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Getting Started in Real Estate Marketing: Email Marketing

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Real Estate Email Marketing

Email marketing is another great weapon in your real estate marketing toolkit. It’s a crowded space, but with the right approach, you can stand out.

When your emails are consistently opened and read, it can do wonders for your business! Read on to discover how to maximize the impact of email in your marketing.

You Need a CRM

A CRM is email software that allows you to send bulk emails and manage your email campaigns. Yes, you can send an email to multiple folks from your regular email account. But most email providers have rules against sending marketing email from a normal email account.

Breaking the rules can get your entire account shut down, which can be devastating for your business.

Instead, choose an email service provider like ConvertKit to get started. Once you have a larger list and need more sophisticated email marketing, you can move up to a service like Infusionsoft.

By using the right software, you get better marketing capabilities and stay within the rules of email providers.

Build Your List

Just like cold calling, you can buy a list of email addresses and send them marketing information. However, that’s not likely to give you the best results.

Instead, build your list by attracting folks who are interested in what you’re doing and what you have to say. Here are some ideas:

  • Create a valuable freebie that you give away when folks sign up, like a list of family-friendly activities for each season.
  • Collect emails as part of a contest or raffle at a local event or fundraiser
  • Invite people to sign up for your email list as you build your social media following
  • Provide a high-quality monthly email newsletter filled with information about your town, target neighborhood, real estate market, and more
  • Include your email address on postcards, business cards, and other marketing materials

Implement Your Strategy

As with all marketing, consistency, and predictability is key. You may be concerned that people will unsubscribe if you email too often. The truth is, if you set up an expectation and stick to it, you’ll do well no matter how often you email.

You’ll want to create a schedule so that you can mix informational emails with sales outreaches. Here’s one idea:

  • Week 1: Helpful seasonal tip for homeowners, invitation to contact me
  • Week 2: Customer testimonial, invitation to contact me
  • Week 3: Inspirational content, invitation to refer friends/family to me
  • Week 4: Highlight a current listing (pure sales), invitation to contact me for showing

You’re sending an email every week, but only one of them is entirely sales. The rest have engaging content with a simple call-to-action inviting the reader to do more.

When you create a list of people who are excited about what you have to say, and email them consistently with high-quality information, you’ll get great returns from your email marketing.

When you mix email marketing with direct mail, social media, and more, you’ll be unstoppable!

What questions do you have about email marketing? Ask us in the comments!

The 3 Fundamental Focuses of Real Estate Marketing

3 Fundamentals of Real Estate Marketing

Do you feel like real estate marketing is complicated? Certainly there are a lot of various tactics, techniques, and activities involved in real estate marketing. But at its foundation, it’s simple.

There are actually only three fundamental focuses that make up real estate marketing. If you feel overwhelmed or don’t know where to start, consider taking just one step in each of these three areas.

#1: Print and Mail Marketing

Some Realtors® consider print and mail marketing “old school,” outdated, and too expensive to pursue. The truth is, direct mail still outperforms digital channels by a significant margin.

There’s so much less competition in the mailbox than the inbox it’s not even funny. You can’t afford to miss out. The return on your investment will be well worth it.

Here are a few ways to implement print and mail marketing:

  • Farming. Farming is still a crucial way to build up your reputation and brand in target neighborhoods. With Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) making it easy to target a community even without a mailing list, there’s no excuse not to farm!
  • Flyers and Brochures. Having flyers and brochures that you distribute is another way to help your community get to know you. Think outside the box – you can put up flyers at various commercial locations, hand out brochures at a 5K or charity event, and more!
  • Just Listed and Just Sold. By using a planned series of Just Listed and Just Sold postcards, you can build interest in listings, sell them quickly, and promote your success to new prospects. Win-win-win!

#2: Online Real Estate Marketing

Just like you can’t neglect print marketing, you can’t neglect online real estate marketing either. Buyer and sellers will both evaluate you based on your website and online reviews. You can’t be caught off guard.

Over 73% of all Americans go online on a daily basis, and 21% report being online “almost constantly.” Social media, email, and other online strategies are how you meet these prospects where they are – on the internet.

