Tired of Traditional Open Houses? Use Periscope Instead

Periscope for Realtors

Would you love to have a completely safe open house done in 45 minutes for dozens of viewers, without having to buy any cookies or punch? If so, you should get to know the new Periscope app.

Periscope is a free app that allows you to share live video and audio from your mobile device. The video can go as long as you want, and viewers can interact with you through chat messages. This allows them to ask questions, make comments, and request specific things, like to see the birds near you.

As a result, Periscope is the perfect tool to do a live, narrated walk-through of a home for an audience of agents and/or buyers. No one has to travel to get to you, your safety is not compromised, and you don’t spend hours in a home with no one coming in.

How to Use Periscope

Periscope isn’t hard to use. First, you download the app to your mobile device. While Periscope was initially just available for Apple, it is now also available on Android. This means that no matter what you or your viewers are using, you’re covered.

Once you have the app, you’ll need to connect it to your Twitter account. Simply opening Periscope and following the directions will allow you to do that. To make things simple, keep your Twitter name as your Periscope username, unless it’s inappropriate. (In that case, make a new Twitter account!) You can follow folks in Periscope you know from Twitter, or search for specific users to follow if you know their names.

Before you broadcast, let people know that you plan to do a Periscope open house, and let them know what your Periscope username is. Share the information anywhere you can to reach your target audience – email, Facebook, Twitter, and more. Share the date and time you plan to broadcast. Right before you start, send out a message that the Periscope is about to begin!

When you’re ready to begin, open the app and click the orange button at the bottom right. It will prompt you to name your broadcast, and then click “begin broadcast” to begin! Your viewers can watch from their mobile device or through their internet browser.

During the Periscope, viewers can use chat to ask questions and interact with you. If the chat bubbles annoy you, they can be turned off. You can find out more details about specific Periscope options and setup on the Periscope Help site.

Benefits of a Periscope Open House

The benefits of doing an open house through Periscope are tremendous. Not only is your safety assured – no one is physically in the home with you – but the homeowners don’t have to worry about theft or damage either. In addition, you no longer have to sit around wasting time for hours. Your Periscope video is available for 24 hours after you record it, right in the app. Anyone who missed the time can still view your narrated tour when it’s most convenient for them.

If you felt you had a great open house and answered a lot of key questions, you may want to share the video with others beyond the normal 24 hour window. To do this, you can use a free third-party capture app, like Katch. Katch allows you to save your Periscope presentations indefinitely, as well as allowing you to upload them to YouTube or another video website. In this way, your Periscope broadcasts can become part of your overall marketing plan for your listing.

Stop wasting hours and risking your safety with a traditional open house. Download Periscope for free, set up your account, and start broadcasting! You’ll save tons of time and money, as well as showing yourself to be at the forefront of real estate marketing. And while you’re at it, follow me too. I’m @NadineLarder, and I’d love to meet you. :-)

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