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Great Pop-By Ideas for Summer

Summer Pop By Ideas

The weather is warm, the flowers are blooming, and people are outside. It’s the perfect time to prospect door to door! When you meet people at their home in their neighborhood, you have an opportunity to connect with them more deeply than you do on social media and email. There’s just nothing that replaces face-to-face interaction.

To encourage you all to reach out by doing pop-bys, I thought I would share a roundup of my favorite pop-by ideas for summer. Grab one of these or let the ideas spur your own creativity. As long as you get out there and meet folks, you win!

Summer BBQ Pop-By

This is one of my favorite ideas. You can buy a small BBQ set that includes that includes a spatula and a grilling fork for just a few dollars. Combine that with a free BBQ sauce recipe and your business card, and you’ve got the perfect way to start a conversation!

Just a quick tip in case it comes up – if you run into someone who does not eat meat, I’ve heard that romaine lettuce is incredible on the grill. As long as you hand out a BBQ sauce recipe, it can be used on anything, vegetables or meat! Don’t let anyone turn you down.

Get the Scoop!

Another extremely fun pop-by idea involves passing out ice cream scoops with a note attached. The note can say, “Want the scoop on the real estate market?” You can use a business card label to affix your business information to the back.

If you wanted to take it a step further, you can even hand out a printed real estate market report with the gift. Ice cream scoops are always handy, and they won’t get thrown away. It will give the homeowner a smile and give you a reason to talk about a bit more than the weather.

Stay Cool This Summer!

If there’s one thing that’s perfect for an area with kids, it’s popsicles. Even better are ice pops, the kind that you buy liquid in the package and then you freeze them. You can hand these out without fear that they will melt on you. With a tag that says, “Stay cool the summer!” and your business card label on the back, it’s a great way to connect.

You can buy enormous boxes of ice pops at warehouse stores or even Walmart, and once you divided it up with 2 – 4 pops per house, it’s a very affordable pop-by gift! If your farm area has a lot of families, this could be the perfect summer pop-by.

Just Planting a Seed!

This pop-by gift is a fun and playful way of reminding folks to send referrals your way. You can get a small garden tool or two or some inexpensive gardening gloves. Combine this with a seed packet of flowers that are easy to care for and a small note. The note can say, “Just planting a seed… let me know if you or your friends need help with real estate this summer!” On the back, place a business card label.

This pop-by idea does not need to be expensive or complex. You could even just do a packet of seeds with the note. However, the more unique and fun you make it, the more memorable you will be. And that fun memory will help them think of you when someone needs to buy or sell a home!

As you can see, pop-bys can be simple and lighthearted. We all get nervous meeting people in an area we don’t know very well, but if you do pop-bys every season you will get to know the residents in the neighborhood. After a couple of seasons, they might be excited to see you and invite you in!

If you’re ready to move forward with a fun pop-by idea, don’t forget to get some business card labels. These stickers make it easy to include your business card with any note that you hand out. Visit our site to choose yours today!

Win Business by Saying Thanks

Thank You Cards

When you were young, your parents may have made you write thank you cards to relatives for Christmas and birthday gifts. If you were like most kids, you hated it.

As adults in 2017, we often don’t think of writing thank you cards anymore. We may say a quick “thanks” or provide gifts when expected, but the handwritten notecard is almost extinct.

But it doesn’t have to be. And bringing back hand-written real estate thank you cards in your business can help you win clients and build your brand.

Aren’t I Thanking Someone I Already Did Business With?

You might be. But remember that a special touch after a completed transaction can help them remember you and refer you to friends and family. And if that person needs another deal in the future, they’ll be calling you.

Beyond that, there are an enormous number of ways to thank people who are not yet customers. When you go the extra mile to send a hand-written real estate note card to someone who hasn’t yet made you money, you’ll really stand out from other Realtors®.

Three Ways to Win Business by Saying Thanks

Here are some specific ways you can win business by sending a simple thank you note. Each of these ideas involves thanking someone you’ve interacted with, but haven’t brought in as a client.

