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Fun Real Estate Marketing: Silly Holidays 2017 (Part 2)

Silly Holidays Real Estate Marketing

Yesterday I shared a list of fun holidays in the first half of the year, along with ideas on how you could leverage those days for your real estate marketing.

If you’re like me, you like to have fun and be a little different, and those things certainly help you stand out to prospects and clients!

Here are some great ideas for the second half of the year:

Third Quarter: Fun Holidays in July – September

Summer is winding down and fall is approaching – it’s a great time to connect with buyers and sellers who want to move before the school year begins!

  • July 7th, Chocolate Day: Who doesn’t love chocolate? Consider doing an outreach postcard with a recipe featuring your favorite chocolate dish to celebrate.
  • July 30th, National Cheesecake Day: Consider sharing your favorite cheesecake flavor on social media and asking others to do the same. Or make a game out of having your network guess your favorite!
  • August 10th, National S’mores Day: Host a s’mores get together in your neighborhood or at your office. You can safely make s’mores indoors or out.
  • August 16th, Joke Day: Send a postcard or a notecard featuring your favorite family-friendly joke or pun. You can also make this a social media outreach!
  • September 28th, National Good Neighbor Day: If there was ever a day made for door-to-door outreach, this is it. Go into your target neighborhood, introduce yourself, and talk about how you can bring in good neighbors.
  • September 29th, International Coffee Day: I don’t know about you, but I celebrate this one every dayInvite a partner, colleague, or prospect out for coffee and connect with them while building your business.

Fourth Quarter: Offbeat Holidays in October – December

Traditional holiday postcards are great, but you can also stand out by celebrating some unique days during the holiday season. Try these ideas on for size:

  • October 8th – 14th, Fire Prevention Week: Ok, this is a whole week, but it gives you the opportunity to reach out in your farm neighborhoods with valuable information. Send flyers that share tips about fire prevention and safety, and include your business card.
  • October 22nd, Make a Difference Day: Join in a volunteer effort or organize a cleanup in your community. Post pictures of your efforts on social media and encourage others to participate!
  • November 13th, World Kindness Day: Publicize a simple give-back, like paying for the coffee of the person behind you at the coffee shop. Do it yourself, and encourage your network to do the same.
  • November 29th, E-Greetings Day: Use this holiday to do a fun outreach to your email list. You can send a joke, pun, silly picture, or whatever makes your heart light. Say hello electronically!
  • December 5th, Day of the Ninja: This holiday is just too cool to skip over. You might send out ninja-themed marketing, or host a ninja dress-up evening for kids at a community center.
  • December 12th, National Gingerbread Day: You can build a gingerbread house with your family and share pictures on Facebook and Instagram, or you can simply find pictures of elaborate gingerbread houses and share the amazement with others.

In the end, silly holidays are not about increasing your workload. It’s about finding unique ways to stand out from a crowd of other Realtors® doing a lot of the same tactics as you are. Whether you celebrate one of these hilarious days or several, you’re sure to bring a smile to someone’s face and be remembered for it!

Fun Real Estate Marketing: Silly Holidays 2017 (Part 1)

Silly Holidays Real Estate Marketing

Are you tired of doing the same thing with your marketing month after month and year after year? Well, I have good news for you – it’s easy to shake things up!

Holidays can be a great way to connect with prospects and former clients, build your brand, and bring a smile to someone’s face. But we all know that everyone sends postcards and notecards around Christmas, Easter, Halloween, and other major holidays.

So – why not be different? Why not find a playful, fun holiday that you can celebrate with a postcard mailing, special event, or outreach?

Here are some great ideas for the first half of the year:

First Quarter: Fun Holidays in January – March

Kicking of the new year with something other than the norm is a great way to stand out to prospects and clients. Here are some unusual first quarter holidays:

  • January 4th, Trivia Day: Consider posting some trivia on your Facebook page or website, and offering a prize for the person who gets the most right.
  • January 13th, National Rubber Duckie Day: Who doesn’t love rubber duckies? Send out a postcard or letter featuring a picture of a rubber duck, or do a toy drive for charity.
  • January 19th, National Popcorn Day: Celebrate national popcorn day by going door-to-door in your target neighborhood handing out microwave popcorn and business cards.
  • February 7th, Send a Card to a Friend Day: Celebrate by sending notecards to former clients or prospects.
  • February 15th, National Gum Drop Day: You can send out candy, pass it out door to door, or host a gum drop themed event at your office.
  • March 11th, Johnny Appleseed Day: Connect with prospects in your target neighborhood by holding a funny Johnny Appleseed party, with apple pie, apple juice, and apple trivia.
  • March 23rd, National Chip and Dip Day: Invite key contacts or partners out for drinks with chips and salsa to reconnect and strengthen relationships.

