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I’ve Been Keeping Secrets…It’s Time You Knew…

Secrets With Friends Book CoverFor the last two years, I’ve been writing a book, just for you…with all my small business secrets!  The book is titled The Secrets I Share With My Friends, Everything I Know About Building A Small Business.  I’m  excited to announce it’s been published and is now available on Amazon.

Why this book is for you, as a Realtor®:

Whether you realize it or not, you ARE a small business owner and seeing your real estate business as a small business will help you to build it up as such.  There’s a big difference between having a real estate business and being a Realtor®.  The real estate business owner has a business that’s of value to someone else, where the Realtor® who didn’t build a business just quits selling real estate one day.  Done, THE END.  There’s nothing beyond the last day of work to show for it, other than years of dedication to helping the people helped along the way.  The name just fades away in to nothingness the day the Realtor® stops serving…the business owner can sell his/her business, has systems, a valuable database, a solid marketing plan and it lives on without her providing income long past the days worked.

There are very few books available (that I’ve been able to find) on how to build up and market a real estate business, that’s why I wrote this book!

I’ve made a lot of mistakes along the way, like the time I showed up to a really important business meeting with a business card I had printed from my computer ink-jet printer.  I’ve included that super embarrassing story in the book along with many other mistakes I’ve made along the way to success as a small business owner.  My personal stories of bumps and bruises received from attending The School Of Hard Knocks can save you from taking the same path.  A path all too common with entrepreneurs and small business owners…and yes, Realtors® too!  If you’ve been in real estate for a while, your story isn’t likely much different than mine when the real estate market crashed and everything when to…ummm…hell!  I’m not sure about you, but I found myself in line at the food bank to make sure I had groceries to feed the kids while trying to meet my financial obligations (1.5M. in debt), with NO income!  Rough times!

The book is filled with an abundance of easy to understand, easy to follow and easy to read information on how to build your real estate business, build a team, hire the right people, delegate what should be delegated, market your brand of real estate, managing business finances, building your prospect list, where to get a list, and everything in between… all the way to retirement.

Reading this book will completely change the way you see your real estate business and the possibilities that exist with some simple planning and thinking ahead.

As a Realtor® maybe retiring and selling your real estate business at some point isn’t something you’re thinking about, right now.  After all,  your clients are doing business with you, versus your business/brokerage.  Changing your thinking around this could be the difference between a comfortable retirement that includes passive income from your real estate business and just deciding to stop selling real estate when you retire with no passive income.  Which path sounds better to you?

As you build up your real estate business, if you build it up with the end in mind, you have the ability to set yourself up for a nice retirement and create a business that pays you even when you’re done and not working any in it longer.  Creating a successful real estate business that can live on without you is easy with some direction on how to do it and I’ve included all of my secrets on how to do that in the book!

The book is getting rave reviews from top thought leaders and coaches like Steve Hardison “The Ultimate Coach” as a blue print for small business owners, like yourself, that’s easy to read because it’s not a boring text book, it’s a memoir that’s interesting, funny and filled with secrets throughout.  Here’s what Steve had to say about the book after reading it in one sitting.

Nadine Larder’s part memoir, part “how to,” and part textbook, “The Secrets I Share With My Friends…,” meets with trumpets of success from world-renowned personal, relationship and business coach Steven Hardison.

“I met Nadine today in the parking garage after attending #ICON 14.  It was my great privilege to be given her first copy of the book, “The Secrets I Share With My Friends: Everything I Know About Building a Small Business.”  After I completed my afternoon with a client, I sat down to thumb through the book she had given me.  I could not simply thumb through it. It was too compelling.

“As I read her book I was amazed at the passion that came through the pages, and I was even more astonished at the content of the information.  It is extraordinary! I can hardly wait to speak with her to tell her what I thought of her masterpiece.  It is beyond brilliant.

“I particularly love her Pssst… comments throughout the book. I will be giving this copy to my daughter who, like Nadine, has the desire to build a small business from the ground up. This book is a brilliant blueprint.

