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Make Follow-Up Unbelievably Simple

Follow Up Made Simple

I wrote a few days ago about how incredibly important it is to follow up promptly with prospects and clients. It can be the difference between earning $10,000+ and earning NOTHING! 

For many Realtors®, though, follow-up falls through the cracks. It’s not that they don’t want to follow up, or intend to follow up, but they get busy. Things happen. And before you know it, it’s been weeks and you never got back to that phone call or email.

There is a way to make sure this never happens – by automating your follow-up. Here’s what you can do.

Automate Email Follow-Up

I’m am a huge advocate for email automation. I know that for Printerbees, implementing automated follow-up increased my revenue 472%. My return on investment for my marketing was 4,000%. Yes, three zeros! 

Here’s what happens when you automate your email follow-up:

  • Prospects get a reply no matter what day or time they contact you
  • You don’t have to interrupt your workflow to write a reply
  • You can segment your list and send specific messages to specific prospects
  • You can take time off without worrying that you will miss out on new business

Here at Printerbees, we use Infusionsoft. We love the ability to customize email campaigns, add customer tags, and much, much more. If you are a well-established Realtor® looking for flexible and robust email marketing, Infusionsoft is incredible.

If you are newer to email marketing, you may not want to make a large investment until you grow your list and see consistent results. You might enjoy ConvertKit, Constant Contact, or another simpler email service. These options are easy for beginners to learn and are easier on the budget when you don’t need advanced options.

Take the Stress Out of Other Follow-Up

Email is the easiest type of follow-up to automate because you can create campaigns based on user behavior. Depending on the email provider you choose, you can track clicks, add tags, and send specific email sequences to specific groups of prospects or customers.

However, there are ways to reduce the stress of other types of follow-up as well. Here are some ideas you can use:

  • Set up automated text replies that say, “I received your message, and will reply within 12 hours,” or something along that line. That way, you don’t have to drop everything to reply to a text, but the person reaching out to you knows when to expect your reply.
  • Consider a virtual receptionist service to help with calls. This avoids having everyone sent to voicemail when you are focused on other tasks. Even better, a virtual receptionist can let you know right away when a call is truly important.
  • Let Printerbees help make sure your mailings go out like clockwork. Handling bulk mail can be a hassle, but we know how to make it easy! Whether you want to send farming postcards regularly or have an Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) mailing in mind, we can print it and mail it for you! Contact us for more information.

Follow Up Quickly to Make a Great Impression

I’ve said it before: I am regularly shocked how many professionals don’t follow up promptly. If you focus on automating your follow-up process, you will get back to prospects quickly every time. That itself can win you business.

Even better, automation means that following up doesn’t have to interrupt your day. By having processes in place that make follow-up automatic, you can continue to focus on your work without missing out on the opportunity for a new client.

How do you plan to improve your follow-up for the rest of 2017? Share in the comments!

The One Thing You Can Do That’s Worth $10,000+

Importance of Following Up

I was reminded recently that I’ve lived in Arizona for five years! It was hard to leave California, a state I called home since the day I was born, but it was sure worth it. I love it here now!

But there was one part of my memory that wasn’t so great – I had a struggle I never expected. A struggle that cost several people $10,000+. I struggled to find a reliable Realtor® to help me buy a home! 

What Was Missing?

Can you believe that five different Realtors® failed to win my business, simply because they didn’t do ONE SIMPLE THING? Trust me, it wasn’t that I was picky or hard to work with.

They wouldn’t follow up. 

I’m not joking. I gave my contact information to FIVE different Realtors® and not one of them followed up.

  • I told them I intended to buy a home soon.
  • I asked for comps and property updates for the area.
  • They all promised to follow up.

After I spoke to one Realtor®, I ran into him more than 10 times over the next few months at a favorite restaurant. He never said a word about anything.

Not following up is a deal breaker for me in any business transaction. If you don’t follow up, you’ve proved you’re not reliable and professional enough for me to do business with. If you can’t even call me when I’ve told you I’m ready to work with you, I can’t count on you to find me a great home and negotiate a good deal either.

How About You?

How would you rate your follow-up strategies? Do you:

  • Follow up with prospects
  • Return phone calls
  • Reply to emails and texts

It might surprise you, but if you get focused on following up, you will stand out from the crowd. You may be the only one doing it!