Second Quarter: Fun Holidays in April – June

As we move into the busy season for real estate, don’t let your marketing lag! Plan ahead to celebrate these fun holidays in the spring and summer months:

  • April 2nd, International Children’s Book Day: Host a read-in at a local library to celebrate children’s literacy, and have business cards available for their parents.
  • April 10th, National Siblings Day: Share a story on social media about you and your siblings if you have them; if not, ask your clients and friends to share their own stories!
  • May 4th, Star Wars Day: May the Fourth Be With You! Participate in a Star Wars themed event, or share funny puns that can be used throughout the year.
  • May 15th, National Chocolate Chip Day: Post a video of yourself enjoying chocolate chip cookies or ice cream, or deliver cookies to your best clients.
  • June 7th, National Chocolate Ice Cream Day: Consider hosting an ice cream social to connect with your community, or take a poll on social media about everyone’s favorite flavor of ice cream.
  • June 18th, National Splurge Day: Consider holding a raffle where you offer a high-value reward, or ask your online community about their biggest purchase!

This is just the beginning – I’ll be sharing tips for the second half of the year tomorrow. But for now, get out your calendar and choose a couple of holidays per quarter. It will help you reach out to prospects and former clients while also having fun!

What’s your favorite off-beat holiday? Share in the comments!

Use Your Marketing to Serve This Holiday Season

Food Drive for Charity

It’s November, and that means Thanksgiving and the winter holidays are right around the corner. While the holidays provide an abundance of opportunity to market and connect with prospects, it’s also a time when serving others is at the top of everyone’s mind. Fortunately, you can do both. We’ve developed a set of unique postcards that will help you use your marketing to serve this holiday season.

A Food Drive for Charity

Imagine if you, as a Realtor®, let your farm neighborhood know you were running a food drive for charity this season? You could mail food drive postcards using EDDM or a mailing list in your farm neighborhood, or you could go door-to-door handing them out. The postcards will let your prospects know the date and time you’ll be back to collect canned goods.

This kind of drive allows you to meet new prospects, expand your brand, and let those in your neighborhood feel good about helping those less fortunate. In fact, many families have a lot of food they aren’t using – they’ll love that you’re allowing them to declutter the pantry in a way that makes a difference.

A Coat Drive to Keep Warm

In many parts of the U.S., winter weather can be so severe that it causes death for the less fortunate who don’t have a way to stay warm. As a Realtor®, you can expand your reach and make a difference in your community by running a coat drive in your farm neighborhoods. Our coat drive postcards allow you to let people know where they can bring their coats, or when you will be around to pick them up.

As with food, many people have old coats that have been outgrown by children or are no longer used for whatever reason. They may intend to eventually take them to the Salvation Army or a similar place, but never get around to it. When you come around offering the option of dropping them off at a coat drive, it could be just the push they need to take action. It will also establish you as a thoughtful Realtor® who cares about the neighborhood.

A Toy Drive to Bring a Smile

If you’re a parent, it can be hard to imagine not being able to provide gifts for your children at holiday time. However, that’s the reality in many families. Fortunately, as a Realtor® you can do something about that while also marketing your services. We have toy drive postcards that you can mail or deliver by hand in your farm neighborhoods.

When you set up a toy drive, you allow families in your farm neighborhood to make a difference while they go about their normal holiday shopping. You can offer to pick toys up on a specific day or invite them to bring the gifts to your office. Even better, you can hold a Thank You Party in January where you share pictures and stories of happy children who received the gifts. This will not only solidify you as a caring Realtor®, but will provide opportunities for multiple interactions with your farm prospects.

Realtors® need to continue marketing even in the slower holiday season, but you don’t have to do it in a heartless way. With our charity post cards, you can expand your brand while making a real difference in your community. We’re so excited about this opportunity that we’re offering $10 off each order of these special postcards. Just use the code Drive2015 at checkout.

How do you help out during the holidays? Share in the comments!