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How to Use Hashtags In Social Media

Using Hashtags in Social Media

The hashtag can either take you where you want to go, or where you don’t belong, depending on how you use it.

The hashtag has perplexed many seasoned marketers for years. So if you’re not sure how to use one correctly, don’t feel bad.

To make sure you’re #not #over #doing #it, here’s a few tips.

How Do I Know Which Hashtags to Use?

Let’s keep things simple. Essentially, every post you send should do one of 3 things: to entertain, to educate, or to promote. If your post can’t do any of these 3 things, there’s no point in sending it.

Here’s how to find the right hashtags for each:

These posts show off your personality, and help you grow your reach. More people will add you when they see you offer more than house listings. You have jokes or insights. So for this, you’ll want to use any of the web’s many tools to find a trending hashtag, and join the conversation. Ben Sailer does an amazing job of explaining how to find the best hashtags in this article.

See what’s trending. Some trends are somewhat related to real estate, jump on those. But many of the trends will not be related to real estate, and that’s OK. You’re not trying to sell right now.

BUT. Don’t poke your nose in where it doesn’t belong, just because something is popular. If you don’t know anything about sports, don’t jump on the #FinalFour bandwagon. You will come off desperate.

You’re establishing yourself as an expert with an insightful post, or link to a blog. You’re going to want to cast a more specific net, so try using any of the great hashtags that Nancy Robbers has listed here. This is the best way to find an audience with people who are looking to read about what you’re writing.

Hopefully, this isn’t the only thing you do. If it is, we have many more blogs for you to read.

When you’re promoting an open house or new listing, be sure to make sure you hashtag your city’s name first. Or neighborhood or area if it’s big enough.

Real Estate “Ninja,” Sepy Bazzazi reminds us that, “Hashtags are important to real estate agents because they give you a direct line into your community. A place where you can build your brand through a series of pleasant interactions with other community members and leaders.”

But you will also want to add some applicable gems like the ones found on this list. Hashtags like these help you tap into the buyers/sellers and their experiences: #dreamhome #houseportrait #houseportrait_sunday #milliondollarlisting #oldhousecharm  #firsthometogether #homeownerfun #savingforahouse.

How Do I Use Hashtags in Social Media?

It’s a tightrope. You want to take full advantage of them, but you certainly don’t want to overdo it and annoy people.

Here’s how many you will want to use on each social media site:

  • Facebook: 1
  • Twitter: 2-4
  • Instagram: 11

The important thing is to do your research for current hashtags, and choose specific hashtags for specific purposes. Using #realestate is too broad to sell a house, but it may get your blog about how to win a bidding war more exposure.

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6 Time-Saving Tips for Real Estate Social Media

Time saving real estate social media tips

As a Realtor®, you know the importance of keeping the lead generation funnel constantly moving.

And you also have probably heard something about the power of social media, and how utilizing various platforms can really make an impact on the success of your business.

But…how are you supposed to find the time to invest in real estate social media?

It’s definitely important, but there has to be a better way to manage your social media platforms so they don’t suck away all of your time.

Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to leverage the power of social media without spending copious amounts of time that you don’t really have.

So, today, we’ve put together a list of our top time-saving tips for real estate social media – see if any of these might work for you!

1. Find Your Real Estate Social Media ‘Best Fit’

There are about a million (slight exaggeration…but only slight) social media platforms out there available for you to connect with potential leads and existing clients. But that doesn’t mean you should try to be on all of them. It’s important that you really do your research and figure out where your ideal clients are hanging out, whether that be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or something else entirely. Then, build a social presence on those platforms and focus on maintaining them on a regular basis. Note: it may take a bit of trial and error to find the right platform for your business, but don’t give up! You’ll find it.

2. Harness the Power of Stencil

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but when it comes to social media, pictures are worth more than just words. Since our brains can process images 60,000 times faster than text, images become critical in grabbing your readers’ attention immediately and keeping them engaged with the content you post on your social platforms. And that’s where Stencil comes in. Stencil allows you to easily create beautiful images to accompany your text posts, and even allows you to post to your social accounts instantly – no hassle. Big time saver!

3. Use Time-Saving Resources like Socially Posted

Maybe you’re really just not interested in posting/managing/maintaining your own social media accounts. That’s okay! There are a lot of great companies out there to whom you can outsource your social media posting for a low monthly fee. Socially Posted is one of those companies, and they’ll post new content to your chosen social media platforms every day so you don’t even have to worry about it. One thing about social media is that the posts need to stay consistent if you want to see success, so if you’re really busy, outsourcing is a great option for you.

4. Automate Your Real Estate Social Media with Buffer

If you’re not interested in outsourcing, you can still manage your social media platforms and save a lot of time in the process by using an automation tool such as Buffer. With a ‘set it and forget it’ functionality, Buffer’s software allows you to go into your account (or multiple accounts if you’re using the paid version) and physically schedule out your company’s social media posts for days, weeks and even months at a time. This way you can get everything scheduled at once and then just let it do its thing. One thing to keep in mind, though – you need to keep an eye on your posts to make sure that they’re still appropriate/relevant when they are scheduled to post, especially if you schedule far in advance.

