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Thanksgiving Marketing (FREE DOWNLOAD!)

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The holiday season gives us so many opportunities to reach out and connect with others, it’s almost not fair that things are more spread out. But you take advantage of what’s available!

Thanksgiving is a great holiday because it’s right before things get crazy for the Christmas season. The pace in November is still slow enough to enjoy.

We recommend getting in one more pop-by before the weather gets bad in most areas of the country. And we’re about to give you some fun marketing ideas – and a FREE DOWNLOAD!

Stand Out With Fall Holiday Cards

Why send Christmas cards when everyone else does? Stand out by using a holiday that doesn’t usually generate a card – Thanksgiving!

Fall and Thanksgiving greeting cards can be a great way to connect with folks before they get overwhelmed with holiday mail and activities.

Be different! Take an opportunity to send an early holiday greeting.

Email Helpful Holiday Tips

If you have a monthly newsletter, the November edition is the perfect time to talk about preparing for holidays. You can share tips about cleaning, organizing, and handling family.

This information will be useful to your prospects and clients and will help them feel like you understand what they are going through.

When they get ready to buy or sell a home, they will remember the Realtor® that sends all the great information every month – and hit reply to ask for your help!

Give a Call!

Not every Realtor® does cold-calling anymore, and many folks aren’t using the phone for calling much at all. Break out of the mold and call folks!

You can choose to focus your calls on those you already know, and just take the Thanksgiving season as a chance to say thanks. Call your professional connections – mortgage brokers, inspectors, bankers, and more. Call your best-referring customers. Call other agents who have helped you this year.

Not everything you do has to have a specific 30-day return on investment. And you never know, sometimes just saying thanks brings future dividends you can’t imagine!

Do a Final Pre-Winter Pop-By

Pop-bys are a great way to get face-to-face with your prospects in your target neighborhood. No one wants to be walking around outside in the dead of winter, however. Take advantage of November to do one final pop-by of the season.

You can hand out Thank You cards, cocoa, and a free Thanksgiving word search! It will be fun, useful, and memorable. You’ll make a great impression!

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Get Ready for the Season

It’s very important to connect with clients before the busy Christmas season, for two reasons.

First, you want to catch them before they’re too busy to think about you.

Second, you want to keep your marketing going during a season when you might be personally very busy!

Get ready for the holiday season. Get your holiday cards, free word search, and more – and get out there! Have fun!

How to Remind Friends and Family You’re a Realtor® During the Holidays

Realtor During the Holidays

The holidays are such a crazy time for Realtors®. Business is slower, and social activities are WAY up, which means it should be a perfect time for prospecting and marketing. But you feel so weird saying, “Hey, do you want to buy a house? And can you pass the gravy?” So you don’t – you just tell yourself you’ll ramp up marketing in the new year, and sit quietly as your aunt tells the story about the raccoon… for the fifth time.

Unfortunately, this is not a good approach. When you skip networking during one of the most social, open-hearted times of the year, you’re going to be at a disadvantage when the new year arrives. Here are four ways to make sure your friends and family remember you’re a Realtor® – without being a jerk!

Send a Holiday Letter

Holiday letters are a great way to let your friends and family know how your year went and how specific members of your family are doing. They are longer than holiday cards, and allow you to go into more specifics about areas of your life including work and accomplishments. The big thing to avoid in a holiday letter is over-bragging. However, it’s great place to mention your real estate business, alongside talking about your spouse, children, pets, and more.

Join Conversations About Home Ownership

When you’re in a group of relatives or friends, it’s likely that the topic of home ownership or repair will come up. Someone will talk about needing a new water heater, or planning to put a new roof on next summer. Give helpful advice, and consider referring contractors you know and trust. When you are a trusted resource in these conversations, it will boost your friends’ and family’s respect for you. In addition, it’s the perfect time to mention that you know these things because you are a Realtor®.

Share Funny Stories About the Profession

Sitting around over pie and coffee can be a great time to get people laughing with a funny story about one of your experiences as a Realtor®. Not only is it a gentle way to remind people about your profession, making people laugh helps them enjoy being around you and remember you fondly. And they may end up sharing your story with their own friends and family, which can help spread the word about you and what you do!

Directly Ask for Referrals in Candid Conversation

There will be times when you’re in a very candid or serious conversation with someone, and you can mention that the holidays are a slow time for real estate. You can talk about your plans to ramp up business in the new year, but don’t forget to also ask directly for referrals. Your friends and family probably know someone who is planning to move next year, so ask them to put a good word in for you!

Sharing your profession over the holidays doesn’t have to mean being a jerk. Feel free to work it into a holiday letter, mention it in appropriate conversations, and directly ask for referrals from those you trust most. Then, you can enjoy your holiday cookies and coffee knowing that you’ve helped set yourself up for success in the new year!

How do you network with friends and family during the holidays? Share in the comments!