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Are You Ready for the Retiree Boom?

Today, we are featuring a guest post from Christel Silver, Broker/Owner of Silver International Realty!

Boomers Retirement

Within the next 18 years, 80 million Baby Boomers will retire. Today over 500,000 retired US citizens live outside the US collecting their Social Security at the embassy or consulate. Why? Because the cost of living is attractive, and they may be able to keep the lifestyle they are accustomed to.

Where People Retire Abroad

Where are they looking to move? Some are looking at Europe or the Middle East, but most are looking at Mexico, Panama, Costa Rica, Belize, Ecuador, to name a few.  Each country has its own attractions that appeal to permanent residents.  South America has easy access to the US, which is another factor for the decision to retire there, and the cost of living is less than in the US.

There is a wonderful opportunity for you as a Realtor® to help these people with advice and collect a referral fee. Even if you do not have the Certified International Property Specialist (CIPS) Designation, you can find real estate agents in these countries who have this designation and you are assured of a referral fee and their ethical professionalism.

The Challenges of Buying International Property

You can also help get your clients prepared and make them aware of questions they need to answer before starting their retirement outside the US. It is easy to find a property you like and can envision living in and being happy. But the property is in a different country with different rules.

You cannot assume that the rules and regulations are the same as in the US.  So please prepare your clients with these questions they should ask the developer or real estate agent overseas.

  • How far is the shopping area from the property?
  • Are there paved roads, street lights, and telecommunications?
  • How about hot water?
  • Can I live comfortably without speaking the local language?
  • How close is the medical care facility?
  • Are there homeowner associations, and what are the fees?
  • If you are buying in a new development: is the company financially solid?
  • What are the title guarantees?
  • How long am I allowed to stay in the country?

Don’t lose out on helping your clients make the move! Be proactive, help them with their decision-making and refer them to a qualified real estate agent or developer.

How about preparing an ad: “Are you thinking of retiring outside the US? I can help!” You can use real estate postcards or flyers to get the message out!



Christel Silver is a full-time Broker/Owner of Silver International Realty servicing the East Coast of South Florida. The National Association of Realtor’s (NAR) President appointed her (2010-2014) as the President’s Liaison to Germany, where she grew up and worked at the Justice Department for 17 years prior to coming to this country. Fifty percent of her business is in the International arena. For more information visit

Does a Buyer’s Agent Sell Homes?

Buyer's Agent Sells Homes

I unexpectedly walked into some controversy with my last post about how to effectively show a home. I talked a lot about how a buyer’s agent should highlight the positives of the home to help the buyer seem themselves in it.

Some of the comments I got included “You sound like you’re selling the home – not a buyer’s agent!”

So – do buyer’s agents sell homes?

YES they do!

Hear me out. Here’s what I mean.

What’s the Point of Being a Buyer’s Agent?

The buyer’s agent has the goal of matching the buyer with a home they will love. But in the end, they need to close the deal.

After all, you don’t get paid unless a deal closes!

So really, your goal is to meet your client’s needs quickly and help them decide on and close on a home. The faster you can do this, the better off your client will be – and the sooner you’ll be able to serve your next client.

So yes – if you don’t sell a home to a buyer, you’ll be showing them homes for the next five years!

How to Best Serve Your Buyer

Now, I am ABSOLUTELY not advocating shoehorning your client into the very first home they see – or any home that isn’t right for them. However, you can save both your client and yourself significant time by taking these steps before you show a home.

Vet the Home in Advance

Your client is looking for a home with a master bath that has a walk-in shower. They probably have other desires as well. Talk to them and get them to rank their non-negotiables so you know what really matters.

Use this list to vet homes before you go. Don’t take them to homes that are outside their price range, doesn’t have the right number of bedrooms, or doesn’t have that walk-in shower. Of course, no home is perfect, but it should tick the “top-ranked” needs.

Every home you show them should be one you think they will love. That makes it very easy to “sell the home” to them – simply explain why you brought them here and what you think they’ll enjoy about it!

Ask Questions When They Suggest a Home

Sometimes clients say they want to see a home that leaves you scratching your head. After all, you can tell that it doesn’t meet their requirements.