Thank You After Listing Presentation

In school I learned always to send a thank you letter after an interview, and a real estate thank you card after a listing presentation has the same idea. Remember, write this by hand and mail it. It shows a lot more effort.

You can say something like, “Thank you for the opportunity to discuss selling your beautiful home. I appreciated the opportunity to discuss {marketing tactic 1} and {marketing tactic 2}. I look forward to hearing from you when you put your home on the market.”

FSBO Thank You

Thanking someone who has chosen to sell their home themselves is very unexpected. As a result, when the seller hits inevitable snags in the process, they will be more likely to call you to take over.

You can write a real estate notecard that says, “Thank you for the opportunity to see your gorgeous home. I wish you the best of luck as you sell it. If you ever need any help from a professional real estate agent, please let me know. I’d love to show you how my services can benefit you.”

Thank You for Good Service

When you receive good service anywhere, from a restaurant to a car repair shop, don’t be afraid to send a written thank you. Not only will they remember your name, but the employee may also get special recognition. Service professionals rarely get thanks, so your card will stand out!

You can say, “Thank you so much for your excellent service at {location} on {date}. As a service professional myself, I certainly appreciate meeting someone dedicated to doing a good job. Great work and I hope to see you again.”

You can include your business card as well, both so they have your contact information and so they can contact you if they are looking for a Realtor®.

Other Times to Use Real Estate Notecards

There are an endless number of reasons to say thank you with real estate notecards. Here are just a few more you might use. These thank you ideas are about winning business and building relationships.

  • Thanks for Listing. Thank your new client and assure them that you will provide them the best service available.
  • Thanks to Buyer Client After Showing. Thank them for the opportunity to show them homes and affirm your commitment to finding them the perfect new home.
  • Thank You after Purchase. Thank a client for the pleasure of working with them once their offer is accepted, and let them know you look forward to finishing the process and getting them settled in their new home.
  • Anniversary Thank You. Send a thank you on the first anniversary of someone’s purchase, thanking them for the opportunity to work with them and requesting a referral.

Don’t be intimidated – none of these cards have to be long and flowery. A few simple lines are all you need. And of course, include your business card in every thank you note. You can even write “Thank you!” on the back of the business card.

If you’re ready to get started thanking people and winning business in the process, let us help. At Printerbees we have a wide variety of real estate notecards available. Order some today and be ready to start saying “Thanks!”

Drive New Business with Car Door Magnets

Car Door Magnets

As real estate agents, we drive a lot!

The good news is, so do everyday people. I found out recently that the average American drives 36 miles per day, every day!

That’s incredible. It also means that using our cars as advertising can have fantastic results.

I don’t know about you, but every time I see a car with magnets on the side I just have to read them. Maybe I’m strange that way, but I think I’m not the only one who’s curious!

Here are some ways that having car magnets can benefit your real estate business. (And check out the end for a special deal on magnets that ends Saturday 3/25!)

Car Door Magnets Multiply Exposure

Depending on who you ask, it takes between six and 13 touches to generate a qualified lead. A “touch” is anytime someone sees your information or interacts with you.

With a car door magnet, you can get your name and information in front of hundreds of people every day. If you spend time in specific areas (like your farm – hint, hint!), you can quickly build up your brand.

You drive far, far more than 36 miles a day. Let your car be a mobile marketing billboard to help people become familiar with you!

Boost Marketing Without Extra Work

One of the best things about car door magnets is that they build your brand without any extra effort on your part. With an inexpensive investment, you can get tens of thousands of new marketing impressions – without any extra legwork!

Car door magnets continue to advertise your brand even when you’re not present. Consider a day at the mall. You park your car and shop for a couple of hours, have dinner, and then head home.  During those two hours, even if you didn’t talk to anyone about your business, hundreds of new people found out about you!

