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3 Ways to Use Video to Promote Real Estate Listings

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Video Marketing Real Estate

If a picture is worth 1,000 words, a video must be worth a million. When you can take images, sound, and a clear understanding of space and dimension and put it all in one package, you can’t lose.

If you have been avoiding video because you think it’s too difficult or too expensive, I’m about to change your mind. Cell phone cameras have been increasing in quality, and people’s enjoyment of less-professional “raw” video is increasing.

Whether you want to invest in professional video or use a Facebook Live, there are many ways to use video to promote a real estate listing.

Keep it Simple: Use Facebook Live to Give a Tour

Facebook Live is an incredible marketing tool for real estate agents. You can showcase your business, build your brand, and replace your time-consuming open houses with Facebook Live tours.

Why use Facebook Live instead of holding an open house?

  • It’s much safer than allowing strangers into a home with you
  • Your homeowners don’t have to worry about damage or theft
  • You control how the home is showcased – you can point out the best features
  • It takes much less time than a multi-hour open house
  • You have the video to use in multiple marketing efforts!

You don’t need any fancy equipment, and Live viewers don’t expect everything to be perfectly polished or flawless. So skip the script and just be yourself! Use your phone to show off a home in a video open house.

Once you have the video, share it everywhere. Post it with the listing on real estate websites and your own site, share it on social media, and more.

Step It Up: Create Videos of the Area

Besides the home, buyers want to know what the neighborhood and city are like. Use video to let them know! You can use a basic video camera or your phone, along with a bit of editing, to create an excellent promo video for the area.

Talk about, and show, features of the neighborhood, such as parks, schools, and shops. Indicate how close train stations, park-and-rides, or restaurants are. Cover everything you know about an area – this is your chance to show off your expertise!

By simply walking, driving, or both, you can show off the best parts of a neighborhood. You can even film short clips and edit them together. You can keep it serious or make it silly. Your imagination is the only limit!

Hire a Pro: Take Advantage of Drone Marketing

Drones give you the opportunity to showcase a property in an entirely new way. Some Realtors® use drone imagery only for very high-dollar listings. However, think about standing out in the mid-level market with drone video as well.

As a Realtor® who uses drone marketing, you’ll have an extra benefit you can pitch to potential clients. Show them drone videos of other homes you’ve marketed, and you’re sure to impress the sellers and win their business.

Drones have to be operated by qualified personnel, so be sure to pick your professional carefully. If you have the interest and the time, you can get qualified yourself. Operating drones for yourself and other real estate agents can give you a nice side income.

Whether you do drone video inside the home or outside – or both – having this type of video in your arsenal will give you a huge wow factor. You’re sure to impress buyers and sellers alike!

Ready to Tape?

Whether you want to keep it simple with Facebook Live or amp it up with drone video, using video is an essential way to draw attention to your listings. It’s a fantastic addition to your marketing mix, along with Just Listed and Just Sold postcards, door hangers, and more.

Do you use video in marketing? Why or why not? Share in the comments!


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Tips for Using Social Media to Sell a Home

Using Social Media to Sell a Home

Combining online and offline marketing is essential to any real estate marketing strategy. A combination of marketing postcards, website marketing, and social media will help you win every time.

Many Realtors® aren’t sure how to approach selling a home on social media. You may share listings on your personal page and possibly on a business page. That’s a good start, but there’s so much more you can do.

A Facebook Page for Real Estate in Your Farm Area

Most Realtors® have an area or neighborhood that they specialize in or would like to work in primarily. To make this a banner year, start now. Create a Facebook page focused on real estate in your preferred area.

Facebook pages like “Beautiful Homes {City}” can gain a lot of followers, and you can share home tips, blog posts, beautiful photos, and of course, your listings!

If you start the page now and promote it using Facebook Ads to those who live in the area, you can have a good fan base by the time the spring selling season hits!

Here are some keys to making your page successful:

  • Be consistent! If you disappear for weeks or months, so will your audience.
  • Post from a variety of sources. Just your website or your listings will seem too promotional, and people won’t stick around.
  • Share the page posts on your personal page and encourage others to share them as well. This will extend the organic reach of the posts.
  • Stay on message – if you post about travel in Peru, it may be interesting, but it will confuse your audience and lower engagement.
  • Run contests and post questions to encourage engagement.

