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Stop “Wishing” And Start “Doing”…Get Inspired!

real estate wishes come trueHow often do you say to yourself things like “I wish I had more clients” or “I wish I was doing more business” or “I wish I had more listings” wishing for this and wishing for that, hoping that if you keep “wishing,” it will come your way.  I was inspired to write this article by an electrician that is doing some work at my home who said to me “You’re lucky, I wish I could work at home.”  Luck has nothing to do with it and neither does wishing… 😉

I am “Hope” (Nadine means hope in Russian) and I hope reading this helps begin turning your wishes in to reality…or “realty”…whichever you prefer. :-)

I no longer “wish” for things like I used to for two reasons.

  1. Wishing for things doesn’t do anything to move me forward towards my goals and life ambitions. It certainly doesn’t get me any closer to my purpose to “wish.”
  2. If I’m wishing for something else, how am I appreciating what I have and living in the moment I’m in.  This moment is the only one I have, so instead of wishing for something else, I choose to be thankful for what “is.”

The definition of the word “wish”
To feel or express a strong desire or hope for something that is not easily attainable; want something that cannot or probably will not happen.

So my question to you is…do you want to keep “wishing” for something in your life, that according to the definition “cannot or probably won’t happen?”  Or are you more in tuned with “doing” something that leads you to where you’re going?  If it’s the latter, I have some ideas I wanted to share to help you get to “doing” instead of wishing, which leads nowhere.

As a Realtor®, you are in the lead generation business and must keep yourself busy “doing” activities that result in getting more leads for your database.  Leads turn in to listings when you work them.

  • Talk to 10 people per day.  Just make contact with 10 people.  Don’t sell them real estate, just keep in touch and find out how you can serve.  When you keep in touch and are always ready to serve the needs of others, things just work out and the magic happens.
  • Visit no less than 10 properties in your market per week.  The best way to keep yourself educated and up to date on the market and what’s happening in it is to be “in” it.  Get out of your office, get out of your house, step away from whatever it is that distracts you and “be” a Realtor® by “doing” the things Realtors® do when they are working and lead generating.
  • Participate in Social Media.  Social media isn’t going anywhere and if you’re not participating, you’re missing out on a huge amount of opportunity to build your reputation as well as your brand.  You’re missing out on the opportunity to meet up with people on line, keep in touch and remind people you’re a Realtor®!!!  Many friendships and relationships are established on social media sites like Facebook.  It gives people a glimpse of who you are, what you stand for and what’s most important to you.  Concerned about privacy…don’t post what you don’t want people to see!  Simple.
  • Attend networking events.  You’ll meet a lot of local people at networking events.  You must “list to last” and the people who are local to your community are the ones you want to network with.  They are attending networking events to “network,” so get out there and network, finding out how you can serve each others businesses.
  • Be of service. Being of service in your community and the community you serve, serves everyone.  When we serve others, it all comes back around 10 fold.  Getting involved in community events helps you to get to know the community and the leaders of the community.  They’re the ones who making things happen in the community you serve and will direct people your way when they see you’re commitment to the common goals of a great community.
  • Be consistent with your marketing.  Marketing is like food for your business and without it, your business can’t survive.  Have a real estate marketing budget, work your budget by working your database via mail, phone and email.

If you had a wish list in your real estate business, I hope after reading this you put wishing aside and start doing to make it all happen.  Your life and your real estate business is where it is because you set it up that way based on what you do or don’t do.  Start doing something different and something different will come your way as a result.

Be blessed!  Keep me posted on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn on how these ideas worked to change something in your business.



The Proof You’ve Been Looking For To Justify Your Own Website

There’s a strong possibility that if you do not have a website as a Realtor®, you may not actually be in business. More than 90% of buyers and sellers begin their search online. You can’t live up to your potential and all you’re capable of being as a Realtor® if the 90% who begin online can’t find you and never see you, because you’re not at the party.

The National Association of Realtors® puts out a report called The Home Buyers and Sellers Report which is filled with a wealth of information for Realtors® trying to Real Estate Marketing Graph | Source Inman Newsdetermine where they should invest their marketing dollars. Most Realtors® don’t have a marketing department they can turn to for direction on what might work best. This report provides answers to some of the most fundamental questions about marketing and what works best from the customers perspective to connect with them, where they’re looking.

You need a website, it’s not optional anymore. According to the report, 47% of the 90% who began their search online used a real estate agent website, the third highest resource listed, which was followed by a real estate company website. The MLS was the most popular, followed by If you’re thinking you’ve got yourself covered because you’re on Facebook, you might be surprised to learn that social media made up for only around 2% of how people begin their search. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be investing in social media, it means social media isn’t where people begin their search.

Read this article about why you need social media and how to get started

When it comes to how people found their agent, the most frequently used method was getting a referral from a friend or family, followed by an 11% who used a website. I’m always shocked to see that only 10% of those surveyed used a previous agent because I know how effective and important it is to keep in touch with your past clients database and sphere of influence. Your sphere of influence are the ones giving out the referrals (the 40% mentioned above!!!). It’s the easiest form of marketing, the most effective means of marketing, the most cost effective and the one most resisted. It’s like the low hanging fruit that no one wants to pick! The number of people who use their previous Realtor® would be much higher if Realtors® did a better job of keeping in touch with their sphere of influence, while increasing their number of referrals.

You’ll find a download here to help you get back in touch if you’ve been avoiding your sphere of influence. Doing so will improve your business tremendously.

INAR Real Estate Buyers and Seller Survey 2013n looking at the report, the biggest take away for me was that people begin online, decide they want to make a change, then work to find an agent. If you’re online and they see you, you’ve made an impression, if they come across your blogs while doing their research, you’ve made another impression, when they see you on, you’re making another impression. If they’re in your database and you mail to your database, you’re making yet another impression. When you show up in their inbox with relevant and timely information, because they’re on your email list and you care enough to keep them updated, you’ve made another impression.

Over 60% of people only meet with one Realtor® before they choose, make sure it’s you by meeting those people where they are looking.

Having a real estate agent website shows you’re a professional Realtor® who is serious about their business. You took the steps to stake your claim and hang your business shingle out on the Internet where people can find you.

National Association of Realtors’ 2012 surveyed 8,501 home-buyers and sellers
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