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Where to Get a Great Real Estate Mailing List

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Real Estate Mailing List

We’ve talked a lot about the importance of direct mail marketing in your overall marketing mix. Postcards and flyers, along with your business card, can really help you stand out in an area.

You can reach a farm area in a variety of ways – Every Door Direct Mail®, for instance, or by doing in-person pop-bys. But what if you just want to mail to everyone directly?

What makes a great marketing mailing list? And where do you get one?

What to Look for in a Marketing Mailing List

The first key to any mailing list is to find a provider that has accurate and up-to-date records. Now, of course every provider will say they do, so you’ll need to look at reviews and longevity to find out the truth.

You want to ensure that the list is CASS/DPV™ screened and that the provider has recently updated their database. If it’s been more than 12 months since an update, the list is unlikely to be worth the money.

Finally, be sure you receive a variety of information when you purchase a list. It’s best if you can get not only names and mailing addresses, but also phone numbers, email addresses, and other helpful information.

Don’t Be Afraid to Customize or Break Down the List

Just because you’re a Realtor® doesn’t mean that everyone in the neighborhood is an equally good prospect. Many times the age, family composition, length of residence, and much more can affect how open they are to real estate services.

Don’t be afraid to take a geographic list and focus it more carefully on the desirable characteristics that make a better prospect. You can even mail that focused portion of your list more often, while still using the rest of the list to build your brand and ask for referrals.

Consider a Subscription

Instead of getting a one-time list that will expire quickly, look for a subscription-based service. For a simply annual fee, you can get as many lists, as many specific targeted niches, and as many different types of information pulls as you like.

Of course, you don’t want to break the bank. But if you find a great price on a great subscription service (like the one below – hint hint!), get it now!

Try Out Cole Information!

At Printerbees, we highly recommend Cole Realty Resource. We love them because they offer high-quality, updated lists at an affordable price. They also include a wide variety of information about your prospects.

It’s a subscription so you can get as many lists as you like! You can even get a one-time sample if you want to see what to expect.

We’re especially excited because Cole has a special offer for the end of 2017. They just completed a major upgrade to their database including the addition of over 150 million contacts, 12 million more phone numbers and 28 million more e-mail addresses!

Even better, their cell phone file is cleaner and more accurate than ever.

To celebrate the recent upgrade, they are offering special promotional pricing of only $996 per year, which can be divided into four monthly payments. Just mention coupon code PRINTERBEES to receive the special discount!

We want your 2018 to be as successful as possible. 4Q is a great time to review your marketing methods and get ready for the new year. Grab your mailing list deal today, and be ready to win your market next year!

5 Secrets To Having A Killer Database

real-estate-mailing-listNo matter the economic conditions, you work hard to buy and sell the homes for every single buyer and seller you come into contact with. Since so much of your time is spent on the phone, negotiating contracts and taking care of your needy clients, many times your marketing lead list may suffer.

The United States Postal Service says 45 million Americans move each year. That’s roughly one out of every six families moving into a new neighborhood. Therefore, to be successful with your marketing efforts and see a high return on investment, it’s critical to have accurate contact information of prospects as well as former clients.

When done right, direct mail is 30 times more effective than email marketing. In addition, list cleansing will help you find qualified leads and open new doors on people in need of your services right now.

So how can you ensure the highest return on your next direct mail campaign? Here are five tips:

  1. Use a fresh list for every campaign: Customer contact information decays 2 percent each month, so it’s important to always use the most up-to-date information possible to maximize your brand power. In addition to regular maintenance of your own list, it’s a good idea to partner with a mailing list provider that offers unlimited downloads or a subscription-based service to boost lead generation and provide fresh business data. (Real Estate Marketing Magazine Subscribers save 30% at Cole Realty Source)
  2. Personalize to grab more attention. Using a person’s name and spelling it correctly is just scratching the surface. The mailer copy also needs to be personalized based on the type of prospecting you’re targeting. For example, if it’s a just listed/just sold campaign and you’re talking to the neighbors, be sure to convey that information in your copy.
  3. Mail postcards rather than envelopes. Doing so can be more cost effective, not to mention, attention-grabbing. And don’t forget, postcard size matters! In addition to maximize your efforts, be sure to use creative, concise copy, effective colors and compelling calls to action.
  4. Speaking of CTA’s, spend time crafting them. Calls to action must include a sense of urgency, be a specific action and be memorable. This involves using action words and phrases like “stop”, “click” or “call” and a hard deadline.
  5. Test to make sure your message is on track. Randomly choose 10 percent of your mail leads list and divide it in half. Send one half a version of the collateral and the other half an alternative piece to compare the response rate. Some worthwhile areas to test include: color, size, copy and CTA of the postcard. The version that creates the highest response rate is then sent to entire direct marketing list. Each new campaign should include a test to ensure you’re sending the right message.

While the above tips may require more time and effort, the results will be higher, qualified leads that turn into new customers.