Here are a few ways to implement online real estate marketing:

  • A Community Page. Having a community page on your website is an excellent way to become a go-to destination for prospects in your target neighborhoods. By listing new developments, community news, public events, and more, you can become the online expert in your target area.
  • Create and Join Social Media Communities. Posting once in awhile on social media is fine, but it won’t move the needle on your business. Instead, make the most impact in the least amount of time by being part of targeted online communities. Is there a Facebook group dedicated to your city, state, or area? By joining and sharing regularly, you can build trust and find clients. If there isn’t, create one!
  • Use Video. Video is a technique that helps move people beyond their goldfish-style attention span and commands their attention. By combining images and words, and verbal communication with nonverbal, you get the best of all world. Consider videos that showcase listings, show behind-the-scenes of your work, showcase testimonials, and more!

#3: In-Person Real Estate Marketing

Real estate is a personal business, and the best real estate marketing is focused and personal as well. Sometimes, you just have to physically be there.

Being personally present in target neighborhoods helps you be more than just a face online or in a brochure. It helps people make meaningful personal connections with you, and it’s the fastest way to help people know, like, and trust you.

Here are some ways to take advantage of in-person real estate marketing:

  • Volunteer. It can be hard to authentically connect with people if they see you as a salesperson. Instead, get involved in volunteering and charity events so that you have a natural reason to spend time with people and get to know them. Sometimes moving outside the business bubble brings the best relationships.
  • Serve in Local Politics. Being active in local politics has two benefits. Not only are you able to build relationships with influencers in your city, but you’re also able to help make decisions that can be impactful to the real estate market in your area. By being active, you’re helping make a real difference.
  • Sponsor Charity Events. By hosting or sponsoring charity events, you gain exposure for your real estate business in a way that matters to everyone in your community. Help sponsor a 5K or pancake breakfast or hold a fundraiser for your favorite organization. Being someone who gives back helps you build relationships and encourages others to like and trust you.

If you’ve been in real estate for a while, this article might have seemed a little basic. Let me encourage you – sometimes it pays to step back and look at the basics.

Realtors® busy themselves with dozens and dozens of techniques, tactics, and strategies to build their business and gain clients. Many of these aren’t valuable. By looking at the very basics of real estate marketing, you can evaluate which of your strategies fit in and earn you money, and which you should let go.

Let 2017 be the year you get back to basics, simplify your business, and focus on the systems that bring new clients and new cash into your real estate practice!

The Role of Drones in Real Estate Marketing: Part 1

Drone for Real Estate Marketing

Using drones, or unmanned aircraft, as a tool in real estate marketing may be the biggest innovation in 2017. While some Realtors® have already hired drone pilots to capture photos and videos, many have not, but the trend will grow significantly in the next year due to changes in FAA regulations.

With that in mind, here’s a guide to the role of drones in real estate marketing. Next week, I’ll be talking about the technology needed and how to find, hire, and use drones in your own marketing.

Why Use a Drone in Real Estate Marketing?

A drone is essentially a flying robot to which you can attach equipment such as a camera. Why would it be an important element of your marketing strategy?

Recently Relaxed Regulation

Drone photography has been a major topic of conversation in real estate for the last two years, but FAA regulations made it almost impossible to operate a drone for commercial purposes.

As of August, 2016, the FAA changed drone operator restrictions, making it much easier to use drones for real estate marketing. This means that drones will be used a lot more in 2017, and it also means that your clients will start to request – or at least ask about – drone photography and videography as part of a marketing strategy.

A Unique Overhead View

Drone photography and video footage adds a unique perspective to real estate marketing materials. You can get a grand view over a home, showing off the size, location, landscape, and even elements like a pool and exquisite backyard deck.

Standard marketing photos struggle to give a real sense of size, relationship, and scope inside and outside a home. Drone photos can change that.

In addition, drone videography allows for a seamless walkthrough experience, as well as majestic video of surrounding natural views and landscaping. In addition, you don’t have to worry about obstructions making a listing seem smaller than it is. An overhead view gives the full picture.

Take a look at this stunning drone video of a property in California to see what I’m talking about.


The Viral Nature of Gorgeous Videos

Want to have your listing go viral? If you didn’t answer “Yes!”, I’m sending someone to check your pulse.

The bottom line is that gorgeous videos are easily shareable and people WANT to show these videos to their friends and family. When someone is house hunting, they look for second opinions – and many times, they just show off a pretty home.

