What is Every Door Direct Mailing EDDM

EDDM also known as Every Door Direct Mail is a hot new program from the United States Postal Service that is helping real estate agents everywhere. With postage rates as low as 14.5 cents and no need for a database or mailing list, Realtors are able to get complete market saturation at a fraction of the cost of other postcard mailing options.

Real estate agents can do “direct mail” marketing through the post office, mail as few as 200 postcards/mailing pieces for about $30! It’s a great way to test markets, demographics, postcard marketing campaigns because the cost to test it is so low.

Postcard size requirements as outlined by the USPS are in the image to the right. The best way to approach a postcard mailing program like this is to have a printing company like PrinterBees design and print your postcard to the EDDM specifications. Printing at home costs much more and doesn’t look nearly as professional. PrinterBees has a team of graphics designers that customize any postcard marketing piece/design found on the website at no additional fee. The design services are FREE as is the printing proof, the tax and shipping, as well as adding a headshot. Having a printing company like PrinterBees handle your EDDM mailing will save you time and frustration because you know it’s done to the correct specifications. There’s nothing more frustrating than showing up at the Post Office with a mailing piece ready to go only to be turned away because it isn’t correct.

The USPS has made this program as simple as possible for small businesses to be able to saturate the markets surrounding their businesses with direct mail advertising.

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