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One Easy Tool for Getting Real Estate Clients

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Landing Pages for Real Estate

A big portion of online marketing is related to getting visitors to your website. When you use social media, you don’t control the rules of what you can say or promote. So, instead, savvy Realtors® focus on using social media to bring prospects to their website.

On your website, you can display recent listings and recent sales. You can talk about your prospect’s concerns about real estate and develop them into clients.

But what do you do with website visitors who aren’t ready to buy or sell today? You need to get them onto your email list so that you can continue to communicate and develop their business. And that requires a specific tool – landing pages.

Understanding Landing Pages

Landing pages are used to capture prospect information when they sign up for a free download or other information from you online. How you design a landing page makes a big difference in how effective it is.

If you’re multi-talented enough to be a great Realtor® and a web designer at the same time, kudos to you! For the rest of us, we need tools to help us create high-converting pages.

My favorite tool is Leadpages. Their page templates are tested and PROVEN TO WORK. You can simply customize their existing templates to match your business and offer, and you’re ready to go. It integrates easily with tons of different email service providers.

If you don’t have dozens of hours to spend coding websites – and still not knowing if it’s going to convert – Leadpages can be a great tool for you as well.

Using Landing Pages for Lead Generation

There are many ways to use landing pages. Here are just a few.

With Social Media Ads

If you use Facebook ads to generate interest in your business, you may do it by offering a free giveaway. A checklist for how to prepare a home for sale is a great idea for a freebie. So are e-books or PDF files describing how to get the best pictures of your home, how to prep a home for winter, or annual maintenance checklists.

Regardless of your freebie, you need your prospect to be able to enter their email and contact information in exchange for the download. This is where a landing page comes in. Direct your ad to your landing page, and the customer will be able to join your list and get their download quickly and easily.

Signing Up for Local Events

Do you hold events to promote your business, or participate as a sponsor in local charity events? If so, you can promote the event and build your marketing list at the same time.

You can promote the event on multiple platforms with a link that says, “Click here for more information.” The link will go to your landing page. Offer them a free bonus for confirming their reservation on your site with their email address and phone number.

A fun and useful branded freebie can be an excellent bonus, and it requires them to find you at the event. When the prospect meets you, you can give them the free item, your business card, and any other information you like. Then continue to keep in touch!

Signing Up for an Email Newsletter

Having an email newsletter that frequently updates prospects on market conditions is an excellent way to cultivate leads. You can share recent listings, sales, funny stories, and much more.

You can promote your newsletter on your social media accounts, website, business card, postcards, and more. The link you promote should go to a landing page where it’s easy for the prospect to enter information and get added to your list.

Leadpages provides all these types of landing pages and more. There are even parts of the service that allow you to use text message marketing, insert boxes highlighting freebies in blog posts, and much more.

If you’re ready to connect with prospects and stay in touch until they’re ready to buy, you need to implement landing pages! There’s no reason to delay. Get started with them today!

4 Ways to Nurture Real Estate Leads

Nurture Real Estate Leads

Real estate leads slipping through your fingers is one of the most common problems today’s Realtors® face… But it’s also completely avoidable.

Not all leads can be harvested the second they pop-up. Sometimes they need to be nurtured, so you can turn their interest into action.

So let’s take a look at 4 ways to help cultivate your leads and turn them into success stories.

Get a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Tool

We can’t stress this enough. You may be hesitant to invest the money in a CRM (like Infusionsoft, which we personally use). They can be expensive. But weigh their cost against what it could cost to hire an assistant who would manage every phase of the customer’s journey – one who knows everything, forgets nothing, and never takes a day off.

You need a CRM to ensure your real estate leads get a prompt response when they reach out to you in any way. Because nothing will kill a lead faster than a slow follow-up.

According to a survey from the Harvard Business Review, “although 37% responded to their lead within an hour, and 16% responded within one to 24 hours, 24% took more than 24 hours—and 23% of the companies never responded at all.

“The average response time, among companies that responded within 30 days, was 42 hours.”

But a CRM goes way beyond managing your contacts. It’s an ever-evolving tool that continues to add new ways you can interact with these contact. Ways such as…

Use a Drip Campaign to Nurture Your Real Estate Leads

You can use your CRM to set up a drip email campaign. If you haven’t done one of these yet, they’re great. You basically send your real estate lead tailored messages, based on what part of the sales funnel they’re in.

“An email marketing campaign or a drip campaign is an email communication strategy that sends, or ‘drips,’ a pre-written set of emails to customers or prospects over time. This will save you the hustle of manually having to send emails,” wrote Charlie of

“Drip campaigns can also be made more personal if you have information such as your recipients name, address, phone or other personal information that can be inserted in emails. Realtors use email campaigns to stay in touch and warm up their prospects.”

Set up a Shared Calendar for Real Estate Leads

Keep yourself as available as possible. Going back and forth to pitch times can be a time-suck. Use your CRM or another online tool to set up a shared calendar with your real estate leads to make sure scheduling never gets in the way.

“Tracking down the best time to show a listing can get tricky,” wrote real estate blogger, Sandra Manzanares.

“Set up a shared calendar or mobile app where leads can see your availability and can add proposed times to make scheduling easy.”

Continue to Leverage Leads After the Sale

Referrals are your lifeblood. 82% of real estate sales are the result of agent contacts through previous clients, referrals, friends, family and personal contacts. So you need to stay front and center in your previous customers’ minds, and always remind them of the amazing work you’re capable of doing.

So use your CRM to schedule a follow-up strategy to stay tastefully in touch with your clients, so they will refer you to their friends and family. This means sending a brief message:

  • 1 month after the sale
  • 1 year after the sale
  • On Birthdays
  • Over the holidays

Properly leveraging your existing fleet of loyal customers will likely generate more leads than most ad campaigns.

You can use your CRM software to manage that process as well. So get one! And use it to run your email campaigns and your shared calendar so your lead conversion rates stay high, and so do your sales figures.

As you get your automated online communication set up, don’t forget the personal, non-digital touch. Click here to order thank you cards and more today!