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Pro Tips on Using Business Cards Effectively

Using Business Cards Effectively

Are business cards even worthwhile anymore?

The answer is absolutely yes, and here’s why.

People forget names, and you want them to remember yours.

Tapping on your phone to email someone or get contact info is rude. Instead, keep eye contact and a clear conversation as you hand over a business card.

When used effectively, business cards can help build your network and bring in new clients.

Using Your Cards Effectively: What to Do

Effective business cards start with a great design. You want to make sure you can customize the design to fit you individually so that you don’t run the risk of having the same card as someone else. It doesn’t look professional when your card is the same as your competitor’s!

Be prepared. Always have at least a few business cards on you at all times. Even on vacation, you might meet someone who’s interested in buying or selling a home or knows someone who is. Even if you’re in a different state, you may well meet someone from your specific city, so don’t think being out of state means being out of cards!

Be interested. Don’t just shove your card desperately into the hands of whoever you meet. Instead, have a conversation, get to know them, and make sure they’re someone who may need your services. If so, offer your card and ask for their information too so that you can contact them later. By showing interest in the other person, you’ll make an authentic connection.

Include your picture on your card. We meet dozens of people during a day, and our memories aren’t that great. You want to make sure a prospect or possible partner has as many ways to jog their memory as possible and providing a picture helps.

Using Your Cards Effectively: What Not to Do

There are ways you can hand out and use business cards that damage your professional image instead of enhancing it. You don’t want to come off needy, desperate, or creepy. This is especially important for Realtors® because you’re handing your card to regular consumers rather than other business folks. Being authentic and natural is important.

Don’t hand your business card out like candy. Not everyone wants your card or wants to do business with you. Take the time to make a genuine connection with someone, get to know their needs, and then decide if handing over your card is appropriate. The goal of networking is connecting with qualified leads, not just handing out your card.

Don’t forget to ask for their contact information too, if appropriate. You don’t have control over whether someone contacts you, but if you have their phone number or email, you can follow up with them later. Of course, remember to follow through! Nothing is less professional than promising a call or email and failing to do it.

Finally, don’t expect your business card to do all the work for you. When meeting others, you still have to put your best foot forward, ask open-ended questions, engage in active listening, and more. Your business card is the icing on the cake – the last thing you do once you’ve already made a great impression.

Is it time to revamp your business cards? Printerbees is here to help! We have a variety of real estate business cards that you can customize to be exactly what you need. Contact us today!

5 Steps to a Standout Real Estate Business Card

Real Estate Business Card Checklist

A box of real estate business cards is like a stack of 1000 first impressions. It’s important to make them good ones.

Business cards can let you down one of two ways. Either they’re completely forgettable, or they stand out for the wrong reasons. The sweet spot is creating a clear and concise business card, which gets remembered for the right reasons.

Here are 5 steps to follow when creating or updating your business cards to ensure that they are outstanding.

1. Always Choose Quality

When choosing between price and quality, there really should be no decision. It’s going to be very obvious which one you opted for.

Cheap business cards make you look, well, cheap. This is not how you want to come off.

Always choose to work with an established and professional printer and don’t skimp out on the quality or stock of the paper. People will notice.

Remember, this is the first impression many people will have of your brand. They will see them before they see your website or other ads. Make sure that first impression isn’t “That guy with the home-printed cards.”

2. Be Cleaner Than Other Real Estate Business Cards

Too many real estate business cards are guilty of information overload. You don’t need to give people every conceivable way to get in touch with you—just the best ways.

“While you may be tempted to offer a wide array of contact options (office, cell and fax number; street address; e-mail; Twitter and Facebook ID; LinkedIn URL), a better approach is to prune ruthlessly,” said small business expert Anne Handley.

“Ask yourself: Where do you really engage with prospects? Where might they be most likely to get a sense of you and your company?”

Be an information minimalist. This helps create a simple and elegant business card design.

3. Send People to a High-Value Landing Page

You might think we’re crazy for this one. But consider stepping away from tradition and sending people somewhere other than your homepage. Create a landing page destination and make sure it gives people real value.

The home page is fine but it can be a bit widely targeted. Consider something more focused. If you’re targeting a particular area, have a set of cards that send people to a landing page or blog about that area. Just make sure it’s a simple URL like

4. Use a Professional Head Shot on Real Estate Business Cards

If you’re going to put your picture on the card, make sure it’s a good one. Bad pictures definitely make business cards stand out for the wrong reasons.

