Improve Business Productivity: Eliminate Distractions

Business Productivity - No Distractions

The word we’ve been using at Printerbees a lot lately has been MOMENTUM. We want to help agents build momentum and keep it going throughout 2018.

At this time of year, with the Winter Olympics around the corner, the word MOMENTUM makes me think of bobsledding.

You know how they get started on the icy bobsled track? The team stands outside the sled, takes a huge running start, and then all jump in. From there, it’s just about steering and not losing speed along the way.

I think winter is a PERFECT time to get your real estate business up to speed. If you can get a running start now, by spring and summer you’ll be in the “sled”, steering and not losing momentum!

One Big MOMENTUM Killer: Distractions

When a bobsled team navigates the track, there are many twists and turns. If they don’t handle them correctly, they can lose speed, or worse, get turned over and dumped out of the sled.

In the same way, there are twists and turns daily in your business. If you want your spring and summer to be smooth sailing, you need to be prepared for these. You can start practicing now, and by the time the busy season hits, you’ll be more than ready.

The biggest MOMENTUM killer is distractions. Especially in slower times of year, it’s easy to build up the habit of being distracted. There doesn’t seem to be pressing work to do, so why not play one more round of Candy Crush, or check Facebook one more time?

Unfortunately, these distractions will become habits, and when the busy season does hit, you’ll find it hard to focus on your business productivity.

Boost Business Productivity by Killing Distractions

How do you get rid of distractions? They are so tempting!

One thing to start with is understanding why we get distracted in the first place. There are two main reasons – the fear of missing out (FOMO), and the dopamine hit we get when we see a new message or win a game.

Redirecting FOMO

When it comes to FOMO, it’s all about thinking that other people are doing or saying things that you will miss if you focus on work. It’s why we all obsessively check Facebook and email when we should be doing other things. We are afraid we’ll miss something important!

Instead, think about the things you might miss out on if you don’t make your goals. Do you have a vacation planned, or a fun time coming up this weekend? If you aren’t focused on business, you may miss out on these things – you’ll at least miss out on some of the fun because of the guilt you’ll feel.

Redirect the FOMO to be about what you might miss if you don’t focus on your work during work times. This can help you stay focused and away from other distractions!!

Creating Rewards for Productivity

One of the reasons we’re so tempted to play one more short game or check our messages one more time is that completing a task causes our brains to release dopamine, which gives a sense of gratification and enjoyment.

Instead of pretending that’s not true, work with that urge to boost your MOMENTUM and business productivity. Break your work into small tasks and reward yourself – even with just a small sticker – every time you finish.

In this way, the dopamine and gratification will help you move toward your goals, instead of away from them!

Balance Work and Play

Now, I am certainly not advocating “all work and no play.” Instead, think of it more as “work hard, play hard.” During work time, be totally focused by eliminating distractions. Then your fun time will be wide open and guilt-free!

People who are “workaholics” are unfortunately celebrated in American culture. However, it’s not healthy and does not keep your momentum or success going strong in the long run. Those who work but never play face burn out and grow to hate what they do every day.

Instead, balance work and play! Get your farming postcards ordered for spring, set up a calendar for mailing, and then take a break. Go for a walk, stretch, or get away from your desk for a bit.

Then, come back and refresh your business cards with a new photo and reach out to some prospects online. Just keep taking the next small step toward your success.

Your brain will egg you on as you complete each small task, and by the time the busy season hits, your MOMENTUM will be unstoppable!

How do you boost business productivity and eliminate distractions? Share in the comments!



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