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How to Take the WORST Possible Listing Photos

Worst Listing Photos

Many times we like to offer advice on how to succeed and do well. However, sometimes it’s extremely informative to look at how folks do it wrong.

In some cases, terribly, terribly wrong.

In that spirit, here’s a light-hearted look at how you can take the WORST possible photos for your client’s listing.


Focus on the Throne

When you photograph the bathroom, be sure to focus on the main point. Buyers don’t need to know what the appearance or size of a bathroom is. Instead, the need to see a solo shot of the most important element of the room – the porcelain throne.

You get bonus points for this one if the toilet has a fuzzy rug cover and a fuzzy rug foot mat. Nothing like a fuzzy rug set in the bathroom to scream cleanliness and style!

While you’re at it, be sure to impress buyers with the details of your client’s personal sanitation and grooming. They need to know what brand of makeup they use, the fact that they still need feminine supplies, and the fact that they stack toilet paper in the corner.

You know they’ll snoop during a showing, why not just lay it all out up front?

“Clean” By Any Other Name

Remember, everyone has the same definition of “clean” embedded since birth. So when you tell your client that the home needs to be “clean,” there’s no need to explain that term or make sure they understand what you’re talking about.

In fact, it’s more fun to just find out what happens. Does “clean” mean that your client’s home will look like a photo shoot, or just that the dog vomit was picked up and the clutter shoved to the corners? Like a blindfolded piñata game, just swing the stick and see what happens.

Besides, the client displaying their own version of clean helps the buyer see the seller’s unique personality!

Show Off All the Zany Collections

Speaking of personality, every buyer needs to know that this is your client’s home. So, keep all unique and unusual collections on full display. A collection of rubber bugs? Perfect! Dozens of creepy dolls? Amazing!

Clutter and collections show the unique style of every seller, and that’s what matters. Buyers need to see how the sellers enjoyed their home. Buyers care deeply about the unique idiosyncrasies of each seller, so don’t worry about showing off the home.

Besides, sellers are attached to their stuff, and mentioning that it should be moved can cause an argument. Instead, let them know how much buyers love seeing a variety of angles on that fly-fishing bait collection.

Seasonal Decorations Front and Center

Decorating for the holidays can bring out the best in a home, so encourage homeowners to have listing pictures taken during Christmas. So festive! So much cheer!

Who cares that the listing is in May?

When buyers see photos adorned with Christmas lights, cookies, decorations, and more, they will be warmed from the inside out. They’ll be reminded of the snow, cold, and grey that ruled just a few short months ago – and they’ll be that much more appreciative of the spring sunshine.

Everyone has great memories of Christmas. It’s not a hard season for anyone, and folks don’t struggle with holiday stress or difficult family members. Because the holidays are universally amazing and give such great photo opportunities, use those holiday listing photos at any time of year!

Go For the ‘Shop – Photoshop

Hey, even million-dollar fashion models have their assets enhanced. Why not a home? Photoshop is the perfect tool for any listing photo.

Got a dog in the picture in an unfortunate position? No problem – just cut it out! Do power lines mess up a home, or nearby traffic look uninviting? No sweat. The ‘shop can take care of it all.

The goal is to get people to the home, and they’re bound to fall in love. If you have to take a few creative liberties… well, so be it, right? Certainly not an ethical concern, after all.

While you’re at it, see what you can do with filters and magnification to improve the appearance of every room. People want a large master bedroom and a light, airy, feel – you’ll be amazed how much Photoshop can help you!

Have a Laugh, Then Do it Right

Ok, ok, you know I’m not advocating any of this – especially the ethics violations! However, we’ve seen them all multiple times in listings.

So, learn from these and do differently – and you’ll having listing photos you can be proud of!

What hilarious listing photo mistakes have you seen? Share in the comments!

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Your Client Should FIRE YOU If You’re Not Including Photos When Marketing Their Listing

Real Estate Marketing - Listing PhotosHaving recently entered the housing market again, I really “get it” when it comes to including photos when your marketing real estate listings on the MLS, Craigslist, Zillow or otherwise.  I’ve been frequenting these sites dedicate to marketing real estate listings over the last few weeks with my upcoming move to the Phoenix area of Arizona.  I currently live in California and am literally shopping for a house on-line, it’s no easy task.

It’s been said time and time again that listings which have photos sell 8-10 times faster than those who don’t.  It’s also been said that the minimum number of photos needed is nine.  I don’t think nine is nearly enough!  How can someone who is trying to find a house and lives out of town get a real idea of what a home looks like inside and out with so few photos.

I hope you’ll consider the following the next time you’re marketing one of your properties.

  • The more photos the merrier!  My personal favorites have more than 20 photos.  Is it possible to have too many?
  • Make sure the photos are taken with good lighting.  Nothing makes a house look worse on-line than poorly lit photos, which means photos should only betaken during the middle of the day…when it is sunny out.
  • Read More…