The Importance of Real Connection on Social Media

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Social media connections

When you spend time on social media, how excited are you about the ads?

You know what I mean – the promoted posts, the Pins that aren’t something you follow, the promises that if you only buy this one thing your life will be complete?

If you’re like me, the answer is “not at all excited.”


Because these people are pretending to have a connection to you, but it’s fake. 

What Realtors® Can Learn From Intrusive Ads

Most people sign up for social media in order to follow friends and family, as well as finding out information about specific interests.

The ads feel like a fact of life, and we mostly ignore them.

However, there’s something important that can be learned from the annoyance. If you want to sell to people online, you need to build an authentic connection first.

It’s one thing when your friend or relative tells you about the neat new headphones she bought. It’s totally different when those same headphones show up as an ad.


Because we want to hear our friend’s or relative’s opinion. We signed up for that. We have a real connection with her.

How to Build Connections With Folks You Don’t Know

OK, so we enjoy hearing from those we follow, and are annoyed by ads from people we don’t know. As a real estate agent, how do you bridge the gap so you can share about your services online?

The answer to this is not as complex as many people make it.

Connect with Friends of Friends

You can expand your circle of influence by getting to know your friends’ friends. Don’t just follow blindly, but ask for introductions. Start getting to know people.

The term for this is “networking,” but that word has become so dirtied by slimy tactics that it’s hard to use. So don’t think of the stereotype. Instead, think about getting to know people who are connected to existing family and friends.

Join Groups & Interest Organizations

Online or offline, when you join groups and organizations you get to know more people. As a real estate agent, don’t feel like you have to join small business groups or marketing groups. Instead, think about other interests you have.

Real estate agents have an advantage over other business owners – everyone will need your services at some point. So if you know someone through a knitting club, it’s no better or worse than knowing someone through a marketing group.

The difference is that a marketing group may be filled with folks who are there to sell rather than connect, so you might have an easier time building real relationships in a non-business group.

Share Information That’s Helpful Online

Realtors® know a lot of things that other people need to know. Share your wisdom!

You know how to improve property value. You know what local professionals are trustworthy. You know what new businesses are coming to town. You know how to organize, store, declutter, and much more.

Remember that you don’t need to share just information for folks who are moving. Share stuff of interest to all homeowners. Over time, you’ll build relationships based on that value. When it comes time to buy or sell, you’re the one they will think of.

Don’t Do What Everyone Else Does

Too many business owners, real estate and otherwise, are simply impatient. They want results right now and try to take shortcuts to get them.

It doesn’t work well on social media. Social media is best built on real connections and relationships, and those take time. Be patient. Be different.

When you do, you’ll have a real community that will provide you prospects and customers for the long haul. You won’t be one of the slimy ones – you’ll be authentic!


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