Create Local Boards on Pinterest

Similar to Facebook, local branding is one of the keys you can use on Pinterest. You can create a Pinterest board dedicated to the community you’re farming.

To build interest in your board you can promote pins, or you can invite people to collaborate on your board. When you have collaborators, they can add pins to the board, so you may want to monitor the board from time to time to avoid spam.

You can also create a variety of other home focused and locally focused boards, such as DIY, local events, news items, home décor, and more. As your Pinterest boards gain traction, you can post listing photos and encourage people to click through to your website to view the listing and schedule an appointment.

It takes time to create a locally focused Pinterest account with followers and interest, but once you do, it’s the gift that never stops giving.


We’ve posted before about how to use Instagram for real estate, and there are a lot of exciting options. When it comes to marketing a listing, you want to focus on posting beautiful photos and using the appropriate hashtags.

Remember that your connections on Instagram can be buyers, but you can also connect with buyer’s agents by using the appropriate local hashtags. When you attract attention from other agents, they can help you sell your listing.

Video and More Video!

There is live video available on both Facebook and Twitter, and it’s a great way to promote new listings. You can also record regular video and upload it to Facebook and YouTube.

You can do a video of yourself announcing the listing and discussing the features. Make this interesting by telling a story about what it would be like for a new family living there. Play up the house, the neighborhood, the schools, and the shopping and other benefits.

Another great real estate video for listings is the walkthrough. Whether live or prerecorded, a walkthrough video allows interested buyers to see the home without having to go to an open house or make an appointment. Your commentary can help them see the very best features of the home, and imagine themselves living there!

Social media can be a complex marketing channel. It takes time and patience to build up your presence, which is why the slower winter months are the perfect time to start. When you have a strong following, though, you will be able to get tremendous exposure for your listings without spending tons of money. It’s worth it!

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5 Incredible Ways to Use Real Estate Videos

Real Estate Videos

Realtors® who think videos are the future are already a step behind. Videos are one of the most important marketing tools you need to be doing right now. And you need to be doing them well.

Consider that:

Convinced yet? Ok, let’s take a look at 5 ways any Realtor® can leverage videos for their business.

Use Real Estate Videos to Sell Your Homes

This is the most obvious way to use a video. Give your prospects a virtual tour of the home. Some Realtors® will simply walk around the house with an iPad and shoot a video. Others will hire a professional video company or contractor to shoot and edit their tour.

If you’re going to shoot /edit the video yourself, make sure you’re really, really good at it. A bad video can do more harm than good.

If you’re going to outsource it, it is possible to be too showy (Hollywood-style effects and hard drum beat music is a bit much). But it’s not possible to be too professional.

Make sure they look and sound amazing.

… And They Keep Selling

Another motivator for doing a good job on your videos is knowing that these posts will act as “evergreen” marketing tools, that will keep selling you, long after you’ve sold the house.

People will look up your website and your YouTube channel when they’re thinking about hiring you. So treat each video as a showcase for yourself and your brand, as much as it is a showcase for the home.

Use Real Estate Videos to Sell Yourself

You should also use a video to introduce yourself and your entire staff. This adds a much needed personal touch to your website, or YouTube and Facebook profiles.

“People are curious by nature, so it should come as no surprise that business videos that explore real-life personalities and behind-the-scenes footage are compelling and helpful in attracting new customers,” said BusinessTV.

“And in this era that’s over-saturated with technologies, adding a ‘human’ element is crucial in creating a sense of connection with customers.”

Use Real Estate Videos to Sell an Area or Neighborhood

You don’t want to just sell this home. You want to sell every home in the neighborhood.

To build yourself up as the expert in the area you’re trying to focus on, you need to have a video that showcases the area as a whole.

“Of homebuyers who use video in their search, 86 percent use it to research a particular community,” wrote Real Estate Blogger, Kathryn Royster.

Use Real Estate Videos to Boost Your Google Ranking

We’ve already thrown a few stats at you, that speak to how videos help your search engine optimization (SEO). But here are a few more.

  • Videos get 50 times better organic page ranks in Google, compared to simple text
  • Video searches garner 41% higher click-through rates, as compared to plain, static text content

And let’s not forget the value of video search from people’s phones. Google’s new algorithm makes sure that mobile-friendly websites get a search ranking boost on mobile searches. And 70% of mobile searches lead to online action within an hour.

As you can see, using the virtual tour is pretty much a prerequisite for all houses for sale these days. But, don’t forget the value in using them to sell yourself (and your team), while leveraging them to boost your SEO ranking.

