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How to Use Print Materials to Rock Your Real Estate Marketing

Real estate marketing print

When it comes to real estate marketing, print materials such as business cards, flyers, and signage are all extremely important.

How you present your business in print can really make or break your real estate marketing strategy, so it’s best to do it all correctly the first time to avoid costly and timely mistakes along the way.

So, what can you do to really make your real estate business stand out from the competition?

  1. Amp Up Your Real Estate Marketing with Quality Business Cards

In any business (but especially in real estate) making a great first impression is critical to your success. One way to all but guarantee a great impression and ensure that your company’s name will be remembered is through business cards.

With social media and other digital means of communication on the rise, you might think that business cards have lost their effectiveness. This is simply not the case. By ensuring you have a quality, memorable business card to present to your prospective clients, you’ll stand out and communicate your professionalism and reliability. And if you need help creating the perfect business card, we offer many custom-designed, affordable options!

  1. Use Newsletters as Part of Your Real Estate Marketing Plan of Action

Getting noticed can be tough sometimes, but staying front of mind can be just as challenging. Farming should be an important component of any real estate marketing plan – but how can you incorporate this into your own plan of action?

Besides following up with an occasional phone call, you can also send regular flyers or newsletters to keep your target market in the loop on what’s going on in the area and in your business. Keep them informed by discussing recent trends, and make a point to share useful information for making their own personal real estate even better.  Try to make your mailers personal, and note any promotions you might have coming up in the future. There are a lot of options available for high-quality flyers and newsletters to use in your farming.

  1. Don’t Skimp on the Signage – Make Your Listings Stand Out from the Crowd

Everyone uses “For Sale” signs in front of the homes they are trying to sell, and while these are effective, they can sometimes blend in with other signage in the neighborhood. Instead of just using printed signs, try incorporating color images and banners into your yard display.

Not only are banners eye-catching, but they’ll also make your listing stand out from the crowd. Most “For Sale” signs feature take away flyers with images of the home. While these are effective, potential buyers have to actually come up to the sign in order to take a flyer and see what’s located on the inside. By using a colorful, image-rich banner, you’ll be eliminating a step in the process and grabbing the attention of passersby much easier.

  1. Combine Print with Digital to Really Boost Your Real Estate Marketing

Like we mentioned early, digital communication is on the rise, and it doesn’t appear to be going anywhere anytime soon. You can take advantage of this by combing both print and digital whenever possible. For example, when you print your business cards and flyers, be sure to include your website, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms in a prominent location so that potential clients can easily find you online.

Also, it’s important to make sure that you are being consistent across all of your platforms, whether that be online or in print. Make a point to use the same branding, slogans and logos across all of your platforms to ensure brand recognition and continuity.

With a little time and effort, you can definitely use printed materials to really kick your real estate marketing up a notch – try out some of these ideas today!

What’s your favorite way to leverage print marketing? Share in the comments!

Three Tips for Writing a Great Listing Description

Great Listing Description

The most successful Realtors® write the best listing descriptions. This is an art and a science. Even when you’re good at it, you need to strive to keep learning.

You may be great in person. You may connect with people from the get-go and showcase the best a property has to offer. But, if your listing descriptions are weak, you’re robbing yourself of the chance to shine.

So let’s take a look at 3 things you need to know about writing the perfect listing description.

1. Know the words that sell

Know what your buyers want to hear, and say it to them.

Buyers like to hear things like trusted name brands for appliances. They want to hear something that sounds great, without seeming too good to be true.

Here are some keywords that sell houses:

  • Beautiful: It’s commonly used for a reason. It strikes an emotional chord with your reader.
  • Granite: You already know what a key selling point granite counter tops are. Lead with them!
  • Hardwood: Same as for Granite.
  • Fixer Upper: This may turn off some buyers. But people looking for a steal or investment really respond to the value this presents. Use it carefully, since it doesn’t encourage top dollar for your seller.

Don’t forget to sell the area, as well. Use your local knowledge to sell the proximity to local lakes, attractions, or amenities.

2. Know the words that don’t sell:

At the same time, it’s just as important to know what words send buyers immediately to the next listing.

  • Must Sell or Motivated Seller: You might be trying to convey a great price to your reader, but it smells of desperation. You won’t get the top dollar your seller is looking for with this statement.
  • Clean: I should hope so. Is there really no other high point of the home you could highlight?
  • Vacant: The word vacant makes it sound like the house has been abandoned, or has been on the market for a long time for some reason. It’s a major turnoff for buyers.

3. Sell a lifestyle, not a home

You don’t want the reader to try to picture the home. You want them to picture themselves living there. Happily, of course.

Ian Grace gave some really great advice on how to do this in a RealtorMag article. He said, “It is vitally important to understand that you are not selling a house. What you are selling is living there.”

“You see, that is the picture prospective buyers have in their mind — living in their new home, which may have an extra bedroom or two, so the kids can have their own space and privacy and the resultant family harmony. Or perhaps the extra entertaining areas, where both parents and their children can host their friends at the same time, but separately.”

Of course, this isn’t easy to describe. Anybody can list off a house’s specs. But painting a clear and appealing picture for a buyer takes practice and requires you to be one part Realtor® and one part storyteller.

But it’s well worth it to practice your craft. Not only will your listing descriptions shine, but so will your just-listed fliers and open house advertisements. Your results will quickly show you that your time was well spent.

Bonus tip: Pay the most attention to your opening and closing

Like any piece of writing, you should spend the most time crafting the beginning and the end.

Your lead and headline have to stand out among the countless other listings. You have such a small window of your readers’ attention. Make it count! If you use any of the advice above, you’re already a step ahead.

Don’t make your closing an afterthought. Make it as easy as possible to get into touch with you to set up an appointment. So don’t send people to your website. Send them to your inbox or cell phone.

What do you think goes into a strong listing description? Let us know in the comments below.

Your Client Should FIRE YOU If You’re Not Including Photos When Marketing Their Listing

Real Estate Marketing - Listing PhotosHaving recently entered the housing market again, I really “get it” when it comes to including photos when your marketing real estate listings on the MLS, Craigslist, Zillow or otherwise.  I’ve been frequenting these sites dedicate to marketing real estate listings over the last few weeks with my upcoming move to the Phoenix area of Arizona.  I currently live in California and am literally shopping for a house on-line, it’s no easy task.

It’s been said time and time again that listings which have photos sell 8-10 times faster than those who don’t.  It’s also been said that the minimum number of photos needed is nine.  I don’t think nine is nearly enough!  How can someone who is trying to find a house and lives out of town get a real idea of what a home looks like inside and out with so few photos.

I hope you’ll consider the following the next time you’re marketing one of your properties.

  • The more photos the merrier!  My personal favorites have more than 20 photos.  Is it possible to have too many?
  • Make sure the photos are taken with good lighting.  Nothing makes a house look worse on-line than poorly lit photos, which means photos should only betaken during the middle of the day…when it is sunny out.
  • Read More…