Improve Business Productivity: Find Motivation Daily

Find Motivation

Ever have one of those days when you just. don’t. want. to?

Maybe you’ve had a period where there were a LOT of those days?

If so, this article is for you. How do you find motivation in your real estate business day after day, year after year?

Here are some tips to make it easier.

One Step at a Time

The times I’ve had my absolute worst productivity were times when I was trying to do everything at once. Or, I was looking into the future and thinking, “How am I going to do this every day, forever?”

Instead, make it much, much smaller. Take only one day at a time. That’s how our lives happen, and doing something “just for today” is much more manageable. Then, tomorrow, do it just for that day!

Day after day, you’ll be taking the steps you need to succeed.

Find Motivation Through Action

You want a lot of success this summer, right? The perfect busy time for real estate? Then you should be taking action right now.

Because real estate deals take time to materialize, and relationships have to be built, you can’t start in spring and expect to have a great summer. Instead, take steps – even small steps – to move your marketing forward every day this winter.

Send farming postcards. Make connections. Find a winter event to sponsor to get your name out and collect leads.

Taking action brings motivation all by itself. Plus, you’ll know that you’re setting yourself up for a great summer!

Remember Why You’re an Agent

Why are you in this business? Why aren’t you taking customer service phone calls for an insurance company, or working in a cubicle somewhere?

You probably have a lot of reasons. You wanted freedom. You wanted to set your own schedule. You wanted to get out of the office and be able to spend time around town. You wanted to earn more!

All of these reasons are still completely valid, and they can help you find motivation today. Take time to think about them!!

One great quote that helps me keep things in perspective is, “I still remember the days when I prayed for the things I have now.” 

Be grateful for the business you currently have, and think about how you can make it even more of what you want it to be!

Embrace that Repetitive Boredom Pays Off

Motivation is an important way to keep yourself moving, but don’t assume that because you’re not excited you’re not motivated.

Remember, the pay you’re getting now is based on consistent marketing efforts you made months ago. And the pay you’ll get in the future is based on consistently doing what’s needed today.

Not every day will be exciting or even fun. But that’s OK! As long as you can take action consistently, you’ll get the payoff you’re looking for.

So relax. Don’t force yourself to love every minute. Love the dream, love your goals, and take consistent action to get there. That’s motivation!

How do you keep yourself motivated in real estate? Share in the comments!



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