Car Door Magnets are Durable and Transferrable

High-quality car door magnets are durable, weatherproof, and extremely easy to transfer to a new vehicle. Unlike costly car wraps or a new paint job, if you change cars you can simply take your magnet off your old car and move it over to the new one.

This also makes it easy to modify the design if you decide to update your business cards, change agencies, or rebrand your business. You can order a new car door magnet and replace your old one for a fraction of the cost of getting a new wrap.

Ready for a GREAT DEAL?

As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, Printerbees has a special for our car door magnets right now. But you have to act quickly – it expires Saturday, March 25th!

Here are the quick-and-dirty details:

  • We offer over a dozen different car magnet designs, or you can have a custom magnet created to match your business card.
  • If you order by Saturday, March 25th, you will get free shipping and no sales tax. That’s a savings of approximately $15!
  • All you need to do is use the promo code
  • This applies only to new orders and cannot be combined with other offers or discounts. Savings vary based on shipping location and purchase amount. Offer expires March 25, 2017.

So what are you waiting for? Jump over to our selection of car door magnets and get yours ordered today!

Remember – you’ll gain thousands of marketing impressions without any more work… don’t miss out!

Hilarious Real Estate Marketing Ideas that Worked

Hilarious Real Estate Marketing That Worked

At Printerbees, we’re always major advocates for the tried-and-true. A combination of print and online marketing, done consistently over time, will always win the day.

But that doesn’t mean we’re afraid to think outside the box. Recently, I came across these hilarious, off-the-wall marketing ideas that really worked for the Realtors® who used them.

Take a look at these examples, and consider whether an outrageous marketing tactic or two might fit in with your traditional online and print marketing plan.

Make a Music Video

Doing a cover of Adele is brave, but Megan Hill Mitchum absolutely killed it. Her real-estate focused parody of “Hello” has over 277,000 views on YouTube. With branding prominently featured throughout the video, and a humorous message about life as an agent, this video really connected with people.

If rap is more your style, check out the hilarious “Every Day I’m Hustlin’” by Santa Clara Realtors® Cherie Brown and Zach McReynolds. They use great lyrics and lots of fun rap clichés to share their work in an offbeat and funny way. With over 80,000 views on YouTube, you know it made an impact.

“Open Concept”

Selling a lot isn’t easy, because it’s very difficult to help buyers see the potential of what they can do with it. Instead of trying a traditional route, an Oregon-based Realtor® took a unique approach. He put a red door in the center of the lot and advertised it as the ultimate “open concept” home.

Not only did the online world notice and share the picture widely, but the marketing tactic worked as well – the lot sold shortly after the advertising campaign began.

Build Intrigue

Normally in real estate marketing, we put our best face forward – literally. Our marketing has our picture, our brokerage, our contact information, and more.

That’s a good idea, but sometimes breaking the mold is even better. One Oakland Realtor® started a hashtag, #FASTAGENT, on Twitter. Then, he did bench ads, billboards and more – and they all said #FASTAGENT and nothing more.

The ads created a lot of intrigue, and people went online to find out who or what #FASTAGENT was. They found Kenny’s Twitter profile, which lead to a flood of new leads and closed deals. In fact, he was a finalist in Inman’s most innovative marketing campaigns in 2016.

Play on Current Events

Grabbing current trends and memes and using them in your marketing can be a great way to get attention. You want to do this in a way that makes sense in your market, but it can be a huge draw when done well.

The 2016 presidential election featured two candidates who were not well liked. Many celebrities threatened to move to Canada. A South Carolina real estate agent decided to take advantage of the unrest in a playful way. His “Moving to Canada? We Can Sell Your Home” billboards got broad coverage in various news sources, giving him free publicity and lead to a big spike in his business.

Have Fun With Your Name

Do you have a name that makes you cringe sometimes? Or even a fairly normal name that you could do a play on words with?

Brad Lamb, from Toronto, took advantage of his last name to make a series of ridiculous but extremely memorable ads. They were incredibly popular, and vaulted Mr. Lamb to significant fame. He has a television show on HGTV Canada called Big City Broker, and a song was written about him by Canadian songwriter Final Fantasy.

