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The Hottest Trends In Real Estate Marketing You Need To Know About

With housing markets exploding across the country, it’s a great time to get back to marketing yourself to celebrate and cash in on PC.55.Farming.NJL.8.5x5.5.MASTER.[XX]the activity.  I can tell you as the owner of a real estate print marketing company that Realtors® across the country are ramping up their marketing to meet the pent up demands of both buyers and sellers who have been waiting on the sidelines for something to change in the real estate market.  If you’re not thinking about your marketing and actually executing on it, chances are you may get left behind and miss this amazing opportunity.  As a subscriber to Real Estate Marketing Magazine, we can’t let that happen to you!  We have to help you keep up, so here’s what’s hot!

It’s an amazing time to be a Realtor® IF you have good real estate marketing in place to feed your business and exploit the opportunity out there.

Farming postcards are back to being popular again and Realtors® ARE farming because they know it works.  These agents understand that they have to be “the first one to show up at the party” (the market recovery party!) to make sure they’re in front of their prospects when they decide to make a move.

Just listed and just sold postcards are a great marketing tool that many agents use as part of their standard marketing plan.  Using just listed and just sold postcards as part of your marketing shows you’re active in the neighborhood and know “what’s up”!  There’s a huge increase in the number of agents using this method of real estate marketing to continue to build and establish their businesses in the neighborhoods they target.

Expired Listings? I’m not sure why, but there is a drastic increase in the number of people marketing to expired listings.  It’s DRASTIC and definitely worth considering if you’re looking for a specific market to target or a specialty to attack as your own.  Expired listings offer a very unique opportunity to market yourself to a very specific audience and a VERY targeted list.  I don’t think there is a more targeted list of people you can market to in real estate.  You already know they want to sell, it’s just a matter of getting them to pick you over other agents vying for their business. Here’s a link to a free download for marketing to expired listings.

Many people think that in this market, they can sell their home without a Realtor® and still get top dollar.  Not a chance!  I’m a licensed real estate agent who WAS going to sell my home myself. I’m qualified. I know a lot of Realtors®, the area my home is in is short on inventory, I have a lot of contacts, I’m licensed, socially connected, an expert at real estate marketing, etc. etc.  I have every reason to believe I can just do it myself, but I can’t!  I don’t have the time, it’s not what I do anymore as my full-time job.  I listed my house for sale with a Realtor® who can properly market the property and get top dollar in a hot market.  Marketing to FSBO’s is also very targeted because you can offer them assistance they can’t get anywhere else and you can sell their home for more than they can.  It’s a fact and I encourage you to go after that targeted list of people.

There’s many different approaches you can take to making the most of the housing shortages and market changes happening across the country.  No matter what your approach is, don’t forget about the marketing and marketing consistently, it’s the only true method to making it happen for yourself.

Tips For Tackling The Expired Listing Market: Free Expired Listing Letters Download

Marketing expired listings is how many agents keep their pipelines full and it’s what they specialize in. It’s extremely targeted marketing which limits marketing expenses, you know they want to sell and they’re likely frustrated and looking for a new agent. Can you say “HOT prospect”!

Use these strategies for tackling and marketing to the expired listings in your market.

Timing is everything. You’ve heard the term “you have to strike while the iron is hot“…well, that saying holds true for expired listings if you plan to pursue them as one of your marketing strategies. Marketing to expired listings has to become a routine, something you do daily, without fail. It requires checking the MLS every day for which listings in your market have expired and following-up with that expired listing on the VERY day it expires. If you can commit to it and stick with it, it pays big dividends, because it’s such a targeted list of prospects.

Expired Listing Postcard SamplesMany Realtors® use expired listing door-hangers as a way to market to the expired listing on the very day it expires.  Door-hangers are effective because they “greet people at their door“, it isn’t as invasive or intimidating as knocking on the door and it lets the person know you went out of your way to stop by.  My favorite thing about door-hangers is that they are less likely to get lost in the pile of mail, so it stands out more.  It’s not nearly as common as postcard marketing.

Following-up is everything if you want to find success with expired listings.  Most won’t follow-up, so being one of the few who does will easily make you stand out in the onslaught of marketing the homeowner with the expired listing is receiving. Ways to follow-up could be a quick phone call offering your services and expertise as they consider their options.  Drop a letter in the mail (register below to receive some free expired listing letters for download) offering your expertise and assistance.    Send a expired listing postcard offering the same; your services, your assistance and your expertise as a consultant.   Work on establishing a relationship vs. trying to immediately get a listing agreement signed.  People with expired listings are frustrated and need consoling and understanding vs. a high-pressure sales pitch.  They want to understand what went wrong and want someone who will communicate with them.

Make sure your photo is on everything.  There are many articles on this site about the importance of a good  head-shot photo for your marketing materials.  People do business with people they know and like.  You will become more familiar to people when they can put a face with your name, recognize you around town and “see you” over and over again.  When you’re in real estate sales, familiarity and relationship building is imperative to your success.postcard-sale2

When choosing a photo for your real estate marketing marketing materials, choose a photo that shows who you are as a Realtor®/person.  If you would never show up to a listing appointment in a suit, then don’t put a photo of yourself in a suit on your real estate cards or marketing.  That’s not really who you are.  Show up on your marketing materials how you show up for appointments or open houses, that’s likely a good representation of you.

Please ask any questions you have about how to improve your “expired listing marketing game plan” and share any ideas you have that will help others with their marketing to expired listings.  We want to hear from you!Real Estate Business Cards

Get the Expired Listing Letters emailed to you along with handout “The Top Three Reasons Listings Expire”:

The documents are fully editable and and I hope it helps you get those listings! Keep us posted on your results.

Expired Listing Postcards – On The Rise?

Just a quick note regarding Expired Listings Postcards and the sudden increase we see in people ordering them. As a printing company that caters to the Real Estate community, we can see trends beginning “before the storm”.

I would be very interested in hearing from you…the Realtors about what is happening with expired listings and why the need for “expired listing postcards” are on the rise. I have read some very interesting strategies for marketing to expired listings and figured I would share.

One agent who has seen success in working the “expired Listing” market says that his success comes from targeting such a targeted list of prospects that HE KNOWS are looking to sell. He stated that he was mailing out thousands of real estate marketing postcards every month, which he found costly. He changed his strategy to focusing on the Expired Listing Market and increased his “success per postcard rate” substantially by simply targeting this portion of his market. He also noted that he didn’t send just one postcard, which is what most agents do. He sends multiple postcards, the first simply introducing himself/his team. An introduction that has nothing to do with trying to get the listing. A day or two later, he follows up with an “expired listing postcard” soliciting the business. Once he knows that his competition has stopped sending marketing materials, he sends another postcard and stands out because he didn’t give up after all the other agents had.


If you received three marketing pieces over the space of a week from one agent, I would have to assume you might give that person some attention because they clearly wish to earn your business.

With an increased demand for Expired Listing Postcards, we have added new designs and hope you will “buzz by” PrinterBees for all of your real estate postcard marketing. COMPLETELY FREE CUSTOMIZATION & FREE SHIPPING.

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