Your drone video allows them to do both. Because a drone can capture a home, the surrounding views, and even the entire neighborhood, you’ll be creating content that can easily go viral.

Capture a New Client With a Drone Demo

When you’re prospecting FSBO’s or expired listings, you need to stand out. Can you imagine their face if you were able to show them a beautiful drone video you did for another listing, and offer to do the same for them?

Chances are, you’ll be the first one they’ve heard offer such a thing, and it’s a great way to win a listing in a very competitive market. Even the most jaded homeowners have to admit that drone videos are really cool.

It Will Help You Sell Land

Selling a lot with a traditional written description and regular photographs is an exercise in futility. Instead, turn to a drone. A drone can give either aerial photographs to help enhance your description, or you can use a drone to shoot a video and provide narration as it flies.

Stop relying on Google maps and create your own photos and footage of the lots you’re selling. The impact will be immense, and you’ll be able to see exactly how a picture is “worth a thousand words”.

Don’t Wait: Use Drones Now

There’s a tremendous value in being an early adopter of drone marketing technology. You want to use it in your marketing while it’s still novel, while you’re still one of the few deploying it.

If you wait until everyone is doing it to jump on the bandwagon, not only will clients be less impressed, but you’ll be less experienced. This means that while others have mastered new techniques and have learned how to save money and time, you’ll be fumbling with the basics. This will make your marketing far less effective.

Stay tuned – next week, I’ll be talking about how to find, hire, and use drone photography and videography in your marketing. You won’t want to miss it!

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The Importance of a Real Estate Marketing Calendar

Real Estate Marketing Calendar

Is your real estate marketing sporadic, or is it consistent and predictable?

If you’re like many busy Realtors, you have to admit it’s not as consistent as you would like.

You have great intentions. But you buy postcards and then don’t send them, and it seems like such a waste of money. You start a Facebook page but then don’t update it because you don’t know what to say. Anyway, you’re busy with other things!

A real estate marketing calendar can help you solve those problems. Discover what a marketing calendar is and how you can use it to build your business in 2017.

What is a Real Estate Marketing Calendar?

A real estate marketing calendar is a plan that shows what marketing activities you have planned throughout the year. It allows you to make sure your marketing is consistent and thought out in advance.

With a marketing calendar, you will be able to plan ahead for holidays and special events, while also planning to get your farming postcards and regular newsletters out on a regular basis.

It also helps you ensure that you order your supplies in time for you to receive them and send them to your list. You can plan backward from the planned mailing date to determining when you need to order, and then backward from there to determine when you should start choosing templates and creating your copy.

A real estate marketing calendar doesn’t have to be complicated. It can be as simple or detailed as you choose. It’s simply a tool to help you plan ahead and to keep you on track during the year.

How to Create a Real Estate Marketing Calendar for 2017

The easiest way to create a real estate marketing calendar for 2017 is to start with a blank 12-month calendar. It can be on paper or digital, either way.

Look over the whole year and note what holidays or special events you like to highlight in your business. Mark down what you want to do for each one. Then, plan backward and note when you need to create your copy and order your materials.

Next, write down your regular marketing events. Include email, social media, and print marketing. Do you send a farming postcard once a month? An email newsletter every two weeks? Whatever you do, write down the day it needs to go out. If applicable, plan backward from there and note when things need to be written and ordered.

Once you’ve written down these aspects of your real estate marketing plan, you’ll know exactly what you need to do and when. Each week during 2017, look at your marketing calendar and make sure you plan to accomplish the activities you listed. When you do, your marketing will be consistent and useful, not sporadic and unhelpful.

When you have a clear marketing plan, you’ll save both time and money. Because the planning is done in advance, you won’t have to spend brain power wondering how you’ll market your real estate business this week. Also, you won’t waste money on unused marketing materials. You’ll know exactly what to do with everything you order.

If you’re interested in getting help creating your real estate marketing calendar, please reach out to Printerbees. We’d love to meet with you and help you create the perfect marketing. Contact us to set up your marketing planning session today!

3 Keys to Measuring Real Estate Marketing

Keys to Measuring Real Estate Marketing

They say you can’t manage what you don’t measure, and it’s true. The last thing you want to be doing as a Realtor® is throwing your hard-earned money after marketing that simply isn’t working. Everyone has big promises, but every market is different. How can you know if your marketing efforts are really making a difference?

