Why Realtors Avoid Their Sphere – Free Call Scripts And Letter Download

Real Estate Maketing TipsAs someone who has coached many real estate agents to substantially increasing their income, I can tell you that I’ve never met a Realtor who felt comfortable about contacting their sphere of influence. There isn’t any excuse or story I haven’t heard before, and they’re all valid, but they’re still stories. They’re the kind of stories that keep business a owner from doing what works to grow a real estate practice at the fastest, most profitable and most practical manner.

It’s rare to find an agent who isn’t isn’t resistant about reaching out to friends and family, and would rather approach complete strangers about their business than the people they already know. And…I can tell you with 100% certainty that changing your mindset about contacting and working your sphere of influence will change your business dramatically.

If your like most, you feel uncomfortable contacting your sphere because you don’t want to “solicit” your friends and family for business. You don’t want to be a bother, be seen as a pest or have your friends begin avoiding your calls, etc. etc. I’ve heard them all and I’m here to tell you… It’s a mindset, the way you’re choosing to look at it. If you looked at it differently and changed your thoughts surrounding the idea of working your sphere, you’d find it much easier, far more rewarding, not to mention not nearly as intimidating.

If you feel good about your chosen profession and KNOW you’re helping people, why wouldn’t you want to make that part of yourself available to the people you care about most. If you operate and conduct yourself with a high degree of integrity and really look out for your clients and their best interest, wouldn’t your friends an family appreciate knowing you’d “have their back” and do a great job representing them as well. If you know you’re a great real estate agent, a great negotiator, passionate, and the best at what you do, your friends and family should reap the benefits of knowing someone in the business. When you change your thinking and you realize you’re helping your friends, saving them from poor representation, making sure they have an agent who works full-time and truly understands the market, you’ll realize you OWE it to your sphere to let them know.

The real estate market has changed dramatically in the last decade and the turn-over of real estate agents coming and going at an all time high. Most people aren’t sure who to contact if they need guidance in real estate with the number of agents forced to leave the business when the feast turned to famine. If your business is still alive and kicking, you’re likely an amazing Realtor, are likely highly educated about this market and your friends and family deserve to know that. Who else are they supposed to trust with the biggest purchase in anyone’s life, a home.

The best time to begin is now and it’s easy to do. Imagine your having a huge party, a wedding, a grand opening where money is no object. You must invite every person you know to this imaginary event…EVERYONE. Everyone knows at least 100 people. Create a spreadsheet OR have this one emailed to you and don’t stop adding names until you get to 100. LINK TO SPREADSHEET. It really is that easy to put your list together and the beginning of huge shift your business when you take the next step and get-in-touch.

Having coached many through the painful process of the getting-in-touch part, I’ve created a couple of letters I’d be happy to email to you, along with as some phone scripts for the people you wish to contact via telephone, which should be all of them!!! The scripts are all in Microsoft Word so you edit them to fit you and your business. They’re a great starting point and it takes away the last objection in your mind…, the one thing that will keep you from moving forward..”but, I’m not sure what to say“, “what reason do I have to contact someone I haven’t talked to in a year?“. I told you I’ve heard them all! :-) I know what you’re thinking. These letters and call scripts will help you get started on marketing to and contacting a gold mine of business with people who NEED your help.

Have the letters and call scripts emailed to you, it will change your business dramatically and your friends and family will appreciate knowing someone in real estate they can trust.





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