Your comfort is paramount. Make sure you have the photo taken in a setting and outfit that suits you and makes you feel comfortable. Stepping too far outside your comfort zone leads to awkward smiles and terrible headshots.

5. Add a Slogan to Your Real Estate Business Card

You should already have a slogan or tagline as part of your marketing. If not, now is a great time to craft one. But avoid saying exactly what everyone else is saying.

“For example, if your slogan is too generic, like saying ‘the No. 1 real estate agent’ or ‘the best salesperson in town,’ you risk not differentiating yourself enough and actually turning some customers off who grow tired of hearing ‘best’ and ‘No. 1’ generalities in marketing,” said real estate marketing expert Melissa Dittmann-Tracey.

Your tagline should sell what separates you from everyone else and present your unique selling proposition.

It’s likely not going to come to you right away. A few words may take a few weeks to really lock down.

Once you have these five elements, you’re sure to have a business card that really stands out. If you need help getting great business cards, we offer high-quality custom-designed business cards that are perfect for Realtors® – contact us for more information!

How to Use Your Real Estate Business Card to Win Clients

Real Estate Business Cards to Win Business

Do you ever find yourself wandering around with a pocket full of your business cards, not really sure what to do with them? It feels awkward to just walk up to someone and start a conversation about business. But at the same time, you can’t rely on someone to ask for your card either.

Let’s take a look at how you can use your real estate business card to win more clients – without the creepy feelings.

Strike up Real Conversations to Network

You meet people every day, in all kinds of locations. Many times you don’t have to force conversation, either – they happen naturally. Is another parent watching their child play on the park equipment at the same time you are? Ask if they’re from the neighborhood, what they do, how old their child is. They will naturally ask you similar questions, allowing you to introduce yourself and hand over your card.

The key here is for it to be a real conversation. One phrase I never forget is that “it’s more important to be interested than to be interesting.” Make it about the other person, and you’ll have a great, authentic conversation.

Use Your Real Estate Business Card to Make Memorable Impressions

When you receive a business card, you might use a pen to jot a little note on the back about the person you just met, so you can make a personal connection with them later when you follow up. That’s great. But you can take it a step further.

Plan to use the back of your business card to write notes and then follow up. So, don’t just have a blank or white background on the back of your card. Create a frame or branded area for you to write in. Caption it with “VIP Information goes here” or something like that. Make sure they see it!

Small memorable touches go a long way, and help you stand out in people’s mind. Because, let’s be honest, people meet lots of Realtor®. How will you stand out?

Use Real Estate Business Cards to Drive Website Traffic

QR codes on business cards are a great way to send new contacts right to your website. They are particularly handy if you have a long name or URL. Something like “” is easy to mistype.

Keep in mind, if you’re going to use a QR code, your website should be optimized for mobile traffic. Most of your visitors are going to be coming from smartphones. Not having a mobile site makes it hard for people to browse, which can cost you business.

Real Estate Business Cards Build and Extend Your Brand

Your business card is often your brand’s first impression. People will see it before your website, postcard, or transit ads.

An insightful blog at reminds us that, “As an agent you should have a value proposition, mission statement and personal expertise that sets you apart.”

“These are the traits your personal brand is built upon. Use your business card as another tool to tell the story of your personal brand.”

When your business card tells the story of who you are, why you’re in business, and who you love to serve, it’ll be a great tool to help you win clients.

If you need help getting great business cards, we offer high-quality custom-designed business cards – contact us for more information!

Your Real Estate Business Card: 3 Tips to Maximize Value

Real Estate Business Card Maximize Value

Do you still have a box of unopened real estate business cards from 2 years ago? Are you wondering about their value? You’re not alone.

Business cards are often the most misunderstood and underrated marketing tool in any business. But properly leveraged, they are still one of the most powerful ways to make solid contacts and leads.

So let’s take a look at 3 ways to maximize their value and get the most from them.

1. Take Them More Seriously Than Ever

We live in the age of “Just text me” or “follow me @myname.” Where does the old fashion business card fit in? Front and center, as always!

Try to remember, this small card is still going to be the first impression your brand makes. Many people will see this before they see your website, your street ads or your social pages.

“Email marketing, search engine optimization and paid media all do a great job of attracting leads and prospects, but they still aren’t as effective as an in-person meeting sealed with a handshake along with a business card exchange,” wrote small business expert, Jonathan Long.