What’s in a name? Quite a lot!

Make Marketing Memorable

Obviously these few examples just scratch the surface of the innovative, hilarious, and outrageous things you can do to build your brand and market your listings. The key is to have fun and find ways to make your marketing memorable. How can you stand out among the other Realtors® in your area?

When you think of a playful and unforgettable campaign, we’d love to help you get the word out. Take a look at our postcard templates, flyers, and more!

Real Estate Emails That Make an Impact!

Real Estate Emails That Have an Impact

The other day I got an email from someone who has a very professional website. Their business is all about constructing a professional brand image online. I love their website!

There was one problem. The email was dismal.

It was full of grammatical errors. It was too short. It lacked a point. It gave a sloppy call-to-action that directed me to a blog post that wasn’t even connected to the company.

It did NOT make me want to work with that company.

Is that the impact that your emails have? Do they match up to your professionalism, or do they fall short?

You can create real estate emails that make a real impact and build your business. For every $1 in marketing, email marketing can return $44.25! If you’re not seeing that, consider making these changes.

Use the Right “From” Address

One of the most important aspects of an email is often overlooked – what “from” address shows when you email your list?

If it’s not a personal email that seems to be coming directly from you, you have a major problem. In fact, the “from” address of an email matters more than the subject line. And the subject line is vital!

People aren’t interested in irrelevant email, and an email that comes from a company (, for instance) screams advertising. And an unknown Gmail address seems like spam. Instead, make sure that your name is involved. That way, your recipient knows exactly who is contacting them.

An effective “from” address has these characteristics:

  • Comes from someone the contact knows and trusts (you, not your company)
  • Helps readers find your messages if they get misrouted or put in the junk folder
  • Stands out in a sea of other email addresses

Be Personal and Engaging

Using your customer’s name – without overusing it, of course – is essential to making a connection with your reader. The subject line might say, “-Name-, thought you might enjoy this article” or something equally personal.

In addition, an email should always begin with the prospect’s name. That way, everyone feels like they are hearing directly from you even if the email is automated.

Once you have the personalization, be engaging! Don’t send boring, shop-talk style emails. No one wants to read that. Instead, focus on the following types of email:

  • Q&A: Answer common questions that your prospects have
  • Story-Based: Tell a story about something you encountered and then draw a short applicable lesson from it. The story should be fun – and don’t underestimate how much people want to know the real you!
  • Testimonial: Use a review or testimonial to share a great experience that a client had with you. It helps others want to work with you as well. Be sure to end with “This is why I love what I do”, along with a gentle call-to-action. No need to be too salesy.
  • Drive to a Blog Post. If you have a blog, consider having one email a month that directs people to the blog. That will get readers to your site so they can see your listings and other materials.
  • Having local events can be a great way to share information and get leads. Use your email list to promote any local appreciation or workshop events that you hold.

Be Entertaining

One mistake many Realtors® – and other professionals – make with email marketing is that they think their subscribers want to learn more information.

The truth is, everyone has far too much information. No one wants to learn more! Instead, you need to be as entertaining as you can be. Try to be 80% entertaining and 20% educating. That way, you are getting a point across, but you’re doing it in a really fun way.

Don’t feel like you have to be a professional comedian to entertain. All of us have silly, funny, or even embarrassing things happen in our daily lives that we can share. Those things are often great stories! By sharing a story about yourself, your family, or your business, you can be authentic while also selling your business.

Be Consistent

Are you worried about how often you email? Do you wonder if you email too much? Let me tell you a secret – there’s no magic number. The trick is to be consistent.

If you email once a month – sometimes – but are inconsistent, you’ll get complaints and unsubscribes every time you send an email.

On the other hand, if you set the expectation that you’ll email every week or once a month, and you actually do, you’ll get more engagement, fewer complaints, and fewer drop-offs. It’s not about how often you email. It’s about setting an expectation and being consistent.

