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How to Reignite Your Fire For Real Estate

Reignite-your-inner-realtorWe all know that our real estate gig isn’t always roses and unicorns. In fact, I bet there are a lot of days you wonder why you’re even in this business! It’s a times like this that we have to remember our “why”, recall our past successes, and reignite our fires to move forward again.

Unfortunately, those things are easy to say, but it can be hard to know practical ways to do them. Here are three ways to get out of your rut and reignite your passion for your real estate business.

Remember Your Why

Think back to when you became an agent, whether that was years ago or months ago. Why did you do it? For family? For flexibility? For income potential? Whatever your “why” was, revisit it again. If it still resonates, put it up where you can see it. A picture of your family on the corner of your computer screen, a picture that means freedom to you on your cell phone – whatever it is, keep it front and center.

If your why no longer resonates – maybe your kids are grown and gone, or you’ve divorced, or the 9-5 you hated is a distant memory – find a new one. Take some time and brainstorm about what your real estate career can really bring you and what makes you excited to do it each day. Then, put your new “why” where you’ll see it every day.

Set Big Goals

There’s something really exciting about thinking big, and it tends to jar us out of our complacency and disappointment. What’s a goal you can set for yourself or your real estate business that seems huge to you? Set that goal. Think about how it would feel to accomplish it. Visualize your success.

Then, set about breaking it down into actionable steps. By setting smaller sub-goals for 30, 60, and 90 day increments, you can make your big goal achievable. With this focus, you’ll find your motivation returning as you work to make your big dreams a reality.

If you get discouraged on your journey to your big goal, look back and take stock of the progress you’ve already made. Remembering past times that you were able to achieve what you wanted – including launching your real estate career in the first place! – will boost your confidence and help you more forward with courage.

Focus on Self Education and Improvement

One way I sometimes get out of a rut is by reading a book that is motivational or instructive. In this way, I can access the courage, motivation, and success of another person and let it become my own. This is a great way to get that fire rekindled as you face another Monday.

In addition, sometimes there are practical things you can do that would helReignite Your Firep make your days more rewarding and less draining. Reading about time management, goal setting, best practices in real estate, and more can make a big difference in furthering your career.

Finally, look around and see who you admire that you can ask to be your mentor. This should be someone with a positive attitude about the business – you don’t need someone dragging you down! It should also be someone trustworthy who has achieved some of the things you want to achieve. By having a mentor, you’ll have someone to share your struggles with who can encourage and coach you in person. That type of assistance is extremely valuable as you build your career.

Zig Ziglar once said, “People often say motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing. That’s why we recommend it daily.” Don’t feel bad about yourself if you often need to add fuel to your internal fire. Everyone does! By keeping your “why” front and center, setting big goals, and taking advantage of educational and inspirational books and people, you will be well on your way to keeping your passion and succeeding in your career.

To your success!

Is THIS Your Biggest Fear?

Fear of Success

When people are asked what their biggest fear is, most people say “public speaking”, followed by “heights”, “insects and bugs”, and “financial problems”. Those common answers are the top conscious fears, certainly, but many business owners – including Realtors® – actually have a completely different biggest fear. And they don’t even realize it.

They’re afraid of success.

What?? That doesn’t even make sense! How can success be a major fear? Many people believe they fear failure, perhaps, but SUCCESS?

It’s much more common than you think. Often, fear of success manifests itself as subtle sabotage right when you’re on the brink of a major breakthrough. You get in more arguments. You start making mistakes when talking to investors. You feel irritated at every little detail. Why?

In our culture, success can be extremely scary. First of all, it often brings major change to your life, which you may not be sure how to deal with. If you succeed once, people will expect you to succeed again. You’ll get more attention from people, which you may not want. Success demands that you operate outside your comfort zone for a long time – and perhaps permanently.

Fortunately, there are ways to deal with your fears of success. Here are four steps to help you work through this roadblock and become the agent you know you can be.

  1. Envision Success and Write Down How it Feels

The first step is to envision what success looks like for you in your real estate business and imagine it happening today. Do you feel anxious? Explore those feelings, and you’ll often find the roots of your fear. Maybe you think you won’t be home as often, or that you won’t manage your money well. Write them down.

  1. Review Those Fears and Write Down Counter Examples

For each fear that surfaces, write down three specific examples of times you DIDN’T act that way. For instance, if you’re afraid of poor money management, write down three examples of times that you did well with extra money. This will help build your confidence in your ability to handle your profits.

  1. If You Don’t Have Counter Examples, Get Extra Training or Help

Perhaps you really do have trouble spending extra money well, or spending time with your family when you’re stressed. If that’s the case, invest in extra training or help to overcome these weaknesses. When you have done so, you’ll be better prepared to handle success. These become new data points to inspire confidence.

  1. Review Your Confidence Points Regularly

What we do regularly always trumps what we do occasionally. Once you’ve written down examples of how you are capable to handle your concerns about success, review them often. This will help your improved confidence become permanent.

Fear of success is a subtle, though common, roadblock. As you build your real estate business, you can’t afford to be hampered by this fear. Using the four steps above will help you bring out your fears, prove them wrong, and cement that new confidence in your mind. With your confidence strengthened, success will be far easier to obtain.

Do you feel like you fear success? Why or why not? Share in the comments!