Little Known Secrets For Saving Big Bucks On Real Estate Marketing

EDDM-printer - what is EDDM?One of the biggest challenges many Realtors® face with lead generation is finding the budget necessary to do a good job at marketing their real estate businesses.  This article is all about how to get more marketing for your money.  There are easy ways to extend your marketing budget with these little known secrets.

Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM):  I can’t speak enough about this great program from the Unites States Postal Service.  It’s almost as if it was created for Realtors® who want to farm specific neighborhoods and save big while doing so.  EDDM offers a postage rate of .16 cents per piece, meaning you can mail 200 postcards (which is the minimum) for less than $35.  With EDDM there is no mailing list required, no addressing, no database, no permit or any of the other things that stop you from mailing.  Learn everything you need to know about EDDM here: Make sure to read this…it will save you big!

Print in volume:  The most expensive part of any printing job isn’t the materials, it’s the set up of the print job.  When you can, order in volume, it will reduce your expenses substantially.  The cost per piece (6X11 double sided color, designed and delivered pricing example below) when you order 5,000 is .08 cents ea. vs. .64 cents ea when you order only 250.   The savings is substantial and will get you more marketing for your money.  When you print in volume and use EDDM as your method of delivery, each 6X11  marketing piece is only .24 DELIVERED!  It’s also important to point out that it is completely okay and encouraged to keep mailing the same piece.  Mailing the same marketing piece over and over creates recognition and familiarity, repetitive marketing is extremely effective in building a brand.  Corporate marketing campaigns funded by millions of dollars repeat the same ads over and over and over so they become familiar.  Pepsi, Coca-cola, Geico, or any other popular brand you can think of with rich marketing budgets don’t recreate a new marketing piece every-time they put something out.  They create effective marketing pieces and flood the market with them over and over, because it works.
Real Estate Marketing Postcard Prices

Get involved in social media:  Social media is a way to network and make yourself available that’s totally free, doesn’t even require leaving your home or office.  There is no easier way to network yourself and become known than to get out there and get involved with social media.  There’s no fee to have a Facebook account, a Twitter account, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc.  It’s all completely free and it’s an easy way to connect with people and offer your expertise in real estate, provide market updates and be present.  Being involved in social media is an absolutely effective way to market your services.   Important Note:  It is possible to go overboard in social media, turning people off to you and your brand of real estate sales, approach social media as if you were running for Mayer, always considering how you’re presenting yourself publicly.

Get blogging:  When people are looking for information, no matter what the subject, they “Google it“.  Blogs are typically highly optimized in the search engines and will help you be found on the Internet.  Blogging is free and highlights your expertise in real estate, blogging shows people your active in real estate and that you are up-to-date on the happenings in the real estate market.  When you make sure you’re always posting your blog updates on your social media channels, it too shows you as active in real estate.

Door Knocking: Totally free!  If you really want to get to know the people in the neighborhood you farm, you need to get out there and “meet and greet the people”, shake some hands and kiss some babies!   Building a successful real estate practice can be compared to the building a successful political campaign.  When you do a great job “campaigning for neighborhood Realtor®”, you’re top of mind and the first person people think of when they have needs for a real estate professional, the “go-to” person for anything real estate related.

Adding any of the above real estate marketing tips to your current marketing plans will improve your effectiveness and your lead generation efforts.  Just make sure you do a great job at following-up.  That article coming soon, so make sure you register for your free subscription, so you don’t miss it.  Fail-proof follow-up, it’s what every Realtor® needs.