In-person meetings are still of the utmost importance to realtors. So make sure your business card immediately presents you as professional and ready to work right now.

If your unused cards don’t do that, throw them out. It’s time to up your game.

2. Real Estate Business Card Should Complement Your Online Profile

Your old school business cards need to work in tandem with your new-school marketing techniques.

Space can be competitive on a real estate business card, particularly when your picture needs to go somewhere. So keep your text to a minimum. You can get by with just your name, phone number and email address. No, you definitely don’t need a fax number.

Some people save space by using a QR code so new contacts can just scan their info. That’s good, but be careful.

“Don’t make the card too cluttered; QR codes are nifty, but they also take up a lot of room. Only include a QR code on your business card if you’re linking to a site that is optimized for mobile viewing,” wrote Rebecca Hiscott.

3. Keep Them Fresh and Updated

Realtors should update their business cards every 2-3 years. Keep things looking fresh, and make sure your headshot is up-to-date. If you’ve had a drastic hair change over the last few years, your card should reflect it.

Always keep them on-brand with a refreshed look, not a total overhaul. If your colors are red and white, use them year after year. Unless you completely rebrand, of course.

It’s good to evaluate your card every year and think about what you like and dislike. Is there one thing that people comment on all the time? Good or bad? Maybe they love your logo or the firm card stock. Maybe they joke with you about an awkward headshot. Take that feedback to heart when planning your next design.

If you’re tired of the old and needs some new, fresh business cards, we’re here to help. We offer high-quality custom-designed business cards that will help you take full advantage of the value business cards bring. Contact us today!

Your Real Estate Business Card: Include Your Photo

Real estate business card photoHas a bad headshot on a real estate business card ever actually cost someone business? Absolutely!

“Studies show that with the right photograph, an agent can actually win business. Your headshot should be used as a marketing tool to brand yourself, attract clients and help you stay memorable in this competitive industry,” said the Connect Realty Group.

“An unflattering or unprofessional headshot can, in turn, hinder your business and cause you to lose potential clients to your competitors.”

The headshot on your real estate business cards is about to be duplicated and passed out hundreds of times. So let’s take a look at how do get it right!

Hire a Photographer for Real Estate Business Cards

Absolutely, positively, no seflies!

Work with an experienced and professional photographer. Some will try to save some money by working with a newer photographer, or friend/ family member who claims they can do it. If you go this route, make sure they have a portfolio of amazing headshots they can show you.

Not everyone is comfortable in front of a camera. The mark of a true professional is working with a shy or timid subject to still come up with an amazing shot.

Also, be sure they have the technical skills to touch up or edit a photo.

“Do make sure your photographer does at least basic retouching.  It’s important to project a polished image by removing things like stray hairs and blemishes,” wrote Forbes Magazine Contributor, Lisa Quast.

“Don’t go overboard with the retouching and end up making your photo look like a plastic Barbie doll.”

Always Wear Something From Your Comfort Zone

If you’re wearing something you don’t like, or out of your comfort zone, it almost always shows. It could show up in an awkward posture, or an unnatural smile and ruin the photo.

Wear something comfortable, flattering and professional. If you would wear it to an open house, it’s a good choice. Always go with solid colors, versus busy or intricate patterns.

“Don’t wear patterns as they can be distracting and become dated quickly.  Red and yellow can cast an unflattering light on your face so don’t wear them near the face.  If you are light skinned do not wear white near your face as it will make you look pale,” added Quast.

Remember, This is for Real Estate Business Cards, Not an Audition

The tendency is to do too much here. Keep it simple. Just smile and look as natural as possible.

Don’t try to do too much. Don’t hold out a set of keys, or put a cell phone up to your ear. Those poses look cheesy and you’re better than that. That also means no “Sold” signs or glasses of wine. No props at all.

At the same time, you may be positioned as a family-friendly realtor, but that doesn’t mean you should have your spouse, kids, or pets in your headshot. No matter how well-meaning this may seem, research says this rarely plays well.

Also, try to avoid folding your arms. Data shows this can make you look inflexible or like a know-it-all.

If you need help getting great business cards, we offer high-quality custom-designed business cards – contact us for more information!

Your Real Estate Business Card: Make it Professional

Real Estate Business Card

Most real estate business cards look good… but just good. You can do better.