Consider varying your emails to make them easier to craft and more predictable for readers. For instance, you could email weekly using a cycle like this:

  • Week 1: Just for Fun
  • Week 2: Testimonial and Ask for Referrals
  • Week 3: Story and Ask for Business
  • Week 4: Drive to a Blog Post

This way, you never wonder what to say next. Your readers will also know what to expect. The consistency will work wonders.

Email marketing is very effective. It just has to be done correctly. It’s also best done in conjunction with regular postcard and mailing campaigns. If you’re ready for your next batch of Just Listed or Just Sold postcards, let us help! We have tons of templates to choose from.

How do you use email marketing? Share in the comments!

4 Ways to Nurture Real Estate Leads

Nurture Real Estate Leads

Real estate leads slipping through your fingers is one of the most common problems today’s Realtors® face… But it’s also completely avoidable.

Not all leads can be harvested the second they pop-up. Sometimes they need to be nurtured, so you can turn their interest into action.

So let’s take a look at 4 ways to help cultivate your leads and turn them into success stories.

Get a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Tool

We can’t stress this enough. You may be hesitant to invest the money in a CRM (like Infusionsoft, which we personally use). They can be expensive. But weigh their cost against what it could cost to hire an assistant who would manage every phase of the customer’s journey – one who knows everything, forgets nothing, and never takes a day off.

You need a CRM to ensure your real estate leads get a prompt response when they reach out to you in any way. Because nothing will kill a lead faster than a slow follow-up.

According to a survey from the Harvard Business Review, “although 37% responded to their lead within an hour, and 16% responded within one to 24 hours, 24% took more than 24 hours—and 23% of the companies never responded at all.

“The average response time, among companies that responded within 30 days, was 42 hours.”

But a CRM goes way beyond managing your contacts. It’s an ever-evolving tool that continues to add new ways you can interact with these contact. Ways such as…

Use a Drip Campaign to Nurture Your Real Estate Leads

You can use your CRM to set up a drip email campaign. If you haven’t done one of these yet, they’re great. You basically send your real estate lead tailored messages, based on what part of the sales funnel they’re in.

“An email marketing campaign or a drip campaign is an email communication strategy that sends, or ‘drips,’ a pre-written set of emails to customers or prospects over time. This will save you the hustle of manually having to send emails,” wrote Charlie of

“Drip campaigns can also be made more personal if you have information such as your recipients name, address, phone or other personal information that can be inserted in emails. Realtors use email campaigns to stay in touch and warm up their prospects.”

Set up a Shared Calendar for Real Estate Leads

Keep yourself as available as possible. Going back and forth to pitch times can be a time-suck. Use your CRM or another online tool to set up a shared calendar with your real estate leads to make sure scheduling never gets in the way.

“Tracking down the best time to show a listing can get tricky,” wrote real estate blogger, Sandra Manzanares.

“Set up a shared calendar or mobile app where leads can see your availability and can add proposed times to make scheduling easy.”

Continue to Leverage Leads After the Sale

Referrals are your lifeblood. 82% of real estate sales are the result of agent contacts through previous clients, referrals, friends, family and personal contacts. So you need to stay front and center in your previous customers’ minds, and always remind them of the amazing work you’re capable of doing.

So use your CRM to schedule a follow-up strategy to stay tastefully in touch with your clients, so they will refer you to their friends and family. This means sending a brief message:

  • 1 month after the sale
  • 1 year after the sale
  • On Birthdays
  • Over the holidays

Properly leveraging your existing fleet of loyal customers will likely generate more leads than most ad campaigns.

You can use your CRM software to manage that process as well. So get one! And use it to run your email campaigns and your shared calendar so your lead conversion rates stay high, and so do your sales figures.

As you get your automated online communication set up, don’t forget the personal, non-digital touch. Click here to order thank you cards and more today!

An Unusual, Highly Effective Way to Generate Leads

Thank You Cards Generate Leads

An old school approach is today’s secret way to bring in more real estate leads.

