Low-Tech Real Estate Marketing in a High-Tech World

Low-tech real estate marketing

Is there ever a time when more technology isn’t the answer?

In a word, yes.

Low-tech real estate marketing can be a great way to stand out from the pack when everyone is sending email or Facebook ads.

Other times, technology can get out of hand. And the best way to fight back can be a decidedly low-tech solution – sometimes humorously so!

The Netherlands: Fighting Drones with Eagles

We love using drones as part of real estate marketing, but it turns out the unregulated nature of these devices mean that anyone can fly one, often with a very low chance of being caught.

Anyone. Including bad guys.

How do you fight back? Sometimes with technology, like radio jammers or nets. Unfortunately, those have problems – like missing, causing a heavy drone to fall on someone, or ruining radio transmission for everyone in a large area.

It’s the perfect time to introduce a very intelligent low-tech solution.

Enter Dutch eagles.

Netherland’s police forces are training eagles to identify drones, get them out of the sky, and fly away from public areas.

It’s not an approach without peril, but it can be a very targeted solution to a very tough problem. The Dutch plan to continue training and tests for several months before deciding whether to use the eagles full-time.

Low-Tech Real Estate Marketing: The Way to Stand Out

So what do eagles have to do with real estate marketing?

Very simply, sometimes the low-tech real estate marketing solution is the right answer in the face of increasing technology and distraction.

What are low-tech marketing solutions?

  • Mailing postcards
  • Volunteering
  • Door-to-door pop-bys
  • Chatting with strangers as you both wait in line
  • Anything that stands out from the social media/email masses!

We’re certainly not against email marketing, social media marketing, or other forms of technological outreach. But we believe going low-tech is the way to stand out. 

We often point out that there’s less competition in the mailbox than ever before. The best way to stand out is to have a marketing mix that takes advantage of this fact.

Low-tech real estate marketing takes more time. It can be a little more expensive. But it pays off. People will remember your postcards. They’ll trust you more if they see you in person. And they’ll work with you. 

Ready to Go Low-Tech Today?

Does your marketing mix include consistent farming postcards, pop-bys, and other low-tech options? If not, your business could really benefit from adding those elements.

Don’t be afraid to seem odd by fighting drones with eagles. You’ll get noticed, build relationships, and in the end people will want to work with you!

Let us help you get started. We have all the print marketing you need, and we can also meet with you – for free – to help you create a clear marketing plan.

There’s no reason to wait – get started today!

Is your marketing mix more low-tech or high-tech? Share in the comments!



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