How do you make a great card? It’s actually not nearly as difficult or expensive as you may believe.

Here are a few ways to make your business cards stand out in a pile.

Do Real Estate Business Cards Need a Headshot?

Most Realtors have their headshots on their cards. But is this a prerequisite? Not necessarily. But if you skip it, you have to compensate in other ways.

Some people in marketing feel being different and skipping a headshot can help them stand out. But we will say that if a real estate business card doesn’t have a headshot, the rest of the card needs to look great. Make sure you have a clean design, great colors, and a strong logo to take its place.

But if you do go with a headshot, make sure it’s a good one. Contrary to what you may have heard, quality headshots don’t need to be expensive. Keep an eye out for networking events that have a free headshot booth and sign up. These events happen all the time. Not only will this be a good opportunity to rub elbows with potential clients, but you can save yourself some money on the free headshot.

Keep Things Clean and Avoid Clutter

Don’t overwhelm people with a “busy” business card, with too much information crammed into every possible line.

One quick way to avoid clutter and give your cards a modern look is to use a QR code. They give you a quick and easy way for would-be connections to scan your business card with their smart phone, without taking up too much space on the actual card. We have a QR code generator that you can use on any printed materials – including business cards!

Using a QR code enables you to simply put your name, your phone number and your website on the card. No need to clog things up with links to your social media accounts.

And, no, you don’t need your fax number on the card. You may work in the last industry still using fax machines, but that information can go on your website or email signature if people really need it.

Real Estate Business Cards Should Stand Out for the Right Reason

People have tried different sizes and shapes to help their cards stand out. But many have been thrown out.

There are standardized sizes for a reason, and you should make sure your business card isn’t a weird size that will get lost or won’t fit anywhere. A business card should fit in a rolodex.

In addition, you should have professionally designed and printed cards. There’s nothing that says “amateur” like a home-printed card. A professionally designed card doesn’t have to cost a fortune – we have a wide variety of layouts and free customization available at very reasonable prices!

Having professional, high-quality cards is essential to succeeding in real estate. Every Realtor® should make sure they have cards that are personalized, clear and uncluttered, and that stand out for all the right reasons.

What are some of the best and worst things you’ve ever seen on a real estate business card? Let us know in the comments below.

Your Real Estate Marketing Materials Checklist

Real Estate Marketing Materials Checklist

Today’s Realtor® needs to master both new-school and old-school forms of advertising. More importantly, it’s crucial that both forms play off of and complement each other.

To truly reach the most people possible, you need to work both online and off. So in an effort to help you plan your media attack, here is a checklist of marketing materials that all Realtors® need.


Post Cards

Real estate postcard marketing is tried and true. A postcard campaign that is targeted for the neighborhood you want to dominate remains near the top of the list of strategies for several reasons. Postcards:

  • Are affordable
  • Give you lots of space to work with
  • Reach a wide, but specific audience
  • Can work in tandem with any other campaigns

Make sure your postcards are customized with your specific message, personality, and graphics. There’s far less competition in the mailbox than ever before, so don’t overlook this medium!

Business Cards

At the least, make sure your business cards are professional with a clean look. But maybe try something new too – like a custom design.

“Have you ever made a really great professional contact and they don’t have a card to give you? Sure you can give them your card but then you’re dependent on them getting back to you,” wrote marketing blogger, Michael Cusden.

It can be a good idea to carry blank business cards with you, and when you meet someone without a card pull out a pen and one of your blanks and say something personal and witty. They’ll never forget you.


Target a specific market (downsizers, new parents, etc) with a seminar and give them valuable advice.

Your costs are basically the cost of the venue (keep it low. Maybe even host it at your home with wine and cheese) and your time.

You will spread your name, establish yourself as an expert, and meet directly with people who will work with you, refer you, or both.

Billboard and Transit Ads

These are amazing, but you have to be ready to act fast.

If space becomes available in your neighborhood, act on it. These advertisers typically have a list of people in waiting. If you don’t answer when they’re ready for you, they will simply move on to the next name



Your website should be more than the bare minimum when it comes to online advertising. More than just your listings. It’s the portal that sends people to you.

All your online and offline advertising efforts need to send people here. So make sure when they’re on your website, your phone or inbox is never more than a click away for them.

White Papers

Take a seminar idea and turn it into a 5-10 page research paper, also known as a white paper. Or have someone interview you and write it up for you.