“I do not know Nadine, other than the 5-10 minute encounter in the parking garage, AND I am totally moved by her contribution to me as I have consumed her writing. I can only imagine the impact it will have on readers who are building their own business. My hat is off to this powerful and dynamic woman. Thanks, Nadine. Be blessed.”

Visit for more information on the book, Nadine and lots of small business secrets!  You can get the book on Amazon…Grab your copy now!  They’re first edition and we plan do to a reprint soon!


Tools To Take Your Expired Listing Marketing To A Whole New Level

A few months back I came across Cole Information Systems, wondering where they had been hiding my entire real estate career!  When I found what they did, I knew the agents who subscribe to this magazine would be as excited as I was to find them, especially for farming, expired listing marketing and for marketing your just listed/just sold properties.

One of the most frequent questions we get from Realtors® looking to step-up their marketing is “where can I get a good database,” and it’s not been an easy question to answer with limited resources that cost a fortune.  Good databases that are affordable are hard to come by, UNTIL I found Cole Information Systems and quickly partnered with them.  Cole provides unlimited databases to Realtors®  looking to get targeted with their marketing. For marketing to expired listings, FSBO’s and door-knocking, the mobile app is amazing!

It’s the perfect solution for every Realtor® out there looking to execute great marketing campaigns, which requires a good quality database. The quality of a database determines the quality of the leads you attract and convert. Databases become stale in as little as a few months depending on neighborhood turnover, and when a database is the slightest bit outdated, you’re wasting time and money on ineffective marketing.

The awesome news is that because you’re a subscriber to this magazine, you get a 25% discount from Cole Information Systems.  It’s a great deal!  I’ve included a quick demo of what the mobile application can do for you and encourage you to contact Cole to get all of your questions answered.  I’ve found them to have great customer service.

Here’s a link to their site:, or reach them by phone at 800-800-3271.

When you contact Cole, make sure to mention either Real Estate Marketing Magazine or PrinterBees to get your 25% discount, without it you’re looking at full retail and who wants to pay full retail!

This video features a quick overview of what Cole  Information Systems offers Realtors® in a way of databases, it really is God’s gift to Realtors® looking to build a good database, which should be EVERY Realtor® out there.  Don’t forget to mention Real Estate Marketing Magazine or PrinterBees to get your discount, it’s substantial.



How Realtors Can Have A Kick Ass Marketing List And Get More Listings

mailing lists for small businessIt’s my perception that one of things that stands in the way of a Realtor® getting their marketing out is the need of a mailing list. It’s a very common question we get at PrinterBees when a real estate agent wants to begin a marketing campaign. We always…always…ALWAYS suggest beginning with your sphere of influence to create a great mailing list. But…For some agents, contacting their sphere of influence is so far out of their comfort zone they can’t bring themselves to do it. While I may not agree, I do understand which is why I’m offering up another solution.

If you’re considering a postcard marketing campaign, you need a good mailing list as one of the main ingredients for success. Without a quality mailing list, your marketing efforts may go to waste. The quality of your marketing piece and your database are crucial to the success of any real estate marketing postcard campaign.

It took about five years of hunting before I was able to find a company that offers this service, and I was elated when we found Cole Information Systems as a resource for our real estate and small business clients. Cole offers the ability to search addresses in a radius, by neighborhood, by demographics, home size and so many other variables to help you hone in on which are the right prospects to receive your marketing.

One of the examples I use in the book (The Secrets I Share With Friends, Everything I Know About Building A Small Business) is the marketing of a daycare center. If the owner of a daycare center wants to increase enrollment, marketing to a senior citizen community won’t likely do the trick. Marketing to a neighborhood that’s close to an elementary school, making sure the list includes homes with three or more bedrooms is going to provide a far better opportunity for finding the right audience. Cole’s service provides this capability and more.

