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Save Money With EDDM® for Just Listed and Just Sold


Yesterday we talked about how to target your Just Listed and Just Sold postcards using demographics. That’s perfect if you’re buying a mailing list and doing a bulk mailing. However, there is another option as well.

Every Door Direct Mail® (EDDM®) can help you target everyone specific mail routes. It’s lower cost than traditional bulk mailing, and you don’t need access to names and addresses. You simply get everyone in that area!

Here’s why that’s perfect for Just Listed and Just Sold.

Build Listing Interest in A Geographic Area

People have a ton of reasons to consider moving out of an area. Maybe they want to get to Colorado for the next skiing season, or perhaps a new job has prompted the change. No matter what, though, they can’t list with you if they haven’t heard about you.

When you use EDDM®, you don’t exclude folks based on income, family size, or life circumstance. That makes this method especially wonderful for Just Sold postcards. After all, you want folks to list with you based on their proximity to your farm, not other reasons!

EDDM® also builds listing interest by word-of-mouth. When everyone in a neighborhood gets the same postcard – especially if it stands out – folks will talk about it. They’ll mention it to each other, but they’ll also talk about it to friends and family.

As a result, you get both social reinforcement AND referrals using EDDM®!

Should You Use EDDM® For Just Listed?

There are pros and cons to using this mailing method for Just Listed postcards. On one hand, it can certainly help you blanket the area around your listing. You can also use it to draw attention in your farm area.

However, EDDM® doesn’t give you a targeted list of qualified buyers. You will be mailing postcards to everyone – even if they’ve only be in the area for one year. As a result, you may get a lower percentage response using EDDM®.

However, using this mailing process does help you save money per postcard, so it may be worthwhile anyway!

At PrinterBees, we think it makes sense to do an EDDM® mailing for your farm and the listing area, and perhaps add a targeted demographic mailing as well for better prospects.

Ready to Get Started With EDDM®?

At PrinterBees, we love Every Door Direct Mail®. It’s an incredible way to save money on your farming efforts, as well as Just Listed and Just Sold postcards. We’d love to help you get started!

Check out our Every Door Direct Mail® ordering page, which can be used for any postcard we offer. Don’t forget to ask about how we can save you hassle by helping with the mailing as well!


Have you used EDDM®? Why or why not? Share in the comments!

Target Just Listed and Just Sold Postcards With Demographics

Just Sold postcards

We’ve been talking recently about how Just Listed and Just Sold postcards can build your business. We’ve also shared a system for consistently using them to build interest in listings and build your reputation after a sale.

As you use the system, though, you’re probably wondering – who do you send the postcards to? One simple answer is to focus on the demographics of ideal buyers.

Who Wants This Home?

As you consider sending out Coming Soon or Just Listed postcards, think about how to focus on the demographics of your ideal buyer. After all, if you work with investors participating in a 1031 exchange, they are going to have very different home needs than a family of five.

You already have the location, price, and type of home in front of you. As you consider creating or buying a mailing list, look at the following factors:

  • Income. What income range can afford this property?
  • Length of Residence. Focus on folks who may be planning to move – that is, they’ve been in their home at least three to five years.
  • Family Size. What type of family would do best in this home? Is it an area friendly to kids, or is it more focused on adults without children, or…?
  • Renters. Target renters when you have the perfect small starter home.
  • Your Farm Area. Whether the listing is in your farm area or not, it’s vital your key prospects know what you are up to!

There are a variety of other things to think about as well. You may want to look at homeowners who live in areas that are considered “one step below” your listed property, as they may be ready to move up. Or, perhaps targeting empty nesters looking to downsize makes sense for your listing.

Once you’ve found your list of targeted possible buyers, you can send them mailings for Coming Soon, Just Listed, and Open House.

Who to Send Just Sold Postcards To?

Do you send Just Sold postcards to the same group that got the Just Listed mailings?

Sometimes, but the purpose of a Just Sold mailer is different. For these, focus on:

  • Key Prospects. Your farm area, folks you want to build a brand with, and even professional partners should receive a Just Sold postcard so they know about your recent success.
  • Past Clients. Remind past customers that you’re still in the business and going strong!
  • The Area Around the Sale. Let the folks in the area know that a desirable home was just sold and you took care of it. They may be persuaded to contact you for their own listing!

You may also want to target homeowners that are within a couple years of that 5-year average moving sweet spot. Who knows, your postcard may be just the push they need!

Make Sure Mailings Happen On Time!

Of course, your investment in Just Listed and Just Sold postcards will go to waste if the mailings don’t go out on time.

Need help? At PrinterBees, we’re here for you! We have incredible templates that can be customized for your business and a self-serve site that allows you to upload your own print-ready files.

Even better, if you print your postcards with Printerbees, we can help ensure they are mailed! With our bulk mailing permit, you may even save money over DIY rates. Contact us for more information!

How do you target your Just Listed and Just Sold Postcards? Share in the comments!

A System For Just Listed & Just Sold Postcards

Just Listed & Just Sold

One of the comments I got on my recent post, “How Just Listed & Just Sold Postcards Build Your Business,” was very important.

He pointed out that direct mail is effective, but it’s important to know who to send to and when to mail.

I couldn’t agree more! Today I’m going to discuss the WHEN – a system for knowing when to send Just Listed and Just Sold postcards.

Next week, we’ll dive into two ways to decide WHO to send to.

Let’s get started on the Just Listed & Just Sold postcards system!

