Millions Of Homeowners Regaining Equity – Are You Ready?

real estate marketing ideasAccording to Core Logic and an article in Realtor® magazine, 1.7 Million home owners regained their equity in 2012.  Personally speaking, I  was one of those 1.7 million home owners and it was reason to celebrate!  What a relief!

The market is making huge shifts for the better and as a Realtor® marketing real estate services to the “market of the moment”, it’s time to again shift the messaging in your marketing.  Being a CDPE is an important designation in a short sale market, which is still happening in states like Florida, Georgia, Arizona, Nevada and Michigan.  If your market is in one of the other 45 states, a CDPE isn’t really what’s in need, which is why the messaging must change.

The marketing messaging in these changing markets needs to be NEWS about the changing market, letting people know they likely have equity they may not realize they have.  It’s a great time to sell for those who have been waiting for the market to shift so they can move on without having to short sale.  Be the Realtor® spreading the good news and let people know you will help them protect the equity they’ve regained.  It’s the perfect time for a personal letter to your friends, family and sphere.  There’s a great blog post, including “getting back in touch letter” and phone scripts here. It’s one of the top reads and downloads on the blog!

Most economists are predicting the real estate market will continue the rebound and if home prices rise another 5%, 1.8 million more home owners will have equity.

It’s time to change your marketing messaging.  The best read I’ve found about shifting real estate markets and how to market to the “market of the moment” is Shift, by Gary Keller.  It’s a great read and I highly recommend it.  Here’s a link to the book, I hope you decide to read it.

Link to the article in Realtor® magazine.