5. Try Hootsuite for Even More Automation

Similar to Buffer, Hootsuite is another automation option for your social media platforms. Again, you need to be careful that the things you schedule to post are still relevant and appropriate when they actually post to your accounts, but with a bit of attention, Hootsuite can be an extremely helpful, time-saving tool. Additionally, Hootsuite allows you to actually respond to and interact with your audience right from the platform, making managing your social community that much easier for you.

6. Focus on Curating from Around the Internet

You don’t have to write every single thing that you post on social media. In fact, you shouldn’t. There’s this little thing called the 80/20 rule when it comes to social media, meaning that 20% of the time you should be posting your own promotional content and 80% of the time you should be posting your own entertaining content or other people’s content. That might sound a little bit crazy, but in reality, you don’t want your social media account to be too promotional. Plus, posting other people’s content saves you time in the long run (and might even gain you a friend or two in the process), so it’s really a win-win.

Social media doesn’t have to be a giant time suck in order to be effective – give these tips a try today and watch as your business’ social media platforms start to take off!

Social Media for Real Estate Quick Facts

social media quick facts

Are you able to convert “likes” to leads? Do you share content on social media that actually gets shared by others?

Social media for real estate is complex and always changing. So to make sure even the most seasoned Realtors® know exactly how to use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, we’ve compiled this quick fact sheet on everything you need to know.

The Basics of Social Media for Real Estate

Active users:

  • Facebook: 800 million
  • Twitter: 100 million
  • Instagram: 400 million
  • YouTube: 490 million

Should Realtors® use it?: 

  • Facebook: Most definitely
  • Twitter: Not your top priority
  • Instagram: It helps
  • YouTube: For sure

How to Use Social Media for Real Estate

Best time to post:

  • Facebook: 1pm to 4 pm
  • Twitter: 1 pm to 3 pm
  • Instagram: 7 p.m. and 10 p.m.
  • YouTube: Afternoon and weekend mornings

Worst time to post:

  • Facebook: 8 pm to 8 am
  • Twitter: 8 pm to 9 am
  • Instagram: 3:00PM to 4:00PM on weekdays
  • YouTube: Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays

Rule of thumb:

  • Facebook: 80-20 rule. Entertain with 80% of your posts and sell in 20%
  • Twitter: Respond to everything (good or bad) as quickly as possible
  • Instagram: Share more than houses, but keep your personal posts professional and rated G
  • YouTube: Make sure your virtual tours look as professional as possible

Avoid these faux pas:

  • Facebook: Being boring and only talking about real estate
  • Twitter: Using all 140 characters. Leave room for the RT!
  • Instagram: Posting someone else’s picture without permission
  • YouTube: Posting anything unprofessional

How Many Hashtags Should I Use?

  • Facebook: 1
  • Twitter: 2-4
  • Instagram: 11
  • YouTube: n/a

What’s the Shelf Life of the Average Post?

  • Facebook: 1.3 hours
  • Twitter: 15-20 minutes
  • Instagram: 13 hours
  • YouTube: Can vary greatly

How Often Should I Post?

  • Facebook: 2-3 times a day
  • Twitter: 3 times a day
  • Instagram: When relevant
  • YouTube: When you have a property to showcase, or a fun or informative video to share

Be sure to check this sheet whenever you’re wondering when and what to post.

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10 Great Pinterest Board Ideas for Realtors

Pinterest for Realtors

Popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram can be great ways to both connect with clients and generate new leads.

But…what about Pinterest?

When you think about Pinterest, some of the first things that come to mind may be recipes and DIY craft projects, but did you know that Pinterest can also be a great resource for Realtors®?

It’s true.

Pinterest for Realtors® looks a lot like creating fun boards (something that, let’s be honest, you probably already do!) and centering them on specific areas, interests or styles that might appeal to potential clients.

The end game?

Potential clients will find and follow your Pinterest boards for inspiration, and, since they’re most likely in the market for a home in your general area, will likely turn to you for their real estate needs.

Pinterest for Realtors® : 10 Ideas to Get You Started

Are you ready to start creating your own Pinterest board? Take a look at some of these great ideas below to start getting ideas!

  1. Dream Homes in _____

Create a board focused on dream homes in your specific area. The key here is the specific area – you don’t want to just create a general “dream homes” board. Instead, be super area specific and target your real estate area to get more local potential clients interested.

  1. Home Renovation Ideas

People who are looking for Pinterest boards about home renovation ideas are likely looking to improve the resale value of their home, which in turn could mean that they are getting close to being ready to sell. Provide them with a great Pinterest board to follow and you’ve already got a lead!