The biggest benefit I see with using Cole is that they are a subscription based company which allows you do download and search as many addresses as you want. Not to mention that their databases are current. You aren’t paying for each address, so there’s no sticker shock, it’s a low flat fee. I’m not sure of the current price, but it’s super super reasonable. WAY less than buying lists.

I begged them for a deal for my friends and customers and I’m happy to tell you that you will receive a 25% discount when you mention PrinterBees or Real Estate Marketing Magazine when you sign up. I recommend getting a demo so you can see with your own eyes what the fuss is all about. It will also save you a tremendous amount in postage costs simply by not mailing to bad addresses.

Use Referral Code: PrinterBees
Use Referral Code: PrinterBees or Real Estate Marketing Magazine to Save 25%

Here’s their information:
Cole Information Systems

P.S. Make sure you subscribe and get your copy of Real Estate Marketing Smarts, The Secrets I Share With My Friends. Once you get your list in order, you might need some tips on marketing to it.




The Most Important Marketing Piece You’ll Ever Send

dodl-1The most important marketing piece you’ll ever send is the one following the last one you sent.  If there is no plan for a second, third or fourth piece, there is no point in sending the first one.  This magazine is about providing value to anyone taking the time to read it and there is tremendous value in understanding one of the most important rules of marketing.  Repetition and consistency is the only part of your overall marketing plan that will give you results.  Single-shot marketing absolutely does NOT work, it wastes your money.  The marketing message is lost within seconds of the person taking their eyes off of it.  The good news is that the remedy is easy and the payoff is big when you commit.

It takes a marketing message an average of 33 impressions before it’s remembered. Television commercials aren’t likely to resonate with you until you’ve seen them many times, professional marketers know that, which is why they run the same commercials hundreds of times.   I don’t really watch TV, but I sure know who Flo from the Progressive Insurance ads is because the ads are consistent in their branding, the messaging, humor and the attention to detail. You likely know who I’m speaking of too because you’ve seen the ads so many times as well. If you haven’t seen those ads repeatedly, you would likely have no recollection of them.  The most expensive portion of any marketing campaign is the set-up, so running the same message repeatedly cuts cost substantially and if big companies like Progressive Insurance can run the same ad over and over, so can you.

The United States Postal Service (USPS) reports the average American receives 25 pieces of mail a week.  Your marketing message gets 1/25 of the recipients attention in a weeks worth of mail and over a four week period only only 1%. You must put repetition to work in any marketing medium you want to find success with. The USPS suggests that mailing frequently is what works best for small business marketers according to their research. I also just read a study the Direct Marketing Association put out saying direct-mail marketing is the most effective method of marketing they’ve identified.

In the book The Millionaire Real Estate Agent: (One of my favorite books to recommend for Realtors®), Gary Keller reports that mailing once a month to a list of people you do not personally know (like a real estate farm) will provide results over a period of time. He also reports in his research on millionaire real estate agents that mailing to a sphere of influence and keeping in contact with past clients dramatically increases results. It’s where your biggest return on investment will always be found.

This is MUST READ for anyone looking for direction on finding success in the real estate business.



Keller found the magic number to be 33 times per year that you need to be in touch with your past client database and sphere of influence for most success. If you were to be in touch with your database once per month via mail and one per month via email, you’ve got 24 knocked off the list.  The rest of those touches could take place over social media, or by picking up the phone and calling.  That’s how the people who are making it big are doing it.  They make sure that any marketing they do is followed by more marketing, they understand when the marketing stops so does the business. They are working their sphere of influence by staying in touch and increasing mind-share by always being present.  They understand that success of the current marketing piece is all about the plan for sending the next marketing piece.

I’m not suggesting you send the same “Thanksgiving postcard” five years in a row or the same home improvement tip postcard month after month. I am suggesting that a marketing piece aimed at branding your image could be mailed over and over again rotated in between other marketing pieces, saving you substantially on marketing costs.

