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How to Be a Better Realtor® Next Year Than You Are Today

Better Realtor This Time Next Year

Sit back for a moment and think about your real estate business. Are you improving? Are you growing? Or are you just barely making it, surviving from moment to moment?

Unless you’re planning to get out of the real estate business soon, it’s important to be a better agent at this time next year than you are today. The question is, what steps can you take to improve your skills? And where can you find the time?

Find the Time to Grow with Routines

There’s an incredible book series called The Miracle Morning, and they’ve produced a book specifically focused on real estate agents. The key with Miracle Morning is that it shows you how to create a routine. Part of the morning routine is taking time to read self-development books and journal the insights you gain.

A routine of any sort allows you to save your mental energy for important decisions in your day. They also create habits that streamline specific parts of your day, which save you time and help you incorporate new practices – like becoming a better Realtor®.

Read Books That Help You Improve

There are so many books you can read that will help you grow and develop as a Realtor®. The Millionaire Real Estate Agent by Gary Keller is a classic and worth reading more than once.

You can also read books that help you focus on mindset, such as The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson and Reinventing Yourself by Steve Chandler.

Finally, reading books that help you with the skills you need to be a great agent will also help you grow. Two of my favorites are Just Listen by Mark Goulston and The Go Giver by Bob Burg.

Take Action on What You Learn!

There’s only so much that learning will do for you. What’s vital is to act on what you learn. There are three ways to approach this.

The first way you can act on new insights is to pick one thing every day that you want to bring into your day. It can be an insight you gained in your reading time during your morning routine, something that someone mentioned to you the day before, or anything else you’d like. By taking one new action a day, you can test new ideas and see what works for you.

The second method involves creating new habits. If you have something you’d like to do on a regular basis, work on incorporating it into your life by stacking it with an existing habit. For instance, after you walk into your office every day, do your new action first, before starting with the rest of your day.

Finally, you can focus on trying to be 5% better in one area today than you were yesterday. What can you do to make your marketing calls 5% better? How can your social media outreach be 5% better? How can your farming efforts be 5% better? By becoming just 5% better today than you were yesterday, you can get incredible gains over the course of a year.


I’d like to hear from you – what are you doing to be a better agent at this time next year? Head over to the Printerbees Facebook page and let us know!

How to Make Time for Self-Development in Real Estate

Personal Development in Real Estate

You’ve passed your licensing and you’re ready to go! Time to dive into lead generation, buyer’s presentations, and more. But how do you learn to do all that – and do it effectively?

Or perhaps you’ve been in business for years. The industry has changed, but not much has changed in how you operate. Sometimes you have to go back and make corrections because you remember the old way of doing things more than today’s methods.

In both cases, the struggle is the same – how do you make time and energy for self-development? Both new and seasoned Realtors® are very busy, and it can be hard to take time out to learn new, more efficient and effective ways of doing things. Here are four ways to make time for self-development in real estate.

Make Yourself a Priority 

Real estate is a serving profession, and many Realtors® are more focused on their clients than themselves. While that can be admirable, it can also short-circuit your career if you don’t keep up with training and development. Make yourself a priority and schedule specific time for self-development.

You can do this by blocking off time on your calendar and using it to read great books on real estate, do online courses, or seek mentorship. If you prefer to keep your time private, simply note it in your calendar as an appointment. No one has to know specifically what you are working on – you’re simply not available.

Learn to Say No

This has got to be the biggest struggle we all face. It’s hard to say no – “No” to a non-qualified buyer who wants to tour homes, “No” to a colleague who wants to chat about her frustrations – again, “No” to so many other unimportant things that take up our time. It’s often easier to say yes and allow our time to be wasted.

If you want to excel in your career, you’ll need to learn to focus on the most important work you have each day. This is true whether you’ve just gotten your license or been in the business 15 years. When you focus on your most important tasks, you set your own priorities, including self-development.

Make a Development Plan

Too many times we fail to have time and energy for self-development because we don’t have a systematic approach. We aren’t sure where to start, what to do, or how much time to spend. Take some time to specifically plan your development. Set out a list of things you want to learn, and resources that can teach you.

Then, set up a specific number of hours each week to devote to this training. Block the time out on your calendar and consider it a sacred appointment with your future. After all, if you never develop, your successful future will never arrive!

Focus on One Topic at a Time

This is probably my Achilles heel. I love to learn, and I get completely distracted by trying to learn too much at one time. I have two or three learning plans going at once, and after a few days, I’m getting nowhere fast!

Instead, focus on one topic at a time. Do you want to learn more about getting listing leads, farming a neighborhood, and public speaking? Pick the one that’s most important right now, and learn it carefully. Then, once you have learned it – or at least have a habit of making time for it – you can pick up another topic.

Self-development isn’t a luxury in the real estate business. If you aren’t learning regularly and tuning your skills, you will fall behind and other Realtors® will be happy to take your place. Make the time and energy to develop your skills by making yourself a priority, learning to say no, creating a development plan, and focusing on one topic at a time. Your career – and your future – will thank you!!

Do you make time for self-development? Why or why not? Share in the comments!