What to Post on Your Realtor® Facebook Page to Draw Engagement

Realtor Facebook Topics

The last post I wrote talked about how to draw new followers to your Facebook page. Once you have followers, it’s important to post consistent, informative content to keep people engaged. Fortunately, as a Realtor® you have a wide variety of topics available to you. Here are some great ideas about what you can post on your Realtor® Facebook page to draw likes, shares, and comments.

Tips on Selling a Home

Folks who are getting ready to sell a home need a Realtor®, but that’s only the first step. They also need to declutter, clean, and stage their home. They need to landscape the outside to make it more attractive. They need to know how to get professional photos. These are all tips you can share.

Another angle is to share tips about how to keep your home organized so that should you ever have to move it’s ready to go. (See what I did there? Plant the seed!!) There are dozens of topics available when it comes to home organization.

Finally, talk about the pros and cons of selling in different seasons. Help people realize that winter has its benefits (fewer houses on the market as competition), as do other seasons. Don’t feel like your posts have to be long! A “quick tip” that’s only a sentence or two is fine many times!


Infographics are a way to share data in a visually appealing format. It’s a great way to share current real estate market information about your farm area, or about the nation in general. You can share a link to someone else’s infographic (not a competitor, of course!) or create your own.

Infographics, and all visual content, don’t need to be intimidating. You can create a simple graphic using Powerpoint, or shoot a simple video using a low-cost video bundle you get on Amazon. Visual content makes a big impact, especially when it comes to connecting with people’s emotions. Take advantage of it!

Remember that position and color are both important parts of using graphics, as I shared in my previous posts. Learn what emotions various colors convey, and use them – there are different colors to use if you want to draw people into confidence versus if you want to inspire excitement!


Having a giveaway or contest is a great way to grow your list and increase engagement on your page. You can offer a freebie in return for specific information – email, mailing address, Twitter handle, and more.

Once you have that information, use it wisely, but be sure to use it!! I’ve known Realtors® who collected a lot of valuable lead information and then never did anything with it, allowing those valuable leads to die on the vine.

Be sure you’re clear what information is needed to enter your contest or earn a freebie, and what you plan to do with the information. It’s best to host the contest on your own website – not only will it be easier to collect information and get it into your CRM, you also won’t run the risk of violating Facebook’s strict rules about contests.

Images of Amazing Homes in Your Area

People “window shop” for homes long before they are able and willing to purchase. Why not be the place they go to swoon over images of beautiful homes? You can even set up a separate Facebook page if you’d like – call it something like “Amazing Homes in XXX County, Florida” or wherever you are. You’ll get great local search engine results with a name like that, too!

Once you start a page like that, be sure to post regularly. You’ll want to upload new pictures at least once a week, preferably two or three times. You don’t have to post daily, but you will get a lot more engagement if you do – more people will visit the page to see what’s new!

The great benefit of this kind of post is that it’s incredibly shareable. People don’t see it as a sales pitch, so they are much more likely to share the post to their own pages and say, “Wow, can you imagine this!” This means more eyes on your posts, and more opportunity to invite people to your page.

This post barely scratched the surface of what you can share on Facebook – in fact, I’ll post more ideas early next week. Stay tuned! In the meantime, try some of these out and let me know in the comments how it went for you!