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The Personal Side of Real Estate Social Media

Personal Side of Real Estate Social Media

Are you someone who mixes their personal Facebook page with their business contacts? If so, you’re not alone. There are a lot of benefits to showing your personal side to prospective clients and helping them understand that you’re a real person too, not just a professional.

However, as with everything, it’s important to practice moderation.

Mixing Business With Pleasure: What NOT to Do

You know how they say that even in casual relationships it’s best to avoid the topics of politics, religion, and personal morality? The same is true for your personal social media accounts that you also use for business.

I get it. There’s a lot going on in the world, and you probably feel strongly about it. It’s normal to want to share your opinions. Unfortunately, it can cost you dearly if you do it in the wrong ways.

A real estate agent in Beverly Hills thought that she could post whatever she wanted on her personal Instagram account. After all, it’s her story, right? Well, yes – kind of.

The agent was reacting to a group called Black and Brown United for Change and she wasn’t a fan. As a result, she posted things like, “Get these thugs out of our country… we need a wall… are you kidding!!! Go Trump.” She also posted offensive comments about a black woman’s hairstyle and racist comments about Mexicans.

Instagram users alerted the agent’s brokerage and boss. The woman lost her job.

Now, most of us wouldn’t foolishly post racist comments in public. But remember, if you touch on sensitive subjects, you’re likely to offend someone, and it can cost you a client or even your position.

Should You Wall it Off?

As a result of incidents like this, some Realtors® think it’s better to simply not show their personal side on social media. They don’t want their personal opinions and beliefs to prevent someone from working with them. But that has its own drawbacks.

Maintaining two separate accounts – especially on multiple social media platforms – takes a lot of time, and if something falls short it will probably be your business accounts. If you use a social media posting program like Buffer, you have to be especially careful to post the correct information to the correct account.

It’s great to have a safe place to be fully yourself, rants and all. It’s nice to have your personal viewpoints not impact your professional relationships. But if you have separate accounts, you’ll miss out on the possibility of having your friends and family share your professional information with their networks.

The Verdict? It’s Up to You.

Internet marketing is a vital part of making yourself visible as a Realtor®. You have to interact on at least some social media accounts. You’ll need some online contact information to add to your business cards and postcards so people can check you out.

Whether you decide to carefully mix your personal and professional presence on a single account or keep two completely separate accounts is up to you. You know best how you handle touchy topics online.

I’d love to know – what’s your policy? Do you mix business with personal accounts? Or do you have two completely separate online identities?

The Importance of a Personal Brand for Realtors®

Importance of a Personal Brand

Even if you don’t know exactly what a personal brand is, you know you want one. And you should.

Experts will forever debate the exact meaning of a brand. Is it a name? A logo? Something more, or something less?

Here’s the simplest version: when I say the name Nike®, the brand is everything that pops into your head next. It’s the swoosh logo, it’s Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods, and the phrase “Just Do It.” These are all things Nike® has done to build their brand and create a clear difference between them Reebok® and Under Armour®.

You don’t have billions of dollars at your disposal, but that doesn’t mean you can’t build your own brand. Here are a few reasons why successful Realtors® have a solid brand.

It Separates You From the Competition

Stand out from the competition by selling what makes you truly unique. But keep in mind, discovering what makes you truly unique is not easy.

Everyone else is selling themselves as trustworthy and an expert in your area. So what makes you better than them?

“In today’s real estate landscape, there is no room for being another face in the crowd. You have to separate yourself from the competition by being more appealing to your target audience. You can achieve that by creating a recognizable personal brand,” wrote Jarad Hull, CEO at Blueroof360.

“Before you begin, realize that you are the brand, for better or worse. The face you see in the mirror every morning is your starting point. Use this to your advantage — because nobody else can be you.”

It Helps You Own Your Online Presence

Once you have a brand, you have to own it. Figuratively and literally. That means you have to go out and buy the domain, and nab all the Twitter handles and other social media credentials to match it.

