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You Know You’re a Realtor® When…

You Know You're a Realtor When

Ah, it’s “hump day,” and that means we all need a break from our busy week.

I love sharing tips about everything from what to post on Facebook to how to use business cards. But if you knew me, you’d also know I have a great sense of humor.

To put it simply, I love to laugh!

So, why not take a break and see if you recognize yourself in these descriptions? You know you’re a Realtor® when…

…You Don’t Remember the Color of Your Passenger Seat

Let’s just own it – for most of us, the passenger seat is our desk more often than our desk is. So on any given day, we might have papers, solo cups, a package of leftover cookies, and who knows what else.

I mean, we’d clean it off, but it would be piled up again in five minutes, you know?

Honestly, you know it’s time to take action when the airbag detector says there’s a passenger over there. Until then, well… you know.

…You Tie Balloons to Open House Signs Instead of Eating Breakfast

I mean, priorities, right? Certainly there will be something to snack on at the open house.

Oh shoot, snacks. OK, one more stop for this morning.

See, aren’t you glad you skipped breakfast?

…You Know Exactly How Many Listings You Can Get to On ¼ Tank of Gas

Who has time to put gas in the car? Most Realtors® I know have their gas tank management down to a science. ¼ tank is just a reminder.

A reminder that I’ll ignore until the very. last. minute.

Hey, closing that deal for my buyer is worth it. #SorryNotSorry

…You Never Stop Working

Even when your kid is getting stitches at urgent care. I mean, you’re just in the waiting room anyway. Why not get a few more showings scheduled and make sure the escrow officer got your documentation?

When they call you back… in an hour… you’ll be there for the munchkin. No sweat.

…The Weekend is When You’re Busiest

To quote Bill Belichick, “No Days Off!”

Your answer to “What are you doing this weekend” is always the same. And frankly, you love it and wouldn’t have it any other way.

You can take Wednesday off. Friday through Sunday is prime time for real estate.

…You’re Super Grateful No One Counts Phone Minutes Anymore

Oh my goodness, the days when you had to pay a ton for minutes are over! Hallelujah! It’s great news since your minutes are always in the six-figure range.

Now you don’t pay for all those minutes. Instead, you pay for data. Fortunately, unlimited data is almost always an option.

Gotta stay connected!

…Your Keychain Looks Like an Ancient Monster From the Deep

Uh, anyone else have way. too. many. keys?

I mean, you’re not even an agent if you don’t have key rings connected to key rings connected to more key rings. The whole thing is outrageous. It’s a miracle you can even find the one you’re looking for!

Or maybe you don’t link them all together, you just keep the pile in a drawer in your office. It’s like the mythical “junk drawer,” but really it’s just filled to the brim with keys.

…Your Kids All Know Realtor®-Speak

It’s like a second language. If your five-year-old already knows what the MLS is and your kids play at showing houses instead of playing house… well, you’re obviously a pro.

And, you’re raising those kids right!

…Your Marketing Materials Are Always Ready

If you’re always quick on the draw with your business cards and on point with monthly farming postcards, you know you’re a Realtor®.

(And if either of those could use some help, you know who to call!)


Which one of these did you identify with the most? Share in the comments!

9 Signs You Need a Vacation from Real Estate

Need a Break From Real Estate

Happy holidays to you and your family! I decided that since it’s the holidays and everyone is taking a break, it would be a good time for an article that was just plain fun.

Without further ado – 9 signs that you need a vacation from real estate!

You Enter Your Lockbox Code on the Microwave

If you’re so ingrained in real estate that you’re entering the lockbox code on the microwave, remote control, and anything else with numbers – you need a break!

You Automatically Figure 3% of any Dollar Amount You See

Obviously your commission is important, and being able to figure it out in your head is great. But if you’re automatically figuring out 3% of every number you see – take a day off!

Receipts are Taking Over Life

Write-offs are awesome, there’s no doubt about it. But when you start saving and filing your receipt for the bag of chips you bought at the gas station, you might consider stepping back for a day or two.

You Can’t Find Photos of Your Kids/Pets

You pull out your phone to show off your kids or pets, and you’re scrolling through dozens of listing photos, just sold photos, the photo of the happy client for the testimonial… wait, you’ll find it…. When you do, consider a breather from real estate for a day or two.