Check out this article on which marketing mediums get the best results according to the Direct Marketing Association.

Does marketing really work?

Real Estate Marketing Sign
In today’s mail, the Red Plum Circular came with an advertisement from an orthodontics in town. As it happens, I’m in the market for braces for my 13-year-old and the ad came at the perfect time! I decided to shop around when the first quote I received for my daughter’s braces was about $6000! Geez, the last time I paid for braces, they were about $4,000. I also thought to myself that because this orthodontics was advertising, they must need my business and may have more reasonable rates. Not sure about the rates, but I can tell you, It’s not even mid-September and I’m unable to get an appointment until October.

They explained that they had such a huge response from their ad they were booking three weeks out. Hello marketing success!

Does advertising really work? Yes it does! Just ask the orthodontist who invested in marketing for his business. There IS one catch with marketing…there’s always a catch…nothing is ever that simple. For marketing to work, it must be constant, consistent, ongoing, never-ending and any other word you can come up with that means you don’t stop marketing yourself. It must be part of your business plan as a Realtor® if you’re planning for a career in real estate. “If you fail to plan, you may be planning to fail”

The harsh reality for Realtors® who refuse to invest in real estate marketing is that most of those Realtors® are “licensed”, but not necessarily in business. I myself currently fall in to that category. I have a real estate license, but I’m not “in business” as a Realtor®, I’m not marketing myself as a Realtor® and therefore have no real estate leads or business. I’m not “out there” marketing my real estate services because that’s not what I do anymore.   I did have active real estate marketing campaigns and enjoyed that aspect of my business so much I turned my passion for marketing to helping  other real estate agents with their marketing.

Currently, I’m consistent with marketing efforts for my real estate marketing company and have seen incredible results due to consistency. We remind people all the time through different marketing mediums “When you think printing… think PrinterBees“.

One of my constant reminders to business owners is that businesses starve without marketing, consistent and ongoing marketing is the food that feeds you and your business. If you’re not consistently marketing yourself, where are you finding new or repeat customers? What would happen in your business if you did start consistently marketing yourself?

Everyone has to start somewhere and it’s never too late to get started, downloading our free e-book Real Estate Marketing, The Secrets I Share With Friends will help you decide where to begin.  It will also start your free subscription to this magazine to make sure you’re staying educated on marketing and feeding your business. It really is inspired and filled with the secrets I share with my friends.

How climbing interest rates impact your clients and what to do about it

As the media continues to highlight the rise in interest rates, it sparks a lot of questions for those entering or in the market to purchase real estate. Fluctuating interest rates on the rise, impact a buyer’s buying power and what they can afford, and when clients don’t lock in their rate, it can cause a whole host of issues as you try to close “on-time” if you haven’t done your homework and kept up with mortgage rates and your mortgage broker partners.

Here’s what you need to help your clients understand as they go through the process of purchasing a home and the financing aspects of it. The lower the interest rate, the lower the house payment, the lower the interest rate the “more house” a person can qualify for and afford. I’ve heard many Realtors® suggest that watching interest rates isn’t in their job description and that they depend on the mortgage brokers they partner with to watch the rates while they keep up on the housing market. Looking at how higher interest rates can change the financial picture of a buyer may put things in to perspective on why it’s so important to understand and know what’s going on with interest rates.

Real Estate interest Rates Payment Comparison

These are the basics of what you and your clients should understand about how rising rates can impact the purchase of a home:

Interest rates on most loans must be “locked in”: Locked-in means an agreed to interest rate between you and your lender for a set period of time. Interest rates fluctuate daily just like the stock market. When interest rates increase and you’re locked in to a rate, the rate you have is guaranteed IF you fulfill all of your lending conditions by the time your lock expires. No matter what happens with the lending market and rates, your loan is locked in at an agreed upon to when you lock. Locking a rate in is like flipping the “go” switch on you real estate transaction, you’re committed, the timer is ticking and all lending conditions must be met by the deadline of the interest rate lock or the loan won’t fund.

