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Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace…

Speak Now

The part of weddings where they ask if there are any objections always makes me nervous. I guess I’ve seen too many romantic comedies or something, because I half-expect there to be an outburst, a revelation of cheating, or some other drama. Of course, in real-life weddings, there almost never is.

Today, though, it’s not about a wedding – it’s about YOU! Here at the Real Estate Marketing Magazine we want to know what struggles YOU have with real estate marketing. Here are some questions we have:

  • What Holds You Back From Your Best Success? No one comes into real estate looking to do poorly. However, most of us don’t achieve the success we dream of. What’s holding you back?
  • What’s the Hardest Part of Real Estate Marketing? We know there are dozens of strategies, from farming to choosing whether to focus on buyers or sellers. Even with all these options, we still see Realtors® struggle with marketing. What’s the hardest part for you and the other Realtors® you know?
  • What Do You Enjoy Most About Real Estate? Why are you a real estate agent? What do you love about it? What makes you excited to get out of bed and get to work each morning? Share with us what you love most about your work!
  • What Do You Hate About Real Estate? No line of work is all rainbows – what do you like least? What is your biggest struggle? What makes you want to hide under the covers on a Monday?
  • What’s The Hardest Part of Getting Leads? Every Realtor® knows that leads are how you last in real estate. What’s the hardest part of getting them? What strategies do you need help with? Or do you just need a new strategy altogether?
  • What Resources Are Missing? Is there one type of information or template that you wish you could find, but you can’t? Or perhaps the options are too expensive? What resources would be most helpful to you and other agents you know?

We at the Real Estate Marketing Magazine and Printerbees want to help. We’re planning on launching a website very soon that will provide resources and hopefully help you answer some of the tough questions of being a Realtor®. However, we can’t create great content without knowing your needs – so let us know! We want to hear from YOU!

You can comment below, visit us on Facebook, or send us an email. No matter how you choose to reach out, we appreciate your feedback. We want your real estate business to be as successful as you ever dreamed it could be!

Thanks for taking the time to share. Here’s to your success!