Today’s home buyers respond to individual attention and the personal touch in a big way. So, it’s time to get out the good stationary and start writing thank you notes. And lots of them.

This might be the least known and least used lead generation trick on earth. If you can harness it, you’re going to be astonished by what it can do.

Richard and Beth Witt have said they could write an entire book on the benefits of Realtors® sending thank you notes. They have built their success by identifying 12, count’em 12, different occasions to send a thank you note.

They are:

  • Thank You After Giving Listing Presentation
  • Thank You for the Listing
  • Thank You After Not Getting the Listing (Seriously)
  • Thank You to Buyer After Showing
  • Thank You After Purchase
  • Buyer Thank You After Close of Escrow
  • For Sale By Owner Thank You
  • Happy Anniversary
  • Referral Thank You
  • New On the Market Card
  • Thank You to Anyone Who gives You Service
  • Telephone Contact

So, as you can see. There are plenty of opportunities to turn a meeting into a lead, using nothing more than a pad, a pen and a bit of postage.

Thank You Notes Generate Leads Because: Older Customers Appreciate Them

The older generation has seen manners and basic conversation eroded by today’s acronyms and emoji. They miss the personal touches that they grew up with, and would love to work with a Realtor® who still values them.

“Good manners are the basis of civilization,”said Paula Madden, a real estate developer in Portland.

“As you grow older, it becomes more important when someone recognizes the effort you have made on their behalf and reciprocates in the form of a written acknowledgment.”

Thank You Notes Generate Leads Because: They’re Novel to Younger Customers

The youngest sector of people looking to buy and sell homes is made up of people that are used to autoresponders and boilerplates. They will be blown away by this curious letter written in… is that really.. Yes it is! Actual pen… Wow. You will instantly separate yourself and make them feel like your most valued client.

“I know it’s easy to think millennials only care about text messages and emails. And while it’s true that they prefer to communicate back-and-forth electronically, a hand-written note goes a LONG way,” wrote Shikma Rubin, Mortgage Consultant.


“With my own millennial clients, I see the power of a hand-written thank you note. After a 20-something client had been in her new house for one month, I wrote her a quick letter of congratulations (in pen and paper), and she called me immediately to say thank you. Remember: you can’t hang a nice text message on the fridge.”

Even in this digital age, buying or selling a home is still very much a person-to-person transaction. Everyone wants to work with a Realtor®  who spends their spare time thinking about their clients. Sending thank you notes at any number of stages when meeting someone can turn them into a qualified real estate lead. The older generation appreciates the effort, while millennials are blown away by the effort.

Need to spruce up your collection of thank you cards? Click here to orders yours today!

Don’t Let Real Estate Leads Fall Through the Cracks

Real Estate Leads Falling

We don’t have to tell you that generating real estate leads, only to lose them, is a big problem. However, we can tell you how to fix it.

The good news is that you’re generating leads, so you’re clearly doing something right. That means your advertising (either online or print form) and your referral game is on point. We just need to tweak a few things to turn you into a lead-conversion machine.

To begin, here are 3 things you need to start doing ASAP.

Follow Up on Your Real Estate Leads Quickly

You have such a small window before a real estate lead will move onto “the other guys.” So don’t give them that chance. When you get a lead, jump on it!

“Studies have shown that when an inbound lead is contacted within five minutes of visiting a website, reps are 100 times more likely to connect with them. Another study shows that connection rates drop by 400% if a rep responds in 10 minutes instead of five,” wrote Hubstop’s Mike Renahan.

“Time is of the essence. Reach out to inbound leads ASAP … or risk losing them forever.”

This doesn’t mean you have to drop everything in the middle of a showing or open house to respond to every email, text or phone call. It means you need to invest in a customer relationship management (CRM) tool to do that for you – I personally use Infusionsoft. Speaking of which…

Automate Your Real Estate Leads Management

You may not be sold on the value of a CRM yet. Let us sell it to you in simple terms. A CRM lets you spend most of your time doing what generates money for you right now: Selling houses. You can spend most of your time attending to current and past clients, while the CRM nurtures your leads and build a relationship.

