Your Real Estate Business Card: Make it Professional

Real Estate Business Card

Most real estate business cards look good… but just good. You can do better.

How do you make a great card? It’s actually not nearly as difficult or expensive as you may believe.

Here are a few ways to make your business cards stand out in a pile.

Do Real Estate Business Cards Need a Headshot?

Most Realtors have their headshots on their cards. But is this a prerequisite? Not necessarily. But if you skip it, you have to compensate in other ways.

Some people in marketing feel being different and skipping a headshot can help them stand out. But we will say that if a real estate business card doesn’t have a headshot, the rest of the card needs to look great. Make sure you have a clean design, great colors, and a strong logo to take its place.

But if you do go with a headshot, make sure it’s a good one. Contrary to what you may have heard, quality headshots don’t need to be expensive. Keep an eye out for networking events that have a free headshot booth and sign up. These events happen all the time. Not only will this be a good opportunity to rub elbows with potential clients, but you can save yourself some money on the free headshot.

Keep Things Clean and Avoid Clutter

Don’t overwhelm people with a “busy” business card, with too much information crammed into every possible line.

One quick way to avoid clutter and give your cards a modern look is to use a QR code. They give you a quick and easy way for would-be connections to scan your business card with their smart phone, without taking up too much space on the actual card. We have a QR code generator that you can use on any printed materials – including business cards!

Using a QR code enables you to simply put your name, your phone number and your website on the card. No need to clog things up with links to your social media accounts.

And, no, you don’t need your fax number on the card. You may work in the last industry still using fax machines, but that information can go on your website or email signature if people really need it.

Real Estate Business Cards Should Stand Out for the Right Reason

People have tried different sizes and shapes to help their cards stand out. But many have been thrown out.

There are standardized sizes for a reason, and you should make sure your business card isn’t a weird size that will get lost or won’t fit anywhere. A business card should fit in a rolodex.

In addition, you should have professionally designed and printed cards. There’s nothing that says “amateur” like a home-printed card. A professionally designed card doesn’t have to cost a fortune – we have a wide variety of layouts and free customization available at very reasonable prices!

Having professional, high-quality cards is essential to succeeding in real estate. Every Realtor® should make sure they have cards that are personalized, clear and uncluttered, and that stand out for all the right reasons.

What are some of the best and worst things you’ve ever seen on a real estate business card? Let us know in the comments below.