Determine Your Response Rate

Rather than simply throwing advertising out to your market and hoping for the best, create trackable marketing campaigns. Your postcards can ask recipients to go to your website and enter a specific code to get a free download. Your online marketing can use trackable links. You can even use QR Codes to track responses to specific mailings.

The point is, you want to know where someone saw your information when they chose to respond. Rather than relying on them to tell you, and then tracking the results manually, do it automatically. That way, faulty memories – yours or your client’s – won’t derail your system.

Once you know what’s causing people to respond, tracking your response rate is easy. How many people used the QR code, compared to how many postcards you mailed? How many people clicked that particular link, compared to how much you spent or how many views you got?

Compare your response rate among your marketing strategies. Does one stand above the rest? Then compare your response rates to the general or industry averages for that strategy. That way, you can see what’s working well in your market specifically.

Determine Your Conversion Rate

Once you’ve determined what strategies get you the best responses, it’s time to see which group of repliers does best on converting.

Do you find that folks who use the QR code seem less interested in an appointment than someone who uses a link? How many people who download a free resource from your site turn into an appointment within a few months of nurturing?

And, once you have an appointment, what’s your conversion rate into listings or buyer’s agreements? If you’re getting a good rate of appointments but aren’t getting many listings or buyer’s agreements, there’s something about your presentation you can work on.

Knowing your conversion rates will tell you two important things: 1) How high quality your leads are and 2) where your sales efforts need work (ie, getting appointments or getting transactions).

Track Response and Conversion Rates to Determine Success

A strategy that has a great response rate but a terrible conversion rate needs tweaking. So does one that has a terrible response rate but a great conversion rate for those that do respond. They key is to get your marketing to have the best response and conversion rates possible.

Test changes carefully, by changing one thing at a time. This way, you’ll know exactly why results are different.

The only way to do that is to track relentlessly. I know it’s a lot of work, but this is your hard-earned money we’re talking about! You deserve to be spending it only in ways that benefit your business the most.

Don’t get caught tracking only sales, revenue, and your number of listings. Take control of your marketing by evaluating each marketing strategy to see what truly works for you. If you haven’t set up your marketing to be trackable, 2017 is the perfect opportunity. Start tracking right away!

Are you ready to create your marketing postcards for 2017? We have dozens of templates to choose from, and you can create response codes or QR codes for easy tracking. Let us help you succeed in 2017!

Six Ways to Expand Your Reach and Stand Out as a Realtor®

Expand reach and Stand Out as a Realtor

Now that the busy summer season is slowing down, it’s a good time to take stock of your business and see what worked, what didn’t, and what you might want to add. As you get ready for real estate marketing in 2017, here are six things you can do to expand your reach and stand out as a Realtor®.

Add Social Sharing to Property Listings Online

You probably already have a website that showcases your various listings. But do you have an easy way for viewers to share that listing with family and friends? If you add social sharing buttons, you make it simple for someone to put the listing out on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and more – expanding your reach substantially!

Consider a Niche

The number of Realtors® continues to grow as the country recovers from the housing crash in 2008. To stand out, consider picking a niche based on your expertise and who you love to serve! Some ideas include focusing on new parents, newlyweds, first-time buyers, dog owners, or recently divorced folks. Whoever you choose, be sure to market yourself specifically to them – create materials they would find helpful, focus your outreach, and hone your skills!

Host a Webinar

Many small business owners use webinars to share information, gain interest, and introduce themselves to prospects. Oddly, very few of these folks are Realtors®! Because Realtors® aren’t yet using webinars as a way to educate, build curiosity, and market to consumers, you can stand out by doing so. Host a webinar on “5 Things Buyers Often Overlook” or “10 Ways to Prepare Your Home to Sell Quickly”. End the webinar with a call-to-action for those ready to buy or sell now. Use the registration information to follow-up with the rest of the viewers and build the relationship.

Write for Local Publications

Real estate is a highly local business, so having visibility in your local area is key. You can gain this type of exposure by writing a column for a local newspaper, a popular local website, or a local magazine. Write about things homebuyers and home sellers would be interested in, similar to the webinar ideas above. Building your local expertise puts you top-of-mind!

