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Real Estate Marketing: Be a Local Expert

Local Expert - Real Estate Marketing

Creating a solid real estate marketing plan can be challenging, especially with so many different components to consider.

But sometimes, the most effective marketing strategies are the simple ones that we often forget about – like becoming a local expert, for example.

What exactly is a local expert and what does that have to do with real estate marketing?

Well, essentially, a local expert is someone who is “in the know” about all the local events, restaurants, businesses, construction changes and more in their specific area – it’s really that simple.

Let’s take a closer look at how that can help your marketing…

Helps You Build Your Brand

One of the best ways to build your brand is to get involved with your community and truly show that you care. And taking the time to become a local expert in your area definitely shows that you’re both involved with and understand your community.

Being “in the know” about your local area is not only a great talking point with potential clients but can also open up the doors for building solid relationships with other local businesses owners in your region. And by building relationships, you’re also paving the way for future partnerships and mutually beneficial marketing and advertising between businesses. It pays to make an effort and take the time to get involved.

Improves Your Local SEO Online

Becoming a local expert doesn’t just have offline benefits – there are also online benefits, mainly in the form of local Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

For example, let’s say you have a blog on your website (which you should!). And let’s say that there are a lot of great upcoming events in the downtown area of your local community. Take the necessary time to look into those events, research the area and do a write up to promote them, and then publish them to your blog. Not only will this help you begin to pull up better for local searched keywords, but you can also use these event posts as an opportunity to talk about the benefits of living in that particular area of town.

And who knows? Maybe someone who’s reading your blog is already interested in that very area, and you’re description of the fun local events that take place just convinced them to pull the trigger on purchasing a home there. And because you’re the expert, they’ll likely turn to you for their real estate needs.

Enhances Communication with Clients

Maintaining communication with clients and prospects can be a bit of a drag, especially if you’re only promoting your own services. But, by taking the time to learn more about the things going on in your local community, you instantly have much more exciting things to talk about.

Is there a new restaurant opening up?

A big event coming to town?

An open house you want to promote in a certain neighborhood?

Construction changes that are bogging down a particular roadway?

Tell your clients and potentials about all of these things!

Whether that communication takes place via an email correspondence, a blog post or through a printed, mailed newsletter, they’ll be happy to hear from you and appreciate the extra effort you are taking to keep them informed about what’s happening in their community.

In the end, taking the time to become a local expert shows that you really, truly care about your local community, and can lead to some incredible real estate marketing opportunities. If you haven’t already done so, take the time to broaden your local knowledge today and really start getting involved. You won’t regret it!

Revamp Your Real Estate Marketing by Optimizing for Local Search

Local Search Marketing

If someone did a search for “moving into {Your City Name}”, would you be on the first page? Would you show up at all?

According to a recent study done by the National Association of Realtors, approximately 69% of those shopping for homes online began their search with a local search term.

So what is it about local search that’s so great?

And more importantly, how can you apply it to your real estate marketing plan?

Let’s take a closer look.

The Power of Real Estate Marketing and Local Search

Local search is simple – it’s just optimizing your online presence (whether that be on your website, blog, social media, etc.) for a specific location. A lot of local marketing is based on direct mail – like EDDM, for instance – but local search is about optimizing your online presence for a specific neighborhood or city.

For example, as a realtor, basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) principles would tell you to optimize your website for search terms such as “Real Estate” or “Real Estate for Sale,” and while this is great, it really only just skims the surface. If you want to get real, localized result, you’re going to need to be more specific with the keywords that you choose to target. So instead of just targeting “Real Estate,” try “Real Estate in (your local area),” or even more specifically, “Luxury Homes for Sale in (specific neighborhood) in (your local area).

The general rule of thumb here is that the more specific your target keyword, the smaller your target audience. And while this may seem a bit counterintuitive, remember that someone who is searching for a specific home type in a certain neighborhood is much closer to being ready to make a purchase than someone who is broadly searching for “Real Estate for Sale,” which in turn shortens the length of the sale for you. Focus on small, targeted audiences in order to achieve bigger, quicker results.

How Can You Improve Your Local Search?

So now that you know about local search, what can you do to make your real estate business better in that regard?