The loan amount a buyer is approved for and the interest rate locked-in on is based on a formula of affordability/ability to repay the debt, down payment, current employment/work history as well as credit history. ANY minor change to any of the factors listed above could change the terms of the loan, which potentially means starting over or no longer qualifying. ANY change in that formula, as small as applying for a Target charge card, thinking about buying a car (so you get a credit check at the dealership), shopping for furniture with your Macy’s card, selling an asset, starting a new job, making changes in your employment, starting a new business, buying a car for cash, renting something, transferring money between accounts, borrowing money, depositing large sums of money, anything having to do with money, credit, jobs, savings accounts, retirement accounts could impact a home loan not funding. Any potential change needs to be discussed with the mortgage broker handling the loan BEFORE it’s done. Making minor changes to your financial or work life during the process of purchasing a home could lead to things falling apart.

Once an offer is accepted on a home, it’s imperative the lender be alerted and involved immediately. Getting a loan funded for hundreds of thousands of dollars is no easy task and it takes time, paperwork, a paper trail and proof of borrowers ability to repay the debt. If interest rates have increased since the time you were pre-approved, you may not qualify for the loan amount any longer. When interest rates increase, so do monthly payments. If you qualified for $250,000, but the rates have increase by .75, you may only be able to qualify for $225,000.

Never assume no news is good news with lending…EVER. Constant communication with the lender is imperative and can help things run so much smoother. Many lenders are nervous to be in touch when things aren’t going smoothly on their end, home loans go “sideways” all the time for many different reasons. It’s imperative for the Realtor® and the lender to keep in constant contact, no less than once a week to check status and compare notes on what’s needed, there is never a shortage of “things” needed in a real estate transaction. When everyone works together as a team running towards the same finish-line things always go much smoother.

There are very few buyers out there that don’t need financing and having a good relationship with a mortgage broker will improve your odds substantially of closing more escrows.


Little Known Secrets For Saving Big Bucks On Real Estate Marketing

EDDM-printer - what is EDDM?One of the biggest challenges many Realtors® face with lead generation is finding the budget necessary to do a good job at marketing their real estate businesses.  This article is all about how to get more marketing for your money.  There are easy ways to extend your marketing budget with these little known secrets.

Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM):  I can’t speak enough about this great program from the Unites States Postal Service.  It’s almost as if it was created for Realtors® who want to farm specific neighborhoods and save big while doing so.  EDDM offers a postage rate of .16 cents per piece, meaning you can mail 200 postcards (which is the minimum) for less than $35.  With EDDM there is no mailing list required, no addressing, no database, no permit or any of the other things that stop you from mailing.  Learn everything you need to know about EDDM here: Make sure to read this…it will save you big!

Print in volume:  The most expensive part of any printing job isn’t the materials, it’s the set up of the print job.  When you can, order in volume, it will reduce your expenses substantially.  The cost per piece (6X11 double sided color, designed and delivered pricing example below) when you order 5,000 is .08 cents ea. vs. .64 cents ea when you order only 250.   The savings is substantial and will get you more marketing for your money.  When you print in volume and use EDDM as your method of delivery, each 6X11  marketing piece is only .24 DELIVERED!  It’s also important to point out that it is completely okay and encouraged to keep mailing the same piece.  Mailing the same marketing piece over and over creates recognition and familiarity, repetitive marketing is extremely effective in building a brand.  Corporate marketing campaigns funded by millions of dollars repeat the same ads over and over and over so they become familiar.  Pepsi, Coca-cola, Geico, or any other popular brand you can think of with rich marketing budgets don’t recreate a new marketing piece every-time they put something out.  They create effective marketing pieces and flood the market with them over and over, because it works.
Real Estate Marketing Postcard Prices

Get involved in social media:  Social media is a way to network and make yourself available that’s totally free, doesn’t even require leaving your home or office.  There is no easier way to network yourself and become known than to get out there and get involved with social media.  There’s no fee to have a Facebook account, a Twitter account, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc.  It’s all completely free and it’s an easy way to connect with people and offer your expertise in real estate, provide market updates and be present.  Being involved in social media is an absolutely effective way to market your services.   Important Note:  It is possible to go overboard in social media, turning people off to you and your brand of real estate sales, approach social media as if you were running for Mayer, always considering how you’re presenting yourself publicly.

