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Why Having Professional Marketing Matters

Professional Marketing Matters

We live in a DIY era. Everyone wants to do everything themselves, often to save money.

What Realtors® don’t realize is that doing it yourself will cost you money. Not only does it take a lot of your time – and your time is valuable – but appearing unprofessional will cost you clients.

In essence, do it yourself marketing will cost you tens of thousands of dollars. Having a professional matters.

Are You a Me-Too Realtor®?

Do you give prospects any reason to choose you over another agent?

Let’s be honest. Every agent can do a market analysis, list a property on the MLS, and even promote the listing on social media. Every agent can scan the MLS for properties that match a buyer’s needs.

What makes you different?

Does your marketing stand out, or does it look like everyone else’s?

If you want to have the success you’ve been craving in this business, you need to break away from the pack. You need to feel like you have a world-class marketing agency at your back, putting you forward in the best way possible.

Choose Professional, Personalized Marketing

Most of us can’t afford a full-time marketing agency, but you do have access to that same level of class and professionalism.

When you work with Printerbees, you get:

  • Professional, trained graphic designers
  • High-quality printing
  • Customization options to make every piece uniquely YOU
  • All-inclusive pricing and free shipping, so there are no surprises at checkout
  • A responsive, friendly team to help you every step of the way.

This is very different from what you get at a discount, do it yourself marketing provider. With those folks, you’re on your own. You’re Luke Skywalker with no Yoda – just figuring it out on your own.

That doesn’t work. If you’re really going to reach the levels you’re capable of, you need a guide who’s been there. Someone who has helped other Realtors® and can help you as well.

This is the Printerbees Difference. As we move into the new year, we want to invite you to experience what’s different about working with a professional.

Are you ready to be the successful professional you know you were made to be? Let us help you. Look at our marketing materials or contact us today!

Staying Professional While Helping Clients Through Hard Times

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Clients in Tough Times

We’d like to think that being a real estate agent is always a joy. You’re always helping someone move up and move into something better.

Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Sometimes clients come to us because they are in the middle of a very difficult or stressful time. Divorce, downsizing, or losing a spouse can all cause someone to need to buy or sell a home.

As real estate professionals, it can be difficult to help clients with real estate when their personal problems seem overwhelming. Here are ways you can keep it professional while still being compassionate.

Refer Clients to Appropriate Professionals

While we sometimes feel like therapists or counselors, most of us are not qualified to fill these roles. It’s tempting to simply be there as a “listening ear,” but then our contribution as real estate agents is lost in the shuffle.

Instead, draw some strong but compassionate boundaries in your business. When someone is going through a very difficult time, let them know that you care and that you want them to have the best help they can get. Which means they should talk to someone other than you.

It can be especially helpful if you have connections with therapists or counseling services in your area. These folks will be much more helpful to the client than you will, and it will keep you from having to carry the emotional burden.

Focus on Real Estate

People who are going through difficult times are often very unfocused. They have a hard time staying on track, and may not be good at making decisions.

As a real estate professional, this is where you can really shine. Keep things moving on the home sale or purchase. Ask questions to keep your client on track. Narrow choices down so they only have to choose between two or three things, not 50.

It can also be helpful to bring out the positive aspects of the transition. When done with sensitivity, this can help the transaction move forward smoothly.

As an impartial professional, you can give a clear-eyed view into what might be a very emotional situation for your client. This impartial advice is extremely valuable, and you shouldn’t feel bad about separating your emotions from the transaction.

Understand When They’re Just Not Ready

Not everyone in a difficult life situation is ready to buy or sell a home. We never like to “fire” clients, and it can be especially hard when someone is struggling. However, there are times you simply have to realize they are not ready, and walk away.

You do a lot of marketing to get a client, so it’s hard to cut someone off. But unless you want to be going back and forth with a grieving widow about selling her home for several years, you need to have a point at which you step away and check back at a better time.

The good news is that many times when you return to the situation months later, the client has worked through their grief and emotions and is in a much better place to pursue a real estate transaction. You can end up with a dream client if you just wait a little while.


Do you have any advice for handling clients who are in a rough spot? How do you keep it professional? Share in the comments!