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Land for Sale – How to Effectively Market Lots

Land for SaleSelling a home is one thing, but what happens when you’re approached with the opportunity to market and sell an empty plot of land for a client?

Is the marketing plan the same as with a regular, properly staged home? Or does land for sale take on a different strategy entirely?

Offering land for sale is an opportunity you shouldn’t pass up as a Realtor®, so let’s take a look at some of the ways to effectively market empty lots.

Focus on the Perks of the Location

When selling a regular house, it’s common knowledge that focusing in on the neighborhood and perks associated with the surrounding areas are a good place to start. The same idea goes with land for sale – you still need to sell the location!

Is the lot in a good school district? Mention that to potential buyers. How about a great neighborhood or close to lots of fun and convenient amenities? Don’t forget to mention that also. Just because there isn’t a house on the plot of land, doesn’t mean that you can’t still upsell the surrounding areas.

Offer the Land for Sale to Nearby Neighbors

People generally don’t purchase two plots of land, each with a separate house, next to each other. Land for sale is a different matter. When an adjoining plot of land is empty, the owner of the house or land next door just might be interested. Owning two adjacent plots of land would not only create some extra space between their house and the next neighbor over, but it would also provide some excess land for future building or development.

So, before you even start marketing an empty plot of land, be sure to check with the neighbors first – you never know if they might be interested!

Help Prospects Visualize the Potential

The obvious downside to selling an empty plot of land is the fact that potential buyers might have a difficult time visualizing themselves in the space. This is a problem easily solved through staging in a regular home, but can be rather difficult on an empty lot.

One way to help potential buyers see past the emptiness is to paint a picture for them, vocally, of where everything could potentially be located. Is there a little pond or river on the land? Talk about the possibility of building a deck facing out that direction to take advantage of the view. Be sure to mention all of the positive features associated with the land, and try to help your clients really visualize the potential of the land and the dream home they can build there.

Clean Up and “Stage” the Land for Sale

You might not be able to physically stage a house on the land, but you can clean it up to help the visualization process for potential buyers. Work out a plan with the seller to clean up all brush, dead plants and trees, or whatever else might be an eyesore onsite; then be sure to maintain the look of the land during the entire selling process.

This way, when people come to look at the land, they aren’t immediately scared away by the piles of brush or knee-high weeds strewn across the property. You don’t want them to look at the land for sale and see days of backbreaking labor – you want it to be “move-in ready”!

Use the Correct Signage to Market the Lot

Regardless of whether or not a plot of land has a house on it, proper signage is always critical to the success of the listing. However, signage differs slightly when selling an empty lot versus a lot with a house already built.

Don’t just use a typical “For Sale” sign. Instead, design and use a custom sign that provides details about the land for sale, including total acreage and prominent features such as lakes, ponds or rivers. A custom sign is a great way to really market and sell the value behind the land for sale.

There are a lot of different ways out there to effectively market land for sale – give some of these ideas a try when the opportunity arises!

Do you market land for sale? What is your favorite technique? Share in the comments!