Step 1: Coming Soon Postcards

The very first thing you want to do is build interest in your new listing! While a Just Listed postcard can do that, you can pique even more interest with a Coming Soon postcard.

In markets that are moving too fast to send a Just Listed postcard, a Coming Soon postcard can be the perfect solution. 

Coming Soon tells folks that something is about to happen. There’s about to be something new, interesting, and exciting going on. They will want in on the action!

You can focus this strategy even more by sending a “sneak preview” style Coming Soon postcard to your farm area. Frame it as a “you’re the first to know,” and folks will not only be excited, they will feel special to be part of the inner circle.

Step 2: Just Listed Postcards

The listing is live, it’s time to let everyone know! Just Listed postcards are the perfect tool.

Some markets are moving so fast that you don’t have time to send a postcard before the home sells. However, in most markets you’ll have a chance to advertise your listing to those who might be interested in buying.

When you send this postcard, you’ll want to target two groups:

  • Folks likely to be in the market for this type of home
  • Your farm area

We’ll talk more about exactly how to do that targeting next week. For now, just know that a Just Listed postcard satisfies people’s curiosity about what their neighbors are doing. It can also get folks thinking about how much their house is worth.

Step 3: Open House Postcard

If a home is on the market long enough to have an open house, you want to make sure that you target interested buyers. Using an Open House postcard is a perfect way to do that.

While an open house is technically open to the public, you actually want to draw in a specific audience. You want the folks with the money and need for this home to come see it. When you target your postcard mailing, you can make that happen.

You may also want to set up and advertise a “neighbors only preview” open house. This would only be open to folks in the immediate area, and you’d get a lot of interest from folks who simply want to know what their neighbor’s house looks like.

Hold some type of drawing or content – this type of preview could be a great way to get leads! 

Step 4: Just Sold Postcards

The house has sold and your job is done. It’s time to celebrate your success! Of course, celebrations are best when they include a lot of other people, so be sure to send a Just Sold postcard to your farm area!

You want to make sure that your target market knows that you are active, busy, and successful. While you were trying to sell the home, you were targeting possible buyers in different areas of your city. With a Just Sold postcard, however, you want to target potential sellers.

In other words, a Just Sold postcard mailing should go to your farm area and existing prospects. When they see that you’re doing a great job, they may decide to list with you. Or, they could refer someone they know who’s looking to buy or sell a home!

Just Listed & Just Sold: Keep it Consistent!

Haphazard marketing is a waste of time and money. Don’t do it!

Instead, create a consistent Just Listed & Just Sold system that allows you to promote new listings and celebrate your success on a regular basis. With postcards from PrinterBees, you can easily stay on track.

Even better, if you don’t have the time to get your PrinterBees printed postcards mailed, we can do it for you! Our bulk mailing permits allow us to save you time and money.

Ready to get started? Let’s go!

What’s your favorite Just Listed/Just Sold system? Share in the comments!

How Just Listed & Just Sold Postcards Build Your Business

Just Listed Postcard

What’s your system to build interest in your listings – and your brand?

Everyone has a listing system, but many are very haphazard. If you don’t have a specific listing checklist, you’ll want to create one. And if your checklist doesn’t include Just Listed and Just Sold postcards, you’ll want to add a few lines.

Why do Just Listed & Just Sold postcards matter so much? Find out below.

People Respond to Things They Physically See

While it’s easy to send things out on social media – and that’s certainly one possible outreach – physical marketing really matters. People respond to things they can hold onto differently than a post on social media.

There’s a reason physical signs in yards still matter. Folks in the neighborhood physically see it day after day. Postcards do the same thing – they give your prospects something to actually touch and see, not just click away from.

There’s Less Competition at the Mailbox Than Ever

Speaking of email and social media, you can thank them for making your print postcard marketing more effective than ever.

With everyone focusing on the “cheap and quick” marketing online, you have little competition in the postal mailbox. As a result, your postcards will stand out, get attention, and make a difference.

Of course, your marketing still has to look professional and be well-designed to make an impact. That’s why PrinterBees makes it simple with templates that can be customized to match your brand!

Just Listed Postcards Do Triple Duty

A Just Listed postcard advertises your listing and builds interest in a property you want to sell. But that’s only ONE of the jobs this sturdy little piece can do.

This type of mailing also shows that you’re active in the area, drawing attention to you as a Realtor®. It builds your brand, helps raise your profile, and shows that you are a successful professional.

But there’s one more benefit. Just Listed postcards can give the prospects in your farm area the push they need to finally list their own property. And who are they going to call? YOU!

Just Sold Postcards Also Do Three Jobs in One

What about Just Sold? Of course, they tout your success and help your farm realize that you are someone they should contact.

But there’s more. Like Just Listed cards, a Just Sold postcard can push someone to finally list their home. Seeing that another family got a big windfall can be just the nudge they need!

Finally, a Just Sold postcard should include a call to action that directly invites someone to contact you. If you have permission from the selling family, you can say, “Is your home worth more than the Smith’s? Find out today with a free valuation!” Otherwise, keep it more general.

Focus on Your Farm!

What if your recent listing is outside your farm? Should you still send Just Listed and Just Sold postcards to your farm area?


You want to impress on your target market that you are active, busy, and successful. The more they see that you’re doing, the more likely they are to contact you themselves. Plus, you never know when someone in your farm is looking to move to a new area!

Does your current listing checklist include Just Listed and Just Sold postcards? Why or why not? Share in the comments!