The topic and content of this piece will win you more clicks than the design. The design simply needs to be good and professional. The headline needs to address a pain-point or question your customers have AND actually provide value.


Some good blog topics include happenings in your local area, reviews of area restaurants and attractions, home tips, decorating tips, and seasonal information. Of course, throw in a post or two about listing or buying a home!


Pay-per-click involves setting up an ad campaign for Google searches. The strength of pay-per-click (PPC) is being able to measure your results and make quick adjustments to what is or isn’t working.

“Unlike other forms of marketing like radio, TV, SEO, shopping carts, billboards and social media, pay per click (PPC) advertising provides an easily measurable way for Realtors to determine the effectiveness of their marketing dollar spend,” wrote real estate blogger, Louis Cammarosano.

“If done properly, real estate agents should be able to show a profitable return on investment (ROI) from their PPC campaigns.”

So don’t give up after your first effort. Take it seriously for a long period of time and watch for progress.


Create a video interviewing your satisfied customers in their beautiful new home for your website, Facebook page, and YouTube channel.

You can also use still pictures of this interview in your offline advertising as well.


What forms of advertising do you swear by, and what have you given up on? Let us know in the comments below.

Does Your Realtor® Business Card Stand Out?

New Realtor Images

Sometimes a stack of business cards is like walking down the streets of a major city – a mass of sameness, where everyone blends in with each other. Until… wait? Who is that? Someone – a street musician, uniquely dressed bohemian, or another unusual figure – catches your eye. You notice.

When you hand out your business card, you don’t want it to disappear in a sea of similar looking cards. You want to be noticed. That’s the whole point of handing out a card, right? Here are three ways to make your card stand apart from the crowd.


For some reason, certain professionals think that black and white cards are the only ones that portray a proper business image. Far from it! Black and white is boring, and will definitely get lost in the crowd.

Instead, use color! You don’t have to use neon, unless it fits your image of course, but use colors that are part of your branding. If your brand doesn’t already have specific colors, consider the psychological impact of different options. Here are some ideas:

  • Red: can portray strength, energy, and excitement, but too much red can bring feelings of aggression or strain
  • Blue: an intellectual color, blue brings feelings of trust, serenity, logic, reflection, and calm. Too much blue can come across as cold, aloof, or unfriendly.
  • Yellow: an emotional color, yellow brings out optimism, confidence, friendliness, and creativity. Too much yellow, however, brings feelings of fear, irrationality, and anxiety.
  • Green: brings feelings of harmony, balance, refreshment, rest, and environmental awareness. Too much green will bring up feelings of boredom and stagnation.

Custom Design

There’s nothing worse than handing out your card and having someone say, “Oh, you use Vistaprint! I had that design once.” I actually saw this happen to someone at a networking event! Custom design is key to having your card stand out. Yes, your broker may offer you a special rate on business cards if you go through their printer – but will having cards that look the same as every other Realtor® in your office be worth it?

Standing out will help you make a good impression in any networking situation, especially if it’s crowded or a lot of cards are being passed around. Having a custom design that perfectly captures your specific brand and type of service is also vital – a picture really is worth 1,000 words! Make sure the picture you’re handing out is custom designed just for you.

Professional Printing

Having print-at-home cards sends a message that you don’t believe enough in your business to have professionally printed cards. I’m not saying this because of Printerbees – I’m saying this because it cost me business long before I started Printerbees!

Obviously, I would love it if you used Printerbees to get your Realtor® cards printed. We love Realtors®! In fact, we just added 166 new business card designs to the website, and we’d love to have you come check them out. But even if you don’t use us, I want you to succeed. And to succeed in real estate, you need professionally printed cards.

Some Realtors® see business cards as a necessary evil and spend as little money as possible on them. Those Realtors®, unfortunately, aren’t going to get much for their investment. When you really want to make an impact, you need great colors, custom design, and profession printing. We can help you if you’d like, but even if you don’t use us, go out there and stand out!!

How do you make sure your business cards stand out? Share in the comments!

5 Ways Your Business Card Can Rock Real Estate Marketing

Business Card for Real Estate Marketing

There are a lot of ways to get your name out to your community. You can volunteer, pay for advertising, farm a neighborhood, market online, and more. However, one essential part of marketing is often overlooked – the humble business card.