  1. Location Specific Blog Posts – Blogging is one of the best ways to target specific keywords for SEO purposes, and the same technique applies to local search. Try writing about your local community, recent homes you’ve sold, or even market trends – just remember to target a specific local keyword.
  2. Write About Community Events – Know about a cool upcoming event in your community? Write about it on your website and share it on social media. Remember to mention the specific neighborhood/location.
  3. Optimize Your Social Media – Speaking of social media, make sure that you list your location on your social media homepages (like Facebook and Twitter). This way, if someone is searching for real estate in your area, they’ll be more likely to end up on your page.
  4. Start a Google My Business Page – Listing your real estate business with Google is practically a must in local search. Doing so allows your business info to pop up when someone searches for your company name or more generally, real estate agents in your area. It’s easy to set up, too, so definitely do this one ASAP.
  5. Ask for Local Reviews – Reviews are always good, but if you can get local customers to review you on sites such as Yelp, new potential clients will be much more likely to find you when searching the web for real estate agents in your area.
  6. Create an Account on Various Real Estate Sites – If you haven’t tried sites such as Trulia and Zillow, you should definitely look into them. Sites like this give you the opportunity to list location specific details, which is always a bonus for bettering your local search.
  7. Try Google AdWords or Facebook Ads – The great thing about both Google AdWords and Facebook Ads is that you can target your ads to reach specific demographics and locations. So if you’re looking to try out some advertising, try creating an ad through one of these services and remember to target your specific location.

As with any real estate marketing plan, the state of local search is always evolving. But with these strategies under your belt, you’ll be well on your way to knocking your local search results out of the park!

How to Create Effective Local Real Estate Marketing

Local Real Estate Marketing

You know that marketing your real estate business is critical to success – but what about local marketing? How should you go about marketing within your local neighborhoods? And does local marketing even really matter?

According to the statistics, it does matter.

  • It’s been reported that 18% of local searches done via a mobile phone lead to a completed sale within the day.
  • Local searches are what drive 50% of mobile users to visit a particular store or business within one day of the search.
  • When searching for local products, 97% of consumers use the Internet to search, as oppose to a phone book.

If you haven’t thought about investing in local marketing efforts for your real estate business, it’s time to start considering the facts – local is the way of the future (and the present for that matter).

So how do you do it? How can you create an effective local marketing strategy? Take a look at these 5 tips below and give them a try within your own business:

  1. List Your Business on Google

With the majority of web searches happening on Google and an increasing number of people using the Internet as a method for finding local businesses, it’s more important than ever before to get your business listed on Google locally. It’s actually a really simple process – all you have to do is follow these instructions for verifying a local business on Google, and you’re home free.

  1. Blog About Your Local Neighborhoods

The content you put on your blog and the keywords you choose to target matter a great deal, so be sure to choose wisely. For your local real estate blog, it would be a great idea to target specific neighborhoods and areas that you serve within your community by creating individual blogs posts about each one. For example, if you serve the greater area of Dallas, Texas, but you want to drive business in a specific suburb, write a blog post using that suburb as a keyword. Discuss all the fun things to do in that neighborhood and detail why someone might want to move to that area. If you target your keyword correctly and bring up lots of interesting facts, people will be much more likely to choose you when looking to buy or sell a home in that specific area.

  1. Use Local Mailing, Including EDDM

EDDM, or Every Door Direct Mail, is an incredible way to blanket an entire local area with information about your services. The cost is very affordable, you don’t need a special mailing permit, and you can mail oversized postcards that get immediate attention. You don’t need a mailing list, either – you can simply choose a postal route and every address on that route will receive your mailing. With so many people focusing exclusively on digital marketing, there’s less competition in the mailbox than ever. EDDM mailings are a slam-dunk for local marketing.

  1. Connect with Local Service Providers

You probably already have a network of local service providers in your area that you call on when you need work done at a house you’re selling. If so, then you’re already a step ahead of the game. Reach out to these providers and interview them about their services. Write up a review of their business on your website, including the location of their services. For example – this way, if people are looking for a general contractor in your local area, they might just stumble upon your website when doing a Google search. And while they might not need your services right away, if you can provide them with a good referral, they’ll be much more likely to come back when the time is right for them to buy or sell.

  1. Optimize Your Website for a Specific Location

If you haven’t already listed your address and the surrounding areas that you serve somewhere on your website, you should definitely do this as soon as possible. Not only will this help your website pull up in local searches, but potential clients will be much more likely to use your real estate services if they know exactly where you are located. Win-win, really.

In conclusion, local marketing is extremely important to your real estate business, and it’s really not too difficult to implement. Give some of the above ideas a try today and watch your local business start to improve!