It was five years ago that I had trouble getting anyone to give me a phone call, and I can remember the frustration like it was yesterday. Don’t let a lack of follow-up be the reason you miss out on a commission. Be quick to get back to prospects, return phone calls and emails, and reply to contacts on social media. Your business will reflect your diligence!

Don’t be shy – share your information with those you know! Someone is sure to be looking for a Realtor®. If your business cards need refreshing, we can help. Contact Printerbees today!

How Not To Suck At Following-Up

Is following-up and knowing who to follow-up with one of the challenges you face in your business? Do you have a system for keeping track of names, phone numbers, email addresses and notes about your conversations? Do you have a “Customer Relationship Management Tool” (CRM tool) that helps you manage your business relationships so you know when it’s time to follow-up? If you don’t have follow-up systems in place, you’re likely struggling with being good at it and if you’re not doing a good job of following-up, you’re surely leaving a lot of business on the table…A LOT! It’s a very simple problem to fix, here’s how:

Automate…automate…automate! If you want to be great at following-up, you MUST automate every step of the follow-up process that can be automated. If it doesn’t REQUIRE human interaction or a very specific message, phone call or hand written note, you need to automate it. Anything you do repeatedly can be automated and automating your follow-up will explode your business…radically and quickly.

How to do it:
You need a way to create and manage a list of people who need following-up. The list needs to be in one central location, it needs to stay organized and I highly recommend a good CRM tool or an email marketing tool, like Constant Contact. Being great at follow-up is easy when you communicate via email and have the right tools to help you succeed. With smart phones being a new normal, email communication is an extremely effective means of keeping in touch. (This is coming from the owner of a real estate print marketing company, I might add)

The CRM tool we use is called Infusionsoft, it’s not the cheapest, but it IS absolutely the best. I spent years searching and researching CRM tools and upgrading to Infusionsoft from a more basic email marketing tool more than doubled our business immediately. It’s worth the time to schedule a demo to get the nitty gritty on what it can do for your business. Setting up a tool like this in your real estate business is like having additional staff, it’s so effective at handling follow-up.

Automating your follow-up can also be done with more basic email marketing tools like Constant Contact (offering a FREE 60-Day Trial), which also include basic list building tools and a central location for you to keep your leads that need to be followed-up on. These are great tools that are super affordable and will allow you to get your feet wet with email marketing and automating certain aspects of your follow-up. You can easily create registration forms, contact forms and it’s an easy way to get the people you meet in to your database. You can schedule email messages to be sent out at specified times that are just as personal as if you sat and wrote it at the time it was sent.

Emails for Small Business with Constant Contact

How to get started:
The first thing you need to do with any email marketing program is to get your contacts in to the database. All email marketing tools will allow you to upload your database as long as it is in a MS Excel or .csv format. There are very specific step-by-step instructions on how to upload your database and once you get it uploaded…you’re done! It will take you about 1o minutes if you have your database in the required format. If you don’t have a list in excel, start one immediately and work at it all day, every day until you have at least 100 people on your list you can follow-up and get in contact with.

Once you’ve uploaded your contacts:
You will need to create different email lists that your prospects and customers will be in depending on where they are in your sales cycle. You will create your email lists within the email marketing tool.
Time Saving Tip: To segment your list faster, you can create separate spreadsheets, so that when you upload your “buyers list”, you can assign everyone to the “buyers list” when you upload. You need to set your lists up in the email marketing tool prior to uploading.

You might want to create lists that include:

  • Buyers
  • Sellers
  • Past Clients
  • Referrals
  • Website leads
  • Facebook leads
  • Open House Follow-Up
  • In Escrow
  • Top Referral Partners
  • Etc

By segmenting your database and creating separate lists, you will be able to automate much more and be much more specific and personal with your automated follow-up. Buyers wouldn’t receive the same follow-up that sellers would receive and you definitely don’t want to be marketing to people who are “in escrow”, so they need a separate list too!

This is the most important step in getting started with automating your follow-up and getting some purpose and organization around your follow-up. Once you get your contacts uploaded and start keeping them in one tidy place so you can follow-up, your business will truly explode. Now all you have to do is set-up the actual following-up process which is also very easy and will save you a ton of time once it’s complete. Make sure you subscribe to Real Estate Marketing Magazine, so you don’t miss part 2 of “How Not To Suck At Following-Up”. Get those contacts organized and uploaded so you’re ready for step 2.