The Stories That Lead To Our Demise

Inspire cloud conceptAfter five months of deliberating, praying and meditating about finding a life and business coach, I’ve finally made a decision and I couldn’t be more thrilled, motivated, focused and inspired.  The universe has conspired to meet me where I am to help me get to where I’m going. I hope you’re coming along for the ride because you’re certainly invited!

To commit to coaching is a big decision; the value, how much to invest, if the timing is right for it and if coaching will help things progress forward…oh…the dilemma.  For me it was a “no brainer” as there are few people who LOVE coaching as much as I do…I find it to be such a gift at progressing life forward.

Coaching provides an opportunity to clean out the closet holding all the stories we tell ourselves that lead to the demise of our dreams

The thing that surprises me the most about my decision to hire a coach, is that I didn’t just hire one.  Real Estate CoachingI’ve hired three!  Each one specializing in a different field.  Go big or go home!  I’m going big and I hope you, the readers and subscribers of this real estate magazine are the benefactor of the new team of coaches guiding us forward to a better experience for you.  Expect big changes, expect something different and expect something better that serves you and your real estate business in a bigger, better way.

I’m sharing my story with you about coaching because we welcome feedback that leads to a better experience for you.  This magazine is all about serving you, the Realtor® trying to make it happen, so feel free to let us know what we can do to make it better, more empowering and more valuable.

I was also thinking that it may help you consider taking a look at coaching if you feel you will benefit from a coach to clean out your own closet of stories that might be keeping you stuck.  I’m one of those people who believes with all my heart and soul that anything is possible, I don’t feel like I have stories that hold me back, and…it didn’t take but a few moments for my coach to find those ridiculous stories that are keeping me from living my greatest life.  The stories that keep me from serving you in the biggest, best way possible, hiding there in the dark where I couldn’t see them.   He’s good and our time was powerful.

“a good life coach can help you clear the way to your own greatness”

Let me know if you’re considering coaching to help progress you forward, I can make some great recommendations having talked to many…many coaches over the last five months.  Our belief systems can sometimes lead to us getting stuck and a good life coach can help you clear the way to your own greatness!

Be blessed!