Host Seminars or Ongoing Education

If you have a community college or other organization in your area that provides adult ongoing education classes, find out if you can offer one on home buying, mortgages, or the home selling process. If not, promote free “lunch and learn” or evening seminars. These can be held inexpensively at a local library, or you can scale up and make it a dinner affair. Either way, you’ll be building relationships and positioning yourself as an expert.

Use a Scheduling App for Showings

This tip will not only streamline things for your clients, it will save you unbelievable headaches as well. By using a scheduling app, you’ll get to choose when you’re available for showings, and customers will pick from those options. No more explaining why you can’t show a home at 5:30pm on Tuesday or 6am on Friday. Those options simply aren’t available! Not only do you control your time better, a scheduling app lets you avoid endless back-and-forth about when schedules match up. There are a lot of options available – pick the best one for you!

Expanding your reach and standing out as a Realtor® isn’t something you can wait until January 1 to plan for. Use the end of the year to assess your results so far and see what you can do even better in 2017. Then, create and execute your new plan!

As you prep for the new year, don’t forget about your print marketing. Make sure you have all the postcards you need and new business cards if necessary. We can help!

The Importance of the Real You in Marketing

The Real You in Marketing

People’s ability to smell a load of bull has never been higher. That’s why it’s important to make sure the real, repeat, real you comes through in your marketing.

You can’t sell yourself as a carefully constructed public-facing persona. It has to be you. Otherwise, cracks will appear in the persona as soon as people meet you in person, and they will feel swindled or lied to.

Those that convey their real personality in their marketing (particularly social media) make actual connections, and reap the benefits.

“Tactics can be great. And tools can save you time. But if you lose sight of this one simple principle, it’ll be all for naught: Social media at its core is social. It’s about real relationships with real people,” wrote Jackie Johnstone, Social Media Strategist and Entrepreneur.

“Businesses that anchor their social strategy on this golden rule have loyal audiences, bigger followings and more sales.”

Just like your mom told you on the first day of school, here’s our pitch on why you should always be yourself.

There is a Real Demand for Real Life

Look at our entertainment. The real world has never been more popular. Reality TV has created an entire generation of people who are now famous for being themselves. Duck Dynasty, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, and the Real Housewives of AnywhereYouLike are proof that we all love a backstage peek at anything.

There are successful shows about the interworkings of everything from pawn shops, to airport security.

Oh yeah, and all of those massively popular shows about real estate…

What You Do Fascinates People

This is why shows like House Hunters have exploded in popularity over the years. Because people want to see how much houses cost in another city, wonder if they could live in that home, and watch strangers complain about poor sightlines to the kitchen.

“But to the astonishment of rival networks, ‘House Hunters’ remains one of the most unlikely and unstoppable juggernauts on TV. The show last year aired a staggering 447 new episodes — far more than the typical 12-to-22-episode cable season — and helped HGTV become one of the most-watched cable networks in America,” wrote the Washington Post’s Drew Harwell.

People are always interested in real estate, in some form or another. They want to know how much houses cost in every neighborhood in the city. Is that going up or down? Should we have moved there?

A major hang-up in sharing more about yourself is often “nobody cares.” But believe us when we say they very much do.

People Still Want to Do Business With People

Letting your personality shine through your marketing humanizes you, and makes you more than a headshot. Even in this age of friendship requests and buying online, real estate is still very much a relationship-based transaction. People want to buy and sell from people.

Making them laugh, smile or think with a picture or post on your social feed instantly bookmarks you in their minds, and they will be far more likely to work with you, versus someone with more bland and impersonal marketing.

Being Someone Else is Exhausting, Expensive and Doomed to Fail

The second you begin building a brand that is reflective of what you think people want, instead of what you are, you have started to fail. To be blunt, people will see through it– especially in real estate.

“Don’t make the mistake of giving your audience less credit than they deserve,” wrote small business blogger, James T Noble.

“They are far more informed, aware, socially connected – and empowered – crowd than ever before with high standards… and boy do they have attitude. This is THEIR area too, and they can sniff out a scam at 10 paces.”

So be real with yourself and your marketing. People want to know more about you. So let them, and you will create personal connections that really help your business. Every aspect of your overall brand will be stronger.