You Drive to a Listing Instead of Driving Home

If your autopilot no longer takes you home, it’s a good sign that you need some time off to regroup, refocus, and reprogram. Ditto if you look for a lockbox only to realize you’re at your own house.

You Haven’t Your Passenger Seat in a Month

If your passenger seat is a clutter of papers, pens, Subway wrappers, farming postcards to mail, and long lost French fries, then you’re a normal Realtor®. But if it’s been a month or more since you’ve seen upholstery, you might consider a break.

You Answer the Phone in Business Mode… Always

If you’ve recently confused your mom by asking her what property she was calling about, it’s time to unplug for a few days.

Your BFF is a Title Rep or Loan Officer

If you talk to your reps more than your spouse or kids, it’s time for a few days off. Step back and reconnect with those other people in your life.

You Have an Anxiety Attack When You See Zillow or Quicken Rocket Loan Commercials

Enough said. Although a vacation may not entirely solve this one.

Humor: Five Lies We Tell Our Clients

Lies We Tell

After a couple of weeks of intensity about social media and Periscope, I thought it would be fun to end the week on a lighter note. I love reading humorous posts about real estate, and I hope you do too!

Without further ado, here are five lies we tell our clients. Enjoy!

“Five Cats? No Problem!”

Ugh, pets can be the worst, can’t they? Whether it’s a buyer or a seller, there’s rarely anything more frustrating than trying to work around animals, especially lots of animals.

Buyers often have a hard time finding a home in an area that allows a large number of pets, or they may own a dog that’s going to be almost impossible to insure. Sellers with multiple pets have to be encouraged to clean and move pets before showings – NO the buyers don’t want to meet Mr. Fluffy!

Now, I’m not against pets – I have them myself. But sometimes homeowners with multiple pets or specific attitudes can be a challenge!

“Of Course We Can Consider the Zestimate.”

This may not be a lie, actually – you will consider it, for about five seconds before you throw it in the trash where it belongs. Unfortunately, homeowners think the Zestimate is somehow professional advice, and it becomes an objection we have to settle when we price the home.

Some good advice I’ve encountered for handling the Zestimate issue is, first of all, to take the homeowner seriously. They don’t know how silly it is, so don’t make them feel foolish. Then, follow up with comps and let them know that a Zillow estimate doesn’t take into account anything specific about their home, and is really just a wild guess.

Good luck!

“Thanks for the Cell Phone Photos of Your Home!”

Ever had a seller offer to “save you time” by taking their own photos of the home? Unless they are a professional photographer, this makes you want to run for the hills. Explaining to a seller that the photographs need to be professional quality can sometimes be difficult.

Fortunately, you can show them a lot of examples of poor photos of listings online, and ask them the impression they get. Then show them great photos and ask them which one they would pay more for. Hopefully, they’ll get the point quickly. Then you can take the quality photos you need, list the home, and make the sale!

“You Smoke Indoors? Oh, No Problem.”

Smells in a home can easily ruin a listing, and smoking smells in particular can be really difficult to get rid of. Hopefully you follow up this kind of statement with some suggestions on who they can contact for extremely thorough cleaning, and let them know to call you when it’s ready.

Smoking cigarettes indoors can significantly damage the value of a home and can cost tens of thousands to remediate. Even smokers don’t want to buy a home that reeks of someone else’s cigarette smoke. As an agent, I would shy away from even taking a listing from indoor smokers. It’s a lot of work to get that home ready to sell, if it could be done.

“I’d Be Happy to Take You to Six Homes This Evening!”

This is almost more of a rookie mistake than a lie, really. But buyers that want to see tons of homes in a short timeframe are simply asking for trouble. As agents, we want to ensure that both our time and the buyer’s time are well spent. As a result, it’s better to “counter-offer” with a different plan.

When a buyer sees so many homes in a row, when they’re already tired, everything blurs together. They won’t have a good memory of what they saw, and may ask you to take them back again anyway! Remind them of this, and advise them to just see one or two houses in an evening. Even if they have a full day available, too many homes in a row will not be productive.

As the agent, you may want to take notes for them. You can record what they like and don’t like at each home and send them a copy the next day. That will help refresh their memory and avoid having to revisit multiple homes.

Obviously, as professional agents we aren’t unethical in our work. However, sometimes we tell some “white lies” like the ones above. I hope you got a smile out of this, and maybe some tips on how to handle difficult buyers and sellers in the future!

What “lies” do you tell in your work? Share in the comments!