Get blogging:  When people are looking for information, no matter what the subject, they “Google it“.  Blogs are typically highly optimized in the search engines and will help you be found on the Internet.  Blogging is free and highlights your expertise in real estate, blogging shows people your active in real estate and that you are up-to-date on the happenings in the real estate market.  When you make sure you’re always posting your blog updates on your social media channels, it too shows you as active in real estate.

Door Knocking: Totally free!  If you really want to get to know the people in the neighborhood you farm, you need to get out there and “meet and greet the people”, shake some hands and kiss some babies!   Building a successful real estate practice can be compared to the building a successful political campaign.  When you do a great job “campaigning for neighborhood Realtor®”, you’re top of mind and the first person people think of when they have needs for a real estate professional, the “go-to” person for anything real estate related.

Adding any of the above real estate marketing tips to your current marketing plans will improve your effectiveness and your lead generation efforts.  Just make sure you do a great job at following-up.  That article coming soon, so make sure you register for your free subscription, so you don’t miss it.  Fail-proof follow-up, it’s what every Realtor® needs.



Millions Of Homeowners Regaining Equity – Are You Ready?

real estate marketing ideasAccording to Core Logic and an article in Realtor® magazine, 1.7 Million home owners regained their equity in 2012.  Personally speaking, I  was one of those 1.7 million home owners and it was reason to celebrate!  What a relief!

The market is making huge shifts for the better and as a Realtor® marketing real estate services to the “market of the moment”, it’s time to again shift the messaging in your marketing.  Being a CDPE is an important designation in a short sale market, which is still happening in states like Florida, Georgia, Arizona, Nevada and Michigan.  If your market is in one of the other 45 states, a CDPE isn’t really what’s in need, which is why the messaging must change.

The marketing messaging in these changing markets needs to be NEWS about the changing market, letting people know they likely have equity they may not realize they have.  It’s a great time to sell for those who have been waiting for the market to shift so they can move on without having to short sale.  Be the Realtor® spreading the good news and let people know you will help them protect the equity they’ve regained.  It’s the perfect time for a personal letter to your friends, family and sphere.  There’s a great blog post, including “getting back in touch letter” and phone scripts here. It’s one of the top reads and downloads on the blog!

Most economists are predicting the real estate market will continue the rebound and if home prices rise another 5%, 1.8 million more home owners will have equity.

It’s time to change your marketing messaging.  The best read I’ve found about shifting real estate markets and how to market to the “market of the moment” is Shift, by Gary Keller.  It’s a great read and I highly recommend it.  Here’s a link to the book, I hope you decide to read it.

Link to the article in Realtor® magazine.


Improve Lead Quality By Attracting A Very Specific And Targeted Audience

real estate marketing postcardsI have five children, two of which are still in elementary school. We were discussing the importance of good schools and good education over dinner last night and they were shocked to learn that where we choose to live is 100% dependent on the quality of the schools. I wouldn’t be nearly as particular about where I live if I didn’t have kids in school.

About nine months ago my family moved from CA to AZ to escape the rat-race of living in the Bay Area. As I searched for a new home, in a new state, where I knew no-one, it was extremely difficult to figure out and navigate the schools and their ratings. As you know, Realtors are never at liberty to “steer” clients in one direction or another, making it even more difficult to get straight answers. Realtors have to remain unbiased, be politically correct and be so careful of saying the wrong thing or having something that was said misinterpreted.

