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What to Send: Real Estate Email Marketing

Real Estate Email Marketing - What to Send

You’ve probably heard that you need to have an email list to effectively market your real estate business. However, if you’re like many Realtors®, you have very little idea what to actually send out.

Fortunately, we can help. There are three kinds of emails that can help create engagement with your email list, building your relationship with each lead and helping them be receptive to your offers.

Consider putting at least one of these email types out to your list on a regular basis, and see how much your open rates and engagement improve!


Newsletters can get a bad rap because sometimes they’re thrown together and don’t have much in the way of quality content. Make sure your newsletter breaks the stereotype.

Consider sharing the following valuable information in your e-newsletter:

  • Latest posts from your blog
  • A valuable informative paragraph or article if you don’t have a blog
  • Information about new events, businesses, or developments in your target neighborhood
  • One or two useful or informative articles from another website, linked
  • Information about new listings or recent sales you’ve achieved
  • Customer testimonials
  • Pictures from your target neighborhood, or pictures of beautiful homes in the area
  • Something just for fun – a puzzle or comic

One great resource for finding information about your target neighborhood is a locally-focused website, for instance, one maintained by the city or a local association. They often announce the opening of new businesses or local events.


A digest is less comprehensive than a newsletter and requires less original content. Usually, a digest is full of quick-hit, easy-to-digest information. You might consider:

  • Links to a local neighborhood association’s announcement or news
  • Link to updated neighborhood assessment information
  • Links to your own blog posts
  • Links to your listings
  • NAR news reports or updates

Promotional Emails

You want to communicate relevant information, but you also want to promote what you do. You can do this in a way that doesn’t come across as salesy or pushy. Here are some ideas for promotional emails:

  • Regular market updates and recent listings
  • Offering a report about the market conditions in your target neighborhood, with an invitation to call you for a free assessment of their home
  • Running contests that create awareness about your business, create referrals, and drive traffic to social media and your website

Of course, when doing promotions be sure that you’re following the rules of your brokerage and the state real estate association.

What Will You Do?

These three types of emails will give you a good start on how to reach out to your list via email. As with all marketing, being consistent is vital. So what will you do? Share in the comments – I’d love to know!

If you’re ready to update your print marketing to complement your email outreach, we’re here to help. Check out our marketing postcards, business cards, and more!

Five Types of Content Every Realtor® Should Share

Content for Real Estate

Staying in touch with prospect is essential, and we’ve all heard that it takes a lot of touches before someone trusts us enough to do business with us. The problem can come when you run out of ideas – what do you do to reach out for touch #14? Or touch #25?

You can partly solve this by coming up with a rotational system – perhaps a few different types of outreach that you repeat, like postcards, email outreaches, EDDM, and more. But many times it isn’t the format that’s tough. It’s the actual content. To help solve this problem, here are five types of content ever Realtor® should share with their market regularly.

Buyer FAQ’s

Everyone hears many of the same questions from buyers over and over. Take advantage of this and send out a letter or postcard addressing some of these concerns. By using different FAQs each time, you can do this type of content several times before it repeats.

One way to keep this fresh is by addressing specific market concerns in your area, talking about renting if that’s part of your market, and adding season-specific information at different times of year.

Seller FAQ’s

As you know, I believe strongly in procuring listings in order to do well in real estate. You can get people thinking about selling their homes by answering frequently asked questions that you hear from buyers. Ideas include the right time to sell, how to stage or update a home, landscaping, picking a great Realtor®, and more!

When you answer these questions, you’ll not only be planting the idea of selling in the prospect’s mind, you’ll be overcoming some initial objections as well. Like the Seller FAQ’s, don’t list 20 items in one mailing. Keep it short and sweet, and invite them to contact you if their concerns weren’t addressed.

The Dream and Beauty of Home Ownership

One thing that’s important to realize is that many renters today don’t see home ownership as a goal they want to reach. They see homes as a money pit, a liability, and a hassle. In order to overcome these objections and turn these prospects into buyers, it’s important to paint a picture. Use some of your marketing materials to talk about the dream of home ownership.

In addition to talking about the positives of owning a home, highlight truly beautiful homes in the area. Not only will this give a great spin on home ownership, when you highlight these homes you can build relationships with the homeowners that may turn into a listing or referral later on.

Funny or Behind-the-Scenes Content

Doing “A Day in the Life” or telling a funny story is a great way to build rapport with prospects. It’s important that they stop seeing you as a marketer and start seeing you as a real human being, with your own silly moments and playful activities. The key word here is authenticity – show your prospects who you really are, and that will help them know and trust you.

Being transparent will also help prospects overcome any biases they might have about Realtors® being salesy, slimy, or hard to deal with. Show your prospects you are a normal, fun, flawed human being just like they are!

Neighborhood and Market Updates

Sending market updates once a month is a great way to generate touches with your prospects. You shouldn’t let it become boring, though. Include neighborhood updates, especially things that may be helpful, such as upcoming construction projects that may affect traffic. You can also talk about new restaurants, community events, or city council decisions that affect real estate.

When you send these updates, including a mix of information will keep it fun and interesting. You might even want to include a family-friendly movie review each month, just to keep it applicable to your prospects in a non-sales way. The key is to come off as friendly, informed, and helpful!

It can be hard to decide what to put in your real estate letters or postcards. However, we know it’s important to keep outreach flowing in order to build trust and generate business. By using these five types of content, you will always have something to say to your prospects.

What types of things do you share with prospects? Share in the comments!