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Realtor Uses GPS To Track Stolen Signs

I’ve heard of real estate signs going missing before, but this is a bit ridiculous!  Greg Portlock, a Realtor® in Colorado kept having his open house signs disappear every Sunday to a point of launching his own investigation to catch the thief.  Over a period of a couple months, he reports having lost around 100 listing signs!  I don’t have to tell you how fast that can add up and how aggravating it is to have your signs stolen, you’ve likely experienced it yourself at least once if you’ve been in real estate sales for any amount of time.  Well, Greg got so desperate to find out what was happening to his signs, he set a trap to catch the “real estate sign thief.”  He put his signs out as he had done for the last couple of months, but this time, he planted a camera to see what was happening to his signs and filmed the sign thief taking off with this signs.  While he was able to get the signs disappearing on tape, he didn’t recognize the sign thief and  had to take things a step further with GPS technology.

Greg went to the local Radio Shack and purchased a $100 GPS unit and installed it on one of his signs.  As predicted, the sign was stolen like in the weeks previous, but this time he was able to track the sign down.  Greg report that his GPS unit lead him to the garage of a competitor per his interview with Channel 9 news.