While you can’t “steer” your clients in one direction over another, you can provide information available to the public for download on your site, because you know where to find it. The rating system for schools in CA is different than AZ, the testing system is completely different, I was confused, and couldn’t get any clear or direct answers. I checked so many different websites and didn’t find what I was looking for. I would have HAPPILY given up my email address and contact information to a local Realtor who had the information available on their website, making me a HIGHLY QUALIFIED lead. I need a home, I’m researching schools, I’m researching neighborhoods, and I need help!

Offering something very specific, that only someone who is a qualified lead would want will increase your lead conversion rate. You won’t see as many leads, but the ones you do get will be good quality. No one needs crummy leads, they just waste valuable time and resources.

If it can be avoided, never refer a website visitor (that could be a qualified lead) to another website to download information. You have an opportunity to provide a free service, with public information and collect a potential lead. Download the information yourself, create a PDF and repackage it in an email introducing yourself and your services as an expert in the area.

The only thing you’ll need to make sure you have on your website is a “request for information form”. You’ll need a way to collect that email address and contact information and a way to deliver the requested information. I will save that for a different post on having an effective website presence, a website without a registration form of some kind is a waste.

Let me know if you have questions, I can give you many examples of how to put public information to work in your business.

The Making Of A Mortgage Marketing Animal

Mortgage Marketing AnimalIf you want to be a “mortgage marketing animal” with a pipeline that’s always filled with loans, you really need to be a mortgage marketing animal. Marketing needs to always be a priority no matter how full or empty your pipeline is, and the marketing never stops or waivers. It’s planned for, budgeted for and it’s purposeful. Marketing is like food for your business and without food, you starve and so will your business without marketing. Keep reading if you understand the importance of marketing and need some ideas to help you become a mortgage marketing animal!!! A master of mortgage marketing and you’ll of course need to be good at funding loans or repeat business may be an issue.

As a mortgage broker, the long term success of your business is determined by relationships and trust. The only way to maintain relationships is to keep in touch, which is why building a list is the SINGLE most important thing you can do for your business. If you’re not going to follow-up or keep in touch, there’s no sense in building the list. There’s no value in a database that’s not “worked”, contacted and courted.

The second most important thing you can do to create longevity in your business is to build a network of people who know, trust and respect you as an expert on mortgages. You want to be “the guy/gal” at the party everyone is approaching to discuss their mortgage questions with. The one who really “knows their stuff” and is clearly educated on current rates and programs. Being that person takes marketing, networking, showing-up and participating.

Speaking of participating…You can sign up for a Facebook account and not post or participate, but that’s not going to help your business. You can create a Linked In profile and never return to it as well, and that will also not help your business. There’s no point in setting it up as a marketing and networking channel if you don’t show-up and participate. Participating can have such a profound impact on your business. It’s not nearly as time consuming as traditional networking events. You can even do it in your PJ’s and…it’s totally FREE!!! Think about how many more people you can connect with using social media to stay in front of people, let people get to know you and build trust as the “go to” person for anything mortgage related. Participating means regularly creating posts of your own and regularly commenting on the posts of others. It doesn’t mean being a social media voyeur. It means sharing parts of yourself with those who know you or have connected with you as a result of your profession as a mortgage broker.

Social media has given all of us who participate a “public image” that spans cities, states and even countries. Our lives are far more “public” than they’ve ever been, while we may not be The Kardashians it’s still important to consider the image you portray in social media, IF you have people you know professionally connected with you personally. That means keeping your personal rants, drama, politics and anythinf else offensive to others to yourself. Social media can really do a lot to boost your business, but it can do damage just as quickly.

The rates are so low right now that it isn’t hard to find loans to originate (I know it’s not easy to fund them), BUT…trust me when I tell you that this too shall pass. When this landslide of loan originations passes as rates start to increase, and they will… you’ll wish you’d done a better job keeping in touch with your database. Don’t shoot yourself in the foot by not understanding the true value of your database, past clients and relationships that take place over time.