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The Easy Way to Maximize Your Farming Postcard Investment

Maximize Your Farming Postcard Investment

Are you excited about reaching your farm area consistently, but wondering if you can afford it? Farming postcards can seem like a big investment, especially if you’re sending monthly.

Another barrier can be a small farm. Sure, it’s economical to buy 1,000 farming postcards, but what if your farm is only 200 folks? What do you do with the rest?

Great news – it’s easy to maximize your farming postcard investment. Here’s how.

Don’t Be Afraid to Repeat!

The simplest tip is perhaps something you didn’t think of – send the same marketing postcards multiple times!

You may think that your recipients will think you are uncreative or cheap. Far from it! Think about common commercials you see. Is every McDonald’s commercial different? How about Coca-Cola?

Nope! They repeat the same set of commercials over and over. Why?

Because repetition is powerful! Consider how long these slogans have been in use:

  • “Got Milk?”, used for 21 years
  • “Just Do It”, used for 26 years
  • “What Happens Here, Stays Here”, used for over 10 years
  • “Melts in Your Mouth, Not in Your Hands”, used for over 60 years

Can you name the brand for each slogan? I bet you can!

Repetition sticks with you, and not in a bad way. It builds up a brand and makes it easier to recognize and remember. Your postcards can do the same thing, and it’s a simple way to maximize your farming postcard investment.

How Much Repetition Will Maximize Your Farming Postcard Investment?

You want to strike a balance between messaging and repetition. One simple way to do this is to buy 1,000 of four different postcard designs.

With four designs, you can rotate. Send a new postcard each month for four months, and then start at the beginning again.

People will learn to recognize your message, your brand, and your postcards. You don’t have to invest in 12 different postcards and have leftovers all over your office. Instead, you can break it up and use all your postcards over time.

Ensure Your Postcards Get Sent!

Of course, no strategy in the world will maximize your farming postcard investment if your postcards aren’t sent! It’s understandable to be busy, but it’s vital to implement your marketing.

If you don’t have the time, don’t worry! One of the services Printerbees offers is mailing!

That’s right, you order your postcards, and give us your mailing list or arrange for Every Door Direct Mail®. We’ll help you make sure your postcards are sent on time, in order, every month.

Don’t spend another month with unsent postcards piled around your office. Choose to repeat a series of farming postcards, and let Printerbees help get them mailed! Contact us today for more information.

How do you maximize your farming postcard investment? Share in the comments!

Why Buyer’s Agents Need to Farm

Farming for Buyer's Agents

As a buyer’s agent, you may think that farming is just for listers. It’s easy to feel that you don’t need to farm a neighborhood because you’re looking for people moving in, not listings of people moving out.

Unfortunately, you’re losing out on key buyers when you hold this attitude. Farming an area is a way to make yourself known, not just with those looking to list, but with those looking to purchase as well. Here are five benefits of farming as a buyer’s agent.


Referrals are the life-blood of real estate, and how can people refer you if they don’t know who you are? When you build yourself up as an expert in a particular area, anyone who knows someone looking to buy in that area will be inclined to refer you. If, instead, you’re more of a “one off” agent for whoever you stumble across, your referrals will be inconsistent at best. As you know, inconsistent referrals are not the recipe for success in real estate.

Farm Signs Bring Buyers

If this is something you can do in your area, take advantage of it! By setting up farm signs in a neighborhood, anyone doing a drive-through or looking around the area will see your name and smiling face. This will get you far more calls from buyers interested in the area than contacting cold leads and hoping for the best. Take advantage of the fact that many interested buyers drive through a neighborhood looking for available properties long before they contact an agent.

Neighborhood Expertise

When you farm a neighborhood, you really become an expert. You know what’s going on the area, fun things to do, fairs, festivals, and more. When you show homes in that target area, you can be a fountain of information for potential homeowners. Not only will the buyer be more likely to buy in an area they now know all the bonuses of, they will be much more likely to refer you as a knowledgeable agent to others. You’ll be able to sell the neighborhood, not just the house, and gain credibility as a result.

Listings Bring Buyers

I know this article is aimed at buyer’s agents, but one think can’t be denied – listings bring calls from buyers. Having your sign in a yard lets people know that you’re active in an area, and gives them a reminder to call you if they’re looking to move. If you don’t want to do listings yourself, consider partnering with a listing agent and having both of your names on the sign. That way, they can handle the listing, you can handle buyers that call you (about that property or others), and you’ll both be happy.

Farming isn’t just for agents looking for listings, although it’s often portrayed that way. Farming is an excellent way to build name recognition, get referrals, get calls from farming signs, and gain neighborhood expertise. You can even partner with a listing agent to bring your lead generation to a whole new level.

Do you farm as a buyer’s agent? Why or why not? Share in the comments!

New! Fresh Real Estate Marketing Ideas

real estate marketing ideasAt PrinterBees, there’s a big shift happening in our real estate marketing business and its important for those in “distressed homeowner” markets to stop and take note, as we have. Change is coming we hope you are too! The market is shifting and you need to be prepared to shift with it, or get left behind. I don’t want to see you get left behind and this blog/magazine is all about success in real estate, so please STOP AND TAKE NOTE. Remember, those who don’t change as markets and “times” change, get stuck. Don’t get stuck! Change is headed your way.

In the last quarter of 2012, short sales made up for around 35-40% of the nations home-sales. In January it was only 25%.


Back at the end of 2007, no one really predicted what was about to happen as the economy crumbled. I can’t lie, I saw certain things happening that caused me to stop and take note. There was no way I could have have ever imagined what was to come, but I did see things that caused me to pause and begin preparing for the financial roller coaster we’ve all been on for the last several years. Banks were freezing home equity lines because the real estate market was tanking and mortgage lending practically came to a screeching halt. I see what’s coming now I want you to be prepared to make the shift.

If short sale marketing has been keeping you busy and your pipeline full of business, it’s time to start slowly making a shift from short sale marketing to real estate farming. There will come a time in the near future when short sales are behind us and the traditional sale will again be normal. Home-owners forced to short sale their homes in the last few years are now re-entering the housing market and first-time home buyers are taking advantage of low interest rates making purchasing a home affordable.

Real estate farming ideas:
The lowest hanging fruit and the easiest clients to convert to real businesses are past clients and your sphere of influence. There are many great articles about why, this one is the best and has downloads to help you get back in touch. (Why Realtors® avoid their sphere of influence)…great read!

Get yourself a copy of the book by Gary Keller called “Shift”. It’s a great read and will help you understand more about why you must prepare for the shift or prepare to starve. READ THIS BOOK! It’s awesome. Shift: How Top Real Estate Agents Tackle Tough Times (Millionaire Real Estate)

When the neighborhoods you’ve been marketing to for short sales starts to shift, be the first to announce it! Spread the news toFarming Postcard Samples the areas you’ve been successful with your short sale marketing efforts. Ask people to contact you regarding the shift in the market because they may be able to do a traditional sale. Consider the emotional deposits you could be making with potential sellers breaking the news that they may have equity!!!

PrinterBees has added a complete new line of designs for recovering real estate markets. Spreading news of recovering real estate values will make you popular really quickly! We want you to succeed in your business as a REALTOR®, to succeed, you must be relevant and timely with what your marketing.

If you’re in an area where neighborhoods are on the cusp of becoming positive in equity, alternating between distressed homeowners and traditional real estate farming may be a good happy medium. PrinterBees has clients taking this approach with great success.