Now take a look at your printed materials. Does it show the real you? If not, click here and we can help you fix it.

The Importance of a Personal Brand for Realtors®

Importance of a Personal Brand

Even if you don’t know exactly what a personal brand is, you know you want one. And you should.

Experts will forever debate the exact meaning of a brand. Is it a name? A logo? Something more, or something less?

Here’s the simplest version: when I say the name Nike®, the brand is everything that pops into your head next. It’s the swoosh logo, it’s Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods, and the phrase “Just Do It.” These are all things Nike® has done to build their brand and create a clear difference between them Reebok® and Under Armour®.

You don’t have billions of dollars at your disposal, but that doesn’t mean you can’t build your own brand. Here are a few reasons why successful Realtors® have a solid brand.

It Separates You From the Competition

Stand out from the competition by selling what makes you truly unique. But keep in mind, discovering what makes you truly unique is not easy.

Everyone else is selling themselves as trustworthy and an expert in your area. So what makes you better than them?

“In today’s real estate landscape, there is no room for being another face in the crowd. You have to separate yourself from the competition by being more appealing to your target audience. You can achieve that by creating a recognizable personal brand,” wrote Jarad Hull, CEO at Blueroof360.

“Before you begin, realize that you are the brand, for better or worse. The face you see in the mirror every morning is your starting point. Use this to your advantage — because nobody else can be you.”

It Helps You Own Your Online Presence

Once you have a brand, you have to own it. Figuratively and literally. That means you have to go out and buy the domain, and nab all the Twitter handles and other social media credentials to match it.

“Wouldn’t it be great if whenever someone Googles your name, the search engine immediately delivers everything about you: website, social media accounts, LinkedIn profile, etsy store, wherever you’re hanging out online, it’s all right there, and it’s well-crafted and professional,” wrote Social Media Strategist, Christina Berry.

“That’s an important part of personal branding.”

It Makes You Memorable

Take a look at some of the real estate brands listed here. They’re all very different, but it doesn’t matter if you’re positioning yourself as the Geeky Girls, or “The Skydiving Agent.” You need to define your brand, so people can find you online without having a business card, postcard, or brochure handy. People should be able to just Google something memorable like “geeky girls + real estate” to find you.

Are you the pet-friendly Realtor who knows all the best neighborhoods for dogs? Or the new family Realtor who helps people buy their first homes?

It’s up to you to find out what separates you, use the internet to sell the heck out of it and make you memorable in people’s minds.

It shows up in everything from your business card to your branded stationery. If you need to update your print materials, you can easily create your own design online, and make sure your brand resonates with customers.

Marketing Habits of Successful Realtors®

Marketing Habits of Successful Realtors

Successful Realtors® have the same number of hours in a day as struggling ones. The difference is the most successful ones have built amazing habits to fill those 24 hours – and that includes their marketing habits.

Sure, successful people can invest more money into their marketing campaigns and grow their success to even greater heights. It’s a virtuous circle when you’re on the right side of it.

But there are a number of good habits and things you can do that don’t cost you any money. They just take a bit of your time and commitment.

So here are some free habits that most successful Realtors® share.

They’re Never Too Busy for Marketing

The words “too busy for marketing” are not in their vocabulary. Is Coca-Cola too big to worry about marketing? No, they’re the biggest because they always focus on marketing. And successful Realtors® are busy because they focus on marketing.

So set aside some time every month to work on your marketing plan, and put it on the calendar.

“Like anything else in business and life, the key to marketing success starts with making time for it. Block out a certain amount of time each day and/or each week that you’ll devote to marketing (for example, one hour a day or five hours a week total),” wrote Rieva Lesonsky, CEO of GrowBiz Media.

“This time might shrink a bit when you’re super-busy, but marketing should never disappear off your to-do calendar altogether. If you need motivation, think about the last time you had no business in sight. Brrr.”

They Use Proven Marketing Tools, Not Trendy Ones

Not all tools are created equally. Most will seem amazing when they burst on the tech scene. But many will fold or become obsolete because you’ve even updated the software.

So before you upgrade to a new client relationship management tool (CRM) or appointment booking software, consider the time it takes to transition all your data and systems to this new tool, and how much would be wasted if you do it again in a year.

Free tools are no longer free if they cost you too much of your time.

