business cards with no email address. It’s hard to accept as professional with so many free email applications available like Yahoo! And Google’s GMail. It was just within the last couple of years that my Farmers Insurance Agent FINALLY got email! I thought it was soooo very strange and archaic that I couldn’t communicate with him via email. It’s just not normal in this day and age, it’s strange.

I, within the last year was handed a business card for a computer repair person with no email address on it! It’s difficult to take that person seriously, especially when you consider the line of work.

7.  No Social Media Information on your card. If you are socially networked and use social media as a business channel, it better be on your card! The backside of your card, go back and read number one if you need explanation.

8. QR Code missing from the card. If you aren’t familiar with QR Codes, read about QR Codes here. QR Codes are here to stay and will become part of your routine at some point in the near future. My personal preference is to have the QR Code on the back of the business card, so it can be large and easily scanned. QR Codes are totally free, totally flexible and the fastest way into someone’s contact list, listed with the information you feel is important they have. See samples of QR Code business cards here, they’re really cool! Generate your own QR Code here.

9. Having Vista Print’s name printed on YOUR business cards. One word…Tacky. Pretty much anyone who has been on the Internet knows of Vista Print and the cheap on line printing they offer. Vista Print isn’t thought of as quality printing, its associated with cheap printing which you have associated yourself with if their name is printed on your card. There aren’t many people out there who don’t know when the business cards say Vista Print on them, you got 250 business cards that were free, so Vista Print could get some additional marketing on YOUR card. Vista print is good at what Vista Print does, they must be or they wouldn’t be so big. It’s still super tacky to have their name on your “free business cards”.

As the owner of a printing company, I have seen many interesting me on this.

How a campaign of 250 people can change everything for 2012

This article originally appeared on the blog “Real Estate Marketing Guru”

As a Realtor trying to flourish in this market, your likely continually mulling ideas over in your mind on how to increase business/revenue and in this economy, how to do it for as little as possible! Right? There are the obvious outlets like Facebook and Twitter to promote your business that are free , BUT how do you get people to those outlets? Prospects and past clients must like or follow you for those outlets to be effective. That’s where some consistent print marketing can make a huge difference in your social marketing results.

If you were to do a simple marketing campaign with 250 postcards each month and you mailed them to a very specific group of people for a year, what kind of results do you think you Read More…

Qr Code Generator

Check out this YouTube video that includes a stroll through downtown New York City on a search for QR Codes. QR Codes are still so new in the United States and many are still experimenting on how to use them when marketing their businesses. This QR Code Video has some great examples and creative ways to use QR Codes to market your business. Use the QR Code Generator on the right to generate your own QR Code.


Generate your own QR Code on the PrinterBees website by visiting our FREE QR Code Generator, or by using the one in the right panel of this website.  Its super easy to use and there is step by step instructions on how to “generate a QR code” right on the site.