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4 Ways to Market Real Estate Listings

Real Estate Listings Marketing

The challenge you face in making a real estate listing is right in the name itself: Listings. By definition, your property will be displayed in a list (in either online or print) among other ads that are trying to do the exact same thing you are.

When human eyes see a series of listings, they immediately go into “Just the facts, please” mode and start scanning for the things that will jump out to them. This means they’re only looking at price, location, neighborhood or the picture. That’s your small window to grab them.

So let’s take a look at 4 things you can do to make sure a homebuyer’s eyes stop scanning and stay locked on your real estate listing.

Spend the Time to Make Them Stand Out

The minimum effort will get the minimum results and attention. You should spend the time to teach yourself how to write compelling real estate listings, and figure out what words people respond to. Take them seriously, and really think about how to describe the home in the best possible way to showcase its best features.

Give the same amount of effort to the visuals. You need to combine expert home staging with professional photography to capture your audience’s attention when they’re scrolling or flipping through other real estate listings.

Just because you can shoot high-quality pictures on your iPhone doesn’t mean you will. Blurry, poorly frame and unprofessional looking pictures will turn people off immediately and send them to the next ad.

Create a Landing Page or Blog for Your Real Estate Listings

This helps you in selling this property to human beings, as well as search engines. This shows people that this house is worth all the effort you put into building a page/blog for it, while giving it an online presence.

“A dedicated post or landing page for a listing can help you build a robust marketing campaign for a property (beyond just the listing page),” advises real estate marketing expert, Sandra Manzanares.

“Add more in-depth descriptions, photos, video, and information about the area to better pitch the property, and optimize the post with hyper-local keywords, address names, and property type keywords to attract organic traffic. Share your blog with your network as you would a regular blog post.”

Add Videos to Your Real Estate Listings

Give your property the virtual tour treatment to take homebuyers inside the home and show them what it really has to offer. Videos are great, interesting, shareable, and really show the seller you’re serious about this home.

“Did you know that 73% of homeowners say they’re more likely to list with a realtor who offers to create a video for them, but only 4% of agents put their listings on YouTube,” said communications expert, Jess Maria.

Like your photos, make sure these videos look amazing. So either hire a professional or get a good camera and become really good at shooting them yourself.

Make Sure You Have Printed Takeaways at Open Houses

Put together a little bundle that gives your open house guests all the required information (floor plan, area comparables), while also using all of your professional photos to remind people how amazing this place is.

Also, always put your business card front and center, so they can quickly get in touch with you for the next step. Never send them away empty handed!

Real estate listings are an art AND a science. So invest the time it takes to make them stand out with great words and pictures, while giving them a strong online presence with videos and a first rate open house takeaway package.

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3 Types of YouTube Videos That Will Bring You Leads

YouTube Real Estate Marketing

For the most part, I strongly advocate picking a basic marketing strategy and sticking to it. This strategy should combine online and offline elements, and needs to respect the time and resources you have available.

That said, sometimes it’s fun and profitable to branch out in new ways. One way that Realtors® can make an impact is through YouTube Videos. Having a YouTube page for your real estate business is important anyway – you can post walkthroughs there for additional visibility. But getting in front of the camera yourself is also a great marketing strategy.

What You Need to Create YouTube Videos

Many people assume you need an amazing video setup that costs a ton of money if you want to make YouTube videos. Fortunately, that isn’t true at all. Here are the things you actually do need:

  • A phone or camera that can make reasonably good quality videos
  • A clip-on microphone if your phone has trouble picking up sound
  • A tripod (available on Amazon for very little)
  • Reasonably good lighting – being outside or near a window is helpful
  • Professional dress

Not as intimidating as you expected, is it? Now, if you make YouTube a significant, ongoing part of your marketing strategy, you’ll eventually want to invest more into your equipment. To start with, however, this is all you need.

3 Types of Videos That Will Bring You Leads

The next question is, what do you make a video about? Obviously, you want to maximize return on your time invested, so they should be videos that will help you attract leads. Here are three types of videos that can do that.

Neighborhood Explainer Video

This video would be focused on an area you’re farming. You would just do a rundown on the neighborhood, explaining market conditions, schools nearby, local attractions, shops, and activities. Videos don’t have to be extremely long – they just have to provide great information. You’ll want to focus on the positive qualities of the neighborhood, and promote it online both to people who already live there and might list, and those who want to move into the area.