“By making your past clients—people who already trust you—a priority, agents can increase their chance of generating more business, wrote Realtor® and blogger,” Chrystal Caruthers.

“The odds of selling to a new prospect are always lower than the chances of getting a referral from an existing customer or having that existing customer call on you for another transaction.”

Of course, your new leads will still need your human touch. But a CRM gives immediate follow-up and lets you add the personal touch on your own terms.

Never Be Too Hard to Contact

Are you making your leads work too hard to get in touch with you? The main failing of any website that can’t convert leads is the user experience. If someone is on your site, your phone number should be accessible at all times, and your inbox should only be a click away from any listing or blog.

“Your leads aren’t going to do research to find your phone number,” wrote Real Estate web marketing expert, Rich Gaasenbeek.

“They’ll get frustrated, go to another website, and call the Realtor® down the block. As well, it’s a good idea to have a form on your site which lets people get in touch with you right there and then.”

And don’t forget about your printed materials! Make sure your phone number and email address are easy to find and read. Also, for goodness sake, make sure your information is still current. Having to scribble your new phone number or email address on a card when meeting someone is unprofessional and dares them to misread your handwriting. New contact info? New cards, right away. It’s that simple.

Take a look at your brochures and postcards and ask yourself if your website URL is easy enough to remember and enter without the card handy. Maybe consider a new shorter URL like instead of

Very few Realtors® really know how to manage leads. The successful ones know how to follow up right away with a lead, properly leverage a CRM to do so, and make sure their digital and print advertising is sending leads to the right place. When you follow these steps, you won’t lose leads, and you’ll maximize your sales and income.

As you generate your leads and follow-up, you need to make sure your print materials are customized and effective. We’d love to help – visit our website to see our professional templates and personalize your materials today!

3 Unusual Ways to Generate Real Estate Leads

Real Estate LeadsBusiness is always booming when the leads are coming in.

But…what happens when the usual lead generation tactics start to dry up?

As a real estate agent, you know the importance of finding ways to constantly be generating new real estate leads for your business. Skip out on the lead gen process, and your business will suffer.

So how can you always stay on top of your lead generation game?

By always innovating, and coming up with new, creative ideas to try – which is why we’ve put together a short list of our three favorite unusual ways to generate real estate leads.

Give some (or all) of them a try today!

  1. Host a Special Home Remodel Giveaway

Hosting giveaways, whether online – via a website or social media – or in person, have always been very effective ways to generate new leads. However, sometimes giveaways actually start to get a little boring from all of the overuse and potential leads start to turn a blind eye to what you’re doing. If this is happening to you, try spicing up your lead generation strategy by hosting a home remodel giveaway. Decide on a set budget limit beforehand (because we all know that home renovations can really add up!), and then have people enter the drawing – with their contact information – to win the home remodeling package. (TIP: If you’re doing the giveaway in person, be sure to have some just listed postcards or flyers and business cards on hand to pass out.) Not only will people get excited about the giveaway, but you’ll likely get some great leads out of the ordeal because if someone gets excited about a home remodel, they might also be interested in selling in the near future!

  1. Drive Real Estate Leads by Creating Valuable Content Online

If you’re in a rut with lead generating and feeling frustrated with the usual methods, take your efforts online in the form of valuable content and opt-in offers. Here’s how it works. First, create a valuable e-book or PDF resource with helpful information for home buyers – perhaps something along the lines of “What Every First Time Homeowner Needs to Know” or “The 10 Mistakes Every Home Buyer Makes and How to Avoid Them.” And it doesn’t have to be a lengthy resource – even just creating something that’s a few pages long would be extremely helpful to potential buyers. Then, after you’ve created your resource, offer it for free on your website as an opt-in offer for people to give you their email address and contact information. They get an awesome free resource, and you get a new lead to call on in the future – win-win for everyone.