Is it good service to go unquestioningly to every listing they mention? No. Instead, ask questions. “That’s interesting, I saw that one but wasn’t sure about it. I thought that a walk-in shower was your number one priority, and this home doesn’t have one.”

Or you can say, “Oh, what excites you about this one? I know it’s in a great area, but I was concerned having only two bedrooms would be a deal-breaker.”

Sometimes you can help them see that it doesn’t meet their requirements before you go – which helps avoid wasting everyone’s time.

Don’t Be Hard to Work With

There’s an art to all of this – you want to save time and focus on the right homes without being belligerent or unhelpful. Don’t refuse to take buyers to a home that they really want to see. But when they see the faults you already pointed out, you can gently say, “I was afraid that would be a concern.”

Remember that the focus is to show your buyer homes they will be excited to put an offer on, and not waste anyone’s time with looking around at every house in the neighborhood.

Know the Reasons for the Showing

A lot of buyer’s agents are so focused on helping their buyers avoid mistakes that they help them nit-pick every listing. It’s an admirable idea, but you can save so much time and focus the search much more when you tell them what’s right about the listing.

When you know your buyer’s needs and have a great reason for bringing them to each home, it comes naturally to focus on the positives.

Of course, there can always be unexpected things! A home with the right number of bedrooms and a walk-in shower can have mold, a broken foundation, or many other things you can’t foresee. Don’t continue to push those homes, obviously! 

However, those unexpected drawbacks don’t happen that often. Most of the time when you have done your homework and have targeted reasons for bringing them to a home, you can highlight those and encourage your buyers to make a deal.


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4 Ways to Excel at Showing Homes

Showing a Home

As you walk a buyer through a potential home, what’s going through your mind?

Are you thinking about other work you have to do when this is over? Are you kind of in a rush? If so, don’t be down on yourself – it’s really common.

As buyers agents, we don’t always think about the importance of selling the client on the home. We show it to them, figure if they like it they will buy it, and move on.

What you may not realize is that if you focus on the sale, you can close the deal and open space for new clients much more quickly.

Here are four ways to excel at showing homes so you can close deals quickly and keep your business hopping!

Focus on Feelings

Sometimes we get so used to “just the facts” that we start off with numbers right away. We share price, square footage, features, and more.

Instead, think about the feelings you want the buyer to have about the home. When you pull up, don’t rattle off numbers. Say, “How nice would it feel to pull up to this home after a long day at work?” Put them in the mode of imagining themselves as owners right away.

Some buyers want the price right away. Instead, assure them that everything is within their price range (which it should be!) and let them know that they can focus on getting a feel for the home.

Let the Buyers Lead the Way

When we have an agenda for showing the home, it disrupts the process of the buyer seeing themselves in the house. They become focused on what we’re saying and what we’re doing, rather than on the house itself.

Let them move naturally through the house. As they share their feelings, reinforce them as appropriate. If they say, “This is a nice dining room,” then you can say, “Yes, I bet you can imagine a lot of family dinners here.”

Again, you’re working on positive associations, helping them see the good in the property. Something you see as a big deal might not be a factor to the buyers, or they may notice something you missed.

Share the Positives

You brought them to this home for a reason – it fits their requirements in some important ways. When appropriate, share those positives. However, let the client choose the timing.

For instance, if they want an amazing master bath and this home has it, you may feel like rushing them straight to the master bath. Don’t make that mistake! If you do, everything else about the home will seem like a letdown.

Instead, let them discover the home naturally, as they would in their normal life. Accentuate the things in each room you think they’ll love. They’ll get to the master bath, don’t worry. And when they do, it will be the cherry on top of a lot of other benefits.

If It’s Not a Good Fit

Although you want them to like the listing – after all, you didn’t come out just for exercise – sometimes it’s not a good fit. Listen carefully to the couple’s concerns. Be sure to make a note of them so that you can avoid those deal-breakers on the next listing.

Sometimes you’ll find something startling that’s clearly a deal-breaker. Don’t try to gloss over it in order to continue selling them on the home. Instead, move on and point out the positives of the next home on the list!

The key is to help the client see the good in each home, rather than joining them in being nitpicky or pointing out immediate problems. When you do, they’ll be able to see themselves in the home and be more likely to make an offer.

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