If you do a great job with the neighborhood video, residents of the neighborhood will probably share it for you to their own online following. Remember to not only give great information, but to have fun and showcase your personality at the same time.

Real Estate Process Video

This is a behind-the-scenes type video where you explain what goes into a real estate transaction. Starting from the beginning, describe the process that you go through as you serve your clients. This video will interest prospects and introduce you as someone who can help them.

This type of video is great for two reasons. First, it provides helpful information to anyone who is about to buy or sell a home regarding what they can expect from each step of the journey. Second, it answers the question “what do Realtors® do that’s valuable, anyway?” without being defensive or salesy. Definitely a win-win for you!

Things to Consider Before a FSBO

The purpose of this type of video is to explain some of the pitfalls of a FSBO and explain how the homeowner doesn’t really net any additional money doing it themselves. By pointing out the pain points of extra hassle and possible missed steps, you can encourage potential FSBOs to list with you instead.

This video should be positioned as being informational, although of course it is aimed at generating leads as well. Showcase your knowledge, professionalism, and personality. Maybe someone who sees it and decides to try a FSBO anyway will call you when it doesn’t sell!

In all cases, these videos should include a “call to action” at the end – an invitation to contact you for more information. This can include visiting your website or emailing you, but the best call to action is generally for them to call you. That way you can start communicating in person right away.

Would you consider YouTube videos as a marketing strategy? Why or why not? Share in the comments!

Tired of Traditional Open Houses? Use Periscope Instead

Periscope for Realtors

Would you love to have a completely safe open house done in 45 minutes for dozens of viewers, without having to buy any cookies or punch? If so, you should get to know the new Periscope app.

Periscope is a free app that allows you to share live video and audio from your mobile device. The video can go as long as you want, and viewers can interact with you through chat messages. This allows them to ask questions, make comments, and request specific things, like to see the birds near you.

As a result, Periscope is the perfect tool to do a live, narrated walk-through of a home for an audience of agents and/or buyers. No one has to travel to get to you, your safety is not compromised, and you don’t spend hours in a home with no one coming in.

How to Use Periscope

Periscope isn’t hard to use. First, you download the app to your mobile device. While Periscope was initially just available for Apple, it is now also available on Android. This means that no matter what you or your viewers are using, you’re covered.

Once you have the app, you’ll need to connect it to your Twitter account. Simply opening Periscope and following the directions will allow you to do that. To make things simple, keep your Twitter name as your Periscope username, unless it’s inappropriate. (In that case, make a new Twitter account!) You can follow folks in Periscope you know from Twitter, or search for specific users to follow if you know their names.

Before you broadcast, let people know that you plan to do a Periscope open house, and let them know what your Periscope username is. Share the information anywhere you can to reach your target audience – email, Facebook, Twitter, and more. Share the date and time you plan to broadcast. Right before you start, send out a message that the Periscope is about to begin!

When you’re ready to begin, open the app and click the orange button at the bottom right. It will prompt you to name your broadcast, and then click “begin broadcast” to begin! Your viewers can watch from their mobile device or through their internet browser.

During the Periscope, viewers can use chat to ask questions and interact with you. If the chat bubbles annoy you, they can be turned off. You can find out more details about specific Periscope options and setup on the Periscope Help site.

Benefits of a Periscope Open House

The benefits of doing an open house through Periscope are tremendous. Not only is your safety assured – no one is physically in the home with you – but the homeowners don’t have to worry about theft or damage either. In addition, you no longer have to sit around wasting time for hours. Your Periscope video is available for 24 hours after you record it, right in the app. Anyone who missed the time can still view your narrated tour when it’s most convenient for them.

If you felt you had a great open house and answered a lot of key questions, you may want to share the video with others beyond the normal 24 hour window. To do this, you can use a free third-party capture app, like Katch. Katch allows you to save your Periscope presentations indefinitely, as well as allowing you to upload them to YouTube or another video website. In this way, your Periscope broadcasts can become part of your overall marketing plan for your listing.

Stop wasting hours and risking your safety with a traditional open house. Download Periscope for free, set up your account, and start broadcasting! You’ll save tons of time and money, as well as showing yourself to be at the forefront of real estate marketing. And while you’re at it, follow me too. I’m @NadineLarder, and I’d love to meet you. :-)

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