  1. Take Advantage of Social Media Advertising

You’ve likely heard of marketing on social media, but have you ever considered paid social media advertising? It may sound strange, but in reality, advertising on a social platform like Facebook can really do wonders for your lead generation funnel. What makes Facebook advertising so great in particular is the ability you have to very specifically target audiences that would be highly interested in what you have to say. For example, instead of just putting out an ad for real estate services for all to see, you can tell Facebook to only show your ad to people in a certain area or neighborhood who are within a certain age range, or in a particular zip code with particular jobs or hobbies. This ensures that your ad is seen by the right people – and since you only pay when someone clicks on your ad, you’re going to have a much better return on your investment through Facebook ads than through any other form of online advertising.

These ideas are really just the tip of the iceberg – start brainstorming creative new ideas now, and you’ll be generating new real estate leads in no time at all!

Real Estate Websites: Rock Your Online Property

Real Estate Websites

Realtors® are masters of showcasing properties, but it’s ironic that so many struggle with showcasing themselves.

Think of your website as a property you’re trying to sell. You need to hold it to the same standards that you would ask your clients to. If something is great, sell it. If something is holding you back, fix it or eliminate it.

Here’s how to make your online property – your real estate website – as amazing as your sold properties.

Your Real Estate Website’s Curb Appeal

Your website’s first impression is as vital as any home’s facade. So make sure your homepage is the first place you start impressing people.

“Serving as your company’s virtual front door, this page is generally responsible for drawing in a majority of your website’s traffic. And despite its prominence, many businesses struggle to optimize it properly,” wrote Hubspot’s Lindsay Kolowich.

Make sure your website has a nice, clean and professional homepage, without any clutter.

Your Website’s “Feng Shui”

Everything inside the home needs to be positioned for optimal flow, and this is also true of your website.

People should be able to flow and click through and find exactly what they want right away. People getting confused by your navigation is akin to homebuyers having to step over junk during a tour. It makes for an awkward experience and turns people off.

“If you can go from point A to B directly why take a detour that will just add to the time you take to reach your destination? Makes sense doesn’t it? Now juxtapose this thinking to the design of your site. Still makes sense,” wrote Suraj Kumar, the Founder & CEO of CloudBooks.

Everything should flow beautifully. Make sure that when you send people to your site from your business card or printed materials, they get a smooth experience. And once they’re on your site, it should be easy to browse listings and get in touch with you at any point, from any page.

Fix What’s Broken Before People See it

You would never show people a house with a leaky sink, or a garage door hanging by a hinge and say, “We’re going to fix this later.” You would tell your sellers that they need to fix this before you stage the home. Be sure to apply the same logic to your website.

Dead links, broken images, Under Construction signs, and empty blogs all hurt you. And it’s easy to let these things go when you launch your site and say, “We’ll fix that down the road.”

If you can’t fix a page right now, change your settings to hide it until you can fix it. But once it’s out of sight, make sure it’s not out of mind and you do fix the problem.

Stage Things Professionally

Most people aren’t professional home stagers, so they get one to set up their home. You’re not a professional web designer, so consider getting one to your site.

With the rise of free website building tools, it’s now easier than ever to DIY your own site. That doesn’t make it a good idea for a professional.

You might be able to use their templates to make something that you think looks good. But you’re not an expert on what your users will think looks good. Web designers are. Work with one and trust their expertise to build an amazing website with a seamless user experience.

Yes, using templates alone may be cheap, or even free. But just like spending money on a home staging makes your clients more money down the road, spending the money on a professional website leads to more sales down the road for you.

Using your real estate website to draw clients to you isn’t all that different from getting a home ready to sell at top dollar. Pay attention to curb appeal and flow. Fix what’s broken. Stage things professionally. You’ll be glad you did when your clients find you more easily and quickly!

If you need help getting great print materials to compliment your beautiful website, we’re here to help! Check out our real estate marketing fliers, postcards, and more today!