“Wouldn’t it be great if whenever someone Googles your name, the search engine immediately delivers everything about you: website, social media accounts, LinkedIn profile, etsy store, wherever you’re hanging out online, it’s all right there, and it’s well-crafted and professional,” wrote Social Media Strategist, Christina Berry.

“That’s an important part of personal branding.”

It Makes You Memorable

Take a look at some of the real estate brands listed here. They’re all very different, but it doesn’t matter if you’re positioning yourself as the Geeky Girls, or “The Skydiving Agent.” You need to define your brand, so people can find you online without having a business card, postcard, or brochure handy. People should be able to just Google something memorable like “geeky girls + real estate” to find you.

Are you the pet-friendly Realtor who knows all the best neighborhoods for dogs? Or the new family Realtor who helps people buy their first homes?

It’s up to you to find out what separates you, use the internet to sell the heck out of it and make you memorable in people’s minds.

It shows up in everything from your business card to your branded stationery. If you need to update your print materials, you can easily create your own design online, and make sure your brand resonates with customers.

3 Ways Realtors® Can Use Daily Life to Build Their Real Estate Brand

Building a brand in real estate

Building a personal real estate brand is something that Realtors® have been doing for decades. Real estate professionals know that who they are is a huge part of what they sell. They build up their personal reputations, maintain constant professionalism, and project an image of success – all to gain the trust of potential clients so they can gain business and close deals.

Many times, this process is very time-consuming. Having professional photos, a nice car, networking and handing out business cards can take a lot of time, effort, and money. Fortunately, your everyday life also impacts your brand. Here are three ways that you, as a Realtor®, can use your everyday life to build your real estate brand.

Live Your Values When No One Is Looking

You might think this is a no-brainer, but it’s really not. Your personal brand should be who you ARE, not who you pretend to be in front of clients.  Determine your most important values, and make sure you live them out even when no one is looking. Can I tell you a little secret? Even when you think no one is looking, someone always is. Whether it’s your child, your spouse, or the person you let in the lane ahead of you, your daily actions impact how people see you.

Living your values day to day will make your actions consistent and predictable, which clients love. Even more, the person you are habitually is the person you will be under stress and when things are tough. When you can live your values in those situations, you’ll make an amazing positive impression.

Be a Realtor® AND…

Some professionals separate their personal life from their professional life. They help coach the 4th grade soccer team, and half the parents of the squad don’t know what they do for a living. To be a successful real estate agent, you have to combine your personal and professional lives. This means people know you as head of the PTA – AND an agent. People see you as a member of the neighborhood association – AND an agent.

I’m not saying you have to be obnoxious – please don’t! But, don’t be invisible as an agent, either. When you can present yourself as a Realtor® AND the other roles in your life, a world of opportunity opens up. People who know you informally in other arenas will think of you when they need help with a real estate transaction, and if you have strong relationships in your community, you could easily be top-of-mind without spending a dime!

Value Relationships in Every Area of Your Life

Some professionals are sweet as can be when they are wining and dining a potential customer, but they become very different in a long supermarket line. As a Realtor®, take the time and effort to value relationships in every area of your life, both formal and informal. In real estate, probably more than any other profession, informal relationships are the basis for the formal deals that are made.

The way to do this is to honestly care about the other human beings that are part of your commRealtor Helping Brandingunity, life, and interactions. You don’t have to be wealthy – just a smile, a patient attitude with a new clerk, or noticing that someone needs help carrying a large bag of dog food can create a brief, positive relationship. And the next time you see that person, they will greet you with a smile, remembering your previous kindness. This can lead to referrals or direct business, and all you have to do is be kind.

Some types of work allow you to get away with being two different people depending on whether or not you’re in the office, but real estate isn’t one of them. Fortunately, that gives you amazing opportunities to incorporate real estate branding into your day to day life without having to spend a single dollar. By living your values when no one is looking, presenting yourself as a “Realtor® AND…”, and valuing relationships in every area of your life, you can use your daily life to build your real estate brand.