They Blog and Contribute to Other People’s Blogs

The blog is not a trendy marketing tool. It’s a prerequisite these days.

Find time each month to blog. This could be twice a month or twice a week. It doesn’t matter how often you do it. The important part is that you stick to your schedule and it becomes a habit.

Also, try to find opportunities to blog on other people’s sites. These guest blogs are massively helpful in boosting your search engine optimization (SEO), because they will have a link back to your own site. They also help establish you as a thought leader in your area.

So look for opportunities that are outside of real estate, but could still use a Realtor’s® perspective. For example, pitch a story to a parenting blog about what new parents will need in a new home.

When you write a guest post, be insightful, be helpful, and let your personality shine through. But do not take this as a chance to sell yourself. Your expertise should do that for you.

They Have Exclusive Marketing for Their Existing Network

You can’t afford a giant billboard off the highway. That’s OK. You don’t need one yet.

You are going to generate most of your new business through old customers and contacts. In fact, 75 percent of a real estate agent’s business comes from referrals and word of mouth. So focus a lot of time keeping in touch with your existing clients and contacts with things like newsletters, and thank-you notes. And don’t just rely on email – take the time to invest in proven printed materials!

These four tips give you somewhere to start. Set aside time to do these things, using proven marketing tools. Also find the time to blog, and work on your existing network of contacts. You’ll find that success will come much more easily when you have the right habits!

How to Use Real Estate Flyers to Boost Your Business

Real Estate Flyers

Any real estate agent knows that you have to constantly be building and marketing your business if you want to succeed, and one of the best ways to do this in today’s marketing is by creating and distributing real estate flyers.

That’s right – hard copy, printed-on-quality-paper, hold-in-your-hand real estate flyers. There’s just something about a physical flyer that will always be relevant, even with digital marketing trends on the rise.

Plus, a flyer will linger around on the kitchen counter of potential clients instead of being deleted or clicked away from in an Internet browser, so you will always remain at the forefront of their minds.

When done correctly, a good real estate flyer will not only help to build your own personal brand, but also sell your listed properties and gain new prospects.

Here are a few things to keep in mind, to ensure that everything goes off without a hitch…

Use High-Quality Images to Highlight Key Features of the Home

A picture is worth much more than a thousand words on a real estate flyer because you only have so much space to really make your listings pop. These images can either make or break the sale of your listing, and a flyer is a great way to distribute them to interested parties. Take the time to hire a professional photographer to take great pictures of both the inside and outside of the listing and then include the very best of those images on your real estate flyer. You could even include a call to action below the photos saying something like, “Interested in this listing? Visit my website to view more photos of the home and the surrounding area.”  This could be a great way to drive more traffic back to your website and increase your brand recognition – but more on call to actions in a minute.

Describe Your Listings in Great Detail

Right next to photos in importance is the actual description of your listing on the flyer you create. This is another great opportunity for you as the real estate agent to really make your listing stand out from the competition by listing out the best features of the home in an easy-to-read format. By placing your real estate flyer prominently in front of your listed home, it’s likely that quite a few potential buyers will pick one up as they drive around the neighborhood. Take advantage of this opportunity to really sell your listing!

Include Your Own Personal Contact Information (And Don’t Forget Social Media!)

With so many people receiving your flyers, it only makes sense to include your contact information. Maybe potential buyers will use it to contact you about your current listing, or, if they’re not quite ready to buy a home, they may just save your information for a later date. And don’t just limit your contact information to your business address and phone number – remember to also include your social media platforms and website address. Encourage people to follow you on social media to receive updates on future homes coming on the market – not only is this a great way to build your brand online, but also develop more potential leads.

Sign Off All Real Estate Flyers with a Solid Call to Action

And finally, you should always end all real estate flyers with a solid, actionable call to action – or in other words, leave your potential buyers with a next step to follow. This could be to text or call you for more information on the listing, visit your website, or follow you on social media to see the latest developments in the local real estate market. Whatever action you want potential buyers to take next, be sure to ask for it. If you don’t, it’s highly likely that no action will be taken at all which won’t do your business any favors.

All in all, real estate flyers can be a great way to grow your business, sell your current listings, and even develop new leads. The key is to be consistent – keep putting out flyers on a regular basis and eventually you’ll start to see success!