Improve Lead Quality By Attracting A Very Specific And Targeted Audience

real estate marketing postcardsI have five children, two of which are still in elementary school. We were discussing the importance of good schools and good education over dinner last night and they were shocked to learn that where we choose to live is 100% dependent on the quality of the schools. I wouldn’t be nearly as particular about where I live if I didn’t have kids in school.

About nine months ago my family moved from CA to AZ to escape the rat-race of living in the Bay Area. As I searched for a new home, in a new state, where I knew no-one, it was extremely difficult to figure out and navigate the schools and their ratings. As you know, Realtors are never at liberty to “steer” clients in one direction or another, making it even more difficult to get straight answers. Realtors have to remain unbiased, be politically correct and be so careful of saying the wrong thing or having something that was said misinterpreted.

While you can’t “steer” your clients in one direction over another, you can provide information available to the public for download on your site, because you know where to find it. The rating system for schools in CA is different than AZ, the testing system is completely different, I was confused, and couldn’t get any clear or direct answers. I checked so many different websites and didn’t find what I was looking for. I would have HAPPILY given up my email address and contact information to a local Realtor who had the information available on their website, making me a HIGHLY QUALIFIED lead. I need a home, I’m researching schools, I’m researching neighborhoods, and I need help!

Offering something very specific, that only someone who is a qualified lead would want will increase your lead conversion rate. You won’t see as many leads, but the ones you do get will be good quality. No one needs crummy leads, they just waste valuable time and resources.

If it can be avoided, never refer a website visitor (that could be a qualified lead) to another website to download information. You have an opportunity to provide a free service, with public information and collect a potential lead. Download the information yourself, create a PDF and repackage it in an email introducing yourself and your services as an expert in the area.

The only thing you’ll need to make sure you have on your website is a “request for information form”. You’ll need a way to collect that email address and contact information and a way to deliver the requested information. I will save that for a different post on having an effective website presence, a website without a registration form of some kind is a waste.

Let me know if you have questions, I can give you many examples of how to put public information to work in your business.