  1. Dream Kitchen

Everyone wants a dream kitchen – it’s often one of the first rooms that people look at when home shopping. Create a Pinterest board centered on dream kitchens to spark inspiration and also leads by including images of actual kitchens in homes for sale in your area.

  1. Family-Friendly Home Ideas

Family-friendly homes are very important to many people. Make things easier for them during the home search process by creating a Pinterest board full of ideas. And if you have a listing that is particularly family-friendly, include photos on your board.

  1. Ideas for Staging Your Home

Again, if someone is looking for advice on staging a home, they are likely looking to sell the home they are currently in and buy a new one. By creating a board of staging ideas, you’re setting yourself up to get a lot of leads that are motivated and ready to sell/buy.

  1. Condos/Townhouses/Luxury Homes in _____

Pictures are worth a thousand words, literally. You can describe a home in great detail, but pictures are usually what cause a potential buyer to become interested. In order to capitalize on this, try creating a board that’s all about condos, townhouses, homes, etc. for sale in your specific area – and be sure to include pictures!

  1. Parks, Recreation, and Trails in _____

Sometimes it’s not so much the home that sells, but the area surrounding the home. If your region has great parks, recreation activities or trails, create a Pinterest board focused on those activities. You may just get someone interested in the area, which could turn into a real estate lead.

  1. Curb Appeal for Homes

Looking to improve curb appeal is another sure sign that someone is looking to sell a home. Create a board with curb appeal ideas to help them in the process and you may just land yourself another hot lead that is ready to sell very soon.

  1. Easy Home Organizational Ideas

People are always looking for new ways to organize their homes. If you’ve come across some good ideas for doing so, be sure to pin them on a specific Pinterest board. With the high number of searches, potential leads are bound to stumble across your board.

  1. Summer/Winter Activities in _____

Similar to parks and recreation, if your area has specific summer or winter activities that are really amazing – great beaches, mountains for hiking of skiing, lakes for boating, etc. – be sure to promote them, as this could help draw in more potential home buyers.

So, now that you have some ideas, it’s your turn! Start creating your very own real estate Pinterest boards today!

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How to Use Social Media to Boost Your Real Estate Marketing

Real Estate Marketing through Social Media

Many Realtors® have heard that they should be on social media. They’ve heard that it’s incredibly important and becoming more so by the day, as more and more people join various social media platforms.

So…why is it so important? And what does social media have to do with real estate marketing?

Well for one, there are over 1 billion people on Facebook alone, plus over 300 million on Twitter and 400 million on LinkedIn. And that number is growing daily. For no other reason than the opportunity to get your brand in front of a LOT of people, you should be considering social media.

But there are other reasons, too. We’ve compiled a list of benefits and tips to help you take your real estate business to the next level with social media – check them out below!

Real Estate Marketing 101: Understand Your Clients Through Social Media

As with any marketing strategy, you need to understand your clients in order to be successful. In the case of social media, you need to understand why people are on social media in the first place (hint: it’s not to be bombarded with advertisements and spam). They’re there to connect with others and be social, so it’s important that you incorporate this into your strategy. The worst thing you can do is come off as salesy of self-promotional – people will tire of you quickly, and stop following your business.

Listen and Be Authentic with Your Social Media Posts

So in order to come across in a way that’s not too self-promotional, you should focus on being authentic and also listening to your audience. You need to connect with your audience in order to make your social media efforts work, and in order to connect, you first need to be your real self. Share things that are interesting to you and focus on letting your personal brand shine. Also, listen to what others are saying. If people are asking questions about your business or real estate properties in your area, be sure to respond quickly and informatively. Your audience will appreciate your efforts immensely, and they will likely come back to check for updates on your social pages often.

Use Social Media to Connect with Clients and Ask for Referrals

All this to say, social media allows you to connect with clients (and potential clients) on a personal level that could not otherwise be achieved. By sharing helpful tips and really investing in your online community, you’re building trust and also increasing your chances for referral business. Past clients will appreciate what you are doing, and they will be more likely to spread the word to their friends and family looking to buy or sell their home.

Amp Up Your Real Estate Marketing Efforts with Better Lead Generation

Besides connecting with your clients, social media is also great for lead generation. Platforms such as Facebook and Twitter offer the opportunity to pay to promote certain posts or even advertise to specific, target audiences that you get to choose. It’s a great way to generate more leads in a way that’s both efficient and effective, and many people have reported seeing great results. Also, many social media platforms have a search function which allows you to look up people who have searched for terms such as “looking for a house” or “homes for sale within my community.” If you respond to them or share your page/contact info, this can also be a great lead generation strategy.

Include Your Social Media Accounts on Your Business Cards and Flyers

But how do you get people to come to your social media page in the first place? Besides word of mouth, you can also include your social information on your business cards and/or the flyers and mailers you send out within your community. If you’re looking to create new business cards or flyers with your social media information included, we offer a large variety of high-quality, affordable options!

So, if you’re looking to give your real estate marketing a little boost, start incorporating social media today – you’ll be happy you did!