Unlocking the Power of Email Automation

Email automation

Email marketing is an incredible tool for relevant outreach when it’s done properly. You can send targeted messages directly to prospects in a way that even social media doesn’t allow. Even better, email marketing done right has a much higher response rate than other forms of marketing.

Best of all, however, is the fact that email marketing can be automated. Using software like Infusionsoft, which we strongly recommend, can take the hard work out of email marketing and allow you to reap the results stress free. Here’s how to unlock the power of email automation.

Segment Your List

To create the most effective, relevant email campaigns, you first need to segment your email marketing list into smaller groups. As a Realtor®, you’re likely to have segments like previous buyers, previous sellers, hot leads, residents of certain neighborhoods, and people who have responded to specific marketing outreaches. You may choose to segment further into those with single-family homes vs. those in multi-unit buildings, or any other groupings you find helpful in your marketing strategy.

Create Email Campaigns

The cornerstone of effective email marketing is multiple-touch outreach. As a result, you need a series of emails that will be directed at your segments. A “Welcome to the Listing Process” email series can be sent to a new listing clients, detailing what’s to come in bite-sized pieces. You can automatically send a questionnaire to new buying clients to get their budget and home specifications. A referral request email series can be sent to both previous buyers and previous sellers, either together or separately. You may choose to have a specific follow-up campaign for those who gave their contact information at a specific open house, or who met you at an outreach event. With your pre-built email campaigns in Infusionsoft, you save an enormous amount of time over sending individual emails to clients and prospects.

Automate Emails Based on Customer Response

One of the most powerful aspects of Infusionsoft is the ability to trigger specific emails or email series to be sent based on your customer’s response. If they schedule an appointment with you, and automatic “Thanks, can’t wait to see you!” style email can be sent. If they submit a request on a listing, you can have an email go out right away with additional information. Then the customer can be tagged as a “hot lead” in your database. All of this can be done without you doing a thing other than setting up the responses and triggers in advance. The power of this type of personalized service is undeniable, and it can be yours without the major time investment that usually goes along with it.

Receive Updates in a Real Time Customer Database

Have you ever daydreamed about the day that a new hot lead would simply pop up in your customer management system without you having to go in and make changes to the profile yourself? With Infusionsoft, that could be your reality. With the real-time tracking of your email recipients’ clicks and opens, you can set the program to label leads based on their actions. You can then send different emails to your hot leads, warm leads, and cold contacts. The rich customer database experience is an amazing boon for a salesperson.

Infusionsoft is an investment, and there is a learning curve. However, once you get the hang of it, you’ll find that creating new email templates, forms, and pages in Infusionsoft is a snap. And the investment will be well worth the tailored marketing outreach you will achieve in a fraction of the time you expect. An investment in email automation is an investment in your success.

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