The Inspiration You Need To Continue Your Real Estate Marketing Efforts

If you’re considering postcard marketing as one of the mediums you use to market your real estate business, please read on. Come to think of it…if you have a real estate business and would enjoy more business…please read on.

You’ll be inspired by the facts supporting why postcard marketing is a great investment. The Direct Marketing Association reports that postcard marketing yields the highest return on investment and that over-sized postcards get better results  than standard postcard sizes.

When you look at the comparison between email marketing and postcard marketing in the chart below, email marketing is most effective in the younger age groups. While there are plenty of 18 – 34-year-olds who do purchase homes, it makes for a smaller percentage of the overall real estate market opportunities in the grand scheme of things. If you remove the age groups who are less likely to purchase a home where the largest gap in comparison is, it’s clear that postcard marketing yields the highest return on marketing investment.

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As a Realtor®, you know the three most important factors when it comes to real estate investing are location, location, location.  With marketing it’s repetition, repetition, repetition.  If you are helping a client to determine the investment value of real estate property, location would be a determining factor.  With marketing, the determining factor for the return on investment is repetition and the quality of your database.

My next-door-neighbor coaches for the Mike Ferry real estate coaching company and is a wealth of information on stuff like this.  I love picking his brain! He once shared with me that when they surveyed every person in the coaching program about their marketing efforts, what works and what doesn’t.  They learned that agents who stuck with postcard marketing for 18 months dominated the neighborhoods they marketed.  Postcard marketing helps build a relationship with the recipient, and real estate sales is all about relationship building and trust.  When your marketing is consistent, repetitive and timely, people will remember you when they have a need.  They will also likely remember you when someone they knows has a need for real estate services too.

For Realtors®, postcard marketing isn’t about getting a quick sale, it’s about building a relationship.  Most people don’t just “on a whim” decide to move, like they decide to order pizza when a coupon comes in the mail.  Americans move approximately once every five years, so being the Realtor® they choose means a long-term and ongoing relationship, which can happen with consistent marketing.

The good news for Realtors®:  According to the Washington Post, Americans move more often than in anyone else in the world.  A survey revealed that 25% of Americans had moved in a 5 year period.

The United State Postal Service publishes in their Direct Mail Guide not to expect a good return on your marketing investment without repetitive mailings.  They also recommend updating your mailing list every-time you mail for the best results.   All neighborhoods have turn-over and an updated mailing list is what yields the best results time and time again.  (The best database service I’m aware of is Cole Information SystemsMention Real Estate Marketing Magazine or PrinterBees and you will get you a HUGE discount on their services, which are already so affordable. Visit their website here:

This study done by the USPS shows that that recognition is what matters in your marketing success and that familiarity is what will make your phone ring.

Screen Shot 2013-11-21 at 10.58.51 AMIf you’re going to invest in a postcard marketing campaign, I want to help you avoid wasting your hard earned money on postcard marketing that won’t yield results.  The best results will always come from mailing to the same database over time reminding yourself that it takes time to establish a brand and name recognition.  Marketing programs without repetition don’t get results.