We all have business cards, but I’m not sure we all know why. As it turns out, a business card can be one of your best marketing resources. Here are five ways to turn your business card into a powerhouse real estate marketing tool.

Use QR Codes to Track Responsiveness

Every given out a dozen business cards and wondered if anyone ever looked at them again? Me too. Fortunately, you can turn your business card into an incentive for action, and then track the responses.

All you need to do is put a QR code on your business card, and offer a free incentive for checking out your site. When they scan the QR code to get their freebie, you have successfully inspired them to take action based on your card. What’s more, they’re now on your website, able to see all of your new listings and recently sold homes!

This gives you a great way to track different outreach tactics and different word tracks that you might use when handing out your card. No more cards-into-the-abyss – now you’ll know if people look at them again!

Make Sure There’s a Call to Action

When you create your business card, don’t just tell prospects about yourself. Tell them what you want them to do! Something as simple as “For current listings, visit,” certainly counts, but something with more pull and emotion is even better.

Consider calls to action that pull on what clients really want, like “To find your dream home, contact me today!” or “To sell your home quickly for top dollar, contact MyRealtyCompany today!”

Without a call to action, a business card is just a little bit of information. With a call to action, it becomes a powerful real estate marketing tool.

Add Relevant Trivia to Your Card

To spur conversation, try adding a line of local trivia to your card. You can talk about percentage of homes sold in a neighborhood, the effect of a new restaurant on home values, and more. Not only does this get you talking about something, it will help your name stick in the prospects head more easily.

In addition, the trivia will get people thinking about buying and selling homes, which is always helpful. As people share the trivia (and maybe some of your cards?) with their friends, they’ll have a reason to talk about you and the work that you do.

When you engage and amuse people, as well as helping them look smart to their friends, you know you have a great marketing tool!

Add a Testimonial to the Back of Your Card

People love hearing about other people’s experiences – the good, the bad, and the ugly. Include a quote from a satisfied customer on the back of your card, and then include a link where prospects can go for more testimonials if they’re interested.

Not only does this help you start off your interaction with a great endorsement, it also encourages recipients to visit your website. Not only will they see more positive feedback from customers, you can encourage them to visit your just listed and just sold pages for additional information.

Anytime your business card can drive prospects into finding out more information about you and what people think of you, you know you’re doing great with marketing!

Support a Charity or Cause

A lot of times people don’t care what we know until they know that we care. Putting a line on your business card about a charity or cause that you support goes a long way toward adding a personal touch to your outreach. If your brokerage is associated with a specific charity, you could include that too. Something as simple as “Proud Supporter of Disabled Veterans of America” could really make a difference to a prospect.

We want people to know that we aren’t just buyers and sellers, that we are personal, and that we have things close to our heart. By supporting a specific cause publicly on your card, you are putting your heart out to prospects, which makes working with you much more appealing.

Using your business card as an awesome real estate marketing tool isn’t hard. A lot of times it just means including an additional line or QR code on the card, and using that as a conversation point. If you’re looking for help, Printerbees has business cards for every brokerage. Check out our branded cards: Keller Williams, Century 21, Remax, Coldwell Banker, and more!

How do you use your business cards as a marketing tool? Share in the comments!

A business card rant you must “hear” | Video

Anyone who knows me, knows that I have “a thing” about business cards. I mean, I have “A THING!” It all started with my own business card horror story in 1997, it was so embarrassing and I want to save you from the same thing happening to you.

It was 1997, I was ramping up my sales training company, IntelliSell.  I went on a sales call, had a great meeting and I was sure I was going to get the business.  SURE of it!  Until…we got to the front door of the office as he walked me out and told me “I like you, what you do, and think you have a great program, but your business card will likely cost you the business.” 

All I could think was “What!” until he explained himself.  He told me it was because it was obvious to him that I had “printed-at-home” business cards and that I had not invested in or believed in my business enough to have business cards printedIf I didn’t believe in me enough to have business cards professionally printed at the local office supply store (this was loooooong before PrinterBees and on-line printing), he couldn’t either.  Ouch!

I headed straight to the office supply store and ordered my business cards the very same day. 

Have your business cards designed and printed professionally.  And… it won’t bother me one bit if you have them done at PrinterBees.  We love Realtors®!  And…we have so many awesome templates to choose from, you should at least “have a looksie.”

Tell them I sent you and that you have a coupon code for $10 off.  NadineREMM102014