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How 280 Characters Impacts Twitter for Real Estate

Twitter for Real Estate

Do you use Twitter for real estate marketing? It’s not something we’ve discussed here on the blog very often, mostly because there are so many social media options.

When using social media, it makes sense to focus on Facebook for targeting and Instagram for photos. However, that doesn’t mean Twitter is useless, especially now that they’ve expanded to 280 characters per post.

The Good: Using Twitter for Real Estate

There are quite a few features that make Twitter a good tool for real estate. You can find prospects, engage in conversation, and provide helpful information.

Finding Prospects

Twitter’s search feature lets you see what folks are talking about regarding specific housing areas, types of homes, and more. You can search terms like “Moving to (city)” or “affordable house in (city)” to find prospects.

You need to do this regularly, because the search results can pull up tweets from weeks or months ago, and as you know, you need to answer right away to be effective!

Like all conversations, however, be sure you don’t “go for the close” immediately. You need to ask questions to be sure you understand their needs, then offer suggestions.

Engagement on Twitter

This part is hard, I’m not going to lie. A lot more folks use Twitter to trumpet than to listen. But that doesn’t mean engagement is impossible.

Try these approaches:

  • Talk to people about themselves, like their hobbies, profile, or a recent tweet
  • Share pictures with each tweet – it’s much more eye-catching!
  • Connect with influencers, especially if they are local to you
  • Share local content – including hashtags
  • Answer questions you find on Twitter search

The 280 Advantage

Now that Twitter has expanded the length of tweets, you can share even more value with each post. It also makes it easier to cross-post from Facebook or other platforms. You don’t have to worry about cutting down the content to fit 140 characters!

With the extra space, try asking more questions, using more local terms and hashtags, and sharing more detailed content. You’ll be surprised how much flexibility the extra characters will give!

The Bad: Challenges in Twitter for Real Estate

One of the biggest struggles with Twitter is that it seems everyone is shouting, and few people are listening or responding. It may take a while to find folks to connect with that are genuinely interested in you.

The key to overcoming this is to not be one of those people! If your whole Twitter feed is simply cross-posts from other platforms, you can’t expect much engagement. Instead, use search to find relevant conversations you can participate in.

As with all social media, it takes time. We recommend this as possibly a third or fourth platform, with Facebook and Instagram being #1 and #2. Not every real estate agent will have time for more than two platforms, but if you do, Twitter is fun to experiment with!

Let us know – do you use Twitter? Why or why not? Share in the comments!


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Tips for Affordable Real Estate Marketing Online

Affordable Real Estate Marketing

Last week we talked about having a full-time marketing assistant for only $199/month. To continue with the topic, I have some exciting ways you can do online advertising very affordably (or, many times, FREE)!

Both Facebook and Twitter are great online platforms to engage with buyers and sellers. I’m going to give you my best suggestions for how to reach out affordably on each one.


Facebook Ads is a great place to test various ad ideas for very little cash. A Facebook ad can’t have too many words – only 20% can be text. Fortunately, for a Realtor®, that’s more of a benefit than a limitation! A beautiful picture of a listing, or a photo suggesting a house hunt, can be prominently placed to draw leads to your website or other portal.

Even better, Facebook ads can be very affordable. I recently blogged about the engagement I was able to get with only $6! I want to be transparent and really show you the value of what I advocate. This is stuff I do for my own work!! For $6, I got exposure to 1471 targeted people and gained engagement from 32 of them.

As a Realtor®, you know you can’t afford not to market yourself. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to cost more than a cup of coffee and a donut!


My personal FAVORITE advertising method on Twitter is completely free! It’s called Lead Gen Cards, and it’s a specific type of post that you can share with your followers to encourage them to sign up for a specific offer, enter a contest, and more. Think about it – do you have the contact and marketing information for everyone who follows you on Twitter? If not, this is a great way to go about getting it. This article explains in detail how to go about setting up Twitter lead gen cards.

Caveat: You do have to enter a credit card number to use Twitter Ads to generate the cards. But the cards are free!

If you want to spend a few dollars you can promote your lead generation cards through paid Twitter Ads. Similar to Facebook, you can choose your budget and the goal of your campaign. This article from Social Media Examiner gives great step-by-step instructions. One of the best parts of paid Twitter ads is the geographical targeting – which allows you to narrow your focus to people who live in the neighborhoods you buy and sell in.

So there you have it – affordable marketing tips on two of the biggest social media platforms out there. I’ve heard it said that small business owners – which includes Realtors® – should always pay “Mark” first. “Mark” stands for “marketing budget”. If you need to pinch pennies, still be sure to pay “Mark” – just maybe a little bit less!


What’s your favorite low-cost marketing strategy? Share in the comments!